Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sri Lanka is Quickly Becoming the Congo of South Asia for Its Continuous Subject of Rapes of Tamil Women and Girls

Never ending stories of rapes of Tamil women and girls at the hands of Srilankan armed forces and its paramilitaries is norm of daily lives of Tamils who what they face in Sri Lanka nowadays. What is so alarming is that these criminals were never brought into justice. For example, Krishanthy case, in which the victim - Tamil teenage girl -was gang raped and later killed by two dozen Srilankan military men in the outposts of their camp in Ariyalai, Jaffna, in early 90s when she was on the way to her school. And another story of young Tamil woman worker of TRO ( Tamil relief Organization ) how she was gang raped and killed by about 20 paramilitary members of TMVP ( Karuna led faction of LTTE) for her suspected affiliation with LTTE in 2006. Because of the culture of impunity in Sri Lanka it encourages the Srilankan armed personnel to inflict more crimes against Tamil women and girls whenever they get chances. In the past, Srilankan armed forces often used to see every Tamil woman as their sexual pry or LTTE cadre given how the civil war played out in last 3 decades . Now LTTE is not in the picture, and it makes things easier for paramilitaries and Srilankan armed forces to go after any Tamil woman or girl whom they like. Raping of Tamil women and girls by Srilankan armed forces has become widespread in Sri Lanka but many stories never hit the mass media due to the backlashes the families of victims expect both from the culprits and the Tamil community itself.

One can argue that what are the benefits in trying to prevent the future rapes if the victims can go through anguish, isolation and the stigma by revealing their horrifying events to the public. Well, how many of you knew that more than 4,000 Tamil women were raped by IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) and its paramilitaries ( ENDLF, PLOTE, etc) during their stay of 3-year period from 1987 to 1989? Even if the local media knew about those incidents, they failed to bring into public because of the retaliation from the culprits of these rapes. People familiar with the IPKF rule in Jaffna knew well about how Tamil women and girls suffered at the heels of IPKF and its paramilitaries. And those paramilitaries often wait on the streets of Jaffna for the school girls to come out from their schools like Veambadi, Chundikuli and Hindu Ladies College etc. These victims were often disappeared for days and released later on with the mercy of their captors or they were killed in some instances. It was evident from the findings of many female bodies buried beside the Ashoka Hotel that was occupied by IPKF and its paramilitaries during their stay in Jaffna. Many can think that 4,000 rape victims may not be high enough to think as epidemic of rape and grotesque violence against Tamil women in IPKF time. In fact, if you go into those little details of the Jaffna population, you would see it was clearly on the epidemic scale.

What it made me to write this post is clearly this news - that appeared on Tamilnet few days back. And I see this is as the troubling sign of what to come from the Srilankan armed forces and its paramilitaries who stationed in Jaffna town which currently falls in the high-military zone. I’m already privy to one such incident happened few months ago and won’t reveal the victim’s name and her place for obvious reasons. The victim was raped by 9 EPRLF men (a paramilitary group that led by Douglas Devananda who is minister of the current ruling government in SL ) It is important to highlight the sufferings of Tamil women what they endure at the hands of Srilankan armed forces and its paramilitaries, otherwise it can once again become epidemic of rape against Tamil women and girls in Sri Lanka.

One should not forget the barbaric nature of Srilankan armed forces who are often given incentives to work in North East provinces of Tamil homeland that they can always get way with the sexual assaults of Tamil women. Past history of Srilankan armed forces is real proof what you can expect from them. During the final stages of Eelam war IV last summer, Defence Sectary Gotabaya Rajapaksa even said that all the Tamil women can become the possession of his military personnel and Tamil men should be thrown into Indian ocean. If military head can have that kind of mentality, no need to mention how the lower ranks work. It was said in many channels that widespread sexual assaults were on going against Tamil women and girls who were part of the 300,000+ Tamils put behind the barped wires by Srilankan government aftermath of its military victory over LTTE last summer.

Haitian peace keeping mission of Srilankan armed forces is a testimonial for how rouge Srilankan armed forces are. If they can go and involve in the raping spree of Haitian girls in their peace keeping mission of Haiti, not to mention that Haiti is more than 12,000 miles away from their country, they sure can inflict more violence against Tamil women in Sri Lanka given the history of hatred Srilankan armed forces have against Tamils in SL. What U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said of Sri Lanka is no accident that rape had been used as a weapon of war in Sri Lanka.
If we do not escalate the issue of rapes of Tamil women how they suffer at the heels of Srilankan forces and its paramilitaries, we may see 100s of brothels between Elephant Pass and Jaffna town on A9 highway just as what Colombo has it between Negombo and Pettah. The cultural city of Jaffna can become history for what it is known if we neglect the seriousness of these rapes. More importantly, there is no end to the sufferings of our women.


Bhairav said...

I do not see Ashoke around here.

Anonymous said...

Nor Buddha or his teachings lives in Lanka.. Buddhas canon smuggled by group satanic tribes and hide out in Deep jungles of Kandy and Doing its Satanic rule all over island.... In the name of Buddha.... There going a big atrocities ....

Anonymous said...

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Don said...

As an Indian Tamil, I am naturally inclined to support the improvement of rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka. However, I must ask the question: is this the right way to go about it? Will spreading lies and being hostile reap results now when they have not in the past? I worked in Colombo for a number of years and have a lot of friends there, both Tamil and Sinhalese. I saw no signs of the racial tension animosity I had expected. Seeing Tamils and Muslims working together with the Sinhalese majority in Colombo has convinced me that reconcilliation is possible on Sri Lanka. But I am digressing, back to the point: hostility is not how we went about it here in India, and I don't think we would have achieved political and social stability here by creating with these sorts of fabricated propaganda stories about the Hindis. In my opinion, what Sri Lankan Tamils must do is return to the mainstream political fold in your country at the forthcoming General Elections and negotiate a peace settlement with Colombo, instead of falling back on these nasty old habits which have not served you well in the past. I beleive Jaffna can replicate the remarkable progress of Chennai over the last 15 or so years, but only if it enters into a political dialogue in ernest with Colombo.

pqrs said...

Well I am a sinhalese, female. I have been to Jaffna and seen jaffna armed forces from my eyes. I have seen how they treat people. It was absolutely good way that they treat anybody. The tamil ladies are liberal, independent and enjoy same life like a tamil male.
There must be rape cases but it is not like what you say. The armed forces are people who are counting dates to go back and see their families, raping women is not their priority. This article is absolute shit. You are insulting your women. I was proud to see tamil girls fighting hand to hand as LTTE ladies. If they had that courage how can they become victims like this. Stop insulting women in order to spread your hatred story.

LankaMedia said...

Desperate writing. You LTTE has no life idiot. You cant ruin Sri Lanka by writing these nonsense.

Bhairav said...


Yes, provide your articles, I will post it here. Your site looks neat.

I will ask "Editor Badri", who is the real owner of this blog, to add more folks in his team. The problem is that I haven't heard from him for last 2 months.

Bhairav said...

[I was proud to see tamil girls fighting hand to hand as LTTE ladies. If they had that courage how can they become victims like this.]


You have right to say what you want. When the victims are powerless, what they can do? How many girls were raped by Srilankan armed forces from the Menik farm camps? Obviously families of victims never wanted to come out and say that their daughter or sisters was raped. Put the 3,500+ alleged LTTE female cadres who are in the SLA custody on air, you will hear the stories. Two weeks ago, there was a story in Batti that Tamil girl was raped by CID inspector while she was transferred into another location.

When your forces can't act clean, especially in a peace keeping mission of Haiti, you think that they treat Tamil women with dignity in SL?

I agree that not all Srilankan armed forces are morally bankrupt but in most cases bad apples outweigh good apples for what course they should follow.

Tamil Kovil said...

Excellent article, thanks

Tamil Kovil said...

248 106 Tamils are still in the concentration camps in appalling conditions and near starvation. 108 106 Tamils in a big concentration camp and 140,000 recently “ resettled “ Tamils are imprisoned in mini concentration camps in their home –districts. When this torture of the innocent and shell shocked people will stop ?

WSWS reporters recently visited the concentration camps covertly and filed this report

The Sri Lankan government claims that after the “resettlement” of some Tamil the situation in the concentration camps has improved. The situation there for 248 106 innocent Tamil civilians is worsening, again exposing President Rajapakse’s lies.

People at Manik Farm are still living in the small tents put up last May, 8 month ago . These tents are now in a decrepit condition.

The concentration camps are still guarded by soldiers and surrounded by barbed wire.

Anger, resentment and weariness are evident in the faces of people who have now been incarcerated for eight months without adequate food, medical care and sanitary facilities.

There has been no let up in the seizing of youth as LTTE suspects. We were told that military intelligence personnel come night and day to drag people away. Everyone is afraid that they will be next. The climate of fear and hopelessness prevails with no justice or fairness is in sight

The Sri Lankan government claims that people have been given freedom of movement. But this is false. Those who want to leave have to apply and their release is by no means guaranteed.

For short-term releases, an application form must be filled out at the camp’s military office. A family member has to vouch for the outgoing person by signing the application form. Those given “freedom of movement” have to return on the same day. If they fail, the family member is taken into custody ortured and beaten ruthlessly .
to cont.,

Tamil Kovil said...

to cont.,

The regime for visitors is also prison-like. Visitors have to register with police at the entrance to the camp. They can only enter after a body search and are then confined to the visitors’ area. No cameras or cell phones are allowed. Visitors cannot come closer than a metre or so to the inmates and often have to speak loudly to communicate. Soldiers monitor what is being said and also the limited amount of time allocated.

Food is limited. The weekly ration is just a kilogram each of rice, flour and sugar and 100 grams of lentils or dhal per person. People have no money to buy other essentials. They do not get fish, meat, egg or vegetables. The rations are obvious inadequate and many children and adults are suffering from malnutrition.

Water is also scarce. Each inmate receives five litres of drinking water per week. Tube wells have been sunk to use for bathing and washing, but the water is very salty. To ease the water shortages, the Sri Lankan Army unit in charge of the camp has brought muddy water from a nearby dam , however , if people bathe in that muddy water they would get the extensive body rashes , eye infection and many other irritations .

Health services in the camp have deteriorated. Last month the Colombo government washed its hands of providing health care, passing the responsibility to the provincial government. However, provincial health services lack adequate funds and are crumbling. Doctors assigned to the camps only attend for two to three hours a day. The sick have to wait in line or several days in a row for a Doctor appointment.

21,500 Tamil children, who are still in the Concentration camps , have been deprived of education, in fact more 97% IDP youngsters had failed the exam last year

During the election campaign, Rajapakse visited one of the camps and feigned anger at the conditions facing the inmates. He promised to complete the resettlement process by 31 of January 2010.

State-owned TV stations broadcast footage of Rajapakse giving “advice” to military personnel to provide “facilities” for the refugees.

It was all for show.

Nothing has happened since.

Anonymous said...

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Sathish said...

Right. Next time you blog, get somebody to proof-read it because this was illegible.

Bhairav said...

[Next time you blog, get somebody to proof-read it because this was illegible. ]

I hardly care about the small things of this thread as long as the message reaches the intended audience.

Bhairav said...

[Kula Sellathurai, president of the United Tamil Council of Canada and the Canada-India Business Council, had recently met Rajapaksa in Colombo to discuss the Tamil issue and hand over funds raised for the orphans of the war. His talks with the Sri Lankan president were covered in the Uthayan newspaper edited by his friend Logan Logendralingam. ]

Ashok Kumar said...

Hello Bhairav,

I'm very much here.

Ashok Kumar said...

நான் கிளி நொச்சிக்கு வந்திட்டேன் ....
திகதி: 21.02.2010 // தமிழீழம்
அக்கா நாங்கள் கிளிநொச்சிக்கு வந்திட்டம். போன புதன் கிழமை வந்தனாங்கள் கோல் பண்ண ஏலாமல் போச்சு , பற்றி சார்ஜ் இறங்கிவிட்டுது. முந்த நாள் வீட்டுக்கு போயிட்டம். ரவுணுக்க இலவசமா சார்ஜ் போட்டு கொடுக்கிறாங்கள் அங்க வந்து சார்ஜ் பண்ணிட்டுதான் கதைக்கிறன்.

வீடுகள், இயக்கத்தின்ர கட்டடங்கள் எல்லாம் கள்ளர்களோ ஆமியோ ஆரெண்டு தெரியாது எல்லாம் உடைச்சு கொண்டு போயிட்டாங்கள். பத்தைகள் வளர்ந்து இருக்கு . இயக்கத்தின் காவல்துறை ஆமி பாவிக்கிறாங்கள். வெற்றி மனை மன நோயாளர் விடுதி ஆமி முகாம் போட்டிருக்கிறான். வெண்புறா அமைப்பின் காணிதான் பெரிய புத்த கோயிலாக இருக்கின்றது.

சமாதான செயலகம், அரசியல் துறை செயலகம் ஆமிதான் பாவிக்கிறான் போல இருக்கு. பொது கட்டடங்கள் எல்லாம் முதல் வந்த சனங்கள் உடைச்சு போட்டுது போல இருக்கு முதல் வந்த ஆட்கள் காணிகளுக்க கல்லுகுவியல்கள் கிடக்குது. மற்றும்படி ஒரு அரச மரமும் மிச்சம் இல்ல எல்லா இடமும் புத்தர் சில வைக்கப்பட்டு இருக்கு. சனங்கள் கூடுதலாக வந்திட்டுதுகள் இப்பதான் மூன்று கடை திறந்திருக்கினம்.

புத்த கோயில்களுக்கான பூசைகள்தான் இங்க கூட நடக்குது ஸ்பீக்கரில கூட பூசை கேட்கலாம். சிங்கள சனம் நிறைய வந்து புத்த கோயில்ல கும்பிட்டு போகுதுகள். குருகுலம் ஜெயந்தி நகர் பக்கம் போனோம் . அங்க சின்ன அக்காவின்ர காணிபார்த்தோம். அப்படியே இருக்கு வீட்டைதவிர. குருகுலம் கட்டடங்களையும் கள்ளர் வந்து இடிச்சு இருக்கிறாங்கள். பிறகு ஜி.எஸ் (கிராமசேவகர்) அந்த இடத்தில போட் போட்டிருக்கிறார். அந்த இடத்துக்கு உள்ளே யாரும் போனால் சட்ட நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்படும் என்று.

குருகுலம் ஆட்கள் வந்திட்டினம் இல்லத்தினை திரும்ப ஆரம்பிக்க கதைச்சு கொண்டிருக்கினம். ஈழநாதம் கட்டடத்தில் ஆமி முகாம் போட்டிருக்கிறான். எல்லாம் சிங்கள மயமாதான் இருக்கு . ஆனால் காணி பறிபோய்விடும் என்பதால் எல்லா சனமும் வந்து காணிபதிவுகளை செய்து காணிகளை துப்பரவாக்குதுகள். ஆமி இப்போ செக் பண்ணுவதில்லை. கந்தசாமி கோயில் பக்கம் புனர்வாழ்வு கட்டடத்தில இருந்த ஆமி வேற இடம் போயிட்டாங்கள். இனி கோயில் பூசை ஒழுங்காக நடக்கும் என்று நினைக்கிறன்.

புனர்வாழ்வு கட்டிடம் மேல் மாடி இடிஞ்சு இருக்கு. ஆனால் இப்போ ஒருவரும் இல்லை. இப்போ காணிப்பதிவுதான் மும்முரமாக நடக்குது. தெரிஞ்ச ஆட்களுக்கு சொல்லுங்கோ காணி உரிமையாளர்களை வந்து பதிய சொல்லி பதிஞ்சு துண்டு எடுக்காவிட்டால் அதனை வேறு தேவைக்கு எடுத்து விடுவாங்கள். ஸ்கூல் எல்லாம் நடக்குது. சென்றல் கொலிஜ்இல் நேற்று கொஞ்ச சனம், 55 ம் கட்டை சனங்கள் வந்திருக்குதுகள் நாளைக்கு விடுவாங்கள் போல இருக்கு.

Ashok Kumar said...

போன 12 ஆம் திகதி ஓமந்தைக்கு தம்பிய பார்க்க போனம் பிரச்சினை இல்லை எனக்கு தெரிஞ்ச போராளிகளையும் பார்த்தனான். எப்ப விடுவாங்கள் என்று எங்களிடம் கேட்டாங்கள். நாங்கள் என்ன செய்வது? கெதியா விடப்போறாங்களாம் என்று சொன்னேன். அடுத்த மாதம் 12 ஆம் திகதி போவேன். எங்கட வீட்டிற்கு பக்கத்தில சானங்களுக்க காணி சண்டை நடக்குது . இனி இஞ்ச அதுதான் நடக்க போகுது. எங்கட காணிக்க கூட சிலபேர் வந்து இருந்தவ ஆனால் நாங்கள் வந்ததும் போயிட்டினம்.

இஞ்ச சனங்களுக்குள்ள சண்டைகள் நடக்குது. இயக்கத்திற்கு வேலை செய்த ஒரு குடும்பத்திற்கும் பக்கத்து வீட்டு சனத்திற்கும் சண்ட நடந்து இயக்கத்திற்கு வேலை செய்த குடும்பம் திரும்பவும் வவுனியா போயிட்டினம். அந்த இயக்கத்திற்கு வேலை செய்த குடும்பம் முகாமில் ஆட்களை காட்டி கொடுத்தார்கள் தங்களின் சொந்த காரர்களை காட்டி கொடுத்தார்கள் என்றே மற்ற ஆட்கள் சொல்லுகினம்.

சனம் எல்லாம் ஒரு வித்தியாசமான சூழலில் இருக்கின்றார்கள். களவு, சண்டை, குடி வெறி, கூடாத வார்த்தைகள், சேட்டைகள், எல்லாம் மலிஞ்சு போய் இருக்கு. ஆமி காரங்களுக்கும் பொலிசுக்கும் நல்ல பொழுது போக்கு விளக்கம் தீர்க்குறதில அவங்களுக்கு வாழ்க்கை வெறுக்கும் போல இருக்கு. அவரையும் ( கணவர்) எல்லா இடமும் தேடி பாத்திட்டம் ஆனால் ஒரு இடமும் இல்ல, முள்ளிவாய்க்காலில இருந்து சனங்களோட வந்தவர் எண்டு தெரிஞ்ச ஆட்கள் எல்லாரும் சொல்லுகினம். ஆனால் காண இல்லை.

எனக்கு பிறகு காயப்பட்டு கப்பலில வந்த ஆட்கள் சொன்னார்கள் இவரை தாங்கள் ஆஸ்பத்திரியில் கண்டது என்று. எல்லா இடமும் அறிவிச்சு இருக்கிறம் பார்ப்பம். ஆமி காரங்கள் நல்லா கதைக்க பழகிவிட்டாங்கள். இனிமேல் சமாதானமாக இருப்பம் உங்க பக்கத்திலையும் இழப்பு எங்க பக்கத்திலையும் இழப்பு இனிமேல் சமாதானமாக இருப்பம் என்று கதைக்கிறாங்கள்.

தமிழீழம் கிடைக்காட்டிலும் பரவாயில்ல எங்கட சனங்கள திருத்துறதுக்கு தலைவர் வரவேண்டும். இல்லாவிட்டால் எங்கட சனம் தங்களுக்கு உள்ளேயே அடிபட்டு சாகும் போல கிடக்கு. இப்பவே எடுத்தது எல்லாத்துக்கும் காசுகேட்க வெளிக்கிட்டங்கள். ஏதோ பார்ப்பம் ....

வாற சனி கிழமை ஒருக்கால் எடுங்கோ..

ஒகே அக்கா .

நன்றி: ஈழநாதம்

Suresh said...

Future of Karuna

Karuna Amman is a politician who had the potential to be a phoenix but got all his fortune ruined as a result of a wayward lifestyle.

Today the ex- LTTE Commander of the East is chickening out of the election race and insists he should be nominated from the national list. Not stopping at that the Kiran born had prevented his sister also from applying for nominations from Batticaloa as a mark of protest against the UPFA refusal to book him a national list slot.

In short the SLFP joint Vice President is attempting to call the shots for the SLFP leadership.

It is very unlikely that anybody will entertain his demands right now and what one hears is that he had got a dressing down from the SLFP hierarchy for this stubbornness.

Karuna, for the government, is a spent force. The dispute over nominations heralds the beginning of the end of perks and privileges he enjoyed under the Rajapaksa regime despite his betrayal of it with the London police.

And it is nobody but Karuna who should be blamed for his fate today.

While the much less exposed and informed Pillayan remained loyal to his Eastern roots Karuna forgot his community the moment he got used to urban life and got carried away with an extravagant lifestyle thereby digging his own grave. Had he remained loyal to his people and got involved in the development work in the area, the need to runaway from polls would not have arisen. Instead he went ahead with his excesses, including promiscuous ways, while the people in the East were working hard to put together the pieces of life after war.

With his callousness to the stock of his community Karuna proved in many ways that he does not deserve the mandate of the Tamil people whose rights he championed while he was with the LTTE.

Today he stands as the most loathed character among Eastern Tamils and most probably he too knows about this fact.

Within the government ranks the post-war value of Karuna Amman has started hitting the rock bottom since he hardly has a role to play in a post-LTTE era. Plus the lifestyle of Karuna especially his escapades at nightclubs had brought enough humiliation to the government. The government is also alive to the fact that there are difficulties in wooing the Eastern Tamil vote as long as it harbours Karuna.

It is most likely that the move to offer him nominations from the Batticaloa list came with the agenda of providing the former LTTE commander an honourable exit in politics. It is after all too obvious that there’s no way of Karuna mustering enough votes among the Batticaloa people to win a seat in parliament.

He saw through the design and dodged it.

However if the UPFA is adamant in showing him the door the orders will come the sooner or later.

Bhairav said...

[Plus the lifestyle of Karuna especially his escapades at nightclubs had brought enough humiliation to the government.]

Karuna is a womanizer and stray dog. It is said to be more than few dozen Tamil girls affected by Karuna's sexual predatory during his stay in LTTE and in his TMVP time. Well, when you recruit young girls as 18 and 19 years old, they're more likely to be exploited by these sexual predators. Don't_ask and don't_ tell policy was surely used in LTTE.

[Within the government ranks the post-war value of Karuna Amman has started hitting the rock bottom since he hardly has a role to play in a post-LTTE era.]

If not for Karuna, GoSL would have never won the war against LTTE. Initiation is something key in any war, and Karuna was the X-factor in that. Now MR opponents use Karuna's past record as trump card, and he has become a liablity to MR. I do not really think Karuna will fully be sidelined by GoSL, because RAW can become his next refuge.


Welcome aboard!

Bhairav said...

[SLA soldier recovered dead in Jaffna
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 23 February 2010, 03:07 GMT]
The body of a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier with more than five bullet wounds was handed over to Jaffna Teaching Hospital Monday from Vettilaikea’ni in Vadmaraadchi East. SLA authorities claim that he had shot himself to death. Meanwhile, the newly appointed SLA commander for Jaffna, Major Gen. Kathurusinghe, met several civil society representatives 17 February in an effort to get their cooperation in integrating activities in Jaffna, sources in Jaffna said. ]

It does not make sense to me. If he shot himself, then how come there were 5 bullet wounds? At max, there will be only 2 bullet shots in any suicide attempt. I guess he was shot to death by someone.

Bhairav said...

Nisal - නිසල් said...


I think you do not know the story behind the 3rd photo (2 kids hanged).

In 2005 or 2006, a group of LTTE members killed the whole family of a EPDP member in Mannar including these 2 kids. Later, LTTE them selves use this photo for there propaganda.

Tamil Kovil said...

GTF is offering a hope for the Ceylon Tamils

British Foreign Secretary David Milliband, Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague and Liberal Democrats Shadow Foreign Secretary Ed Davey all addressed the Global Tamil Forum’s inaugural meeting in London on Wednesday, 24 February. The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) launch saw delegates from 14 countries gather in the UK House of Commons to be addressed by speakers from across the political spectrum, including parliamentarians, councilors and prospective parliamentary candidates. Some delegates were also invited in for a private meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

lobal Tamil Forum (GTF) launch was in the Gladstone Room of the House of Commons, began at 10am and concluded at 4pm, followed by a reception between 4pm and 6pm at the Terrace Cafeteria.

Among the guests were a Buddhist monk and an Islamic theologian, both of whom had travelled from Sri Lanka for the event. An African National Congress parliamentarian from South Africa, Sisa Njikelana, had flown to Britain especially for the event and was in the country for only 6 hours.

Bhairav said...

Sri Lanka soldiers remanded over rape of 9-year old Tamil girl
[TamilNet, Saturday, 27 February 2010, 01:55 GMT]
Six Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were taken into custody for allegedly molesting a nine-year-old Tamil girl at Ki'raan Vaazhaichcheani in the eastern Batticaloa district, sources in Batticaloa said. The victim identified one of the perpetrators during an identification parade held in Batticaloa Magistrate Court. Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) reported that the soldiers of the Digiliwatiya camp had threatened the protesting villagers, and the body of one protester was recovered in a pond near the SLA camp after the protests.

The victim "was returning home in the company of two of her friends when soldiers bathing near a well chased after her and raped her. The girl was admitted to a hospital and the medical reports confirmed that she had been sexually abused. It is also reported that the girl who is still being treated at the hospital is being questioned constantly by commando officers," AHRC report said.

The alleged incident happened on the 12th of February. The suspects have been remanded by the Batticaloa Magistrate until 3rd of March, legal sources in Batticaloa said.

When the issue of rape by SLA soldiers was raised by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Sri Lanka's Defense Ministry website carried a refutation, saying "such sadistic allegations are far from the existing realities: far from the truth," and added that "there was no basis whatsoever even to suggest Sri Lankan forces had involved in such gross violence during its three-year humanitarian campaign."

British weekly, The Observer, in December 2009 said that "Tamil women interned after escaping the horrors of the civil war in Sri Lanka were sexually abused by their guards who traded sex for food," reporting on an interview with Vany Kumar, a British medic who was released from internment in September from the camps run by Sri Lanka military.

"Systematic rape of Tamil women in custody and in areas under control of Security forces, and sexual abuse of LTTE women cadres caught during combat, had occured from as early as September 1996 when Krishanthy Kumarasamy, a 17-year old highschooler, was murderd after being stopped and raped at an SLA sentry point at Kaithadi, Jaffna. Horrendous videos showing Sri Lankan soldiers abusing women cadres stripped naked have routinely surfaced," said activist for a Washington-based pressure group.

UN Resolution 1325
The link between maintaining international peace and security, and preventing and responding to sexual violence used as a tactic of war to target civilians was first laid out in last year's United Nation's Security Council resolution 1325.

United Nations charged 114 Sri Lankan soldiers who were on peace-keeping missions to Haiti in March 2008 with sexual exploitation and abuse against children. After an investigation into pending charges against Sri Lankan troops in Haiti, the UN's Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) concluded that “acts of sexual exploitation and abuse [against children] were frequent and occurred usually at night, and at virtually every location where the [Sri Lankan] contingent personnel were deployed.”

Tamil Kovil said...

99yr Tamil woman IDP said ” .. i saw so much death”

Arulamma Thambiraja, 99, was among tens of thousands of civilians trapped in Sri Lanka’s north by fighting.

In April 2009, she imprisoned in a concentration camp with her family for 9 month and was there until January 2010 year.

“Things were deteriorating by the minute, there was constant shelling .

I never expected to survive.

Every second was like a lifetime there.

My sons were carrying me.

We could not stay in one place for long, it was very difficult.

Food was hard to find … going to the toilet was risking death.

It is with God’s grace that I am here, nothing else.

I don’t know how I made it out, it was terrible, there were people everywhere running scared.

I just closed my eyes every time there was a loud sound; I never expected to open them.

It was a like a very long, very bad dream.

So many things have happened in my lifetime.

The war began when I was already a grandmother and in my 60s.

I have seen things I never thought I would, so much death, so much destruction.

Tamil Kovil said...

I ‘ve read this article and seems to like the Victorious Sinhalese are humiliating the vanquished and dispossessed, disadvantaged Tamils, harass the Tamil girls and vandalize Tamil places of worship while abusing the meager water and other recourses in Jaffna
It is reported that the people of the North, especially in the Jaffna district, have developed a feeling of dissatisfaction, disaffection and contempt towards the people of the South, who post the end of the war are now engaging in pilgrimage and sightseeing related visits to the North in large numbers, and in the process totally disregarding the need for privacy, encroaching on meagre infrastructure resources and services of the district, causing significant negative impact on the environment/cleanliness and pollution in the area, and behaving in a manner unacceptable by the cultural and religious values of the Northerners.
These negative feelings are expressed in relation to the following issues highlighted in support of the claim;
1. Large and unrestricted numbers of pilgrims are traveling from the South to the Jaffna District especially to visit Naghadhipa, Nallur Kovil, Madhu Church and other places of religious worship and there are no adequate infrastructure facilities for this level of inflow
2. Following the pilgrimage these visitors engage in sightseeing and visit war damaged areas, IDP resettlement areas and places of religious and cultural heritage of the Northerners
3. During the sightseeing tours visitors do not effectively engage with the people of the area, do not respect their need for privacy nor empathise with their present status and enquire and try to extend any help or even express feelings of solidarity as citizens of one nation in brotherhood. They state and look at them in a manner that they feel that they were once captives of the Terror groups, then displaced persons and now destitute looked on by their southern citizens as animals in a cage or helpless people in a hopeless state. These feelings are heightened as the people in the North do not see their plight, lifestyles and challenges of life and livelihoods are shared by the southern brothers and sisters.
4. Large numbers use Duraiappa Stadium and areas in the vicinity and these areas are not capable of providing the necessary housing, waste, sanitation, garbage clearance facilities to the present level of visitors and therefore they use open areas and their resting areas for washing, toilets, cooking and leave the areas totally polluted with garbage, polythene, waste and toilet waste causing great inconvenience to residents
5. These pilgrims indiscriminately use the water and other resources of nearby temples, kovils and Churches and use water for washing, cleaning after toilet use etc without consideration of the cultural and religious values and use of these premises and the state they leave behind after use with no concern for residents who use the same facilities thereafter
6. Visitors who are not actual worshipers crowd temples/kovils during poojah time and crowd out actual users and disturb the sanctity and value of the poojahs
7. These pilgrims use religious places and culturally significant places like the Jaffna Library disrespectfully ( in shoes) and use it for lying down, relaxing and entertainment including some times for consumption of alcohol
8. High Ace Vans are sometimes parked in front of Kovils and other places of cultural significance and visitors have food and at times alcohol and dancing with blaring music disrespecting the places of worship and cultural values
9. Ladies and Young Girls on bicycles are subjected to harassment, whistling, hooting and negative comments by visitors
10. Insensitive behaviours all round by not recognizing and aligning with the the socio-cultural values of Northerners.”

Tamil Kovil said...


I have not been to the North post war, but vividly remember my post cease fire (2002) visits to Jaffna, Batticaloa, and Trincomalee where I encountered scenes and reactions very different to those described above. Those scenes were of the joyful mingling on equal terms of thousands of visitors and locals. Now, it appears, the meetings are of the victims and the vanquished. The primary fault is with neither the visitors nor the locals but with the manner in which the end of the war was treated by the national leadership and the media. The atmosphere of triumphalism, yet prevailing, is deeply damaging to inter ethnic harmony and to the prospects of healing wounds and reconstructing the Sri Lankan nation. There is much physical construction work but the locals remain disempowered and marginalized.

Under Apartheid, South Africa had been burdened with incomparably greater inter-ethnic hostilities and institutionalized racism and oppression than Sri Lanka ever was. But with the inspired leadership of Mandela, Tutu, and the others, they successfully dislodged those burdens in a manner that few predicted, and achieved a level of success that seemed impossible. Leadership of that quality may not appear anywhere on our planet for decades to come, but can we in Sri Lanka not find ways to bridge our much more modest but yet widening ethnic divides? We surely can, though, sadly, we see very little of even acknowledgement of the problem, still less of meaningful steps to address it. Our problems today are of our own creation and not of meddlesome foreigners or of the Diaspora

Bhairav said...

Bhairav said...

Slowly and steadily, Tamils' campaign of boycotting Srilankan products and other measures are paying the dividends now.

Bhairav said...


UN can't go against member states, says French envoy
[TamilNet, Friday, 05 March 2010, 12:17 GMT]
French Ambassador to the UN, Gerard Araud, when asked by the Inner City Press (ICP) on the Secretary Ban Ki Moon's inaction in Sri Lanka "on the slaughter of civilians in Sri Lanka," said "[t]he Secretary General can't go against member states which did not want to intervene." Meanwhile, Inner City Press in a previous story reported quoting reliable UN sources that Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama, had solicited a "UN job for his son" from UN Secretary General's Chief of Staff Vijay Nambiar.

"But a UN Secretary General is not entire the slave of the member states: he or she has an independent moral duty and diplomatic role. And if Ban Ki-moon couldn't do anything, why did he travel to Sri Lanka and then issue proclamations that he would follow up on accountability for war crimes, and reconciliation?" commented ICP's Matthew Lee.

French Ambassador to UN, Gerard Araud
Araud said that there was a sense of relief that the Sri Lankan government killed off the LTTE. The price for civilians was high, he said, perhaps too high, ICP reported.

Vijay Nambiar was alleged to have been involved in the "deadly surrenders" when Sri Lanka Army (SLA) reportedly killed members of the political section of the Liberation Tigers when they surrendered.

Vijay Nambia's brother, Satish Nambiar, a former Indian General, was a consultant to Sri Lanka Government was quoted by Sri Lanka defense ministry as praising Sri Lanka Army and its commander's conduct of war in the north.

Bhairav said...

Bhairav said...

According to some sources, 90% of intel wing of LTTE survived from the Mulliyavaikkal war. It is unknown how many were in the intel wing prior to Wanni war. Either way their inability was one of the factors for their Wanni defeat.

Tamil Kovil said...

Armed men arriving at the house of the owner of ‘Arul Vinayagar’ shop in Jaffna town a popular merchant in Madaththadi abducted his son, a 17-year-old student of a leading educational institution in Jaffna, at night around 11:00 p.m.

The abductors kept demanding 300 million rupees as ransom to release the boy using various phones from the time of abduction until Monday dawn and had threatened to kill the boy if the money is not paid.

Abduction for ransom in Jaffna peninsula started by Sri Lanka Government forces again?

•Armed men cannot move in this area withot the approval and involvement of the Army.
•Involvement of a government supported paramilitary group with the backing of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) intelligence unit in this abduction is alleged by civil society sources in Jaffna.
•Ransom to cover the expenses of President Mahinda’s visit to Jaffna on March 23rd?

Tamil Kovil said...

Chinese Navy in Sri Lanka

Navy officers inform the Sri Lankan and Chinese navy officers are living in Kachchatheevu, Sri Lanka.

“Chinese are living in the Island, and they had left the island temporarily due to the festival” has been informed by the Sri Lankan fishermen.

Chinese presence in both Kachchatheevu and Paalaitheevu does not portend well for Indian security in the Indian Ocean.

The failure of a balanced foreign policy on the part of India in supporting ethnic minority’s basic human rights to live as humans in Sri Lanka has unraveled this incident.

It is not only a singular evolution of political uneasiness, but there are already signs of suspected Chinese military installations in Sri Lanka targeted at the Indian security as well.

Tamil Kovil said...

Nearly 140 Tamil university students have “disappeared” during the conflict between the government forces and the LTTE, the main students union in Sri Lanka said.

Inter University Students Union (IUSF) has called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to reveal details of the disappeared students.

The IUSF says it condemns continuing detention of Tamils as the war against the LTTE is over.

Bhairav said...

If he is in your camp, he is man of all the good things, if not, he is womanizer and traitor. In fact, many former LTTE leaders abused the power one way or other. If Karuna had opted to stay with LTTE, he still would have been treated as hero instead of rouge military personnel.

Failed to make the rational decisions in the final stages of Wanni war by LTTE leadership forced other ranks make their own decisions that may have been influenced by their own families.

Tamil Kovil said...

The panel of experts being set up by the United Nations as part of an accountability process following the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka will not infringe on the country’s sovereignty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said

Tamil Kovil said...

Looks like Pottu is Alive after all!!

Even today, the names of Pottu Amman and two others linked with him have been posted under red notice in the ‘wanted list’ of Interpol website. If Pottu Amman is dead, there is no reason for his name being published in the ‘wanted list’ in the Interpol website.

Bhairav said...

A friend of mine visited Sri Lanka few weeks back, and showed some of the pictures he took when he visited Vavuniya and Kili. The ground reality is totally different back home from what diaspora Tamils picture here.

More than 1,500 alleged LTTE suspects are held at "Cheddikulam" SLA camp that allows relatives of those suspects visit them by forcing some strict rules. Of the 1,500 Tamil prisoners, a third of them are females. During the Wanni war, many LTTE recruits were forced ones, and some of them were also forced to marry one another. What you would see at the Cheddikulam camp can break your heart. Those visiting their relatives at the camp are mainly women with their less than 6 month old babies, and patiently waiting for their chances to see their spouse or brother or sister. There is also regular bus service for these family members from Vavuniya to Cheddikulam on separate route. Sinhalese are seen everywhere making money from these Tamils who leave their cellphones and cameras at the designated place that is run by Sinhalese in front the of Cheddikulam Camp. How these Tamil prisoners are treated another thing - 100s of them are forced to sleep in a tiny room, and in day time they will be taken to clean up their camp or roads.

Bhairav said...

[Looks like Pottu is Alive after all!! ]


Yes, but there won't be any impact.

Bhairav said...

Sinhalese owned shop in front of Cheddikulam SLA camp charges 20 Rupees for a cell phone to leave at their shop for an hour.

Bhairav said...

What about other more than 500 LTTErs perished on that same day?

Tamil Kovil said...

Thanks good post about Cheddikulam

Would you please write more details about the visit to the concentration camps ?


Ashok Kumar said...

After Maveerar's day and later after presidential polls, there is a gradual decline in Tamil media in focussing on Eelam issue. Even pro Eelam leaders seems to have slowed down. It may be quiet natural but something needs to be done to keep the spirit alive.

Tamil Kovil said...

11 000 Tamils tortured, raped, killed ?

9 months pass by and no one knows what happened to the 11 000 Tamils? No human rights organization visited them . No lawyers visited them? Where are they ? In mass graves ?

Sri Lankan Government must immediately make public specific information on the 11,000 detainees (including Young children) and whereabouts of those detained on security grounds and the legal basis for the detention of each individual. The government refuses to release these details of the 11,000 WHO surrendered, allegedly being held ‘incommunicado’ by the government in unknown locations are being tortured and are subjected to enforced disappearance apart from various other forms of harassment.

`Api Sri Lankikayo’

The IUSF has now launched a new campaign titled ` Api Sri Lankikayo’(We, Sri Lankans’) to spread it to the universities in the East and North. A JVP full-timer, Udul Premaratne, who is also the convener of the IUSF, is the leader of the ‘Api Sri Lankikayo’. The purported main objective of this organisation is to safeguard the rights of Tamil and Muslim students.

‘Api Sri Lankikayo’ is said to be planning to rally Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim university students under its banner and to secure the release of over 10,000 Tamil students now being held in detention camps.

It was reported that last month few young girls were taken away by Army and they never returned.

Sri Lankan government has asked international donors to provide financial support for these ”rehabilitation centres”. However the Human Rights group has urged the donors not to support these centres unless and until the rights of the detainees are fully respected.“In the absence of due process guarantees, support for these centres is support for the government’s illegal detention policy, No donor should be associated with that.”

Tamil Kovil said...

No To M&S

Tamils have today launched a campaign to say “NO to M&S” until that company stops all trade with Sri Lanka.

1. Why boycott?
Sri Lanka needs money for bombs, bullets and barbedwire. It can not kill, disappear or intern people without the funds. We want companies to stop funding atrocities. We want them to use trade as a privilege that countries have to earn.
2. Why M&S?
It is the world’s largest buyer of Sri Lankan clothes, estimated at £500 million a year.
3.What do you intend to do?

We have started a fan page on Facebook. There we want to build a community activists and share ideas. We will try to show popular consumer support for our campaign. Then we will go to the streets and demonstrate outside M&S clothing stores. We want the British public to know exactly what is paid for with money they spend at M&S.

4.How about governments?
We have worked with all the EU governments. They have now stopped trade benefits to Sri Lanka because of its dismal human rights records. We are asking M&S to support British government efforts.

Tamil Kovil said...

Abductions on the rise in the Eastern Province

Mahinda’s gift to Eastern Tamils (with the help of Minister Karuna)

Abductions of persons in the Eastern Province are reportedly on the rise.

While a large number of police complaints have been made in relation to such abductions, it has now been revealed that various armed groups formerly involved with Government minister Karuna in terrorist activities are now involved in abductions.

rces from the police said that they are unable to control due to involvement of government polititions, members of Army and leading government Ministers as it is the general election period.

The armed groups formerly involved with Government minister Karuna in terrorist activities are involved in instilling fear among their opponents by abducting several individuals from the opposing camps.

Tamil Kovil said...

Mahinda’s Sinhala regime will swallow Eastern Province in 10 years

“Mahinda Rajapakse’’s Sinhala regime plans to take over the Eastern Province under its complete control by wiping out Tamil representation but Tamil National Alliance will certainly defeat this insidious plan,” R. Sampanthan, leader of TNA, said addressing the first TNA election campaign meeting in Jaffna district held Wednesday at Aavarangkaal, sources in Jaffna said.

“In the context of Tamil representation being reduced in Eastern Province TNA can only get maximum representation in the North and therefore all the voters in Jaffna district should help to achieve this by casting their votes to TNA,” Sampanthan appealed.

Criticism is also leveled against TNA for carrying out election campaign not as a single united body but as seperate groups in Jaffna district.

“The government has paid money and imported persons from South and even abroad to contest as independent candidates in Jaffna district just to split the votes, and many circles here are lending their cooperation to this scheme”

Bhairav said...

It is getting real bad here.

Bhairav said...

[“Mahinda Rajapakse’’s Sinhala regime plans to take over the Eastern Province under its complete control by wiping out Tamil representation but Tamil National Alliance will certainly defeat this insidious plan,” ]

It is already happening in Kilinochi.

Bhairav said...

This author says "Puligals" haven't used its elite units in the latest Wanni war; guys like him for the reason why Tamils were kept in dark.

The reality is that Tamils can't afford another arms struggle for next 15 years. My friend from his recent trip of Sri Lanka said that LTTE is fully wiped out in SL.

Ashok Kumar said...


Nedumaran is repeatedly telling the same thing. He says that soon after the fall of Killinochi, most of the elite units and weapons went underground. First he made this claim during June last year itself.

Latest news is that five important pro Eelam leaders in Tamilnadu received a message from the Tiger high command recently. They once again confirmed that they are intact and appears to have communicated their gameplan.

Pottu Ammaan was moving around with the code name 'Kuruvi' and they say that recently he escaped from being captured alive by the security forces somewhere around Colombo. They say that one 'Charles' was also accompanying him.

Some reports even say that No.1 is also still around.

(From Junior Vigadan, Nakkeran and Thamizhaga arasiyal.)

Bhairav said...


I do not believe these same crap that LTTE haven't used its elite units in the latest Wanni war. More or less all the LTTE military leaders were killed or captured, so figure this out.

Bhairav said...

This article has hidden agenda to keep the Tamils in check. I knew the fact that many Sinhalese write on this site.

Bhairav said...

Is that just a coincidence or any connection that associated with the arrest of 9 Eelam Tamils in TN last week for why stopped updating for last 8 days?

Tamil Kovil said...

9 Tamil boys have been arrested by Q branch police in Tamil Nadu and imprisoned in Selgalpaddu jail. Police search house by house looking for Tamil young boys. IBC news 22/03/2010 @15:00 hours.

Ashok Kumar said...

Tamilaga Arasiyal:

காந்திய வழியிலும், அகிம்சை முறையிலும் போராடுவார்களாம்... ஒத்துழையாமை இயக்கத்தில் ஈடுபடுவார்களாம்... அதன்மூலம் தமிழர்களுக்கு உரிமைகளைப் பெற்றுத் தருவார்களாம்! இப்போது இவர்கள் சொல்வதை நாற்பது ஐம்பது ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பே ஈழத்து காந்தி தந்தை செல்வா செய்தே காட்டினாரே... மறந்துவிட்டார்களா?

கூட்டமைப்பு சொல்வது ஒருபுறம் இருக்கட்டும். இன்னொருபுறம், பிரபாகரன் இல்லவேயில்லை என்று குறிமேடை அமைத்துக் குறிசொல்லாத குறையாக சில உத்தமபுத்திரர்கள் பேசிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள். ‘ஈழம் ஒரு கனவு, அது முடிந்துவிட்டது’ என்பது அவர்கள் கொடுக்கும் உதிரித் தகவல்.

அங்கேயிருந்து ஓடிவந்த ஓர் எழுத்தாளர், விரட்டப்பட்டவராகவும் இருக்கலாம், இப்போதும் இங்கேயே இருக்கிறார். பிரபாகரன் இருக்கிறார் என்பதற்கு, தமிழ்நாட்டை விட்டு இந்த எழுத்தாளர் நகராமலிருப்பதுதான் வலுவான ஆதாரம்- என்று கிண்டலடிக்கிறார்கள் நண்பர்கள். அந்த எழுத்தாளரிடம் ‘இனிமேல் ஈழம்?’ என்று கேள்வி கேட்கிறது ஒரு பிரபல வார இதழ். ‘அதெல்லாம் இனிமேல் பகல்கனவு’ என்கிற தொனியில் பதில் சொல்கிறார் அந்த மேதை.

அந்தக் கனவு எவருடைய கனவு என்பதாவது இவர்களுக்குத் தெரியுமா? சம உரிமை கேட்டு அமைதியாகப் போராடி, காந்திய வழியில் போராடி, அகிம்சை முறையில் போராடி, ஒவ்வொரு போராட்டத்திலும் அடி உதை பட்டு நசுங்கிய பிறகுதான், ஈழத்து காந்தியான தந்தை செல்வா, பிரிந்து போவதைத் தவிர வேறுவழியில்லை என்கிற முடிவுக்கு வந்தார்.

நியாயம் கேட்ட தமிழர்களைத் தாக்க முதலில் ஆயுதம் தூக்கியது சிங்கள அரசுதான். அரசாங்கத்தின் அராஜகம் உச்சத்தை எட்டியபிறகே, ‘இவர்களோடு இனி சேர்ந்து வாழமுடியாது. பிரிவதைத் தவிர வேறுவழியில்லை. தமிழருக்கென தனி நாடு அமைப்போம்’ என்று செல்வா அறிவித்தார்.

‘பிரிந்து போவதை ஆதரிப்பவர்கள் எனக்கு வாக்களியுங்கள்’ என்று அறிவித்தே காங்கேசன் துறை இடைத் தேர்தலில் வென்றார். அதற்கு அடுத்த ஆண்டே, 1976-ல் வட்டுக்கோட்டையில் நடந்த மாநாட்டில், தமிழ் ஈழம்தான் ஒரே வழி என்று தீர்மானிக்கப்பட்டது. 1977 பொதுத் தேர்தலை, பிரிந்து போவது என்கிற கோரிக்கையை முன்வைத்தே சந்தித்தன தமிழர் இயக்கங்கள். மகத்தான வெற்றியையும் பெற்றன. செல்வா என்கிற காந்தியவாதிதான் தனிநாடு கோரிக்கையை எழுப்பியவரே தவிர, பிரபாகரன் அல்ல.

Ashok Kumar said...

செல்வாவின் கனவை நிறை-வேற்றுவதற்கான முயற்சியில், எந்த சமரசமும் செய்துகொள்ளாமல் ஈடுபட்டவர்கள் விடுதலைப் புலிகள். இலங்கைப் பிரச்னையில் இந்தப் பிராந்தியத்தின் வல்லரசான இந்தியா வலுக்கட்டாயமாகத் தலையிட்டு, இலங்கைக்கு மட்டுமே சாதகமான ராஜீவ்-ஜெயவர்த்தனே ஒப்பந்தம் செய்துகொள்ளப் பட்டபோது, அதில் தனி ஈழம் பற்றி எதுவும் பேசப்படாததைத் துணிவுடன் சுட்டிக்காட்டி, அதை ஏற்க மறுத்தவர்கள் புலிகள் மட்டுமே. அவர்களிடம் மட்டும்தான், ஒரு குட்டி வல்லரசின் மோசடியை எதிர்த்துப்பேசும் நேர்மையும் நெஞ்சுரமும் இருந்தது.

‘செய் அல்லது செத்துமடி’ என்று சொல்லவேண்டிய நிலைக்கு காந்தியைக் கொண்டுசென்றது பிரிட்டிஷ் அரசாங்கம்தானே தவிர, தாமாகவே விரும்பி அவர் அப்படிச் சொல்லவில்லை. பிரபாகரனுக்கும் இது பொருந்தும். 1942ல் காந்தி விடுத்த அறைகூவலை, 30, 40 ஆண்டுகள் கழித்து, தங்கள் மண்ணுக்குப் பொருந்துகிற விதத்தில் பிரபாகரன் ஏற்கவேண்டியிருந்தது. விடுதலைப் புலிகள் என்றில்லை, உலகின் எந்த மூலையிலும், விடுதலைக்காக உண்மையாகவே போராடும் எந்த தேசிய இனமும், ஏதாவது ஒருகட்டத்தில் காந்தியின் மனநிலைக்கு வரத்தான் செய்யும்.

காந்தியம் பற்றியெல்லாம் கவலைப்-படாமல், இனப்படுகொலைக்குக் காரணமாயிருந்த ராஜபக்ஷே இந்தியாவுக்கு வருகிற நாளை ஆவலோடு எதிர்பார்ப்பதாக அறிவிக்கிறது இந்தியா. கொலை செய்தவர்களும், கொலை செய்யத் தூண்டியவர்களும் கைகோத்துக் கொள்வதில் ஆச்சரியமில்லைதான். ஓர் உண்மையை நாம் புரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். சரத் பொன்சேகாவின் கழுத்தை இறுக்கும் கயிற்றின் இரண்டு பக்கங்களிலுமே சுருக்கு இருக்கிறது. ஒருபக்க சுருக்கு பொன்சேகாவின் கழுத்தில் மாட்டப்பட்டிருப்பது மட்டும்தான் வெளிப்பார்வைக்குத் தெரிகிறது. மறுபக்க சுருக்கு ராஜபக்ஷேக்களின் கழுத்தில்தான் மாட்டப்படும். இதைப் புரிந்துகொண்டு, முன்னெச்சரிக்கையாகப் பேசுவது முக்கியம்.

அப்பாவி மக்கள் தாக்கப்படவில்லை- என்று சொன்னதிலிருந்து, பிரபாகரன் கொல்லப்பட்டதாக சொன்னது வரை, இலங்கை பேசிய ஒரே ஒரு வார்த்தையிலாவது உண்மை இருந்திருக்கிறதா? ஒரு பொய்யை மறைக்க இன்னொரு பொய், அதை மறைக்க வேறொரு பொய் என்று தொடர்கிறது ராஜபக்ஷேவின் பொய். தான் சொல்கிற பொய்களால், தன் முகத்தில் தானே கரிபூசிக்கொள்ளும் ராஜபக்ஷே, சந்தர்ப்பம் கிடைத்தால் அதை இந்தியாவின் முகத்திலும் பூசுவார் என்பது சமீபத்தில் நிரூபிக்கப்பட்டது.

இறப்புச் சான்றிதழை அனுப்பிவைக்காமல் இலங்கை இழுத்தடிக்கிறது என்று சி.பி.ஐ. கூற, ஆவணங்கள் வந்துவிட்டதாகக் கூறினார் சிதம்பரம். சி.பி.ஐ. பொய் சொல்கிறதா, சிதம்பரம் பொய் சொல்கிறாரா? எவராவது ஒருவருக்கு நார்கோ அனாலிசிஸ் சோதனை செய்தால்தான் உண்மை தெரியவருமென்று தோன்றுகிறது.

இப்போது உறுதியான ஆவணங்களை அனுப்பி வைக்கும்படி இலங்கையை இந்தியா கேட்டிருக்கிறது. அப்படியென்றால், இவ்வளவு நாள் இலங்கை அனுப்பியது தவறான ஆவணங்களா? கொன்றுவிட்டோம் என்ற தங்கள் பிரசாரத்தை நிரூபிக்க பொய்யான ஆதாரங்களை அள்ளிவீசிய இலங்கையால், இறப்புச் சான்றிதழை இன்னும் கொடுக்கமுடியவில்லையே... ஏன்? ஒரு பொய்ப் பிரசாரத்தை அழுத்தம்திருத்தமாக எழுத்துவடிவில் இன்னொரு நாட்டுக்கு அதிகாரபூர்வமாகத் தெரிவிப்பதென்பது, உலக அரங்கில் தன் மீது துளியூண்டு இருக்கும் நம்பகத் தன்மையையும் தகர்த்துவிடும் என்பதால், இறப்புச் சான்றிதழ் தருவதைத் தவிர்க்க இலங்கை முயல்கிறதா? அல்லது, பொய்யான இறப்புச் சான்றிதழை வாங்க இந்தியா தயங்குகிறதா? சிதம்பரம் ஒருமாதிரியும் சி.பி.ஐ. வேறுமாதிரியும் பேசுவதைக் கேட்கும் எவருக்கும் இந்தச் சந்தேகம் வரும்.

Ashok Kumar said...

கூட்டிக் கழித்துப் பெருக்கிப் பார்த்தால், ஒன்றுமட்டும் புரிகிறது. இறந்துவிட்டதாகச் சொல்வது, யுத்தம் முடிந்துவிட்டதாக அறிவித்தபின் நடத்தப்படும் பிரசார யுத்தம். விடுதலைப் புலிகளின் ஆதரவாளர்களும் ஈழ மக்களும் தமிழக மக்களும், தமிழ் ஈழம் என்பதை முற்றிலுமாக மறந்துவிடவேண்டும் என்பது அந்தப் பொய்ப் பிரசாரத்தின் நோக்கமாக இருக்கவேண்டும்.

தமிழ் ஈழத்தைக் கைவிட்டு-விட்டதாக அறிவிப்பவர்கள் இலங்கை அரசின் உள்நோக்கத்தைப் புரிந்து-கொள்ள வேண்டும். (தமிழ் தேசிய கூட்டமைப்பில் உள்ள சிலர் சற்று தாமதமாகவாவது இதைப் புரிந்துகொண்டு, தனி நாடு கோரிக்கை கைவிடப்-பட்டதில் தங்களுக்கு உடன்பாடில்லை என்று சொல்லியிருப்பது நமக்கு மகிழ்ச்சிதான்.) அதைப் புரிந்துகொள்கிறார்களோ இல்லையோ, முதலில் ராஜபக்ஷேவிடம் முறை-யிடுவது, அவர் மனமிரங்காவிட்டால் இந்தியாவிடம் முறையிடுவது என்கிற தங்களது போராட்டப் பாதை எவ்வளவு கோணலானது என்பதையாவது புரிந்துகொள்ள முன்வரவேண்டும்.

சுய நிர்ணய உரிமை- என்றே இப்போதும் குறிப்பிடும் இங்கேயுள்ள நண்பர்களும் ஒன்றைப் புரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். பிரிந்து சென்று தனி அரசு அமைப்பது என்பதைத் தவிர, அதற்கு வேறென்ன பொருள்? ‘தமிழ் ஈழம்’ என்று செல்வா அதற்குப் பெயரிட்டு, அதை அந்த மக்கள் அங்கீகரித்து 35 ஆண்டுகள் ஆகிவிட்டன. அந்தப் பெயரில் பல ஆண்டுகளாக அரசாங்கமே நடத்தப் பட்டிருக்கிறது பிரபாகரனால். அந்தப் பெயரிலேயே அதை அழைக்க, கோத்தபய மீதிருக்கும் பயத்தில் அங்கேயிருக்கும் நண்பர்கள் வேண்டுமானால் தயங்கலாம். இங்கேயிருக்கும் நண்பர்களுக்கு என்ன தயக்கம்? தமிழ் ஈழம் என்று சொன்னால், 21-ம் நூற்றாண்டு காந்திகள் நம்மைத் தூக்கில் போட்டுவிடுவார்கள் என்று பயப்படுகிறார்களோ?

Ashok Kumar said...

Maalai Malar:

இந்த நிலையில் சிங்கள அரசுக்கு மீண்டும் ஒரு அதிர்ச்சி வைத்தியத்தை விடுதலைப்புலி தலைவர்கள் கொடுத்துள்ளனர். நாங்கள் நல்ல உடல் நலத்துடன் பத்திரமாக இருக்கிறோம் என்று பிரபாகரனும், பொட்டு அம்மானும் கடிதம் எழுதி உலகம் முழுக்க வாழும் தங்கள் ஆதரவாளர்களுக்கு அனுப்பி உள்ளனர்.

அத்தகைய ஒரு கடிதம் தமிழக அரசியல் தலைவர் உட்பட 5 பேருக்கு வந்திருப்பதாக தகவல் வெளியாகி உள்ளது. இதன் மூலம் பிரபாகரன், பொட்டு அம்மான் மற்றும் தளபதிகள் உயிருடன் இருப்பது மீண்டும் ஒரு தடவை உறுதிப்படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது. இது உலகம் முழுக்க வாழும் தமிழர்களிடம் மட்டற்ற மகிழ்ச்சியை ஏற்படுத்தி உள்ளது.

இதற்கிடையே விடுதலைப்புலிகள் மீண்டும் ஆயுதப்போராட்டத்தை தொடங்குவார்களா? களத்தில் எல்லாவற்றையும் இழந்து விட்ட நிலையில் அதற்கு சாத்தியம் உள்ளதா? சிங்கள பேரினவாதத்தை ஆயுதப் போராட்டத்தால் வீழ்த்த எவ்வளவு நாட்கள் தேவைப்படும்? என்றெல்லாம் எதிர்பார்ப்பு நிலவுகிறது.

ஆயுதப் போராட்டத்தை மீண்டும் தொடங்கும் வல்லமை விடுதலைப்புலிகளிடம் இருப்பதாக சர்வதேச போர் நிபுணர்கள் ஏற்கனவே கூறியுள்ளனர். ஆனால் சொந்த நாட்டில் எல்லா உரிமையும் பெற்று வாழ கேட்கும் கோரிக்கையை தீவிரவாதம் என்று சிலர் முத்திரை குத்துவதை சாத்வீக முறையில் எதிர் கொள்ள விடுதலைப்புலிகள் தீர்மானித்து இருப்பதாக தெரிகிறது. உலக வரலாற்றில் சொந்த மண்ணில் வாழா விட்டாலும் நாடு கடந்த அரசை உருவாக்கி பல இனம் வெற்றி பெற்றிருப்பது போல, ஒரு முயற்சியை தற்போது விடுதலைப்புலிகள் முன் எடுத்துள்ளனர்.

அதாவது நாடு கடந்த ஈழ அரசை விடுதலைப்புலிகள் உருவாக்கி வருகிறார்கள். இதற்கான நடடிவக்கைகளில் விடுதலைப்புலிகளின் சர்வ தேச பிரிவு ஈடுபட்டுள்ளது.

Bhairav said...

India is going to be another USSR of South Asia.