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What is Project Beacon? - a Lesson for Ages!

It is a must read an article that was written by Dr. C.P.Thiagarajah on Nov 1, 2007. If Dr. T can know about these things - Project Beacon - in 3 years advance, why not LTTE hierarchy? It shows that Co-Chairs played the game to perfection with Tamils. For full article, please go to the below Link

World Democracies Wake up: Stop Sri-Lankan Terror

By: Dr C P Thiagarajah
Courtesy: TamilCanadian - November 1, 2007

There is consensus in world opinion for a political solution based on the UN accepted ‘traditional homelands of Ethnic minorities principle’. However the co-chairs of the aid giving nations appeared to swim against the tide. If as reported in the Tamil the involvement of the co-chairs in the 'Three Year Plan' of GSL military solution were true it would be the biggest fraud of the IC. It would be a stab in the back for the Tamil polity. The co-chairs were killing the foetus of Tamil Eelam in the womb. It was alleged that this plan code-named ‘Project Beacon’ was first presented to the Co-Chairs to the peace process in Sri Lanka, namely United States; European Union; Norway and Japan, during December 2005 in the Norwegian capital Oslo. The initiative was to have started on May Day 2006. According to the proposal, the project would be completed by May Day 2009, and an additional two years would be required thereafter for 'mopping up' operations.

Project Beacon divided LTTE administered areas as at December 2005 into three coastal sections. The basic plan was to 'softening up' of sections by means of air raids and multi-barrel rockets; diversionary 'mini-offensives' in parts of other sections, and virtual siege of the area concerned for up to twelve months if necessary.

Project Beacon warned the co-chairs that there may be 'significant' civilian casualties during 'softening up' activities and 'apparent humanitarian crises' during sieges. Consequently, it was feared that the Tamil Diaspora would take to the streets of their host nations highlighting Tamil civilian casualty and genocide. The plan provided the co-chairs with the names of key Tamil activists who may lead such mass demonstrations in some 12 countries. The plan requested that these individuals be arrested on 'charges of terrorism', thus 'giving a clear warning to the Diaspora on the consequences of demonstrating against the government of Sri Lanka'.

Sri Lankan begged that it did not have the financial capacity to procure all the arms and ammunition necessary. It requested that the Co-Chairs to indirectly play a part. They take more responsibility for civil services, in particular in southern Sri Lanka, to ensure that more government money could be siphoned off to the military activity with very little impact on the day to day lives of the Sinhala public.

The Co-Chairs unanimously agreed that the Three Year Plan was viable and 'militaristically sound'. The Co-Chairs agreed to abide by the two pre-conditions and review the plan as per necessary some three to four months following each May Day. Political observers might put two and two together and conclude that the IC’s silence over human suffering deaths and genocide in GSL Eastern war might be due to help the GSL in the project beacon.


Tamil Kovil said...

Tham Thimithimithom Thaiyathom
Tham Thimithimithom
Living we were- on Vanni soil
Living we were
Educating ourselves we were - Joyfully
Educating ourselves we were
Running around we were - with friends
Running around we were
Came the airplanes- on us
Throwing bombs
Died relations- our
Relations fell
Race destroyed- Tamil
Race disappeared
Life destroyed- our
Life scattered
Suffering saw- we
Sadness imposed
Caged by war- we were
Trapped in suffering
Enough the sorrow- we
Escape to survive - Song/Poem by Vanni IDP school student

Tamil Kovil said...

Apocalyptic-Pralaym Sri Lankan shelling and bombings of the Tamil civilians

Some 40,000 innocent women, men and children are estimated to have slaughtered in the apocalyptic carnage-varthayal varnicca mudiyathavai

The injured cried for help, while bleeding to death where no one stopped to give a lending hand in their own desperation to escape. The elderly and disabled were left behind. People lay dead on the streets and in their hastily dug bunkers. Orphaned and children were wandering aimlessly amidst the chaos of blocked roads and desperate humanity.

Tamil Kovil said...

Mullivaikal was where the Vanni Thamilan had their hair shorn and mouth gagged while nails were driven through their hands and legs like the scene at Calvary while 80 million (world) Tamils looked on. Out of their national interest, the ruling regime washed their hands off Tamils to kill and destroy under attractive terms such as’ war for peace’ and ‘humanitarian action’. 300,000 Tamils were rained with shells causing rivers of blood to soak that land.

Tamil Kovil said...

IDP’s story

I am a 47 year old Tamil male from Killinochchi. I was married with two female and one male child. A beautiful family. We were living with good facilities. Started the war. Continuous displacements. We had to live in Tharappan shacks and bunkers. Life became terrible. We had just reached Suthanthipuram, it was not even an hour had gone by when continuous Sri Lankan Army shelling… , one fell on our shack. In that place two of my daughters died. Son lost both his hands and a leg. I could not even properly bury my daughters. I have brought my son here. Sri Lanka Army did not allow my wife. No news. I have searched in all the IDP camps. Is this a life? Life has deteriorated, children are also gone, wife is also not to be found, what is the purpose of living?

Tamil Kovil said...

IDP’s story

I was a 48 year old Tamil male living happily with my wife and four male children. I was a fisherman. We had no shortcomings. I educated my four sons. At this time the war started. I lost my occupation, I lost my beautiful house and property. We were displaced to three places. As we were going with what was left, there was Sri Lankan Army heavy shelling. People scattered. We became separated from my four children. Suddenly to see, I was in a vehicle with my wife, one leg and hand was not there. I suffered in that state. On the way in a bus, Sri Lanka Army separated my wife and sent me alone to the Vavuniya hospital. There is no news of my children. Are they alive or not? Where is my wife? I am trembling all alone.

Tamil Kovil said...
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Arul said...

Tamils protest as Bollywood goes to Sri Lanka

Shah Rukh Khan gives IIFA event a miss

Arjun Rampal Skipping IIFA Awards

Namitha not to go to Colombo for IIFA

Arul said...

IIFA in Colombo is a disrespect to the fans

Janani (Jan) Jananayagam is a British Tamil banking professional, activist and politician. She was an independent candidate for the London region in the 2009 European Parliamentary elections. Jan has been a human rights activist since 1995, when she co-founded HURT. She is a prolific writer, UK’s spokesperson for “Tamils Against Genocide”, an advocacy group that seeks to obtain convictions for genocide against high-ranking Sri Lankan officials and the state. She is also a Director of a Law Foundation that focuses on public and international humanitarian law

Arul said...

Tamil girl arrested for VP gave her a medal for her academic performance

Parents of Peradeniya undergraduate Rasiah Dwaraka, who is now under detention in the Terrorist Investigation Department (TID), handed over a petition Tuesday afternoon to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) requesting to take steps to obtain Dwaraka's release, sources in Colombo said. Earlier her parents visited their daughter in the TID. Inter University Students Association (IUSA) led by its organizer Udul Premaratne facilitated the visit and handing over of petition. Dwaraka was taken into custody for accepting a medal from LTTE leader Pirapaharan for her academic performance.

Dwaraka's parents later met the media said her daughter had been arrested on allegation she had been involved with LTTE activities, and that she was not being treated well after her arrest by the TID while in detention.

They expressed fear that the continuous ill-treatment in detention would lead to permanent injury or death, and they are appealing to human right authorities to rescue her daughter from the present plight.

The parents further said their daughter was born in Kilinochchi and studied in Kilinochchi. LTTE leader Mr.V.Pirapaharan commended her success in education by handing over medal and certificate to her.

Parents questioned whether it was an offence to accept medal and certificate from the Leader of the LTTE for her success in education.

Arul said...

Sri Lanka War Crimes Story


Rada is a 41 years old labourer from Killinochchi. He was married with four children. In 1990, to escape from the terrible war they had sought refuge in India . When there was relative improvement in the 26

situation in 1996, they had returned. He was a heart patient taking treatment but was able to educate his children. They were living happily when the war broke out again. Shells started falling and exploding in their area. To safeguard his children they moved to several places with some their belongings. Their life was spent mainly in bunkers. The noise of artillery shells, firearms and bombs terrorized ordinary civilians. People ran helter-skelter seeking safety. On that 4.2.2009 when his wife (30 years) and son (7 years) had just come out of the bunker, when they were badly injured by a shell attack and lay in a pool of blood. Son died there. In the hope of at least saving the life of his wife, they took her to hospital. As the treatment was not successful, she left this world the next morning. When Rada learned of this he did not know what to do, he became benumbed. In the midst of heavy shelling they could not carry out the burial of his wife and son properly. Returning to their shelter with his remaining three children, Rada could not control his mind. He found all his belongings had been destroyed. In this terrible state, on an impulse he tried to consume poison and also give to his children. The children cried loudly. His 16 year old son thwarted the suicidal attempt. Then Rada decided to save the lives of at least his remaining children, joined a crowd of escaping refugees on 7.2.2009 and reached Vavuniya. They are now at the Gamini school camp. Having lost two lives to the horrible war, those thoughts came recurring daily to Rada. He was found to have lack of appetite, sleep, crying without realizing it, unable to socialize with others, suicidal ideation, not knowing what to do next, headache, numbing of the head, worry about the future of his three children and a deep depression. He felt remorse about not doing the funeral rites of his wife and son.

Bhairav said...

Interesting developments

Anonymous said...


Tamil Kovil said...

Sinhalese Greed

There is a saying in Tamil about "A dog and the haystack". It is about a dog that preventing a calf from eating from a haystack yet hay is not a diet for this dog. Likewise the Sinhalese went to great length to prevent from Tamil's having their rights restored in their own homeland. It clearly gives a snap shot into the inner workings of their demented mind.

The Eelam is probably one of the smallest of all nations of the world and it is a historic homeland of the Tamils. Although many historical proof exists concerning Tamils being the first inhabitants of Ceylon, the Tamils only wanted a free Tamil homeland that is a size of a postage stamp in all of Ceylon.

Contrary to what the Tamils call as their homeland, the Sinhalese occupy one of the most fertile portion of Ceylon. Yet they could not control their GREED and executed one of the worst kind of genocide against the Tamils who only wanted their rights restored in their homeland.

The Tamils resorted to armed struggle only after when all kinds of peaceful political protest against the majority failed over a period 40 years. The Sinhalese were unwilling for a negotiated settlement that would have saved over 200,000 Tamil lives and about 20,000 Sinhalese lives. Instead they waged a war with borrowed money and lethal weapons that cost over 40,000 innocent Tamils, They herded away the remnant into concentration camps. After all these carnage, what these Sinhalese is beyond our capability to understand how human beings could be so evil. They went to great length hide their evidence of crime against humanity (It is reported in a Tamil weekly magazine recently that China has provided a sophisticated equipment to burn the corpses so, majority of the dead could be burned without a trace. It explains why the Sinhalese general public gives approval for not letting the the Tamil survivors back to their villages. The government is letting the Sinhala criminals to occupy tamil land even at the cost of ecological disaster to some areas closer to Mullaitivu yet the Tamils are barred. From Jaffna to Pulmodai the Sinhalese are extracting minerals to limestone under the protection from Sinhala army and the world has no word to explain the greed of the Sinhalese.

The Sinhalese have Buddhist temples virtually everywhere you see a Bo tree in the South (The attendance rate in these temples are at all time low) Yet they want to build Buddist temple evevry where you see an army camp in North and East (Buddha needs protection from LTTE).

Lalith said...

LTTE is the main culprit for the tamil people's suffering. It was LTTE who rejected the piece talks believing that they can get tamil eelam.

LTTE's leadership was arrogant that LTTE can defeat SLGO by going for war.

LTTE is arrogant like current Indian cricket selectors like any Indian Team can beat Zim

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Ashok Kumar said...

Chranjeevi Master, a senior Tiger intelligence operative has been arrested near Tuticorin. It appears that he was arrested by Tamilnadu Police around a week back but was not revealed immediately. Later Jaffer Sait of T.N. Police has confirmed the arrest.

Chiranjeevi was operating in T.N. for around two decades and was in charge of liasioning with the political leaders and for mustering support among them. He doesn't seem to have had any cases against him linked to terrorist activities.

During the final phases of the war, he was rushed to Eelam and fought the war. He was injured in the hands and legs. But somehow, he managed to pierce through the military cordon and reached Tamilnadu safely. It appears that many other intelligence wing cadres and hardcore Tigers did manage to get out.

Chiranjeevi was directly reporting to Pottu Ammaan. So, he is being interrogated to find about the fate/ location of Pottu Ammaan as well as the million dolar question about Prabhakaran.

mawatha silva said...

A new (cultural) campaign against Tamils in Vanni

As Tamil signs disappear in northern Sri Lanka, those in Sinhalese go up. Soldiers are rebuilding Buddhist temples whilst allowing Christian churches and Hindu temples to lay in ruin even though most locals belong to these two religions. Meanwhile, monuments celebrating the Sinhalese victory are starting to dot the region, but for Tamil victims there is but oblivion.

The provinces of northern Sri Lanka “are undergoing a different kind of attack, not military, but cultural and religious this time. They are faced with the ‘Sinhalisation’ of the area,” Rukshan Fernando told AsiaNews. The human rights activist and director of the Law and Society Trust just completed a tour of the provinces of Vanni and Killinochi.

“A first example and one that might appear trivial but isn’t so is road signs. Tamil language signs have disappeared; everything now is in Sinhalese. The military claim that Tamil terms are too long and complicated and that’s that. Place names are in both languages, but the one in Sinhalese comes first. What is more, beside the usual and accepted Sinhalese names, signs also mention older Sinhalese names in an attempt to show that these lands are Sinhalese lands,” a Tamil priest told me.

The attempt to change local history and society “also involves religion. In the city of Killinochi, for example, a large arch was put up, saying ‘May Buddhism shine’.” Yet, most people in the area are either Hindus or Christians.”

“Buddhist temples have been rebuilt and are spotless, whereas the places of worship of other religions are not allowed to do the same. And the difference is clearly visible since soldiers are involved in the work at Buddhist sites.”

Lastly, this campaign includes monument building.“Soldiers are building all sorts of monument hailing the victory of the government and the army . For locals, they are a symbol of their domination, also because no one is allowed to build anything to commemorate Tamil war dead.”

mawatha silva said...

Indian aid to SL benefiting Chinese

AIADMK chief J. Jayalalithaa Friday said the huge Indian financial assistance to Sri Lanka was benefiting the Chinese only, who have all the reconstruction contracts in the country.

'So the Indian taxpayers' money, sent for the benefit of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, is ending up in China's kitty,' she said, according to a statement here.

Terming as 'alarming' media reports that more than 25,000 convict labourers from China have landed in Sri Lanka to execute contract works relating to highways and railways, she alleged that this labour force has been 'infiltrated with Chinese spies and intelligence personnel with a specific mandate to commence anti-Indian surveillance and espionage operations'.

mawatha silva said...

Sinhalese assault Tamil students in Batticaloa

Sinhalese undergrads demanding 'victory' money assault Tamil students in Batticaloa

The Sinhalese undergrads in Eastern University in Vanthaa’rumoolai assaulted first year Tamil students Wednesday night in their hostel for not contributing money to celebrate the ‘Victory Day’ that Sri Lanka Army (SLA) celebrating in Colombo

mawatha silva said...

Grieving and mourning seem to be criminalized in the newly “liberated” North

On 18th June 2010, has been declared a public holiday by the government. Many Sri Lankans, especially Sinhalese from the South are expected to respond enthusiastically to the government’s elaborate plans to celebrating the war victory over the LTTE. For several days, citizens in Colombo had to put up with closed roads in preparation. How much of our – citizens – tax payer’s money will be spent for this celebration is something I don’t know and dare not think.

Some media had highlighted on the fact that the General who led the war victory is likely to be in detention and not invited to celebrate the victory he led.

What seems to be forgotten, and what I do know for sure is that tens or hundreds of thousands of Tamils, particularly in the North, will not be celebrating this victory. Many of them infact, will be grieving and mourning for family members and friends killed, injured, missing and detained in during the course of the war, particularly the final months of the war.

However, now, even grieving and mourning appears to be criminalized in the newly “liberated” North.

On 17th May, amidst heavy showers and floods in Colombo (which had compelled the government to postpone the victory celebrations), I was with a group of friends, at an ecumenical (Christian) event to commemorate those killed in the war. As we were starting the event, I got a call from a good friend, a Catholic priest in Jaffna, who told me that he had got several threatening calls asking him to cancel a religious event he had organized in Jaffna to commemorate civilians killed in the war.

In addition to the telephone calls, senior army officers had visited his office-threatened them and forced them to cancel the event. He was in a dilemma – he was personally not keen to cancel the event, but was concerned about the safety of his staff and families due to participate in the event.

Later, I came to know that this was not an isolated incident and several other friends were subjected to similar threats.

On the same day, 17th May, Nallur Temple area in Jaffna, where an inter-religious event was being held to remember those killed in the war was held, was surrounded by the police and the army. The people who came to participate were threatened and told to go away. Those who insisted on going in they were asked to register their names and other details with the police. Many went away in fear and only few had participated. Later on, the army had questioned and threatened a priest who was involved in organizing the event. The priest was even summoned to Palaly military headquarters in Jaffna for interrogation .

In Vanni, an army officer had told a villager that he will shoot a parish priest and drag him behind his jeep, because he (the priest) was organizing prayer services for those killed in the war. Another priest was prevented from celebrating a holy mass to pray for those killed in the war on 19th May in the Vanni.

So, it is clear the army doesn’t want Tamils to mourn and grieve for their loved ones killed during the war.

mawatha silva said...

Rajapaksa Thugs burned down the Movie Theater in Sri Lanka

Rajapaksa Thugs burned Sri Lankan Movie Theater which played Indian Movie

Paramilitary elements set fire to theatre in Kaaththaankudi

Unidentified persons breaking into Shanthi Theatre in Kaaththaankudi police division in Batticaloa Thursday night set fire to the screen and the stage and left handbills which said that no theatres in the North and East should show any South Indian film for a week according to the complaint made to Kaaththankudi police by Shanthi Theatre owner.

The anonymous handbill left behind by the paramilitary personnel warned against the theatres that screen South Indian Films from 18 June to 30 June. It said the ‘measure’ was a protest against South Indian film industry that boycotted the Indian showbiz event early this month.

In Batticaloa district, only Sellam Theatre in Chengkaladi and Shanthi Theatre in Kalladi are screening South Indian films.

The other theatres in Batticaloa district Subaraj, Vijaya and Rajeswari have stopped operating.

mawatha silva said...

Sri Lanka Racist Military-Buddhist Complex

Sri Lanka Military-Buddhist Complex

In this backdrop the military sponsorship of Vesak could be seen as Sinhala triumphalism.

As a sort of rubbing it in.

The Sri Lankan military, despite being composed of all races and creeds, remains a primarily Sinhala body.

Celebrations remained centered around government establishments and military camps, attended by visitors from the south…

In the nascent, united culture of the island, Buddhism seems to be at the fore, backed by the military and the state.

mawatha silva said...

UN ignores Sri Lanka’s protest over war crimes panel

The United Nations will set up a panel to probe war crimes in Sri Lanka despite repeated protests from the island’s hawkish government

UN panel on Sri Lankan Tamil war will be set up by next week

The United Nations estimates that 100,000 people were killed in the over two-decade-old civil war in Sri Lanka, and now has said that it will appoint a panel to advise it on human rights issues arising from the event.

The BBC quoted the UN’s head of political affairs, Lynn Pascoe, as saying that the panel could be in place by next week after concluding a two-day visit to the island-nation.

Colombo is opposed to the panel, which would advise UN chief Ban Ki Moon on moves to address the grievances that fuelled the conflict. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaska described it as totally unwarranted.

The panel is expected to confront allegations of war crimes, which have been levelled against both the government, and the Tamil rebels.

Pascoe, a senior UN diplomat, said the UN will also be interested in the progress of an internal commission on the final years of the war, recently set up by Colombo

mawatha silva said...

No peace in Sri Lanka’s difficult path to reconciliation after civil war.

Mahinda Rajapakse, elected president of Sri Lanka in November 2005, had pressed for an end to the negotiations and a military solution to the conflict.

Clearly, he did not care for the war victims among the civilian population in his calculations.

By mid May 2009 Rajapakse had declared the civil war was over.

The overall death toll was over 100,000, with around 40,000 killed in few days alone.

On top of this there were a vast number of wounded and traumatised people, though reliable figures do not exist.

The International Committee of the Red Cross spoke of an “unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe”.

Undoubtedly, the Tamil war is over , yet there is still no peace.

The gulf between North and South, between the Tamil minority and the Sinhalese majority, is still very far from having been overcome.

Speaking to the Tamils in the North, one senses disillusionment, and anger against the “occupying forces” from the South.

One year on from the end of the fighting, tens of thousands still live in refugee camps.

Those who have been permitted to return find their houses destroyed; they have lost everything.

Reconstruction aid is scanty, and apart from the United Nations and the Red Cross, aid agencies from abroad are not welcome.

The army wants to have unfettered control and is visibly present. On all the major roads there are army guard posts every half kilometre.

The soldiers, overwhelmingly young and from the South, speak no Tamil and put on a show of strength that could prove to be a weakness.

For if the military and political leadership do not succeed in winning over the hearts and minds of the people, then a return to the terror and violence is only a question of time.

Without some kind of process of reconciliation and political rapprochement, Sri Lanka faces an uncertain future.

Ashok Kumar said...

Hello Bhairav,

Any information about this supposedly LTTE website?

There is a message extending support to th 'Tamil' conference being held in Coimbatore as well as a reproduction of DBS Jayaraj's article on Natesan's surrender episode.

Karunanidhi has also acknowledged the message extending support for the conference in this website and 'The Hindu' has quoted this website as official LTTE site.

Bhairav said...


What you will see months, or even years, before finding who is real and fake. Clearly RAW and Slankan Intel agents are making strides by using the current confusion among Tamils.

On pulikalinkural, there was some negative remarks against Karunanidhi's Semthamizil conference, so I doubt that Puligal made such welcoming comments for Karunanidhi.

Bhairav said...



As for your early query of above website, I've found out that it is pro-puligal website, not the official one.

雅慧雅慧雅慧 said...


Ashok Kumar said...

Thank you Bhairav!

Ashok Kumar said...

“தர்ம ஏகத் கலைஞர் தேவஸ்ய
கருணாநிதி ஸ்ரீமச்சாசனம்
ஊர்வச சிரோபபிஷசேகரி…”

செப்புவது யாதெனில்,

“காப்பாற்றுங்கள்.. காப்பாற்றுங்கள்!”
என்று ஈழத்தமிழர் கதறிய காலத்தே
பராக்கிரமத்தோடு சோனியாவுக்கு
விடாது கடிதமெழுதியதோடு,

அலைகடலோரம் நெடுஞ்சாண் கிடந்து
காலை உணவுக்கும், மதிய உணவுக்கும்
இடைப்பட்ட மணித்துளியில்
அன்ன ஆகாரம் உண்ண மறுத்து,

ஈழத்தமிழர் செத்த பின்பு
போரை நிறுத்திய ஒரே புறநானூற்றுத் தமிழன்
கருணாநிதிச் சோழனின்
மற்ற கைங்கர்யங்களாவன:

சோழநாடு சோறுடைத்ததைப்
பின்னுக்குத் தள்ளி
ஒரு ரூபாய் அரிசியாலேயே உடைத்தார்!
பகை முடித்தார்!

வண்ணத் தொலைக்காட்சி, காஸ் அடுப்பு,
மனை கட்ட உதவி, மணமகன் கட்ட உதவி,
மகப்பேறு உதவித்தொகை…
எனக் குடிதானம் ஏராளம்.
மக்களைத் தானாக வாழவிடாமல்
தடுத்தாண்ட சிறப்பிவைகள்.
இடைத்தேர்தல் எதிர்ப்பட்டால்
வாக்காள பெருங்குடிக்கு
பொன்முடிப்பு தாராளம்!

காணியுடையோராய் இருந்த
தொல்குடிகள் நீக்கி,
காடு, மலை, நதியென
அந்நியப் பன்னாட்டுக் கம்பெனி
வேண்டுவன தட்டாமல் வழங்கும்
தகைமையில் விஞ்சுவாரின்றி
கருணையும், நிதியும் ஒன்றாய் ஆனார்!

யாதும் ஊரே; யாவரும் கேளிர்
ஹூண்டாயும், ஃபோர்டும் நம் உடன்பிறப்பே,
எனப் பன்னாட்டு உறவில் புது எல்லை கண்டான்!
அண்ணலும் ‘நோக்கியா’ அவளும் ‘நோக்கியா’
என கம்பநாட்டாழ்வரையே கற்பனையில் விஞ்சி
திருப்பெரம்புதூரில் தென்கொரியாவையே கொண்டான்!

அறக்கொடைகள் அம்மட்டோ!

வேளாண்வகை ஏரிகள் மாற்றி
பெப்சி, கோக்குக்கு சதுர்வேதி மங்களங்கள்!

திருவண்ணாமலை வேடியப்பன் மலையை எடுத்து
‘ஜிண்டால்’ கம்பெனிக்கு தேவதானம்!

சிறுவணிகத்தை மடைமாற்றி
ரிலையன்சு டாட்டாவுக்கு இறையிலி.

பாலியல் கொலைகாரன் காஞ்சி சங்கரனுக்கு
சட்டமும் போலீசும் பிரம்மதேயம்…
அண்டி நிற்கும் வீரமணிக்கும்
அவ்வப்போது அறச்சாலாபோகம்!

இத்தனை ஆட்சிக்குப் பிறகும்
எஞ்சியிருக்கும் தமிழ்க்குடிக்கு
தனது வீட்டையே தானம் கொடுத்தார்!
இன்னும் கொடுப்பதற்காய்
தமிழ்நாட்டையே எடுத்துக் கொண்டார்!

சாதனைகள் சொல்ல
செப்பேடு போதாது…!

காவிரிக்கு குறுக்கேதான்
கல்லணை அமைத்தான் கரிகாலன்..
காவிர, முல்லைப்பெரியாறு இரண்டிலுமே
நீதிமன்றத்திலேயே அணையைக்கட்டி
பிரச்சினை நிரம்பி வழியாமல்
பார்த்துக் கொண்டவர் கருணாநிதி!

பாடிச் சொரிந்த புலவர்க்கு மட்டும்
மதுவை ஊற்றிக் கொடுத்தனர்
பழைய வேந்தர்கள்,
வாடிக்கிடக்கும் தமிழரையே
டாஸ்மாக்கால் ஈரப்படுத்தி
‘குடி’மகன்களை பாடவைத்துத்
தமிழ் வளர்த்தவர் தானைத் தலைவர்!

ரோமாபுரி அடிமைப் பெண்களை
அந்தப்புரத்தில் ஆடவைத்து
தான்மட்டும் கண்டுகளித்தனர்
பழைய மன்னர்கள்

‘மானாட மயிலாட’ என
மற்றவரையும் பார்க்க வைக்கும்
தமிழினத் தலைவரின் பரந்த உள்ளத்தை
கலைஞர் தொலைக்காட்சி பறைசாற்றும்!

Ashok Kumar said...

மழலையர் உதடுகளில் ஆங்கிலம் வளர்த்து
பெயர்ப்பலகையில் மட்டும் தமிழ் வளர்க்கும்
தந்திரம் முன்
பராந்தகச் சோழனே பயந்து போவான்!

‘பெரியார் நெஞ்சில் தைத்த முள்’ எனப் புலம்பி
ஊரறிய அனைத்து சாதி அர்ச்சகர் சட்டம் போட்டுவிட்டு
சத்தம் போடாமல் உச்சநீதிமன்றத்தில்
பார்ப்பன மனுநீதிக்கு பங்கம் வராமல் பாதுகாக்க
அந்த முள்ளை எடுத்தே வேலிகட்டும்
இரண்டகத் திறமையில்
பார்ப்பன குலமே மயக்கமுறும்!

இயற்றமிழ் அழகிரி
இசைத்தமிழ் கனிமொழி
நாடகத்தமிழ் தளபதி
என முத்தமிழையும் வளர்த்து
தமிழ்நிலத்தை மொத்தமாய் வளைக்க
முயலும் திறமை முடியுமோ யாராலும்?

பிறப்பொக்கும் இவர் பேரன், பேத்தி
வாரிசு வரைக்கும்
மதுரை தினகரன் அலுவலகத்தில்
கொலையான ஊழியர்கள்
சிறப்பொவ்வா செய்தொழில் வேற்றுமைகள்!
இருப்பினும் வாழும் வள்ளுவர்…

திருவள்ளுவர் அதிகாரங்களுக்கு மட்டுமல்ல,
அழகிரியின் அதிகாரத்திற்கும்
உரையெழுதும் திறமுடையார்!

இலக்கியக் கவர்ச்சிக்கு கண்ணகி
அரசியல் கவர்ச்சிக்கு குஷ்பு
அகமும், புறமும், மணிமேகலை,
சிலப்பதிகாரம், குண்டலகேசியுடன்
‘சின்னத்தம்பி படத்தையும்’ சேர்த்து
தமிழ்ப்பெருமை உருவாக்க தயங்காதார்!

வழிபாட்டுக் கருவறையில்
தமிழன் நுழைய முடியவில்லை..
வழக்காடு மன்றத்தில்
தமிழ் நுழைய முடியவில்லை..
என்னடா இது வீண் இரைச்சல்
என்று சாலையைப் பார்த்தால்…

கூஜாக்கள் குலுங்க…
ஜால்ராக்கள் சிணுங்க…
கோடம்பாக்கத்து காக்கைகள்
குறிபார்த்துக் கரைய…
பல்கலை நரிகள் பாசாங்கு முழங்க…
கரைவேட்டி முதலைகள்
மத்தளம் கொட்ட
கொடநாட்டு மதயானை பிளிற…
களைகட்டுகிறது கருணாநிதிச் சோழரின்

பேச்சு மறுக்கப்பட்ட
கோவை சிறுதொழில் உதடுகளில்
அறுந்து கிடக்கும்
ஓசையற்ற கைத்தறியில்
இறந்து கிடக்குது நம் தாய்மொழி…

தமிழகத்தை உய்ப்பிக்க
உழைக்கும் மக்களிடமிருந்து
உருவாக வேண்டும் ஒரு செம்மொழி…


Ashok Kumar said...

Atlast the five day conference at Kovai has come to an end. It was nauseating to witness the display of family oriented selfish group squandering people's money in the name of Tamil.

Throughout the five day conference, 84 members of the Karunanidhi's clan participated and dominated the conference, occupying the front rows of luxury sofas! Even the ministers of the cabinet were made to sit behind them.

Hardly any display of feelings towards Eelam Tamils was done throughout the conference except on the final day resolution, where a request was made to the central government to talk to the srilankan government regarding the settlement of people still in the camps.

Throughout the conference, Karunanidhi was praised to the core by all the speakers than talking about Tamil. It was a vulgar show of self promotion.

Karunandhi was repeatedly addressed as the leader and saviour of world Tamils and Tamil language and was called as neo Tholkappian, Valluvan, Ilango Adigal etc...

Even during the debates, speakers were praising Karunanidhi for 80 per cent of the time alloted and hardly spoke about the topic given.

It was a conference to celebrate Karunanidhi and nothing much to do with Tamil Language or Tamils.

Ashok Kumar said...

Further, contribution done by Eelam Tamils towards Tamil was totally ignored. There was not even a mention about Thaninayagam Adigal or his efforts in organising Tamil Research Organization or previous World Tamil Conferences throughout the world. By announcing that henceforth 'Classical Tamil Conference' will be held periodically, Karunanidhi has clearly indicated that 'World Tamil Conference' will be superceded and ignored hereafter by his own outfit.

Ashok Kumar said...

In the 'classical' Tamil conference, 20 reserach papers were submitted on Karunanidhi!

Not only that, 3 were on the contribution Of Kanimozhi towards Tamil!!

Bhairav said...

[In the 'classical' Tamil conference, 20 reserach papers were submitted on Karunanidhi!]

Sadly this scumbag has long life.

Ashok Kumar said...

Finally some speakers did raise the topic of Eelam during the Kovai Conference inspite of the efforts of the organizers to bury it under the carpet.

There was a study under the topic: 'கடல் கடந்த தமிழும் தமிழரும்'.In that delegates from Singapur, Malaysia,America, Switzerland, France and Australia participated but strangely Eelam was deliberately avoided.

Later Thirumavalavan during his speech appealed to karunanidhi to help to form Tamil Eelam which drew thunderous applause from the entire audience.

D. Raja of Communist Party of India, L Ganesan of BJP and K. Veeramani spoke about the Eelam Tamils.

Arulmozhi of Dravidar Kazhagam in her fiery speech declared that war against the perpetrators of heinous crimes against Eelam Tamils cannot be avoided and recalled the sacrifices of Thileepan, Miller and numerous Tigers including 'Penn Puligal'.

All references to Eelam Tamils had the maximum impact among the audience who repeatedly applauded the speakers for such reference/s.

Instead of just speaking and applauding, let the Tamils In Tamilnadu start doing something to show the state and central rulers their concern like people getting into the streets in Kashmir.

Bhairav said...

Assistant Director said...

When will the world realize that sri lankan government are the real terrorists?

thamilan said...

disturbances reported in manalaru and bati jungles a few days back, casualties are not known.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Miss Information said...

Assistant Director said...

When will the world realize that sri lankan government are the real terrorists?


You mean terrorists as well?

If the Tamils of Sri Lanka want the world to know the truth they need to recognise it first themselves.

Plenty of horrible behavior on both sides of this conflict and to turn a blind eye to one side's transgressions is to validate those of the other side.

VP was a facist and a terrorist... the Raja boys aren't much better. Regardless of the legitimate Tamil concerns (and they are legion) you can't have it both ways.

The Tamil diaspora need to renounce violence whether it be that of the GoSL or that of those who do evil in the name of Eelam.



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