Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Evidence of Sri Lankan Army War Crimes Against Tamils by Channel-4 Shock the World

The horrifying nature of these war crimes that committed by Sri Lankan armed forces against Tamils during the last phase of Wanni war in 2009, I’m sure anyone would not dare to watch it, begs the world once more for the important of war crime tribunal to be called against those responsible war criminals- Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers.

If I reveal in what nature one of the women victims, Isaipiriya, in Channel-4 video, got caught with Sri Lankan armed forces that would give more room to understand the gory details of the evil acts that committed by Sri Lankan armed forces. Before that I give you a quick snapshot of her profile.

When many crossed into government controlled area on May 17, 2009, people asked Isaipriya to join with them. And she told them, while changing into “panjabi” dress, that she will join them shortly with her husband, Sriram. Until this point, she never fought at battle field. And it all indicates that she and many other Tamil girls were raped and killed by Srilankan armed forces in cruel ways, along with other killed Tamil men in this Channel-4 video clip. I’m afraid that her husband’s body may have been in this clip given both reached the army together. In this nature this kind of war crime evidence coming out is highly unlikely. And that means 100s of Tamil women may have been victims of such Sri Lankan army war crimes.

See this link for horrific images of these war crimes.

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Bhairav said...

Hmm!! 53 division!

I believe we can find these war criminals if we dig deep and map certain data.

And I would share some info later on.

Bhairav said...

Bhairav said...

Latest development from Tamilnet:

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