Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sell-outs are on making, too familiar scenes once again!

One man who would have prevented the bloodbath in Eelam that was none other than Mr. Karunanidhi, instead he made his name as biggest traitor of all in Tamil history books.

What can you expect from a man who being married three times and a father of a rapist son – Stanley? Isn’t that his daughter, Kanimoli, who bought 250 acres of land in Srilanka in her recent visit of IDP camps in Vavuniya ? Well, call it as a business trip.

Another Sell-out, TNA MP, Sivanathan Kisor- is making.

Not long ago, 1000s of Tamils were massacred like dogs by Srilankan armed-forces with the help of regional powers such as India and China, who wanted their own interests protected at the cost of Tamil lives. Tamils around the world took to streets and begged everyone to save their brethren back home but the world turned its blind eye just as it did in Rwanda, Congo and Darfur. To make things easy, naive LTTE leadership took series of amateur decisions one after one that helped the enemy to put the final nail on our coffins. Now shell-shocked Tamils are in total disarray as many factions are already starting to emerge even within our own camps. Given the Tamil history, traitors- eddapans - are nothing new but the way they emerge before the Tamil-blood gets dry it shows they're so desperate to make a move either for their own interests or Stockholm Syndrome that took the toll on them.

If you're concerned Tamil, I would say you should pretend to be in a deep sleep for next 3 or 4 years until things get consolidated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Officially the LTTE is done deal ?

Revisiting the dirt will only add the pain to Tamils who have no shortage in that aspect but finding solutions to an unanswered questions will help them to think differently even in these adverse circumstances. If you've noticed the LTTE's official statement few days back - passing the torch to the diaspora Tamils from now on regards to Eelam struggles - you can easily come to the conclusion that LTTE is no more. Since the arrest of KP, many pro-Tamil websites started to hit the dust , and also many anti-Tamil elements started to emerge through various channels by using the favorable circumstances.

It seems Colonel Ram is reported captured in the east, so there are no pockets remaining except those who have managed to flee oversees, which is not so many. One can wonder about what happened to Colonel Ram's cyanide? It tells that Colonel Ram and GoSL agreed on some sort of deal that would have provided safe passage to Colonel Ram, in return, he may have agreed to silence his guns.

Also we have seen Rajapaksha freely visiting places like Tirupati and Nepal, with no fear of being attacked. His relative visited Madurai today, again without fear of attack. Fonseka has relatives in Oklahoma without any security, but they are also untouched. So all of this points out to a complete collapse of LTTE with no members left anywhere. From the day Prabhakaran was killed there has not been a single attack in Sri Lanka of any type.

It was a very selfish and stupid strategy at the end, which is unexplainable except for delusion and insanity. The leaders would not let anyone escape alive, everyone had to die with them. I think people like Lawrence were likely executed when they tried to escape. First Tamilnet reported him killed, and then was told to change the story to him being injured. Prior to that there were rumors he was arrested. According to some insider news, Ilanthiraiyan was also executed by LTTE in the final week after finding out that he was an informant to GoSL for many of the LTTE's failed attacks, including the mission of Deepan-Durka that cost at least 500 lives of LTTE cadres.

And the story of "silencing the guns" is another ridiculous thing Tamilnet continues to mention. They only did it after every single LTTE fighter had been sacrificed and no one was left except the leaders. At that time they were restricted to a 100 meters area. That is just stones throwing distance. After every fighter having been killed and only leaders left in a few bunkers covering a tiny area of 100 meters, they announce they have silenced their guns to save the people! And immediately following that the first group of leaders tries to surrender. After forcing at least 30,000 LTTE fighters to be killed and 30,000 civilians to be massacred, the leaders wanted to silence their guns and surrender?

Monday, November 2, 2009

US to question Sri Lanka army chief over war crimes allegations

By Randeep Ramesh, South Asia correspondent
A video grab shows civilians fleeing a strip of land held by Tamil rebels

A video image shows civilians fleeing a strip of land held by Tamil rebels during the civil war. Photograph: Reuters/Reuters

Sri Lanka today objected to attempts by the US to question the chief of its army over allegations of war crimes during the final stages of the conflict with the Tamil Tigers.

US immigration authorities told General Sarath Fonseka, who is currently visiting his daughters in Oklahoma, that they would like to interview him before renewing his green card.

The Sri Lankan government said it was "worried" about the questions he might have to face because the US state department had made "allegations of crimes committed by the Sri Lankan armed forces".

Officials in Colombo are concerned that the US could also seek to ask the army chief about the involvement of the defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa – the brother of the Sri Lankan president and a US citizen – in the war.

The Sri Lankan embassy in Washington has retained lawyers from Patton Boggs, a leading law firm, to make the case that Sri Lanka could resist US attempts to question Fonseka over the defence secretary's conduct.

Fonseka and Rajapaksa are seen as the brains behind the government's bloody victory in May, which saw the Tamil Tiger leadership wiped out on the Indian Ocean island's north-eastern beaches.

Tamil groups have long urged the US to prosecute both the general and the defence secretary for what they describe as "genocide".

Bruce Fein, a lawyer for the US-based group Tamils Against Genocide, has argued that the political justification for a genocide investigation was strengthened because the "United States has been vocal with Serbia, Bosnia and other nations about policing and punishing their own citizens or residents for genocide".

There have been persistent allegations of war crimes committed during the final months of the 25-year Sri Lankan civil war.

Last month, the US state department's leading war crimes official, Stephen Rapp, called on Sri Lanka to conduct a "genuine" investigation into allegations of war crimes by both government troops and the Tigers.

Rapp's statement came as the state department released a 68-page report, based on US embassy findings, satellite imagery and aid agencies accounts, that painted a bleak picture of civilian life in a war zone under constant bombardment and where the death toll was rising. According to the UN and human rights groups, between 7,000 and 20,000 civilians were killed in the north-east between January and May.

The report blamed both the government and the Tigers. It said rebels had shot people trying to flee from their territory, forcibly recruited child soldiers and used suicide bombers.

But it also alleged that government forces shelled civilian populations, hospitals and schools in rebel-controlled territory, often in areas that had been described by the authorities as no-fire zones.

The Democratic senator Patrick Leahy, who wrote the legislation requiring the report, said it "eliminates any reasonable doubt that serious violations of the laws of war were committed by both the LTTE [Tamil Tiger] rebels and Sri Lankan government forces".

Sri Lanka dismissed the document as "unsubstantiated and devoid of corroborative evidence" .

Since then, Colombo has promised to investigate the final stages of the war, but many observers have raised doubts over its commitment to investigating itself.