Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sri Lanka doctors 'to be tried'

By Charles Haviland

A group of doctors who worked in Sri Lanka's rebel-held war zone are being held on suspicion of collaborating with Tamil rebels, the government says.

The doctors could be in detention for a year or more before being tried.

With journalists banned from the conflict zone, they became an important source of news about the fighting during the final bloody months of war.

Last month the Sri Lankan government defeated Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for a separate homeland.

Government infuriated

During the final phase of the war, the group of doctors treated wounded and ill patients admitted to the makeshift health posts in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eeelam (LTTE)-held zone encircled by government forces.

Two of them had been senior local health directors and the United States said they had "helped save many lives" while the UN called them "heroic".

But the Sri Lankan government was infuriated by the doctors' media interviews from the zone, in which they said some of the shelling there came from the government side and had killed civilians.

Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe told the BBC they are being detained at the Criminal Investigation Department on "reasonable suspicion of collaboration with the LTTE".

"I don't know what the investigations would reveal but maybe they were even part of that whole conspiracy to put forward this notion that government forces were shelling and targeting hospitals and indiscriminately targeting civilians as a result of the shelling," he said.

The government says not a single civilian died as a result of its final offensive, despite international allegations to the contrary.

The minister says the doctors must be produced in court every month while investigations proceed pending possible charges.

He said the investigation could last up to a year, but there might be extensions to that.

Separately, Sri Lanka's foreign secretary, Palitha Kohona, has been speaking of the government-run camps where more than 250,000 Tamils from the war zone are detained.

He said everyone there had to be carefully screened, adding that it was "quite likely" that even many elderly people were "with the LTTE, at least mentally".


Sacktheish said...

they should be tried for saving the civilians...

Anonymous said...


abc said...

Until the war criminals are taken out from the streets, Tamils will continue to suffer.

FreedomFighter said...

Yes, I like that!

JWick said...

If the British Govt. can prosecute and imprison the bogus "self immolator" protesting in support of LTTE, why can't the Sri Lankan govt. prosecute these LTTE "doctors" who produced forged letters and gave bogus "civilian casualty figures"???

onecountry said...

You guys are talking about doctors while the ship formerly known as vanga machan is getting confiscated. Anyway, time to collect more money for import duty, bail and fines. LMAO.

ThangachiPunday said...


Peter please tell me in your investment banking mind while u r in singapore or where ever it is u r in your busy high profile schedule, how is the PEELAM war coming along? can u address these quesitions?

- Will Eelam be reached any time soon? are we close?

- U mentioned of SHEDDING LIGHT to the whole VP death and final days, will u be posting this SHEDDING of the LIGHT any time soon? is eelam close?

- Can u please tell me are we near? or Nearer to EELAM now? I know w r close, but how close?

- Why have u gone silent thangachi? What happend to all that " LTTE mighty force" type attitude?

I have tried to get some of this info from your mom but she just likes to Fux this sinhala dick.


lol bunch of pussies u Thangachis!

ThangachiPunday said...


FF can u please answer some questions also.

- Are u one of the 10 people standing outside american consulate day and night screaming in Inaudible thangachi voices? " OBAAAAMAAAAAAAA help US!! " " LTTP FREEDOMPYTERS" lol.... FREEDOMPIGHTERS hahahaha.... the P.

U idiots are one delusional race, in DENIAL till the end ha ha ha.. I LOVE IT! LOVE YOUR DENIALS....

The funny part is they havent honored there trasured thalavair LOL he must be looking down and saying " real thangachis no? "

ha ha ha


- UN has given ALL CLEAR to SL

- GOVTS across the world are congratulating us as well as investing in our motherland

- OBAMA cudnt give 2 shits


- Your leadership IS DEAD ALL OF THEM except the canary singing to us ha ha ha.


Malin said...

they will be released in years time. the truth is SL goverment dont want them on the outside making up stories. (true or false) For them its easy to hold them till everything else is settled and release them when all this hype is gone down.. I think thats what they are doing. if they let them go all the media will make stories and more problems to the government. thats PR management ;)

Navindran said...

The Sri Lankans, I thought you had your victory celeberation. The fact is you are still low self esteem loosers who like lions send out the lioness to earn the money.

In sharjah, a Sri Lankan maid comes with all services provided. They only sometimes fear the maids because for more money they turn around to accuse them of rape. Simple solution, tape them in action.

People who travel from trichy through colombo to the middle east often have fascinating stories. Being tamil its difficult to communicate between the Sri Lankans and them. However they find married women the easiest to befriend.

Navindran said...

Malin, i think you should join the media unit. I mean you spew rubbish better then them. Funny you lost the war even though you celeberated victory.

tharu22 said...

Hey Navindran bro,
what the latest on Exchange rate? Now that your 150LKR/USD prophacy hascome true (along with that of glorious tamil knigdom) what's the next target?

Malin said...

Navindran yeah your correct we feel the agony of loosing the war. (WE LIKE IT :) ) get a life.. but then again mental patients like you have no hope..

FreedomFighter said...

Insurgency is like an amoeba that changes shape, size and reproduces itself. If reports in the Western media are to be believed, close to 20,000 Tamil civilians were been killed in the present offensive. The whole of Jaffna has been turned into a concentration camp. While the LTTE may have been neutralised, an organisation like the Palestinian 'Black September' may well have taken birth.

FreedomFighter said...

China in India's Back Yard..

s Sri Lanka works out ways to accelerate development after defeating the rebel LTTE, China has pledged its full cooperation in reconstruction of the Island nation's economy after 30 years of ethnic war.

"Prevalence of peace will strengthen the economy of Sri Lanka and China will continue to be a part of the economic reconstruction of the Island country," Deputy Director General of the Asian Affairs, Commerce Ministry, China Liang Wentao said.

"Ending the war against terrorism might help Sri Lanka to regain its ancient glory and economic prosperity," Wentao told reporters in Beijing yesterday.

"What Sri Lanka needs at this moment is a peaceful environment to rebuild its economy and this will attract more investments and economic benefits to the country.

"Sri Lanka has the best natural resources in the entire South Asian region. Reviving tourism and the export trade will help Sri Lanka rebuild its economy which was affected severely due to the war," Wentao said.

He said China will provide assistance to the Sri Lankan Government to rebuild and rehabilitate those affected. The top Chinese official said the two countries could work towards economic as well as cooperation in tourism.

Indian said...

What an irony.While you people loath the IPKF,you finally have to quote a retired Indian general to support your point.

You people have come a complete cycle,havent you?

Indian said...

....oh and by the way,China can go wherever they want.As long as we have Malacca straits on INS's radar,we dont have to fret much.

The Chinese know it all very well

FreedomFighter said...

The irony is India's surrounded by enemy's. Looks like it deserves this. For killing many thousand of Tamils with singala racist and with IPKF.
India has killed more Tamils then Pakistani terrorist or Chinese or any others..

FreedomFighter said...

To those hard core racist see if they can understand this

LTTE > Sri Lanka (eelam war 3)

LTTE > IPKF (eelam war 2 ?)

LTTE < (Sri Lanka + India + Pakistan + China).

So you fools we eela thamilar are the greatest and bravest martial race in whole south Asia. This fact can't be changed never ever again.

prabhu said...

the rebels will make a come back in few years ...

the only solution for tamils is TAMIL EELAM..

Indian said...

//LTTE > IPKF (eelam war 2 )//

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....No wonder you are lurking around as refugee in another country at their mercy.

Care to explain why then LTTP had to go vanavaasam and fall at the legs of Premadasa to save their arse?

FreedomFighter said...

Indian.. kindly go to and think why 32000 km²of you Indian land occupied by Chinese and another
72496 km² being occupied by Pakistanis ?

At least we Tamils brave enough to face any major powers and fight for their rights.

Where India's is pussy..just big fat pussy.
Give respect to tamil's then you get back
what you deserve.

Indian said...

hahahaha...pissed off,eh??Never mind.

I can understand your pain - from 15,000 sq-km to being herded inside barbed fences is not very easy to digest.

But I dont understand "Brave enough"!!??!!??!!Since when was pleading on the knees termed as being brave.

Ofcourse there are scores to settle with PRC but we did settle it with Pak.Have you heard about Bangladesh?

ashokkumar2103 said...


Why do you want to defend IPKF, which was a total disaster? Even retired Indian geenrals and military personnel admit it. It was one of the most shameful setbacks of the Indian army from the 'boys' who were trained by them.

'Seedargal' guruvukke thanni kanbithu vittargal.

And I have heard enough worst incidents involving atrocities commited by them on civilians, including one relating to my friend's sisters' family.

Another friend of mine who was working as a sub editor in Deccan Herald met one of the jawans during a train jouney. That jawan had lost his leg in 'sri lanka'. The jawan still hadn't got over the shock of encounters with Tigers.

He had told: ''we had lost lot of our people. While walking in the streets suddenly a saree clad woman picks up a bomb and throws it on us.

In the jungles, when a group of us keep moving, suddenly an youngster jumps on us from top of a tree, blasting himself and killing many of us.

How do you fight against such people?

They were ready to die for their cause. Why should we die? We did not have any motivation to fight against them. After all they were not pakistani's.''

It was the blunder done by the political leadership

-by underestimating the Tigers capability and

-by pushing uninterested soldiers to get slaughtered for no apparent national cause.

FreedomFighter said...

Hindian , Do not take credit for Bangali FF's hard work.

I know always that india's forign policys dominateted by settling scrores's. rather
logical long term thinking. You have confirmed that right. Now.

I do feed sorry for Ganthi. He would be ashmmed of Indians like you.

You forget the most important thing if you can take revang against Paki's or Tamils or Siaks'
then can also do the same back to you .

Now Pakis are aksing for Kashimr and sending in militiants to all over india..

Revange is bad thing, its not a solution. I thought an an Indian to be more aware of that fact.

Malin said...

"Revange is bad thing, its not a solution. I thought an an Indian to be more aware of that fact."

Is this your mom talking...

Indian said...


Why do I defend IPKF?Simple because it was MY country men who laid their lives there.

I defend the IPKF explicitly for the reasons you quote.They did a memorable job and all they got back in return was the propoganda machine let loose by the so called Liberators.

There is not an iota of truth on the pussycats humbling the 4th largest army,as they claim.

Though I am pressed for time now,I dont want this oppurtunity slip by.

Indian army is a complete professional outfit.When Operation Bluestar was planned,the Sikh regiment was at the forefront.Unlike few people like you here,Indian Army puts India first.Regionalism never arises there.Likewise when IPKF was formed Madras Regiment contributed the bulk.My own maternal uncle was part of IPKF and he had narrated a lot of the hardships they faced there.

First things first,the IPKF didnt go there to fight a war.They never expected to fight there considering the fact that they went there to ensure that there is no bloodbath when the Tamil militants lay down their arms to enter political main stream as agreed by all,including the pussy cats.

The one operation which failed misserably was the Jaffna university heli drop.We lost brave souls in that.

But once it was clear we had to fight the LTTE,the IPKF did a commendable job considering the numerous hurdles they had.Rajiv always wanted them to use minimum force and as one General very famously quoted "We were fighting with our hands tied behind".Considering the context,I get enraged whenever this propoganda shit is thrown on them.

You have to understand that pussycats were fighting with the AK47's handed over to them by RAW during the back patting days.IPKF fought with SLR's.We never used artillary's.We never used air power,though we had gun ships.

In all this context,didnt Jaffna fall in a matter of days.Werent the pussycats made to abandon all land and hide inside jungles.Its a fact that they could never hold land against IPKF.No one can deny that.

Indian said...

There is one aspect were IPKF failed miserably and it was the propoganda war.We lost on that front hands down.We were simply no match for the pussycats on that aspect.

I read a very interesting article by one senior reporter who was an implant during the IPKF days.He was with Tehelka then.It was he who brought to light the failure of Jaffna univ heli drop.He narrated an incident were pussycats published the pics of civilians killed during Wadamaradchi as the people killed by IPKF.The pussy cats were masters in that and until the end came they did it perfectly.

My mama narrated an incident when the pussycats launched RPG's on our camps from inside a hospital.IPKF didnt retaliate as they knew thats what the pussycats wanted them to do.Use people as cannon fodder and cry foul and also milk the dumb diaspora with those pictures.

I still remember him telling me how his comrades lost their lives while on patrol.The patrol was shot from behind by a girl,who my mama said could not be more than 15.Before his comrades could come out of the shock of having to confront the child,she pulled the trigger again killing another.It was then that one of his comrades summoned his courage to fire.He was inconsolable for days for having killed a child.This from a person who had seen Operation Bluestar.

Its on record how one of the Tamil in IPKF was shot from behind by the very same family to whom he was cordially discussing the minute before.

The only PVC winner from IPKF is a Tamil.

I would blame the political leadership for only a sole point.When it became clear that it was WAR against pussycat's,the IPKF should have been given a free hand to flush the scum out.But that was not to be.How else do you understand the IPKF having its commander in Pune who used to helijump every morning to Srilanka and return back in the evening.

The facts stand.The pussycats ran with tails ducked between legs.They fell down on the legs of the very same Sinhalese,whom they wanted to destroy,to save their arse(Now we have come to known that falling on knees to beg for life is not new to topcat).

Even the retired General's point only to this.Their only grudge is that the political leadership didnt give them the free hand that they needed when it was an all out war.But before coming into all this,you also have to understand why we had to FIGHT at the first place.Then you will understand the IPKF saga.

There is a brilliant series of article's on Rediff about the IPKF.Read it in your free time.Sorry for the long post.But to me,I am an Indian first,being a Tamil comes only later.

FreedomFighter said...

நேற்று ராமேசுவரத்தில் இருந்து 800விசைப்படகு களில் மீனவர்கள் மீன் பிடிக்க சென்றனர். இதில் தங்கச்சி மடத்தை சேர்ந்த கென்னடி உள்ளிட்ட மீனவர்கள் ஆழ்கடலில் மீன் பிடித்தபோதுஅங்கு ரோந்து சென்ற இலங்கை கடற்படையினர் அவர்கள் படகிற்குள் ஏறினர். மீனவர்களை தாக்கிய துடன் வலைகளை துண்டு துண்டாக அறுத்து கடலில் வீசினர். இனி இந்த பகுதிக்கு வந்தால் உயிருடன் திரும்ப மாட்டீர்கள் என்று எச்சரித்தனர்.

what this show's is India's just useless country, just kill innoent civilions with its proxy sri lanka.

Indian said...

We never hide the groundwork done by Muktibahini.But they too would not have DONE it without India's intervention.

NOTHING can be more humiliating to a country than have its 90,000 soldier's surrender and their General surrendering giving away his personal weapon.

FreedomFighter said...


Before you go.. Have read at the these 3 part book with has full recored history of the IPKF
throught eye's of world media.

if you do not believe it investigate it. then come and talk.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here you can various format - :

FreedomFighter said...

[NOTHING can be more humiliating to a country than have its 90,000 soldier's surrender and their General surrendering]

Well..Hindian.. This humiliation did not that motivate them to build the nuclear capability. Can't you see youare being surrounded by nuclear powers ? its been done because some of you only care about talking 'revange'.

Where the tamils of eelam always saw India as
friend if not more. But just so you country can revenge for Rajevee you allowed the mass killing 30,000 civilians.

m.q.k said...

June 05, Colombo: Sri Lanka Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva said that even the LTTE had a semblance of respect towards the courts of law.

Addressing his last press conference this morning at the Justice and Law Reforms Ministry, the CJ said even though the LTTE had its own 'courts' it had referred several cases to the legitimate courts in the North.

"This situation showed us that even the Tigers respected our judiciary," he said.

According to CJ the law has to be applied equally to all communities in the country if we are to avoid a repetition of the recent problems we had experienced.

Sarath Nanda Silva will retire on June 7, after a tenure of 11 years as the Chief Justice in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

[Indian said...

NOTHING can be more humiliating to a country than have its 90,000 soldier's surrender and their General surrendering giving away his personal weapon. ...]

Yes, as India surrendered to the PRC some years ago. If PRC wants more land, they know where to get!


abc said...

http://www.cbc. ca/thecurrent/ 2009/200906/ 20090603. html

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indian said...

Thanks for the links.Will read them for sure and if I have any contradicting information,which I believe will be YES,will post them here.But considering the website's name,I dont think my opinion is going to change one bit.

Indian army never surrendered inceremoniously as General A.A.K. Niazi did in 1971 and 90k POW is no joke and it didnt happen with us either.

Do you know PRC and India were on the brink of war in 1987?Do you know why PRC didnt take the aggressive strike first posture as it did in 1961?Do you know why PRC did nothing more than protest when India declared AP as India's state in '87? Do you know why PRC is hell bent on constructing its Ring of pearl's?Do you know that PRC knows India can hold tight between its legs to cripple its lifeline?

Just like you dont know what happened in the wee hours of May18th,I believe you dont know this as well.So I give you the benifit of doubt.

I'm not Bhairav said...

So you fools we eela thamilar are the greatest and bravest martial race in whole south Asia. This fact can't be changed never ever again.


I'm not Bhairav said...

FreedomFighter said...
LTTE < (Sri Lanka + India + Pakistan + China).

Actually the equations should be corrected as follows

(LTTE + UK + Canada + Entire Europe) < (Sri Lanka + India + Pak + China)


I'm not Bhairav said...

Can somebody please upload the half hour ITN documentary of the Vakarei Hindu new year festival organised by the SLA.

The smiles of the people of Vakarei enjoying the new year together with the SLA soldiers will be more torture to diaspora LTTE supporters than seen the half open head of the the fat pig along with his belated one eyed son

I'm not Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm not Bhairav said...

LTTE supporters, beware!!! The silent majority has started to speak up OPENLY after removing the LTTE threat.

Tamil business community hail President’s leadership

ThangachiPunday said...



ha ha ha

your equation needs some correction thangachi punday!


ha ha ha truly pathetic.

whats even more pathetic is your pathetic reasons for denial of this anhialiation of LTTE.

Genocide? u shud check the definiont if your FOB punday ass can read one.

OH ALSO have u heard UN CLEARN GSL from ALL inquiries and WAR crimes accusations.

Now be a good bitch and go join the other faglets outside the consulates and CHANT in your very eelmaish fag accent which NO ONE can UNDERSTAND.

" LTTEEEE freeedomPiters!!! "

ha ha ha


Bhairav said...

I reiterate again, SL is not safe from WMD.

Guys, this is good article. We should be patience for the time being.


FreedomFighter said...

Guys the reason the equation is

LTTE < (Sri Lanka + India + Pakistan + China).

Becuzse its now clear the, Pakistan pilots were flying you jets. Indians were operating the
rader's , and chinese were controlling the overall missions and providing the strategy.

But this is convetional war, i do thing if LTTE
choose to fight a Guerrilla warfare. LTTE will still be greater then all these forces combined.

LTTE is taking a different route win back our freedom, at least for time being.

FreedomFighter said...

victory dance continue

ராஜபக்ஷவின் மனைவியான சிராந்தி ராஜபக்ஸ தனது மகன் நாமல் ராஜபக்ஸ சகிதம் குடாநாட்டிற்கான திடீர் விஜயம் ஒன்றை இன்று காலை மேற்கொண்டுள்ளார்.

உயர் பாதுகாப்புப் பகுதியில் அமைந்திருக்கும் மாதகல் சம்பில்துறைப் பகுதியில் அமைந்திருக்கும் பகுதிக்கு இவர்கள் விஜயம் செய்துள்ளதாக தெரிவிக்கப்படுகின்றது. சங்கமித்தை வரலாற்று ரீதியாக கடல்வழியாக வந்து தரையிறங்கியதாகக் கூறப்படும் இந்த மாதகல் பகுதியை பௌத்தர்கள் புனித பிரதேசமாக அறிவித்து வருகின்றனர்.
இந்த நிலையில் பௌத்த விகாரை ஒன்று அங்கு பெருமெடுப்பில் கட்டி முடிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. அந்த பௌத்த விகாரைக்கே சிராந்தி ராஜபக்ஸ மற்றும் அவரது மகன் நாமல் ராஜபக்ஸ ஆகியோர் விஜயம் செய்திருப்பதாக தெரிவிக்கப்படுகின்றது.

FreedomFighter said...

I guss we Tamil will be most welcomed to build a great temple in Anduradapura and Pollonurava for the Ellalan and Raja Raj Chollan, in comming years.

Moorthy G said...

The most important result of the defeat of the LTTE is that it shows how quickly Tamils in Sri Lanka, even those who supported the LTTE, will move on. On the other hand it also shows how the pathetic diaspora will hang on. After all, although it was Tamils in Sri Lanka who suffered, it was the diaspora that invested their earnings, conducted illegal activities and spent all their spare time funding the terrorist organisation. Without the LTTE they are at a loss. It will take them a long time to find some other purpose in life.
Tamils in Sri Lanka on the other hand have to worry about more basic needs. The adults have to find a job and provide for their family. The youth have to get an education. Overall everyone wants to get on with life in pursuit of happiness.
The diaspora, having satisfied their basic needs by any means necessary, and enjoying western lifestyles, are still not happy. There is some romantic fantasy lurking in the back of their minds about returning to some Tamil homeland. And they are willing to make killers out of another generation of Sri Lankan Tamils to achieve this.

Bhairav said...

Moorthy sellout, go and preach somewhere else. What's the justice for 30,000 people who were massacred like animals and another 35,000 lost their limps?

Sinhalese will certainly pay for these evil acts.

For the time being, let our innocent Tamils back home to heal their wounds.

Pran said...

TORTURE in kilinochi secret camps.

Looks like GOSL has many secret camps north of Vavuniya where they are systematically torturing and mentally breaking down anyone suspected of being an LTTE cadre or sympathizer.

Anyone have more info on this?

wijayapala said...

Out sider,

"There are plenty more to be found. By insulting the individuals here and making these statements you entice a reaction from a single group of people. That is the definition of a racist.

"They may have a dream of a Tamil nation but they are still Tamils.

Allow me explain to you what the exact meaning of "Eelamoid" is, and how they are quite distinct from the average Sri Lankan Tamil. It is not even simply a distinction between diaspora and Sri Lankan Tamil; I had met plenty of decent diaspora Tamils while I was working in the north and east, who had a realistic understanding of what was going on and understood that there was no "liberation struggle" going on. It is primarily my experiences with normal, non-Eelamoid Tamils that brings the distinct qualities of the Eelamoid to the front.

The Eelamoid, on the other hand, is a particular brand of diaspora Tamil who thinks war is a game, like a cricket match, and has played a direct role of the Sri Lankan Tamil people by supporting the LTTE's losing war. The very same Eelamoids who were recently shrieking with LTTE flags for the IC to stop the war, were loudly boasting of military victory in the iruthi por in 2005-6. THEY DID NOT GIVE A DAMN HOW THIS WAR WOULD IMPACT THE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE NORTH-EAST. As I said- it was all just a game to them- until the photos of dead civilians began to clog and punitham.

What is most nauseating about the Eelamoids has been their propensity to wholeheartedly accept utter lies about how the war was going right up to the end. Peter and Badrinath were chortling about how the moda bandas were going to get their lesson for the last several months. As ThangachiPunday pointed out, Peter had a particular line of "wait and see" to cover up what was really going on.

And then there was Badri, who grew a single testicle only after Thalaivar died and the iyakkam refused to even acknowledge his death. Badri, who had cooked up all kinds of yarns- including an earlobe analysis (literally) that Theepan was not killed- finally stood up and admitted that this war was a total waste. Note that he came clean only after thousands of Tamils were killed serving as human shields and cannon fodder for the LTTE's final stand.

These utterly despicable scumbags have spat on the plight of the Tamils still in Sri Lanka ever since they hopped off the plane in their new western homes. I always found it fascinating how absolutely none of my diaspora Tamil coworkers in years past ever bought this Eelamoid bullsh!t about Tamil racial superiority or the infallibility of the LTTE. It seems that the Eelamoids have only spent their time making noise in western countries and on the internet, and haven't lifted a finger on behalf of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The Eelamoid has his Sinhala expatriate counterpart, called "defense enthusiasts" (as found on DW and DN blogs- so much for your empty accusation of me being a "racist"). These fellows also have suffered from the same disease of treating war as a cricket match. The primary difference, however, is the expatriate Sinhala "defense enthusiast" has not directly contributed to the destruction of the Sri Lankan Sinhalese as the Eelamoids have done for the Sri Lankan Tamils. They did NOT bankroll a losing fascist organization that drafted children into a war THAT THEY THEMSELVES WERE TOO CHICKENSH!T TO FIGHT IN.

Unless you have ever lived in the north-east and have seen with your own eyes the results of the Eelamoid war-game, you have no right to call me a racist or pass any sort of empty half-ass judgment on me.

wijayapala said...

I'm not Bhairav, welcome back to puligal!! Long live Tamileelam!!!

"(LTTE + UK + Canada + Entire Europe) < (Sri Lanka + India + Pak + China)"

Don't forget Russia and virtually the rest of Africa, South America, and Asia on the right hand of the equation.

wijayapala said...


"The pussycats ran with tails ducked between legs.They fell down on the legs of the very same Sinhalese,whom they wanted to destroy,to save their arse(Now we have come to known that falling on knees to beg for life is not new to topcat)."

FreedomFighter seemed to miss this point you made- the LTTE never won a single military victory against the IPKF. It only won political victories in allying with Kalaignar in TN and Premadasa in SL. Too bad that all of its lies ran out and nobody stepped forward to save the LTTE this time.

There is one thing you didn't mention- the IPKF did not commit a single misdeed against Tamil civilians until the LTTE began attacking the Indian forces. This small inconvenient fact has been missed by the Eelamoids blubbering about the "Indian People-Killing Force." There were misdeeds committed later, and they demonstrated that the Indians were no more (or less) civilized than the Sinhalese fighting in the SLA.

wijayapala said...

"Sinhalese will certainly pay for these evil acts.
For the time being, let our innocent Tamils back home to heal their wounds.

Bhairav, it seems you have a choice to make! What is more important to:

1) Sinhalese getting punished or

2) The surviving Tamils returning to their homes and rebuilding their societies

The unfortunate truth is you can't get both. It will have to be one or the other.

wijayapala said...

Hi FreedomFighter,

"At least we Tamils brave enough to face any major powers and fight for their rights."

It seems that you most certainly weren't one of those brave Tamils, given that you ran away to another country to type crap on the internet, right???

I always thought it extremely hilarious for Eelamoids who shat in their pants thinking about getting recruited by the LTTE to talk about "martial Tamil race." LMAO!!!!

FreedomFighter said...

[After all, although it was Tamils in Sri Lanka who suffered]

Moorthy.. You are wrong. Tamils diaspora have very strong connection to tamil back home, they
have family member still living in sri lanka.
You easily forget this. When ever there is problem in sri lanka, those tamils in lanka
phone's us for help.

Also it's LTTE which is asking diaspora to help then. Not other way around. And they get the help because people trust them and know how their own are suffering under the singlaese rule.

Any way it seems you have certin anger towards diapsara. May we arrange agent to transport you
to one of the better countrys in the world.

[you ran away to another country to]

W. well if direct attack on me do not care.

But Tiger fighters are greatest and bravest ever and made every Tamil proud of them.
We keep our head's high even now.

The fear they created among Singalese is enormous they still living under the fear.

FreedomFighter said...

[There is some romantic fantasy lurking in the back of their minds about returning to some Tamil homeland]

Mate.. do you a diaspora Tamil providing 10000 dollors from his hard earned money to help cause is selfish ? if that 10% of his own income ? if that person is selfish would he out their spend that money onmore materiel things ?.

so people who think about Free and Fair place for his family and relatives to grow up or live, is having a romantic fantasy ?

oh man some of you here can't handle that fact that war is over but the conflict is not.

FreedomFighter said...

People like wijaypal is silly enough to think that, eelam , ltte and the their supporter are the problem being faced by sri lanka .

But these eelam forces will disappear if the root cause of the conflict can be address and justice is provided for the long suffering tamils.

Just in case they do know that its 'Singala Buddhist Chauvinism' and its actions are root cause of the eelam forces.

So rather then trying tell us how bad this eelam forces are, try doing something to reverse these acts of Buddhist chauvinism.

Moorthy G said...

[People like wijaypal is silly enough to think that, eelam , ltte and the their supporter are the problem being faced by sri lanka .]

Well it was the problem.. you seem to think it still is :-D Get a life.

Moorthy G said...

[Mate.. do you a diaspora Tamil providing 10000 dollors from his hard earned money to help cause is selfish ? ]

Err yes.. because you are getting children to fight for you. Even if it is 90%, it is selfish and cowardly. Even more selfish if you are one of the thousands who are worried about their refugee status.

[if that 10% of his own income ? if that person is selfish would he out their spend that money onmore materiel things ?.]

Yes, like I said.. it would be less selfish for you to buy a vibrator. It is not going to kill other people's children while you enjoy your life in some 'safe' country.

Moorthy G said...

[Moorthy sellout, go and preach somewhere else. What's the justice for 30,000 people who were massacred like animals and another 35,000 lost their limps?]

Oh it's gone up to 30,000 now has it?
Well there is no justice for the dead civilians. But at least part of the justice was done to the LTTE leaders. What would have been really unjust would have been having them alive while their human shields died in thousands.

FreedomFighter said...

[Even more selfish if you are one of the thousands who are worried about their refugee status.]

So its ok for singalese to contribute to sri lanka defence funds. But its shamefull to do that if Tamils do that. Sounds to me like
double standard.

[other people's children ]

it seems to like Sri Lanka is killing the these children, they care so much.

Fucked up singala racist first look at their own fucking action before adversing diaspora what to do with their life.

FreedomFighter said...

People Like morthy g here the reason the sri lanka is in mess. Because they come hare to advice the diaspora. But they fail understand that they them are the root cause of the conflict.

Why the tamils hate singales ? beauce of all the nasty thing you been doing to our people.

We diaspara tamils also victims of you genocidal war and just becauce we live out here that we should help the Tamils in our home land.

You know its sucks to know tamils diaspara have the strength fight on regardless of what ever shit lank throw at us.

You bull shit propaganda does work with us.

Take some action stop this genocide then we can help you. Stop holding 300000 people camps with
any facility's. Allow red cross in.

Stop killing innocent civilians.

FreedomFighter said...

The UN secretary-general has called for an inquiry into possible war crimes committed during Sri Lanka's offensive against Tamil Tiger separatists.

Ban Ki-moon told UN Security Council on Friday that any "credible accusations" against either the military or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) should be investigated.

"Whenever and wherever there are credible allegations for the violations of international humanitarian law there should be a proper investigation," Ban told said after the closed-door meeting.

"I'd like to ask the Sri Lankan government to recognise the international call for accountability and full transparency," he said.

wijayapala said...


"You know its sucks to know tamils diaspara have the strength fight on regardless of what ever shit lank throw at us."

You don't even have the strength to acknowledge that Thalaivar is dead!

wijayapala said...

"Guys, this is good article. We should be patience for the time being."

Aney poor Bhairav, still reading the same websites that lied to him for months that the LTTE would win the iruthi por.

Paavam! :-(

FreedomFighter said...

[You don't even have the strength to acknowledge that]

we have even greater strength is accepting that we do not know. but we still fight on based on his principles for our rights.

FreedomFighter said...

UN & UNHRC and other are calling for a international war crime enquire, if sri lanka has nothing to hid it should allow for this enquire
to take place.

Other wise it means they guilty of war crimes.

FreedomFighter said...

"According to the British daily, Bogollagama blamed all civilian deaths on Tamil Tiger rebels and maintained his government's line that not one single civilian had died as a result of army action."

"Sri Lanka has said upto 5,000 people died in the last stages of the war with the Tamil Tigers in the island's north.
"I would estimate it (civilians' casualties) altogether at 3,000 to 5,000," Rajiva Wijesinha, permanent secretary in Sri Lanka's ministry of disaster management and human rights,"

So who is right.. what bull shit are they saying
can they start accepting some serious facts about this war tell truth to the world and sinhalese people. so they know what their chauvinism is doing to Tamils.

FreedomFighter said...

Any way the bigger problem is the right now sri lanka is carrying out executions of tamils in camps. Whos is there keep an eye on this ?
They even send more NGO's home. Its so clear why they eliminated all the liberal news reporters.

Thoughtful Guy said...

heyy FF... why dnt you come to SL and have a look at the real situation , rather than eating the BS given to you by Tamil-Net (who "successfully repulsed" all the SLA advances till the last day)... what's stopping you from coming here and taking a look at the real situation, rather than spreading rumors (see how the death toll of civilians jumped from 20,000 to 30,000, some weeks back it was about 5000) and spreading hate..??

wijayapala said...

Hi FF,

"we have even greater strength is accepting that we do not know."

But do you have the strength to accept that you don't know what you don't know?

Sri Lankan said...

It is sad that you guys are still talking about Eelam. The fact is that the war is already over and we should focus on rebuilding Sri Lanka. I believe that it would be the best thing for us Sinhalese and our Tamil people.

Seriously, do you think the white people in Norway really care about Tamils? They are there for their own interest.

Sadly, the LTTE leaders in foreign countries don't understand that. They still rip off the Tamil diaspora for their own purpose.

Seriously guys, we should stop this garbage and unite. It's in both of our interest.

Moorthy G said...

[So its ok for singalese to contribute to sri lanka defence funds. But its shamefull to do that if Tamils do that. Sounds to me like
double standard.]

It's really funny you don't see the difference. The war was funded by Sri Lankans (majority of which are Sinhalese) in Sri Lanka. They were affected, their sons and daughters went to war, they bore the brunt of suicide attacks. Still they supported the war. But cowards like you were never affected. You just gave money to see other people's children die - how convenient!

[Why the tamils hate singales ? beauce of all the nasty thing you been doing to our people.]

I don't have the time or patience to teach you the history. You are probably a teenage wanker who never lived in Sri Lanka. Anyway, you don't speak for the Tamils in Sri Lanka anymore. You try and go there and create trouble - they will give you a proper ass kicking - coward!

[We diaspara tamils also victims of you genocidal war and just becauce we live out here that we should help the Tamils in our home land.]

Great way of 'helping'. Giving money to buy guns, bombs, boats - all now with the singala army. Thank you very much - coward!

[You know its sucks to know tamils diaspara have the strength fight on regardless of what ever shit lank throw at us.]

Ooh wait.. the Shit lanka hasn't thrown anything at you yet. There's nothing they can throw at you either.. you are too far away - coward!

Moorthy G said...

[Seriously, do you think the white people in Norway really care about Tamils? They are there for their own interest]

Sri Lankan, you have to understand something about the Tamil psyche. For hundreds of years, Tamils have looked up to outsiders. They drew strength from outsiders to fight who they thought were their enemy - Singalas.

So even recently, Tamil 'leaders' depended on India to start a struggle. After getting their anuses stretched by India, they bent over to UK, USA and France. Now they have Norway. Please - don't worry about the diaspora who visit this site. Work with the Tamils who live in Sri Lanka.

wijayapala said...

Attention all Eelamoids who haven't fled this blog:

"Panniyin Selvan" Peter has graduated to the big leagues- Sangam has published his article!!!

Here I was worried about Pete's disappearance from puligal and how none of you were supporting his own "Peterratna" failure of a blog. Panni Pete has been strategizing the future course of Tamileelam struggle!!!

wijayapala said...

Here's my response to Pete's idea from DW, for your reading pleasure:

It's a good thing you didn't come up with this wonderful idea last year when GSP+ was up for the EU's review. The loss of EU preferences at that earlier date arguably could have put a dent in the final offensive against the LTTE.

Unfortunately it seems that with Thalaivar out of the picture, there's nobody really to mobilize the diaspora against SL (no Pete, you are no substitute for the Sun God). You guys will still buy lemon puffs and other goodies because they are your last link with your homeland.

wijayapala said...

"What I find difficult to comprehend, however, is the re-emergence of the 'slave mindset', which was supposed to have faded in our most recent sacrificial, glorious history."


I hope Panni Pete wasn't thinking of the photos of dead Thalaivar in His Birthday Suit on when he talks about "recent glorious history!"


wijayapala said...

Seems that Pete's newest wet dream will travel the path of "wait-and-see counteroffensive" and "Iraqi-style insurgency!"

wijayapala said...

Paris Tigers try to hoodwink diaspora.

Top LTTE fund collectors in France try to persuade Tamil diaspora to disbelieve KP’s acknowledgement that Prabhakara had died. While the top diaspora members fight over the future strategy of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Tamil professionals and commercial establishments in Europe have expressed disgust over ‘utterly selfish motives’ of the LTTE’s Department of Diaspora Affairs (DDA). They were referring to the DDA’s statement that the ‘LTTE leadership is safe and it will re-emerge when the right time comes.’

”The DDA has kept on feeding us stories that Tigers would fight back and deal a fatal blow to the Sri Lankan army and collected thousands of EUROs for various emergency funds,” stated Gopal Sivarasa, a trader in Tamil predominant La Chapelle in Paris. “Even last week we donated funds after the tiny beachhead of Mullaithivu was encircled by the Sri Lankan army. The DDA said that they wanted funds for missiles for the final assault which will kill ‘thousands of soldiers.’ Because we had hopes against hope, we donated as much as we could. I wonder where is all that money?” he lamented.

Another trader, who did not disclose his name, wanted the French police to investigate into the affairs of DDA which included extortion, intimidation and money laundering. “I am sure large part of the funds went into their pockets,” he said furiously. “That is why the DDA says Prabhakaran is alive. The whole world including LTTE leaders such as Kumaran (Selvaraja) Pathmanathan knows the truth that Prabhakaran was killed on May 17.”

It is apparent that the LTTE diaspora leadership is split on future strategies. While Pathmanathan has acknowledged the death of Prabhakaran in an interview with BBC, the LTTE’s DDA wants keep the myth alive to ensure future fund collections. The DDA got hold of LTTE mouthpiece Tamilnet, which carried a statement that “the Tamil national cause cannot afford to be deviated and exploited by others through questions such as whether the LTTE leader V. Pirapaharan is alive or not or whether the armed struggle has to be continued or not. The Tamil diaspora, the only section of the Eezham Tamil community that has the freedom and means to come out with authentic voice, has a historic responsibility in telling the world what they aspire for in no uncertain terms, and in seeing their righteous cause not hijacked by their enemies.”

wijayapala said...

It is evident that the DDA believes that Pathmanathan is ‘hijacking’ the organization and he is ‘the enemy’.

Pathmanathan, as the head of the LTTE’s Department of International Relations on Sunday announced that the LTTE Leader Velupillai Pirapaharan attained ‘martyrdom fighting the military oppression of the Sri Lankan state on 17 May.’ However, the LTTE’s Department for Diaspora Affairs (DDA) told TamilNet that it would not comment without explicit authorization from the LTTE leadership. In the meantime, the Intelligence Department of the Tigers reiterated on Sunday that the LTTE leadership is safe and it will re-emerge when the right time comes.

The DDA has funded the election campaigns of Tamil Nadu politicians such as V Gopalasamy alias Vaiko of MDMK and Pazha Nedumaran of Kamraj Congress. Hence they immediately expressed scepticism Sunday on the reports of Mr. Pirapaharan's demise, thus supporting the DDA.

“Whoever emerges victorious in this leadership struggle, we will not donate a cent hereafter,” says Kumarappah Nathan of the phone-card shop at La Chapelle. “We have been fooled many times but we continued to contribute as long as Prabhakaran was alive and the LTTE held territory. Now any contribution is just like throwing water in the river”.

Many Tamil diaspora members pointed out that evidence for Pirapaharan's demise was conclusive. “There is no doubt about Prabhakaran’s body and the Sri Lankan military displayed it as proof it had won a quarter-century civil war,” Gopal said. “Now we have accepted that and we will send remittances to our poor relations in the north and no more donations for the LTTE”.

FreedomFighter said...

Mooorthy you are so stupid to think diaspara tamils are not effected in any way. Everything else u talk hear assumptions..

Bhairav said...

I do not think Moorthy is Tamil. If he is Tamil, he is probably another sellout.

Bhairav said...

I would say we should recruit 10 heads who are from every University in Canada and other western countries as well as Indian colleges for underground network. They should be provided with military training as well as flight training. This is the time Diaspora Tamils to get their hands dirty.

We should document every bombing campaign from the NFZ, how our kids, women and elderly were massacred like animals. These documentary film should be shown to all the young Tamils around the world including Tamilnadu to motivate for our next phase of struggles.

Bhairav said...

[Great way of 'helping'. Giving money to buy guns, bombs, boats - all now with the singala army. Thank you very much - coward!]

It clearly shows Moorthy is Sinhala coolie. Anyways, it does not matter.

Badri, you should seriously delete posts of these arseholes.

Bhairav said...

Whoever wanted to go to SL for a visit, plz think twice. I know a guy who is in early 30s went to SL a week back, where he was taken from KIA by police into unknown location that point onwards his relatives do not know what happened to him.

When they wanted to keep the 4 doctors in prison for a year for saving 1000s of people in the war zone, it tells what state of situation this failed country is in.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Bahirav.... when u say "We should document every bombing campaign from the NFZ, how our kids, women and elderly were massacred like animals. These documentary film should be shown to all the young Tamils around the world including Tamilnadu to motivate for our next phase of struggles."...
... what exactly is this "next phase"??

Maybe it will include doing suicide attacks in foreign countries and attacks on sinhalese living in those countries? Or purchasing/trying to purchase WMDs? That will be just great, that way you can be guaranteed that tamils will be branded terrorists throughout the world and given the same rough treatment that the muslims are getting...with the war the tamils % in sri lanka dropped from about 20% to now about 12%, and with this "plan" of yours you can make sure that the end of tamils the world over is achieved.. (self immolation of the whole race)

WOW... thats a really cool plan.. :)

Lankapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Illusion said...

It is impossible to load this page without proxies in a PC. Through proxies i cant post a comment here. Usually i post here through my mobile. Thats why i cant post in tamil. Pls tell me wat I can do to overcome this?

Badri take an account on 53rd division commander's statement abt thalaivar's dead body uniform in a press meeting. I think it favors more towards ur speculations.

Moorthy G said...

Bhariav Thambi, neengal enge pohiringa? UK or Canada?
En uur Mannar.

[It clearly shows Moorthy is Sinhala coolie. Anyways, it does not matter.]

Exactly.. doesn't matter if I am telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

[Indian said...

Just like you dont know what happened in the wee hours of May18th,I believe you dont know this as well.So I give you the benifit of doubt. ]

Yes, i do not know that PRC pees in its pants when it thenks of India! Thank you for the stroies.

I also do not know that all countries around China are great friends of India (N. Korea, Burma, Nepal's communist government, Pakisthan, Mongolia, etc.) while all countries around India are also great frinds of India and enemies of China (like Sri Lanka who gave Hambanthota to India (or China?), Paki, Nepal's communists, etc.)!

Great super-duper power india ... PRC, USA are scared of this great Italian mafias Hindia!


Anonymous said...


from great friends of India, the sri lankan rajapakses:

"எங்களுக்கு ஆணையிட நீங்கள் யார்?: இந்தியாவிடம் சிறிலங்கா கேள்வி"

சிறிலங்கா அரச தலைவர் மகிந்த ராஜபக்சவின் சகோதரர் கோத்தபாய ராஜபக்சவின் கட்டுப்பாட்டில் உள்ள பாதுகாப்பு அமைச்சகத்தின் இணையத்தளத்தில் வெளியிடப்பட்டுள்ள கட்டுரையில் இந்தியாவிற்கு எதிராக இத்தகைய எச்சரிக்கை வெளியிடப்பட்டிருக்கின்றது.

கோத்தபாய ராஜபக்சவின் நெருங்கிய நண்பரும் கட்டுரையாளருமான எல்.ஜெயசூர்ய என்பவரால் எழுதப்பட்டிருக்கும் கட்டுரையில் இந்தியாவைப் பற்றி கடுமையாக விமர்சனம் செய்யப்பட்டிருக்கின்றது.

இலங்கையில் வாழும் தமிழர்கள் உட்பட அனைத்து சமுதாயத்தினருக்கும் அதிகாரம் சம உரிமையும் அளிப்பதன் மூலம் இனப் பிரச்சினைக்கான அடிப்படை காரணங்களை போக்க வேண்டும் என்று இந்திய வெளியுறவுத்துறை அமைச்சர் எஸ்.எம்.கிருஸ்ணா கூறியிருப்பதற்கு அக்கட்டுரையில் கடும் கண்டனம் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கின்றது.

அது மட்டுமின்றி இந்தியாவால் எங்கள் மீது திணிக்கப்பட்ட இந்திய - சிறிலங்கா உடன்படிக்கை விரைவில் செல்லாததாக்கப்பட்டு தூக்கி வீசப்படும். அதன் மூலம் இலங்கையில் உள்ள இந்திய ஆதிக்கத்தின் கடைசி அடையாளங்களையும் நாங்கள் துடைத்தெறிவோம்.

after that Sri lanka will be a great friend of china and an excellent eney of india ... well done india. you killed your true frinds "eelam tamils" and this is the time to see the true colors of ur dream-friend shit lanka.

India gave: katha theevu, took back lahks of tamils from shit lanka, joint hand with shit lanka to use all banned weapons on eelam tamil civilians and now idiot indians got their return!


Anonymous said...

horrific images. Sad ending to our king!

Anonymous said...

now rajapakses understand which model is the best for the shit lanka ... burma! great ...go, learn about the burma's system and realize it in shit lanka. after that sudan and Great Mugabe of Zimbabe would be on the card also as the next important visits for the rajapakses!

[மகிந்த மியான்மாருக்கு பயணம்]


Anonymous said...

[mahindan10 said...


full story at:


Anonymous said...

[Moorthy G said...

Bhariav Thambi, neengal enge pohiringa? UK or Canada?
En uur Mannar.

[It clearly shows Moorthy is Sinhala coolie. Anyways, it does not matter.]

Exactly.. doesn't matter if I am telling the truth. ]]


Moorthy is 200% honest. in one article he/she says that in Sri Lanka finding the next meal is the hardest thing for many.. then he/she agrees with your coolie statement.

unfortunately, many tamils in shit lanka are living by killing tamils along with the genocidal barbarian GOSL-SLA!


Anonymous said...

give your feedbacks ...

பொதுக் கொள்கையின் கீழான வேலைத் திட்டத்துக்கு ஆலோசனை கோருகிறார் செ.பத்மநாதன்


Moorthy G said...

[unfortunately, many tamils in shit lanka are living by killing tamils along with the genocidal barbarian GOSL-SLA!]

Whoa whoa - sorry if I offended any diaspora lords. You are the only true voice of Tamils all over the world.ka are

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Sri Lankan army general admits Prabhakaran's dress was changed after he was killed:

"After that Prabhakarans original dress was changed and was replaced by a new dress," Goonarathne was quoted as saying by the Sinhala newspaper Lankadeepa.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Again looks like an axe wound to me, as hinted even by Sri Lankan generals:

Thoughtful Guy said...

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Again looks like an axe wound to me,

again and again you look at the pics from the past and seethe in anger, and soon anger will consume u all.....

Let go of the past (30 year old mistake) and live in the present, understand the present context and try to integrate...

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Disgusting photos there. It should not have been published.( I support publishing photos of civilian casualties though, if that is the only way left to bring some moral pressure on the remorseless combatants eg Lebanon/Gaza/sri lanka/Darfur).

I would venture to say it look like he got a high calibre round (eg AA/.50)at an angle--if it was a fragment of artillery/mortar/mbrl etc he would have got likely multiple shrapnels
It definitely is not an axe wound.
Either way, his supporters must move on rather than dwell on it forever.
I commend the Tigers for keeping 7 Sinhalese POWs safe and releasing them--It was a great act of discipline if not compassion.With so many civilian deaths and no supplies, ltte/mobs could have easily butchered them.
In the same vein the cold-blooded gunning down of the injured and civilian surrenderees by SLA in the final hours is a testament to their poor discipline/moral code.

wijayapala said...


"In the same vein the cold-blooded gunning down of the injured and civilian surrenderees by SLA in the final hours is a testament to their poor discipline/moral code."

And your inability to recall how the LTTE gunned down civilians trying to escape and continuing to use their children as cannon fodder is a testament to your ignorance of the LTTE.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


as usual you try to hijack the topic by steering it towards what you think are points favorable to you.You have been doing this trick all along with everyone, but I am not a fool to fall for it.

I had simply pointed out a particular episode in the event chain and commented on it.You know it too, dont you?

Anonymous said...


did you recently read statements by many GOSL ministers that for eelam tamils problem "a home grown" solution will be used? This has two implications:

1. 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka accord is not a home-grown solution and it'll be discarded.

2. for tamils, it implies that eelam tamils will get nothing, except accelerated genocide, i.e. keeping them in the concentration camps while their lands are divided among the singhalas!

well done stupid india!


Anonymous said...

Dear INDIAn,

did you read articles saying that Katcha theevu would be developed as a naval base by thr GOSL so that the India tamil fishermen can be beaten up on a regular basis?

did you read articles that Paki / China naval officers visits to Katcha theevu? India was really generous to give away an island just 10 km away from it to the shit lankan to make a dream-friend out of the shit lankans and now finds its enemies are also going to have fun on the same island...

great stupid india!


Anonymous said...

[Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Disgusting photos there. It should not have been published.( I support publishing photos of civilian casualties though, if that is the only way left to bring some moral pressure on the remorseless combatants eg Lebanon/Gaza/sri lanka/Darfur).

I would venture to say it look like he got a high calibre round (eg AA/.50)at an angle--if it was a fragment of artillery/mortar/mbrl etc he would have got likely multiple shrapnels
It definitely is not an axe wound. ]

my understanding is that VP's son (Charls A) also had the identical wound on his head!

shrapnels can repeat on two people?


Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"my understanding is that VP's son (Charls A) also had the identical wound on his head!

shrapnels can repeat on two people?"

The photo that I have seen on the net shows him with intact upper body.

I think you fellows(Diaspora) have all the same mentality-- cutting your own nose to spite the enemy.By speculating his surrender dont you think its doing him dishonour?( not that I care either way).At least the Tigers fought to the last under tremendous odds.
The mentality of wishing the destruction of the enemy(Sinhala/Muslim) rather than the wellbeing of own people or its rights is what made you fellows a friendless bunch at the moment of need.Wonder why nobody in any part of the world uttered a single word of remorse over the destruction of your armed struggle?
If Tamils had concentrated on getting independence by any means rather than on extracting revenge for equivalent wrongs you had a very good case for nationhood.Now the Diaspora can best concentrate on preventing 'disappearances' of Tamils and colonization by Sinhala settlers by working on IC rather than talk about imaginary WMDs and such bullshit.You asked for war, you got war.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

England 100/2 against Pak is Than

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Eng 1.36 Pak 3.20 (Bet 365)

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Pakistan won the toss and elected to field
ICC World Twenty20 - 6th Match, Group B
T20I no. 95 | 2009 season
Played at Kennington Oval, London
7 June 2009 - day/night (20-over match)

England innings (20 overs maximum) R B 4s 6s SR
RS Bopara c Shoaib Malik b Mohammad Aamer 5 6 1 0 83.33
1.2 superb catch by Shoaib Malik at backward point! Bopara drove on the up, it took a thick outside edge and Malik dived to his left to cling onto a very fine chance 9/1

LJ Wright b Umar Gul 34 16 6 1 212.50
5.3 bowled him! The roof's coming off at The Oval now! A yorker sends Wright's stumps shattering and Gul goes into orbit to celebrate 62/2

KP Pietersen not out 43 27 4 2 159.25

OA Shah not out 24 26 3 0 92.30

Extras (lb 1, w 3, nb 3) 7

Total (2 wickets; 12 overs) 113 (9.41 runs per over)

Lalith Kuruwita said...

England 121/2 (12.3/20 ov)


Pakistan won the toss and elected to field
OA Shah 32* (29)
KP Pietersen 43* (27)
Mohammad Aamer 2.3-0-24-1
Shahid Afridi 3-0-21-0
Partnerships Player v player Wagon wheels Over comparison Career averages Tournament averages England innings Partnerships - England innings Wkt Runs Overs RR Player Player Start End
1st 9 1.2 6.75 RS Bopara (5) LJ Wright (4) - 1/9 (1.2)
2nd 53 4.1 12.72 LJ Wright (30) KP Pietersen (21) 1/9 (1.2) 2/62 (5.3)
3rd 59* 7.0 8.42 OA Shah (32) KP Pietersen (22) 2/62 (5.3) 2/121 (12.3)

Highest partnerships in the match Inns Wkt Runs Overs RR Player Player Start End
1 3rd 59* 7.0 8.42 OA Shah (32) KP Pietersen (22) 2/62 (5.3) 2/121 (12.3)
1 2nd 53 4.1 12.72 LJ Wright (30) KP Pietersen (21) 1/9 (1.2) 2/62 (5.3)
1 1st 9 1.2 6.75 RS Bopara (5) LJ Wright (4) - 1/9 (1.2)

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Recent overs 4 1 4 . 1 . | . 4 1 6 1 1 | 2 . 6 1 . 6

Lalith Kuruwita said...

I think Netherland can beat Pakis

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Shah is gone

Anonymous said...

[Sun Tzu's disciple said... ]

yes, you have good advice!

But, how do you explain that no one can help tamils in the wired concentration camps even 3 weeks after the elimination of the ltte!

this is what started the violent war and similar treatment by the singhalas and in-action by the IC will create another one ...



wijayapala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

[wijayapala said...

I also know that a "poorly disciplined" force never would have been able to win the war. Seems that Sun Tzu didn't teach you that small tidbit. ]

YES winning by killing 30k of civilians and putting 300k in barbe-wired concentration camps, blocking their food, water, medicine, etc.!

this is what STD calls poor discipline and this is what eelam tamils calls as genocide!


wijayapala said...

"You have been doing this trick all along with everyone, but I am not a fool to fall for it."

No STD- you're just a fool for falling for the LTTE's cheap propaganda.

I came to that conclusion after seeing your utterly nonsense argument that the ex-child combatants were lying about their treatment by the LTTE, simply because they were in a govt-controlled camp!!

"I had simply pointed out a particular episode in the event chain and commented on it.You know it too, dont you?"

The Tigers were keeping those personnel alive only to trade for their own lives. If I were an ignoramus like you having only a 1-year memory of this war, I would say that the SLA acted dishonorably by gunning the Tigers down after they handed over the personnel (assuming that Nadesan and Pulidevan were not gunned down by their followers disgusted with their surrender).

However I am a bit more familiar with the history of the war than you are- including the Mullaitivu battle of 1996 where 1400 were massacred, some immolated to death. What can I say, except "Payback is a b!tch."

I also know that a "poorly disciplined" force never would have been able to win the war. Seems that Sun Tzu didn't teach you that small tidbit.

wijayapala said...

Hi mahindan10

"YES winning by killing 30k of civilians and putting 300k in barbe-wired concentration camps, blocking their food, water, medicine, etc.!"

What do you think about the LTTE's contribution to those 30k killed civilians?

Or the LTTE using your 300k as human shields and cannon fodder?

Anonymous said...

[wijayapala said...

Hi mahindan10

"YES winning by killing 30k of civilians and putting 300k in barbe-wired concentration camps, blocking their food, water, medicine, etc.!"

What do you think about the LTTE's contribution to those 30k killed civilians?

Or the LTTE using your 300k as human shields and cannon fodder? ]

LTTE are freedom fighters fighting the genocide of the singhala barbarians since 1948 and it is continuing. If there is no LTTEv now, another one will be born soon to fight the same genocide.

Civilians do not want to end up in the concentration / torture camps run by the barbarian GOSL. So, they'd to go with the ltte irrespective of the heavy shelling by the genocidal gosl!


wijayapala said...

Correction, mahindan (nice name, sounds like our Executive President!):

LTTE WAS a fascist sub-state actor which treated the Tamil population in Sri Lanka like dirt. The LTTE did absolutely nothing to improve the lives of the Tamils and ran a N. Korea-like regime until the SLDF pulled the plug.

If you really supported the LTTE, you and your fellow Eelamoids would have swam over to defend the thayagam from the Sinhala hordes. But you didn't really support the LTTE and now it is dead!

wijayapala said...

In Sri Lanka: Explaining the Tamil Tigers.

Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Tamil Tigers (LTTE) are considered a terrorist organization by 32 countries. Their soldiers wore cyanide vials for consumption upon capture.

They invented the suicide belt and pioneered the use of suicide bombing as a tactic.

They also pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks and forcibly kidnapped and inducted child soldiers. Over 5,000 child soldiers have been reported.

According to Jane's Information Group, between 1980 and 2000 the LTTE carried out 168 suicide attacks causing heavy damage on economic and military targets.

According to the F.B.I, "the LTTE has perfected the use of suicide bombers, invented the suicide belt, pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone, and assassinated two world leaders - the only terrorist organization to do so."

The Sri Lankan government has battled the Tamil Tigers on two fronts for almost three decades: on the battlefield and in the arena of world opinion. No one thought they could win militarily, but they did.

In the days of the conflict's end, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appealed to the Tigers to stop using children as hostages, to stop recruiting child soldiers, and to stop putting children in harms way.

The U.N. Security Council issued a statement, "We demand that the LTTE immediately lay down arms, renounce terrorism, allow a U.N.-assisted evacuation of the remaining civilians in the conflict area, and join the political process."

The U.N. acting representative for Sri Lanka, Amin Awad, said that 6,000 civilians had fled or were trying to flee, but that LTTE was firing on them to prevent them from escaping.

In spite of the use of children by the Tigers as soldiers and hostages, the Sri Lankan military was able to defeat them slowly, surely - and cautiously.

First they won militarily, and then they won diplomatically in Switzerland, as Sri Lanka held off an attempt by the European Union to call for an investigation of so-called human rights abuses.

Although the Sri Lankan government has succeeded in stopping the former colonial powers from lecturing them in Geneva, sentiment runs deeply against Sri Lanka from London to Toronto, and even down into New York and Washington.

As an American who has been actively involved with Sri Lanka since the Tsunami, I have never understood this.

I am beginning to. The Tamil Tigers not only created the world's most powerful terrorist organization -- the only one ever to have a full army, navy, and air force -- but they created a network within the 1.2 million Tamil Diaspora that is almost as powerful.

Disturbingly, another factor may also be involved. Racism. I often wonder why the Fight Against Terrorism seems to be a white man's fight, and when in the word's of Teddy Roosevelt, our "little brown brothers" stand up for themselves, somehow charges of abuse and rights violations are leveled by the West.

When the U.S. invaded Iraq, with the full cooperation of the U.K., many civilians were killed. As have been killed in Afghanistan. Not to mention abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Perhaps the specter of a developing nation conquering terrorism is galling to us in the developed world, knowing Osama Bin Laden has eluded our best efforts to capture him.

We seem to suffer from Empty Nest Syndrome. We need to accept that our former colonies have grown up - and can now stand for themselves.

wijayapala said...

The Tamil Tigers were defeated despite being far better organized than Al-Qaeda. The Tigers had branches that included:

Sea Tigers - the Tiger navy, including submarines, which is said to have destroyed 50% of the Sri Lankan Navy's coastal craft.

Air Tigers - the Tiger air force, used for bombing Colombo. The LTTE became the first non-state organization to establish an air force.

Black Tigers - the Tiger suicide commando unit.

Tiger Intelligence - the intelligence wing.

Tiger Police - the Tamil Eelam police was a key factor in maintaining law and order. It was also an integrated arm of the LTTE armed force.

Tiger Courts - the LTTE judicial had district courts, high courts, a supreme court, and even a court of appeal.

Voice of Tigers - the LTTE ran its own radio and television stations.

Bank of Tamileelam - the LTTE also ran using Sri Lankan rupee.

This apparatus was used to ethnically "cleanse" Muslims from northern Sri Lanka from 1985-1992. It was also used to kill many Tamils who cooperated with the Sri Lankan government.

Over the past thirty years' conflict, fought by the Tigers, Tamils were allowed to flee Sri Lanka and apply for refugee status in Canada, the U.K., and other nations friendly to humanitarian causes.

These refugees -- 1.2 million strong -- now vote. About 300,000 in Canada, another 300,000 in the E.U., with an additional 200,000 in the U.S. A Canadian official has confided to me in Colombo that his government fears the Tamil-Canadian vote.

India would like to return the more than 100,000 Tamil refugees living in the Indian province of Tamil Nadu. Canada, by comparison, plans to encourage "family reunification," bringing those who never escaped over to join those who left years ago.

Sri Lanka has a per capita income of under $2,000 per year. Has the Diaspora been as economically motivated as it has been politically? I would rather have had the economic support of Canada than live in Jaffna under the Tigers.

The Tamil Tigers, known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), were formally established in 1976. Its leader, killed two weeks ago in the north of Sri Lanka, was Velupillai Prabhakaran. The Tigers were a successor to the Tamil New Tigers, active since the late 1950s.

The Tigers maintain to this day an enormous war chest -- funded by extortion to their own people combined with drug running -- and the race to control it following the death of their leader has been intense.

According to many experts, a significant portion is obtained through criminal activities, involving sea piracy, human smuggling, drug trafficking, and gunrunning.

The Tigers are estimated to have raised $300 million annually. Let us see these Tamil organizations in Europe and North America now contribute to helping rebuild Sri Lanka's devastated North and East coasts.

wijayapala said...

One man who hopes to assume the Tiger throne, "K.P.", is listed by the Interpol as being one of the world's most dangerous terrorists.

K.P. allegedly masterminded the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India.

The Tamil Tigers links to international terrorism were legendary. They worked closely with the Palestine Liberation Organization and trained members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Southern Lebanon.

The LTTE was involved in the 1990s in training the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), both of which are closely linked to al-Qaeda.

It was rumored that the Indonesian group Jemaah Islamiya, which has known links to al-Qaeda, was trained in sea-borne guerrilla tactics by LTTE Sea Tiger veterans.

Reports have stated that the Tamil community in Norway, at the behest of the LTTE, sold fake and stolen Norwegian passports to al-Qaeda members.

There are several Tamil political parties today in Sri Lanka. These parties are actively engaged in the political fabric of the nation and warmly welcomed as part of the recovery process. Fourteen members of Parliament are Tamil already.

The only hope for the Tiger's future legitimacy is to claim to renounce violence and embrace the democratic process in Sri Lanka. One former Tamil sympathizer in London has written, 'our liberator became our Pol Pot.' Too little too late.

And the hatred continues. One angry commenter to my last story in the Huffington Post hoped the LTTE remnants would assassinate Sri Lanka's president and defense minister. In the U.S., threatening the life of the president is a prisonable offense.

The Sri Lanka government has no intention of allowing one of the world's largest terrorist organizations back into its nation -- anymore than the U.S. would allow Bin Laden to renounce violence and run for the U.S. Senate.

wijayapala said...

My only objection to the above article is that the LTTE is referred to in the present tense.

It should be obvious by now that the LTTE was so last month...

out_sider said...

wijayapala said

"Unless you have ever lived in the north-east and have seen with your own eyes the results of the Eelamoid war-game, you have no right to call me a racist or pass any sort of empty half-ass judgment on me."

No, I have not lived in the north east of Sri Lanka nor have I ever been to the country. I am merely an interested outside observer. However, you too play the game like it is a cricket match and attack those how should have realized that events were not going well, and should have realized a long time ago the consequences of their actions - supplying money to the LTTE and the conflict which the Tamils who still live in Sri Lanka had to endure. In the past I too have poked holes in their faulty logic with the few posts that I made. I also did the same to some of the rabid pro GoSL posters on both DW and DN. And, while I agree with your assessment that the civilian Tamils were utilized as human shields, the fact is that many of the Tamil's who did escape from the beaches gave interviews that they willingly followed the LTTE to those beaches seeking protection from the SLA.

It would seem that the Sinhala governments of the past may have given the average Tamil civilian reason to fear the SLA. The blood that you find on the hands of the dead LTTE combatants is probably found on the hand of a number of Sinhalese as well.

I have to ask you what have you done to solve the problems of Sri Lanka? Is your answer to come here and emulate the LTTE supporters and become a keyboard warrior?

So who am I to come here and pass judgment on what you post. I am an outsider who calls it like I see it. And, if you do not like the label, try to be a little more compassionate to your fellow man.

wijayapala said...

Out sider,

"No, I have not lived in the north east of Sri Lanka nor have I ever been to the country."

Then I can tell you that you most probably don't know very much. I thought I knew everything about the war (because I've read everything available on the topic) until I traveled to the N-E and saw it with my own eyes.

"However, you too play the game like it is a cricket match and attack those how should have realized that events were not going well"

Since you've been on DW, you've seen how critical I've been of many of the SL govt's supporters. I have not spared the Sinhala "defense enthusiasts" so I'm not playing any cricket match.

"The blood that you find on the hands of the dead LTTE combatants is probably found on the hand of a number of Sinhalese as well."

The difference is that the LTTE spilled Tamil blood arguing that it was on the behalf of the Tamils! So much for how that turned out.

"I have to ask you what have you done to solve the problems of Sri Lanka?"

I'm not here to talk about what a great person I am, if that is what you're asking. I had worked in children's NGOs in Jaffna, Trincomalee, and Batticaloa during the early CFA years and have met plenty of war orphans and ex-child soldiers (which is why I found STD's above rubbish about the ex-child soldiers lying about their abuse by the LTTE to be truly nauseating). That is how I know 1st-hand how the Eelamoids (as distinct from the rest of the Tamil diaspora) don't give a crap about the Tamils in Sri Lanka and look down on them. Even Peter here gave it away by referring to the Sri Lankan Tamils as having a "colonial" mentality and declaring that diaspora Tamils are superior (in his article he claims Sri Lankans have a "slave" mentality).

I have some sympathy for Bhairav because at least he had been able (a few times) to criticize the LTTE in front of the "defense enthusiasts"- I thought that had taken some balls. Yet even he is babbling now nonsense about using WMDs in SL, as if they'll only affect Sinhalese and not harm the Tamils living among them!! This is exactly what I'm referring to by the Eelamoid "WMD" mentality- they simply don't care how many Tamils get killed if they can teach the Sinhalese a lesson.

One Eelamoid a few years ago explicitly told me that it will be ok if all the Tamils in SL get wiped out, because there will be Tamils living in other countries (i.e. like himself!) who will survive.

If I were an "outsider" like yourself not knowing any better, I might have concluded that all Tamils are Eelamoids based on reading blogs like these and might have avoided exposing their crap out of "compassion." However, once again I have personally met far too many good and decent Tamils (who are better than nearly all of the Sinhalese I've known), many of whom had suffered grievously at the hands of the SLDF or Sinhala thugs, to treat the Eelamoids equally as I do them.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Wijayapala said
"I came to that conclusion after seeing your utterly nonsense argument that the ex-child combatants were lying about their treatment by the LTTE, simply because they were in a govt-controlled camp!!

Observers can see how he is deliberately misquoting me to fulfil his agenda(or else he cant comprehend basic English).This is my original post which made WP say the above:


while I have no doubts that Tigers used underage combatants, I have my doubts regarding 'interviews' taken from prison inmates whose life depends on what they say( or dont) to the press.The interview simply does not carry any weight because of this.We have seen how Sinhalese are freely discussing bumping-off Tamils with past LTTE connections after getting info out of them,and then cooking up stories later."

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"The Tigers were keeping those personnel alive only to trade for their own lives. If I were an ignoramus like you having only a 1-year memory of this war, I would say that the SLA acted dishonorably by gunning the Tigers down after they handed over the personnel (assuming that Nadesan and Pulidevan were not gunned down by their followers disgusted with their surrender)."

Now he purports to know the intimate plans of the Ltte in its final moments, which even other Tamils does not seem to be aware of.Perhaps you are a MI spy who eavesdropped on them?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"However I am a bit more familiar with the history of the war than you are- including the Mullaitivu battle of 1996 where 1400 were massacred, some immolated to death. What can I say, except "Payback is a b!tch."

where is the source? the only source I heard so far saying above was Sam Perera in DW:)Pure speculation .

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

",also know that a "poorly disciplined" force never would have been able to win the war. Seems that Sun Tzu didn't teach you that small tidbit.

Discipline is one of the ingredients of success.Just tell me which army had tens of thousands of desertions in this final war(2006-09)war?The winner or loser?

ashokkumar2103 said...

Photo's at Thamizh Arangam/ Seidhi:

''இந்த காட்சிகள் தெளிவாக பல விடையத்தை சொல்லுகின்றது. பெண்கள் உயிருடன் பாலியல் ரீதியாக அங்கு வதைக்கப்பட்டதையும், வதைக்கப்படுவதையும் தெளிவாக எடுத்துக் காட்டுகின்றது. ஒரு இனத்தின் மேலும்;, பெண்கள் மேலும், பேரினவாத இனவழிப்பு யுத்தம் செய்யப்பட்டதையும், போர்க் குற்றங்கள் இப்படி பலவாக இருப்பதையும் எடுத்துக் காட்டுகின்றது.''

Indian said...

....excerpts from

1980களில் பிரபாகரனை சிலர் சேகுவேரா மற்றும் அமில்கார் கப்ராலுடன் ஒப்பிட்டார்கள்… புலிகள் இந்திய இராணுவத்துடன் சண்டையிட்ட போது பிரபாகரனை ஒரு சிலர் மாவோ சே துங் மற்றும் ஹோ சி மின்னுக்கு கொஞ்சமும் சளைக்காதவர் என்றார்கள்… 1990களில் புலிப்பிரச்சாரகர்கள் பிரபாகரனை யசீர் அரபாத்துடனும் மற்றும் நெல்சன் மண்டேலாவுடனும் சமப்படுத்தினார்கள்….. 2000ம் ஆண்டுகளில் புலி ஆதரவாளர்கள் பிரபாகரனை பூமியில் தோன்றிய சூரியதேவன் என தங்களைத் தாங்களே ஏமாற்றி கொண்டாடத் தொடங்கினர்கள்; ……

ஆனால் 2009ம் ஆண்டு அதே பிரபாகரன் கைகளைத் தூக்கியபடி சிங்கள இராணுவ வீரர்கள் முன்னால் சினிமாப் படங்களில் வரும் வில்லன் கடைசியாக கதாநாயகன் காலில் விழுந்து உயிர்ப்பிச்சை கேட்பது போல சரணாகதி அடைந்தபோதுதான் இவ்வளவு குரூரங்களுக்கும் கொடூரங்களுக்கும் ஒழித்து நின்று தலைமை தாங்கிய பிரபாகரன்…. முப்பதாயிரம் தமிழ் இளைஞர்களைப் பலிக்கடாவாக்கிய பிரபாகரன்,,,, மூன்று இலட்சம் அப்பாவித் தமிழ் மக்களை கேடயமாக வைத்திருந்த பிரபாகரன் கேவலம் எவ்வளவு தூரம் தன் உயிர் மேல் மட்டும் ஆசை கொண்ட ஒரு கோழை, பொய்யன், போலித்தனமான ஆள் என்பது அம்பலமாகியுள்ளது.

Indian said...

//mahindan10 said,
Yes, i do not know that PRC pees in its pants when it thenks of India! Thank you for the stroies//
Stories!!??!!??Because Puthinam \ Pathivu \ Tamilnet didnt report these,it doesnt mean they are stories hahahahahaha

hmm..From whatever you have farted here,I believe you should be in your teens and again as I said before,I give you the benifit of doubt.

Oh wait a minute...I forgot you TRUST only whatever has been posted in PUTHINAM,for thats the only website which writes உண்மை உண்மையைத் த‌விர‌ வேறில்லை.

By the way,care to explin what happened to the 8000 SLA who surrendered to you after the Kalmadu kulam burst?

Now that you dont have even 1 sq-km,seems you have started worrying more about India.Thanks for your concern.But we have 1.17 billion to think about India.

But there is no one out there to think about the 300k in camps.So focus your concern on them

Indian said...

the details are slowly trickling in

...இந்தக் காட்டிக்கொடுப்பு நாடகத்தின் முன் புலித்தலைமை தன்னை பாதுகாத்துக் கொள்ள மக்களை பலியிட்டது. கட்டாயப்படுத்தி பல ஆயிரம் போராளிகளை களத்தில் பலியெடுத்தது. இவை எல்லாம் தாண்டி தம் உயிரைப் பாதுகாத்துக்கொள்ள, இது தன் சரணடைவையும் கூட தேர்ந்தெடுத்தது. ஆனால் உயிரை விடும் வண்ணம், இலங்கை அரசிடமல்ல. இந்த நிலையில் தான், இதைப் பயன்படுத்திய வெளிநாட்டு புலித்தலைமை காட்டிக் கொடுப்பைபும் துரோகத்தையும் அரங்கேற்றியது.

இப்படி பிரபாகரனும் ஏனையோரும் வெளிநாட்டில் உள்ள புலித்தலைமையால் சரணடைய வைக்கப்பட்டனர். இதன் மூலம் அவர் நிர்வாணமாக்கப்பட்டு, பலத்த சித்திரவதைக்கும் அவமானத்துக்கும் உள்ளாக்கப்பட்டார் என்ற செய்தி, அரசுடன் நிற்கும் துரோகக் குழுக்கள் ஊடாக மெதுவாக கசிந்து வருகின்றது. புலித் தலைவர்களை இப்படி அவமானப்படுத்தி கொல்கின்ற அந்த வேலையை, அரசுடன் நிற்கும் துரோகக் குழுக்கள் முன்னின்று செய்கின்றது. பிரபாகரனின் மகன், மகள்… பிரபாகரன் கண்முன் கொல்லப்பட்டதாகவே தகவல்கள் கசிகின்றது

FreedomFighter said...

Indian, you seem to picking & posting things from so called Puil Hate Group's, no body in right mind belive the lie's.

Bhairav said...

Why the Indian, roman catholic sellout, is lurking around here?

I thought he is already building temple for his fallen visionary leader, Rajiv Ghandi.

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...


So tell me what Tamils have to do after witnessing one cold blooded massacre by SLA in the war zone? Bend down as slaves, and let them be our masters so long as we get daily meals in our own homeland?

Let alone 30,000 is huge number and the way these people were massacred tells the evil acts of GoSL. I lost 12 distant relatives in war zone out of known about 20 distant relatives, of them 4 were killed on May 15th in a bunker by SLA's artillery or aerial bombardment. If they can be killed in a bunker, think about the sheer power used against the innocent civilians in the war zone? You're saying we should close our eyes as nothing happened and move on with our lives?

As they say LTTE is fully destroyed, so what's the solution for Tamils now?

Diplomatic effort never worked with Sinhalese before, and it won't work now too.

Bhairav said...

Don't you see the SLankan first bitch goes to Tamil areas and claims those areas as Buddist sacred places?

Indian said...

//Bhairav said,
I thought he is already building temple for his fallen visionary leader, Rajiv Ghandi//

Uh oh.Cool down Bhairav,cool down.

I know its difficult to digest when you dont even have a PLACE to build temple for the felled Pussycat.Oh wait,you cant even acknowledge he died - what a pity.

Pussycat's ashes would be turning deep inside the Indian ocean for the treatment you people meted out to him

Anonymous said...

[ndian said...

But there is no one out there to think about the 300k in camps.So focus your concern on them ]

Yes, we worry about them. THey're put in this situation jointly by the dirty indians and genocidal shit lankan.

i guess though being tamil, you're not at all concerned about them, but only write fictions about how bad the eelam tamils' freedom struggle was. i guess that you get well paid for your time here by contributing to the genocide of your own tamil speakers!

these scums are too many in the scumdog's land where every scumdog wants to be millionaire :-)


Anonymous said...

how dirty minded third great genocidal barbarians these singhalas? the cargo of the ship is confirmed to be just aids for the IDPs. yet sent back without delivering them to the IDPs.

[Sri Lanka turns back Tamil aid ship
[ AFP ][ Jun 08 10:48 GMT ]

Sri Lankan authorities Monday ordered a foreign-owned ship carrying aid for Tamil civilians to leave the island without unloading its cargo. The Syrian-registered ship, Captain Ali, was seized last week, and the Sri Lankan defence ministry said the cargo of food and other supplies had been destined for the now defeated Tamil Tiger rebels. "The ship had tried to enter Sri Lankan waters without following the proper procedure," an official said, but added that a search of the vessel confirmed it was not carrying any arms or ammunition.]


m.q.k said...


FreedomFighter said...

Sri Lanka on Monday turned back the ship carrying aid for the displaced Tamil civilians without allowing it to unload its cargo.

What this show is sri lanka does not have mercy
for Tamils even after all this suffering.

FreedomFighter said... worry so much about our eelam tamils.. we do not even accuse ltte of this bad treatment, only you some other sinhala racist do that. That show what you doing nothing more then crocodile tears.

FreedomFighter said...

You'r hate and all this crocodile tear are result of LTTE defying the Mighty Indian's and giving them the bloody nose.

Indian said...

//FF said,
You'r hate and all this crocodile tear are result of LTTE defying the Mighty Indian's and giving them the bloody nose// continue to amaze me,really.

My concern for those innocent civilians is much much more.I know you are not one bit worried about them and still hoping to get the imaginary news that Sooriathevan is alive.

Heck,if the name of this blog had been different I would have not bothered to hang here so long.My sole point of argument is Pussycats are solely responsible for the deep hole of shit you find yourself in today.

Moorthy G said...

Can Tamils seize a new opportunity
By Ajith Ratnarajah


Most Tamils started supporting the LTTE after 1983. Over the years there is no doubt their support was on the decline and some in the Tamil community felt reconciliation was the way forward. The LTTE showed its political immaturity in many peace treaties and its inability to build global political alliances. The latter weakness is what really killed the organisation not it’s inability to fight as a military organisation against the Sri Lankan Government. The 1987 Indo-Lanka accord and the 2002 Ceasefire accord showed its lack of understanding that these treaties take decades to work out not months. International treaties take time to agree and implement. It’s an evolution towards peace not a revolution. Today the Palestinian cause and the Irish situation are good examples.

There is no doubt the support for them increased after the 2004 Tsunami due to the way the SL govt treated the Tamil population and the election of MR. Then many supported the LTTE as a necessary evil. I am not sure how many Tamils are in the later category, but they were the ones who caught the tiger’s tail and couldn’t let it go. LTTE’s success and failure The next what I am going to say would probably make those who worship VP very angry. VP was given 37 years (from 1972) to achieve his vision of a separate state. To this every Tamil sacrificed their wealth, health and life. Right at the end the community had to protect the leader and not the leader protecting the community. That’s what happened for the most part of Eelam War IV. VP didn’t have to face elections or justify his track record for public scrutiny, unlike a politician or a CEO of a company. He was given all the authority, support and sacrifice by the Tamil community to achieve his vision. He even gun down the elected Tamil representatives (TULF) as traitors.

Moorthy G said...

There was no logic in that argument yet the Tamil community supported with blind faith. Having said about their weakness, there is no doubt the fight VP had given was not just a good fight but a great one. LTTE’s greatest weapon was secrecy and unquestioned blind loyalty. Both these weapons got decimated when Karuna left in 2004 and Bala died in 2006. The LTTE or its supporters never ever realised the ramifications of the 2004 split. Sidelining Balasingham & KP was their death nail. The departure of Balasingham did not allow them to build global alliances, especially with the co-chairs & Eric Solheim. Not leader had such an uninterrupted rule over a community and in the end made the community look at the abyss.

The good things that came out of this struggle are a well organised and economically developed Tamil Diaspora outside Sri Lanka. Unfortunately it too is becoming like the LTTE. It doesn’t encourage diverse opinions but follows a vision from an elusive leader in blind faith. Does not believe their future lies in integration with the Singhalese, interdependence with the world and not separation.

Moorthy G said...

So it too, would get marginalised around the world, unless it change course immediately. It rallied and supported a cause rightly or wrongly did not have global support. This too partly contributed towards the destruction of its loved ones and an entire nation. The world realised, only way to defeat this Diaspora was for global powers to rally in defence of a nation (Sri Lanka). This shows the immense organisation capability of this community. At the same time, its ignorance and arrogance towards the global community is quite puzzling and disappointing. If its energy is channelled in the right manner, it could do wonders to uplift its people and not destroy its soul. The question remains, will this Diaspora switch from “fighting for the rights” to “develop the rights” of its’ people. The need of the hour is the later not the former. But will it swallow its pride and in True humility accept the responsibility for the latter. Save its people from extinction or in anger take revenge to destroy itself and its loved ones forever ?

We need to resurrect our community for the boys and girls who sacrificed their lives to fight for us. VP might have mislead them, but we should never ever forget those brave young souls who believed in their people. They were the true heroes. We owe it to them and prevent any future generation from making the same sacrifice. Whether VP is alive or not is not the point and that is irrelevant. Whether he was the right or wrong leader is irrelevant. What I think we can all agree, is that the future is bleak unless we define a new way forward. If enough believe in VP’s way then another VP will emerge. The question is whether it is the right way or should we change course. Adopt different tactics for changing circumstances of our people and in an ever changing world ? Tamils have to go back to the drawing board and re-define their goals. We are not in 1950, with a prosperous North & East boasting high educated workforce but it is 2009. In 2009, we have the highest suicide bombers per capita, nearly 300,000 Tamils in refugee camps and a large percentage of the Tamil population outside the country. More than 10% as of last week are refugees. These people are not fighting for university admissions or jobs, but are fighting for mere survival and freedom of movement. One thing is for sure, we cannot ignore the change around us. Not adopting to change, has also contributed in our ability to leverage our strengths to progress forward.

Moorthy G said...


The Tamil struggle in 1983 had an overwhelming amount of sympathy. We had many friends, including India which trained our boys as opposed to kill them today. India supplied weapons and setup our militant struggle. We were not labelled as terrorist, but as freedom fighters around the world. Rightly or wrongly, LTTE contributed towards the change in this situation and to the detrimental of the Tamil cause. Today there is a simple equation the world uses to determine who Tamils are and that is Tamils =Tamil tigers=terrorist!!. This is the stark reality. I feel MR has the same characteristics like VP. Someone who feels the international community needs to serve his interest. Give what I want and don’t ask any questions. Opponents need to be eliminated at all cost. The way MR is reacting to this victory shows a lot of the Singhala VP in action. Today the so called terrorist is gone. Suddenly the Sri Lankan government is on the spot light and not the LTTE. I say, so called terrorist leader, because in my opinion he was not a terrorist according to the current definition. If I did use the current definition, then several present and past national leaders especially from the West who created the definition would fall into it. He was a failed leader. Fought for a very justified cause with the wrong strategies and one of them was terrorism.

Do our politicians give us too little too late ? Both Singhala and Tamil politicians, have proven consistently after independence that they develop yesterday’s solution for today’s problem. When ever they managed to devise a solution, it would be to whip up emotions in the short-term on racial lines to win elections. By the time, the Singhalese realised they had to actually engage the minorities and not marginalise them with Singhala only act, the minorities wanted devolution. When they were considering devolution, the ugly head of separatism had already taken a strong hold. Today the Singhala polity, is dancing in celebration rather than focus on implementing devolution for reconciliation. I feel by the time we implement devolution, which is still several years away, the country would have missed the opportunity for reconciliation. We might be in a situation, where devolution would still not unite & heal the nation from its wounds. It might be too little too late. In our post independence era, we as a nation delay solutions to only enlarge the problem.

Moorthy G said...

On the Tamil side, we still cling onto the 1950’s. Our solution is very much dependent on protecting the culture of the community, with ideas that belong to the past. Economic well being protects a 3 community’s culture in today’s globalised economy and not the other way around. A global community will not protect us unless we are interconnected to them and become interdependent with them. Unfortunately the Tamil politicians believe in leaving the cart before the horse. In today’s world, their ideas have past their time to address the Tamil community’s hour of need. Instead of focusing on ideas that build interdependence with the Singhalese, India and the rest of the Tamil Diaspora, they have buried their heads in the sand to still champion the separatist dreams of the 1950’s. We hold onto the separatist ideology of independence or fight for devolution. The latter is done as an alternative for independence and not for genuine interdependence. The entire Diaspora has been misused and the Tamil community has lost. By the time they wake up and realise they need interdependence with communities, not only in Sri Lanka but around the world it might be too late. Are Tamils and India the ultimate losers ? If India had supported the Sri Lankan state to defeat the LTTE, it will come to regret this in the future similar to the way LTTE did for killing Rajeev Ghandhi. LTTE killed its separate state dream when it killed Rajeev Ghandhi. India on the other hand, has laid the foundation to kill the regional super power status by eliminating the LTTE. With China entering Sri Lanka in 2007, India did a massive miscalculation in running to support the SL government and not support its enemy. No two global powers ever support one side in a conflict and expect to meet their geo-political ambitions. I am not sure why India did not follow the tried and tested model of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. LTTE was a necessary evil for India to check on China. I am not sure whether the Indian politicians thought LTTE was a bigger threat than China. This is extremely puzzling. In the future, the Sri Lankan government, with the help of China will dictate terms to India. With China entering Sri Lanka in 2007 now a divided Sri Lanka is in the best interest of India. A divided Sri Lanka would always be on conflict. Both India and China can pick a side and ensure their self interest is protected. At present, the separation ambitions of Tamil Nadu should be the least of India’s worries. Today India is completely encircled by China in Nepal, Pakistan and now in Sri Lanka. Over the years, India has always let Singhalese and Tamils down at their hour of need. So much so, now both don’t trust India. It has embarked on a strategy, that kept chipping away on its own credibility, there by shooting itself on the foot. The demise of the LTTE is a major setback for India and its future regional security. Rajeev Ghandhi’s death was a death nail for the Tamils and so will the demise of LTTE be for India. A strong partnership that existed between Tamils and India has changed towards both of them becoming arch rivals. At the end, both lost. The only victors were their enemies. Tamils lost to the Sri Lankan state and India lost to China. The Singhalese have China & Pakistan, while the Tamils today have no one. Increasingly the Diaspora will seek the support of the Western governments and this will create a larger role for America. The Tamils have to realise American & Western power will decline in the future. Both India and the Tamils have to realise they desperately need each other for their future.

Moorthy G said...

Is will off the people alone enough ?

The Tamil community should learn from the Jews in this hour of need. The manner in which the Jews handled the holocaust is something no other community in the world has ever done. They did not go in a process of seeking revenge. They invested first to rebuild themselves from an economic and political point-of-view, in & outside Israel. They did not seek to build an army to create a nation but used silent diplomacy which started as early as 1917. They did not protest on the streets by disrupting life everywhere, instead they created powerful movies in partnership with Hollywood. Over years they forged alliances with the global media, it launched a significant public relationship campaign to support their cause and also keep the memories of the holocaust alive forever not just for a day or month. We could use MIA and her relationships to activate Hollywood & Bollywood to 4 start developing movies. How long will people remember the street protests and the 20,000 civilians that were killed in Sri Lanka ?. Who will remember this genocide in 50 years time ?. How do we ensure that no one forgets it ?. In no time, the Jewish Diaspora became very powerful by building inter-dependent relationships with the western countries. This enabled them to influence the foreign policy towards Israel and enhance its protection. This lobby was able to convince the world to do something that was unjust towards the Palestinian people. United Nations voted to create Israel ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people. Why should the Tamils trust the UN to investigate war crimes in Sri Lanka when it knowingly aided and supported the Sri Lankan government ?. Today the Tamils are unable to sell a justified cause to the international community. This shows the “will of the world” is more important than the “will of the affected people”. The Tamil Diaspora has to build strong links into Asian countries not merely to Western countries. A strong alliance has to be developed by the Diaspora towards reaching out to China, India and Japan. Have we got our right priorities and methods ? At present, the diaspora is more focused on protesting in the Western streets against the SL govt, instead of looking at ways to constructively rebuild their down trodden community. We have decided not to work with the international community to define a substantial devolution package but continue fighting for a separate state. At the end, just like the LTTE we might end up with nothing leaving our down trodden people at the mercy of the Sri Lankan military. We need to first focus on immediate rehabilitation, reconstruction, and redevelopment of our people. Much to the delight of the SL Govt the Diaspora too is getting into the same trap the LTTE got into. That is to defy the international community, instead of using it to negotiate for a compromise. They will do more good for their community, if they do strengthen the TNA by lobbying on its behalf to negotiate for a Canadian, US or Indian style federal model. This would strengthen the Tamil case for higher devolution rather than beat their old drum of separation.

I personally feel this is a colossal blunder we will be making if we continue in this path. Continue in the path of seeking revenge but not seek the opportunity at hand to reconcile for the future. More importantly these endless street protests will only end up alienating our support in the western countries. What is amazing to witness is that most of these protests is exclusively made up of Sri Lankan Tamils and does not include large number of local people. This trend is very worrying. It shows the Sri Lankan Tamil community in these countries have not built strong alliances into local communities that can support their struggle. If we continue in this path, my feeling is that we would become another African tribe in Asia or like the Aboroginies in Australia. The Sri Lankan Tamil community would not have any chance of gaining economic or political freedom unless it changes its strategies ASAP.

Moorthy G said...


The Jews said “Never Again” for a concentration camp. I feel Tamils should say the same for an arm struggle. We have sacrificed enormously. If we compare where we were in 1970, 77, 83, 87 and now we have rapidly decelerated down hill at an alarming speed. LTTE fought for a dream that had no global support. In my opinion, Rajeev Ghandhi sacrificed his life to ensure Sri Lanka will remain a united country while VP was alive. This is something the LTTE supporters and VP never ever understood. Certainly 1987 accord was short of what we needed. But it was a great foundation to start, compared to what has been achieved after that. After so many years of struggle, LTTE’s only great political achievement was to get a ceasefire accord!!. VP killed many Tamil politicians as traitors, for striking deals with the SL govt, but he did the same for much less at the pinnacle of his power.

5 What is disturbing to see, is the Tamil community abroad is focusing more of its effort on fighting the Sri Lankan govt and not devise strategies to rebuild the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Both the Sri Lankan government and the expatriate Tamil community need to reach out to each other. The Tamils are in worse situation that what the Jews were after World War 2. The Jews came out as victors, but dazed people from gas chambers and to be comforted by the world. The Tamils came out as losers, dazed from beach graveyards to barbed prison camps and to be abandoned by the world. The only commonality is they are both very resilient people with a large Diaspora. The Sri Lankan govt will benefit better by devising strategies to “reach out” to the Diaspora rather than use the same brush they used to fight the LTTE. The SL government can use the Tamil Diaspora as the link for reconstruction and win them over to their side. Both the Diaspora and the SL govt need each other. They missed a golden opportunity in 2004 after the Tsunami. Most of the younger Tamil Diaspora got radicalised when they visited Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami. When the PTOMS agreement, was rejected by the Sri Lankan government it lost a golden opportunity to win the hearts and minds of this Diaspora. If it had, today Sri Lanka would have resurrected a national identity, with this Diaspora extended it beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. I feel they would miss this opportunity again in 2009, because of the naivety of both. SL government is better off wining this Diaspora over and it is not used by other powers to destabilise Sri Lanka in the future. The Tamil Diaspora and Sri Lankan state should understand they gain more by being friends and not foes. The failed Sri Lankan state is in no way going to help the Tamil people, but helping to develop a more accommodative country with reconciliation would improve life for all communities in Sri Lanka.

Moorthy G said...

Two communities living in the past and have they missed the future ?

Is separate state a solution or a problem ? I like to make a couple of observations before I define what Tamils need to do. First the goal of a separate state was a solution to a problem (fighting economic & political discrimination) not the end in itself. This idea of a separate state as the solution was relevant for the 1950’s and not for today’s world. We live in an ever interconnected and interdependent world with global trade that make or break communities. Just like a separate state is a disaster for Tamils, so will a majority rule be would be for the Singhalese. Over the years, the Tamil politicians never changed their methods and change the solutions inline with a changing world. They devised a solution in 1972 (Vaddukotai resolution) and stuck to it. Let us learn from the Singapore politicians. They adopt dynamic long-term strategies to a changing world and then lead their people.

Second, In 1977, Sri Lanka opened its economy for foreign direct investment as one of the first countries in Asia. But then Singapore leader Lee Kuwan Yew, completed the implementation of the Colombo plan devised in Colombo for Singapore, before Sri Lankan politicians could locate Colombo. In more advanced capitalist world they were forming trading blocks. European Union was in motion. Europe was progressing towards a single currency at an alarming speed. Countries realised they needed each other, not just self reliant communities to gain their economic & political independence. More trading blocks were created to give opportunities to their communities rather than divide and separate. We on the other hand stuck to our ideas of the 1950’s and adopted just the opposite. I am not saying globalisation is perfect, but it is a significant factor that plays in a community’s political and economical well being.

Moorthy G said...

Third, a Tamil homeland would have been a failure due to LTTE. It’s leader was wanted in India. India would have never allowed them to breadth. It would have had an enemy down south and an enemy up north. A great way to start a nation!!. India would have even put a blockade of Tamil Eelam and it would have economically collapsed. We would have been surrounded by enemies and no friends.

6 For those die hard please do not quote Israel as an example. There are reasons as to why they are surviving and those reasons would have not & will not happen for Tamil Eelam. The two enemies join together to kill LTTE’s Tamil Eelam before even it became a problem. Eelam War IV was India’s war fought by the Sri Lankan state. Fourth it is more to do with the logic of argument to the international community. I don’t know how the Tamils can explain to an outsider, that we are discriminated as a result we need a Tamil homeland that makes up 1/3 of the country and 2/3 of the Sri Lankan shoreline for nearly 15% of the population. Singhalese are 72% of the population and if not more due to large Tamil migration. It is a hard sell at a time when countries around the world are embracing immigration and multi-cultural societies. Any outsider would think it is the Tamils who do not want to integrate and not the Singhalese. Similar to the 50-50 GG asked this too was a liability and was a difficult sell to the world. Successive Sri Lankan governments were able to gloss over their issues and shown the need to fight the LTTE due to the fact it is an unreasonable demand. When the LTTE evicted the Muslims out of Jaffna that showed actually LTTE is a racist Tamil organisation. It showed we Tamils would not accommodate other races. Unless large scale migration happens into Sri Lanka’s North & East from Tamil Nadu there is no way it can stay as a Tamil homeland.
The current population levels will not be enough to sustain it. Can Tamils “work with it” rather than “fight against it”? Malaysia has more discrimination towards minorities than Sri Lanka. Yet the Chinese minority has “worked with it” than “fight against it”. Inturn, this minority has ended up taking a large slice of the Malaysian economy, its people are highly educated, protected it’s culture and enlarged its influence on the majority. They learned Malay, employed Malay board members to start companies and eventually ended up taking a larger slice of the economy to the utter dismay of the Malays. Today the same people who enforced Malay only policy, have decided to change course with a massive “U” turn. A successful Sri Lankan Tamil, who has mastered this art is none other than the owner of Maharajah’s Raja Mahendran. In situations, where the minority decides to “work with” the system would produce a hard working, flexible and driven race. The Majority race becomes less equipped, rigid and lazy. Over the years the minority generations invest more on education and entrepreneurship while the majority tends to live off them.

Moorthy G said...

Our Tamil Political leaders, took the obvious way to react to an immediate crisis, react to the “Singhala only act” rather than thinking of the long-term. This was no different to what the Singhalese did with the Singhala only act. They too pushed their politicians to react and enforce hegemony rule. Again you cannot blame leaders from both spectrum, both populations urged them to adopt divisive rule over racial lines in the 1950’s. Inturn, the politicians guided the people in confrontational politics from an emotional point-of-view, rather than use collaboration politics from a rational point-of-view for national unity. Both races are guilty of it. We very conveniently blame our politicians. But in a democracy you get the government you deserve. I feel this is a big cop out from the Singhala and Tamil population. Has majority rule destroyed the majority ?

Singhalese too have missed the opportunity along with the Tamils. They too didn’t realise that the world is actually embracing immigration, multi-cultural societies and not a purely majority driven hegemony rule. They were struggling to even accommodate the minorities of the country, let alone embrace immigrants. This reduced the economic opportunities for them and the minorities. Thanks to other countries, attracting the best and the brightest of the Sri Lankan minority, today the Tamil Diaspora’s per capita income would be substantially greater than Sri Lanka’s per capita income. Due to an ageing population, highly militarised state, with scores of young killed and even with very high FDI, the chance of this country succeeding is very slim.

Moorthy G said...

7 If Sri Lanka does not accommodate the minorities, create a net migration inflow into the country, it would collapse economically even if there is peace for the next 10 years. If the Singhalese want the only Singhala country to succeed they need to get their minorities to rapidly develop the North & East economy. At present, the North & East would become the greatest economic liability for the South. If this situation is not addressed it could economically destroy Sri Lanka and inturn the Singhalese. They need to empower the minorities and also attract talented high-skilled foreigners to develop the country. Today, Japan is paying a terrible price for not allowing migration into the country. It has been in economic distress for the most part of 1990’s and 2000’s. That’s nearly 20 years. It’s ageing population and lack of diversity has contributed to this stagnation. China too will eventually face the same problem, with an ageing population due to their one child policy. In Sri Lanka, the in fighting within the Singhala community was kept at bay, largely because all their energy was directed towards fighting the Tamil community. But economic depravation is their biggest enemy.

This enemy has never left the Singhalese from 1950’s. JVP uprising in 1971 and 1988 came due to lack of economic opportunities. This cannot be ruled out especially in a highly militarised state. Unlike the Tamil community, the Singhala community does not have a large Diaspora. At best, it has low income house maids scattered around the world. The Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, has the opportunity to tap into the Diaspora community, and develop itself at grass root level similar to the way it did to fund the war. Today the country has 200,000 soldiers and it still keeps expanding. Economically this is not viable anymore. The cause to keep this Army is gone too. Sri Lanka has one of the highest ratio of soldiers per capita in the world. Today it is a highly militarised state. The danger for the country, is whether the military will one day takeover the government. This will kill democracy in Sri Lanka much to the delight of China. Sri Lanka would become another North Korea or Burma, unless the military is trimmed.

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The Tamil politicians today should be pitching their federal solution not as a cure for ethnic reconciliation, but as an economic necessity for all provinces in the country to fight Colombo’s corruption. The Singhalese in the South would benefit the most than the Tamils. Unfortunately from 1950’s onwards, our Tamil politicians proposed this as a cure to give more rights to ethnic minorities. If it was not pitched as a political necessity for minority rights, but an economic necessity for all, then even the South would have supported us. Majority rule in the South would become its greatest enemy for its own existence. Both communities desperately need each other, for their own survival, due to the current global geo-political & economic environment. Unfortunately several global powers, have managed to adopt divide and conquer at these two helpless communities, to further their geo-political interest. What I would highlight is that their current path is suicidal for them.

If they do not make reconciliation their no 1 priority, then both these races would be ruled by foreign powers unknown to them. The IMF aid is the first step. The Sri Lankan nation is very close to becoming another African nation. They have lost their financial sovereignty and eventually will lose their political one too. One should also not underestimate the rapid technological change and global trade that would affect this small country. Not all of it will be positive, because they are less prepared and equipped to deal with it. If there is no reconciliation between these two communities they are destined to be doomed.

Moorthy G said...

Security comes from Interdependence and not from independence

Two separately funded nations never united. Soon after independence, Sri Lanka was a country which had Singhalese in the South and Tamils in the North. There was little or no integration between the two races, compared to now especially in the Western province. No economic, political or cultural integration. They were effectively two separate nations. But before they became independent, they were funded by the British and they could afford to stay polarised. After independence they had to fund their own destiny. Sri Lanka was a country that never fought for its independence with blood and tears. It got it at the back of India’s independence. For the British it was not economical to have Sri Lanka as a colony when they lost India. As a result, we didn’t have a nationalistic identify that united us. But an independent Sri Lanka, could only succeed if the two races had become interdependent on each other. Unfortunately over the years both races behaved independently of each other, while blaming the other for their failure. The Singhalese relied on majority rule for their security and the Tamils relied on restricting themselves to an independent homeland for their security. Both adopted divisive politics, as the answer to their problems supported by their opportunistic politicians. Both went for independence rather than interdependence. Global case for interdependence At a global level interdependence can be seen in the current financial turmoil. In the 80’s when Japan faced its meltdown, the rest of the world carried on without much hue and cry. The 2nd largest economy in the world was less connected and maintained a very independent market. But the current financial crisis, which originated in America has happened when the world is more interconnected. The whole world is paying a terrible price after the reckless lending happened in the American mortgage market.

Why is that ? America has open markets and is interconnected to the rest of the world. As much as the American people, have to worry about outsourcing of jobs to the 3rd world, they also get help when things go belly up by the whole world pumping money into the global financial system. The rest of the world cannot afford a fallen America. The most to lose would be Chinese, which holds majority of the US treasuries and where jobs were outsourced. Reconcile and reach out to exist I firmly believe both these races need each other due to the current global realities for the reasons outlined above. So far they have failed to do so, because they never paid a national price to get their independence and freedom. The end of the LTTE gives a good opportunity for both races to reach out. This can never happen unless the SL government comes up with a substantial political package close to a Canadian style federal model. The current situation in Sri Lanka gives the golden opportunity to commence reconciliation. What was so damaging, in Rajapakse’s recent victory speech he thanked the security forces, but mentioned nothing about the sacrifices and agony the Tamil civilians underwent in the whole process. He did not mention a word of any form of condolence to the families who had lost their loved ones. Some of them live abroad in the Tamil Diaspora community. So many Tamil civilians are living in IDP camps and aren’t they suffering ? In 10 years time, if we have done true reconciliation, then the Singhalese in the South would feel ashamed of themselves for allowing so many Tamil civilians in destitute levels. The Tamils will look at VP as another Adolf Hitler who took everyone to destruction and will feel the same. Embrace the Singhalese into North & East and the benefits of it

Moorthy G said...

Having Singhalese in the North & East would not make us lose our identity but strengthen it. This is something those who prefer separatism do not understand. Just as there is Singhala racism we also have Tamil racism. LTTE was the epitome of Tamil racism and the Singhalese too were justified in hating the LTTE with a passion. As Tamils, we hated the SL government & JHU for their chauvinistic attitude. We justifiably complained about the lack of investments in the North & East, economic embargo on our people during the War and not offering the inclusiveness to our people. The LTTE too was the same. It too failed in providing the inclusiveness to Singhalese and Muslims of the North & East. If we had taken a rational action, then we would have encouraged interdependence with the South. If more people had migrated to North & East the govt would have been forced to invest in that region too. More importantly, there was no way they could have bomb the living daylights out of the people in the North. It would have also caused destruction for the Singhalese and Muslims in that region too. More importantly, the hand of the government would have been forced long time ago. Not all the current military options would have been available for them in a multi-cultural society. Mass scale destruction by aerial bombardment and economic embargo cannot be applied in a multi-cultural environment. One can compare the level of destruction between North and East. Soon after 2002 ceasefire accord I visited Jaffna, then the east after the 2004 Tsunami. The destruction levels were world apart. The level of destruction in the North was unimaginable. Today, I am sure Killinochi and Mullaithivu would be worse than anything man has ever seen since World War 2.

A new Tamil vision in a globalised world compared to the past independent Sri Lanka
The Tamil community has to now reform its methods, principles and goals. It needs to understand, it faces different problems as a community compared to 1950 and 1983. It cannot live in complete ignorance to the fact its community is now one of the poorest, least educated and a war ravaged society in Asia. It also needs to understand globalisation demands interdependence and not independence. Unfortunately it faces much bigger issues than what it faced in 1950’s. If the Tamil community doesn’t change course, they have a disastrous future after their failed independent struggle. In humility, they need to muster the will, to rebuild with new ideas, otherwise they would become extinct in Sri Lanka or at best would become like one of those failed communities in the world.

Moorthy G said...

There were critical turning points for this community, in 1948 (independence day), 1977 (opening up of Sri Lankan economy), 1983 (anti-tamil riots), 1987 (Indo-lanka accord) and 2009 ( the death of VP). In all these cases, the community never realised, that actually the problems were different and the solutions needed were different. But 2009 is probably the last chance. To reflect as a community and redefine a new way forward. Singhalese and Tamils have to realise they wont have independence unless they build interdependence with each other. They are in danger of being used as tools by global powers to further their geo-political interest. Some principles to consider:

• We should say “Never Again” for an arm struggle. Similar to the Jews saying “Never Again” for concentration camps. This community prided itself, to produce the most educated professionals per capita in Asia. Today it provides the highest suicide bombers per capita in the world. It has been devastated to the point, much against it’s wish, had sent the future generation to die in battle fields and not to universities to full-fill it’s wish. Today, it is starring at the abyss without a plan.

Moorthy G said...

• Build inclusive leadership and not exclusive leadership. In a new world order it is a must to enhance a community. Some people say China is not democratic and I strongly disagree. China is lead by one party and not by one man!!. The remaining LTTE under KP, Karuna, Douglas, TNA under Sampanthan and Anandhasangakaree will have to first unite and then reach out to the Tamil Nadu politicians. Immediate need for Sri Lankan Tamils would be to protect their survival. Progress and development can be only achieved if more global Tamil alliances are formed with politicians in South Africa, Malaysia and wherever Tamils are 10 around the world. We need to build more interdependent relationships to protect our independence by making our vision to relevant to them too. A separate Tamil state is not one. But none of this can be done if we don’t reconcile and reach out to the Singhalese. The Tamil politicians first need to develop mutual respect for each other. They should realise, there is a common goal that would unite them and yet the way to it would divide them. But in that we would develop our strength and not a weakness. This is something VP never understood. In my opinion exclusive leadership, builds a single point of failure and that might suite the individual concerned but not the community.

• Build interdependence with the world and not independence. The Tamil community does not need a separate state to build their security any longer. This was true in the 50’s and 60’s but global trade changed all that. To make it worse, this 30 year war has put us even at a worse state to create a nation. Today we have a large Diaspora that could rival any in the world. Our community is dispersed around the world and this is an asset not a liability. We should build interdependence in our local communities. In Sri Lanka with the Singhalese. We need to adopt a strategy of “work with it” rather than “fight for it”. This requires a substantial mind shift. I feel it will take generations before this can be achieved. This is where I say, building bridges with the Singhalese is an advantage for the Tamils not a disadvantage. We should grasp the opportunity when it is being facilitated by the international community.

• Back to basics. The community should go back to basics. Focus on education and create a new breed of entrepreneurs. We spent 40 years building many VP’s and now it is time to build the next generation of Raja Mahendran’s. We should not restrict this vision just to Sri Lanka, but extend it to outside Sri Lanka. Here is a man, who adopted a strategy similar to the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia. Unfortunately, not that many followed his foot steps instead followed VP. I hope one day the Tamil youths would say their hero is Raja Mahendran of Sri Lanka and not VP of Tamil Eelam. Raja Mahendran, is a very good example of a person who has built this culture of interdependence. Unfortunately, Rajapakse has gone about attacking him too, instead of cultivating him as an example for Sri Lanka. I hope the international community, would educate Rajapakse to leverage an asset and not convert it to a liability.

• Protect the next generation from violence. Violence in our community should be eliminated. The passions of the Tamil youths abroad need to be guided in the right direction. The Diaspora abroad can do wonders by focusing their energy on nation building and rehabilitate their loved ones. Not focus on revenge attacks on the Singhalese. The latter is the ultimate stupidity. This action would make us lose the sympathy all around the world. This will play right into the hands of the SL government. A future crackdown internationally against the Diaspora’s violence cannot be ruled out if we continue in this path.

Moorthy G said...


In the 1950’s, a community’s progress dependent on first obtaining political freedom, then military security and finally economic freedom. The first two were very strongly linked. But the rise of capitalism and globalisation has changed all that, especially after the fall of communism. Now, as a first step, a community develops inter-dependent relationships to build its economic progress. That helps it to influence the political landscape locally and globally, depending on their economic influence. The political and economic influence helps it to, build its own military or hire one to protect itself. Unfortunately the LTTE thought the barrel of the gun will give it a separate state. Inturn it will force the world to accept it politically. Finally it would build a self-sufficient economy. This is the North Korea model for failure. Purchase a nuke and then you’ll get rice.

This flawed logic was really built on Tamil chauvinism, similar to Singhala chauvinism. Both have one thing in common-majority hegemony. Something the world has discarded long-time ago as a blue print for success. Over the years the Tamil community has sacrificed its freedom to the SL govt and the LTTE. The absolute butchery of this community in the hands of the SL govt and LTTE cannot be forgotten. Today the Tamil community is back at the mercy of the International community & SL govt. The latter is no better than the LTTE. So have they got their security or freedom ? The answer is no. The Tamils would find the extreme racist Singhala Buddhist clergy more reasonable and less scary than the co-chairs. The Diaspora certainly has lost all confidence in the UN and the co-chairs. The United Nations, increasingly has lost its moral authority and has become essentially a defunct organisation. The corruption in this organisation, would rival some of the failed states it seeks to change. Massacres from Darfur, Rwanda and Sri Lanka have taken place while the UN was asleep.
In Sri Lanka, it redefined its mission statement to aid and support genocide. The creators of the UN would be rolling in their graves. It supported a government to carry on with military operations while 20,000 civilians perished in couple of weeks, if not more. Their loved ones buried them, on a beach, while they were hoping a shell would not fall on their head. I wonder how the soldiers who landed on Normandy beach, would feel today. They fought and died on the beach to save humanity. If Ban Ki-moon has any self respect or dignity he would resign as the UN secretary general. In his grave, Hitler might say, I wish I was alive today and they might have not stopped me too. Unless the UN reforms itself, it would collapse under the new world global order. Much worse, it would very soon become the direct contributor for the rise of terrorism in the world. The most serious issue the world faces is the threat to international law and order. A highly corrupt UN, is losing its effectiveness, to stop nation states from committing genocide and inturn that is giving rise to terrorism. When communities believe they need to build their own protection, not rely on the world, then violence around the world would increase. The manner in which the International community, holds the Sri Lankan government responsible for human rights, will show whether the current world order can make failed states accountable for human rights or not. If they do, then terrorism will diminish.

Moorthy G said...

Otherwise, it will be in the rise in many parts of the world. When more communities realise, you cannot trust the world order to protect them from failed states, then they would try to build their own protection. Unfortunately the loser would be international law & order. LTTE and VP always told the Tamils, don’t trust the International community or UN to protect you. One has to fight to obtain security. VP might be dead and gone, but will his belief too die with him or would it resonate with a vengeance elsewhere ? I hope it will not be the latter. If it does, the next VP in any race might be more ruthless than the one we saw in the last 30 odd years