Friday, January 8, 2010

Never Too Late

If we have learned from our past mistakes, we all know half measures never would bring any final result that we want. The amount of energy put into de facto state in Wanni by LTTE on the expense of building a strong political front in Tamilnadu cost everything for Tamils. Should they have built a strong network in Tamilnadu, at least a strong political front, we wouldn’t be in a position that no one would have imagined it before. Leaving the corrupt DMK or ADMK in power for a past decade or so, pro-Eelam elements put themselves in a big hole that wasn’t really exposed until they were pushed against the wall in the last Eelam war.

One can argue that the mood was hostile against LTTE in India after the death of Rajiv, so any move by pro-Eelam elements in Tamilnadu would cost the remaining support. Well, one wrong call – the death of Rajiv Ghandi that hasn’t proved yet for who did – should not force another wrong call that was being passive on the corrupt DMK and ADMK leaders who are the reasons for why we have been forced to become slaves in our own land now. It is sad to see the so called political pundits blaming the change of mood in western and regional powers for our current state than our own political people – Karunanidhi and other traitors.

Any charity or reform should always start from home. Without cleaning the garbage at home, we can’t point fingers on others - external powers. To the extent India cooperated with Sri Lanka to kill 30,000 Tamils in less than 4 months is a real proof of what you can expect from them in future. Sadly, they even went further by leveraging their current rise of power in South Asia to cover of their involvement of war crimes by silencing the human right calls. It won’t take too long to replicate of what happened to Eelam Tamils on Tamilnadu Tamils. So long as 4 feet “veadi” wearing politicians continue to dance to their masters in New Delhi to amass fortune for them, Tamils will continue to lose their rights, voices, and an identity.

Yes, Tamilnadu enjoys the greater economic prosperity within the current system in India. Being the number one industrialized state and the contributor of third of economy of India, Tamilnadu would have easily prevented the bloodbath and saved 30,000 innocent Tamil lives, instead they watched the carnage unfolding in Wanni. When 100s of Tamil lives were forcefully taken daily in Wanni, Sun TV continued to be silent about any human loss. And the mainstream Medias of India followed their soap-opera stories of cricket and movie stars on their front pages and headline news instead of highlight the any suffering of Tamils in Wanni then. It all indicates one thing: there is no value for Tamil lives. Here is the glimpse of idea where Tamilnadu is heading; Tamil cinema rules the lives of Tamils there, and any Tamil channel you tune into contains 70/30 in favour of English dialogue. After all, Tamil cinema is home to pedophiles and perverts, who often backed by corrupt politicians. No wonder why the scumbag, Actor Vijay, openly expressed his interest for joining the Congress.

What Tamilnadu needs at the moment is “The Shock Doctrine” version of Naomi Klein – a reform in the wake of crisis. Leader of “ Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam”, Seeman, should stop entertaining the local crowd and it is time for him to start the real work. We need a sophisticated umbrella organization that can take hard decisions if needed. Once the clean-up makes full-circle in Eelam and Tamilnadu, then sky is the limit for getting back our lost land and rights. That means the buck stops with Tamilnadu youth now. With one half-measure, we've already lost 3 decades and 130,000 Tamil lives, if we make one more, there won’t be any recovery for Tamils. It is time for Tamil youth to roll up their sleeves and get dirty in Tamilnadu.