Thursday, November 12, 2009

Officially the LTTE is done deal ?

Revisiting the dirt will only add the pain to Tamils who have no shortage in that aspect but finding solutions to an unanswered questions will help them to think differently even in these adverse circumstances. If you've noticed the LTTE's official statement few days back - passing the torch to the diaspora Tamils from now on regards to Eelam struggles - you can easily come to the conclusion that LTTE is no more. Since the arrest of KP, many pro-Tamil websites started to hit the dust , and also many anti-Tamil elements started to emerge through various channels by using the favorable circumstances.

It seems Colonel Ram is reported captured in the east, so there are no pockets remaining except those who have managed to flee oversees, which is not so many. One can wonder about what happened to Colonel Ram's cyanide? It tells that Colonel Ram and GoSL agreed on some sort of deal that would have provided safe passage to Colonel Ram, in return, he may have agreed to silence his guns.

Also we have seen Rajapaksha freely visiting places like Tirupati and Nepal, with no fear of being attacked. His relative visited Madurai today, again without fear of attack. Fonseka has relatives in Oklahoma without any security, but they are also untouched. So all of this points out to a complete collapse of LTTE with no members left anywhere. From the day Prabhakaran was killed there has not been a single attack in Sri Lanka of any type.

It was a very selfish and stupid strategy at the end, which is unexplainable except for delusion and insanity. The leaders would not let anyone escape alive, everyone had to die with them. I think people like Lawrence were likely executed when they tried to escape. First Tamilnet reported him killed, and then was told to change the story to him being injured. Prior to that there were rumors he was arrested. According to some insider news, Ilanthiraiyan was also executed by LTTE in the final week after finding out that he was an informant to GoSL for many of the LTTE's failed attacks, including the mission of Deepan-Durka that cost at least 500 lives of LTTE cadres.

And the story of "silencing the guns" is another ridiculous thing Tamilnet continues to mention. They only did it after every single LTTE fighter had been sacrificed and no one was left except the leaders. At that time they were restricted to a 100 meters area. That is just stones throwing distance. After every fighter having been killed and only leaders left in a few bunkers covering a tiny area of 100 meters, they announce they have silenced their guns to save the people! And immediately following that the first group of leaders tries to surrender. After forcing at least 30,000 LTTE fighters to be killed and 30,000 civilians to be massacred, the leaders wanted to silence their guns and surrender?


Bhairav said...

Most of the info on this news thread I got it from Badri.

Whoever thinks that VP will come from his grave for Maveerar Day on Nov.27, they better be prepared for worst.

දේශපාලුවා said...
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දේශපාලුවා said...

Here is my analysis why Gen Fonseka's loss is inevitable.

Why General Sarath Fonseka cannot win

Bhairav said...

I guess, Peter, the regular pro-Tamil blogger, thinks "Pottu" is alive. You can even see Pottu's image on his profile.

Ashok Kumar said...


Anyway, Maveerar Dhinam is not far away. Let us wait and see. But Puligalin Kural is revived and they have even announced that they would be linked through satellite from October 1st week. During IPKF period also, similar situation prevailed for sometime.

Latest Ananda Vigadan's cover story is about the return of Pottu Ammaan.(I have not yet read it; yet to get the copy.)

Bhairav said...

Ashok, what a coincidence, we both mentioned "Pottu" simultaneously.

I get the feeling now that Pottu is alive now otherwise it's even hard to keep the chain moving after the beatings they received.

Ashok Kumar said...

Now the sinahalese have started fighting among themselves. Let us hope that whatever they have gained through the war would be neutralized if the acrimony reaches its height. Remember Premadasa's temproary truce with Tigers during the IPKF days against India. It will not be a surprise if this factional fight becomes bloody, it may help in the revival of Tigers. One faction may even indirectly negoitiate with the Tigers.

Ashok Kumar said...

Yes Bhairav, let our hopes become a reality.

Thusitha said...

Mate, seem like you have come to your senses. It is good to have faith, also good to question the faith. That is the way forward.

Bhairav said...

Will Pottu Amman show up on Martyr's Day?
Fri, 2009-11-13 15:39 — editor
From S Murari, Chennai
Chennai, 13 Nov(

Pottu Amman & Prabhakaran
Popular Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan has said there is widespread expectation among the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora that Prabhakaran's deputy and the now defunct LTTE's intelligence chief Pottu Amman will make an appearance and address the people on Nov 27, observed as martyrs day in memory of Tigers who laid down their lives in the armed struggle for an independent Eelam.

It has said that the Sri Lankan Government, which confirmed the death of Prabhakaran and others in the final battle at Nandikadal in Mullaitivu on May 18(through release of photographs of their bodies) has been unclear about the fate of Pottu Amman.

It has also recalled Defence Secretary Gothapaya Rajapaksa's statement that while the Government is sure Pottu Amman is dead, it has not been able to recover his body.
His brother and President’s adviser Basil Rajapaksa has, however, told the team of Tamil Nadu MPs that visited Sri Lanka last month that "we have identified the body of Prabhakaran, but we are not able to say anything definite about Pottu Amman".

The magazine has said that some pro-LTTE websites have published an unusual photograph of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman in civilian clothes and raised the puzzling question."what does this show?" The photo shows both of them wearing the same color shirts. Pottu Amman, who always wears a watch with black leather strap, is shown sporting a new watch with silver chain strap.

The photo shows the usually genial Pottu Amman with a grim face. Quoting Tamil disapora sources, the magazine says this photo was taken one week before the D-day, May 18, when Prabhakaran had a meeting with his top leaders.

At that meeting, Prabhakaran suggested that the LTTE split into three groups. One group should escape, another should resist the advancing Sri Lankan army till the end, and a third should surrender to the Government and bring the struggle to the attention of the world. Prabhakaran is reported to have told his confidantes at that meeting that he would decide his fate on his own.

He also named Pottu Amman as his deputy and said" from now on,he will lead the movement". All the lieutenants present at the meeting unanimously endorsed this plan. The photo was taken at that time and the fact that Pottu Amman was seated alongside Prabharan like his equal had its own message to convey.

The magazine further said the LTTE dedided to wait till the impending presidential and parliament elections in Sri Lanka, planned early next year, before coming out with fresh announcements. But the confusion among the Tamil diaspora, especially after the groupism that has come to the fore with Kumaran Pathmanabhan and Castro functioning as separate factions, has compelled the LTTE to bring Pottu Amman out in the open. And what better occasion to do that than the Martyrs Day?

The disapora is waiting with bated breath for that day. For years, Prabharan addressed his people through LTTE-run television and radio. Now that he is no more, the diaspora is waiting with bated breath for Nov 17, which comes a day after Prabhakaran's birthday.

The magazine has not speculated as to whether the diaspora will observe Prabhakaran's death anniversary. Leaders in Tamil Nadu like Vaiko and Nedumaran still cling to the belief that Prabhakaran, like Jesus Christ, will rise from the tomb because, as Tamil daily Dinamalar cynically puts it, it suits their politics to keep such an illusion alive. The diaspora is still shell-shocked. As a result, a man who lived and died for the Tamils and who faithfully honored all the martyrs on Nov 27 all these years, remains unsung, unhonoured.

Bhairav said...

One can wonder why Peter recently as 6 weeks ago put the image of "Pottu" on his profile id and kept that way until now.

And also Peter hinted on few occasions, i would say way back in June, that #1 is no more but #2 is alive.

I have the feeling now that "Pottu" is alive and well. It should scare all the war-criminals shit out of their pants since Pottu can keep the chain-moving against any kind of blitz thrown at him.

The history will repeat in one form or other.

google said...

hey guys, i believe pottu is alive. one reason is cos the sri lankan govt incepted pottu's conversation. he was having an emotional speech with his cadres. i think vp knew his fate so he sent pottu amman before april. and kp was saying he has 2000 cadres left who can start another war.

google said...


google said...

LTTE haven't attacked at least once since 18th May. It shows they have stopped attacking and started planning. No guerilla group can just disappear suddenly unless sri lanka have the best forces in the world which they are not.

lol if ltte return then sri lanka will be calculating another 30 years.

Bhairav said...

[hey guys, i believe pottu is alive.]

The whole Tamil population in SL is traumatized and forced into Stockholm syndrome by GoSL after its win over LTTE on May 18th, and that put great obstacles to overcome any odds, even for a tactician like Pottu who will maintain a low-profile for next 5 years given he is alive from the last Eelam war.

NBAglober said...

Miss Information said...

Bhairav said...

Most of the info on this news thread I got it from Badri.

Whoever thinks that VP will come from his grave for Maveerar Day on Nov.27, they better be prepared for worst.

Badri is a washed up shill who did nothing more than spew silly propaganda. I doubt he ever got any farther out of the GTA than Ajax.

You dumb-ass LTTE supporters are delusional if you think there is any chance of a reprise.


Your pitiful leaders didn't even have the cyanide capsules so often claimed as standard issue... and why should anyone have the slightest faith in these fake numbers of LTTE fighters who supposedly died... let alone the number of civilians who perished?

Yes, many civilians died as did a number of cadres but the numbers you offer are inflated and you know it.

Wake up and smell the cordite.

The LTTE is dead and deservedly so.

Move on and try to establish new and more practical means to protect the Tamils in the North and East... and do not listen to Peter as he is as bonkers as they come.


Bhairav said...

["The Tamil terrorist leader was captured and first the monster was stripped naked, then monster's genitalia was first cutoff, then it was skull-hacked, then the bravehearts picked up rotting lagoon mud and threw all over the monster's carcass AND only then the real pictures were taken" by Asithiri on Nov. 18th -Defencewire]

If this is what happened, then it provides blueprint for how should be the war-criminals -MR,SF and GR- treated.

Well, if VP wasn't captured or killed on May 17th, MR wouldn't have returned immediately from Jordan and declared confidently that terrorism was eradicated from Srilankan soil. Events leading up to big announcement on May 19th tells that Srilankan armed forces involved in wide-spread war crimes. Obviously Mathivathani and her younger son, then aged 14, were executed by SLA who merely mentioned their deaths but failed to produce the bodies that clearly tells big-time foul-play.

For better or worse, LTTE should come out and tell the Tamils about what really happened in the final days of war otherwise conspiracy theories time to time will surface and dent the image of their leadership.

VP may have made some bad decisions in the end but events of past clearly tell to any Tamil that Tamil Eelam is the only solution way forward.