Monday, February 1, 2010

VP, Death, and the Myth!

The latest story at Tamilwin - - is stirring the controversy surrounding the death of VP once more. It is astonishing to see how the person who is Srilankan army officer on this image resembles the body of VP that was shown in all Srilankan channels.

It's the real image of VP that was taken on 2007 Maveerar Day.

There were mixed opinions among pro-Tamils about the death of VP prior to this news story at Tamilwin as some thought he may have been killed and some simply said he never dies. For any common-sensed person, it was hard to reject the opinion of death of VP earlier as all the evidences in Mulliyavaikal directly pointed his death. Mind you, well into first week after the alleged killing of VP on May 18th by SLA, KP who is in Srilankan army custody now maintained his position that VP was alive then. I will reproduce few excerpts of the Tamilnet’s interview with KP that took place on May 18th, 2009.

TamilNet: The Sri Lankan Government has declared the war won and has claimed that Mr Pirapaharan, the leader of LTTE has been killed. Has Colombo really won the war?

S. Pathmanathan, Head of LTTE's International Diplomatic Relations
Pathmanathan: The Sri Lankan government makes unverified claims. I am only able to ascertain that our National Leader is alive and well. It is true that many of our senior members and leaders have either given up their lives or been treacherously killed. This is very unfortunate, but it is important to realize that our struggle will continue until the aspirations of our people are realized.

The Sri Lankan Government may have declared a military victory. But it does not realize that it is a hollow victory. It has completely lost the trust and confidence of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

One thing is clear that LTTE hierarchy was confident of KP then, otherwise they wouldn’t have moved him into higher up the position of Head of LTTE’s international relations when things started to get serious in the midst of Wanni war. After the executions of political leaders- Nadesan, Pulidevan and along with 300 others- on May 17th, the remaining LTTE hierarchy, assume VP was alive then, may have smelled the rat in KP and that put them not to share the info with KP anymore. Either way LTTE intelligence wing that learned the lessons of its life in the final week of battle in Wanni may have awaken from its sleep in time to think what was right for Tamils and its organization by going silent about the death of VP, even if he was alive. What puzzling to me is that why LTTE allowed the common enemy – GoSL- takes control of KP saga. The seismic proportions of Wanni events may have prevented LTTE think clearly for some time. It looks to me they’re still figuring out the good and bad apples even in their organization itself now.

Revelation of VP alive can bring greater harms than VP dead for Tamils for the time being. Let it be what is now that VP is dead. For your own euphoria, you may bring harm to those 14,000 Tamil youths who’re in SLA’s custody now and to those who lost loved ones and their own limps in the war from any chance of rebuilding their remaining scattered lives.

As it seems, LTTE is slowly overhauling its ship now. Look at their new website – – and it looks to me real site of their own. Don’t jump on the bandwagon quickly, and the GoSL and its Intel channels can double or even triple cross you here with their abundance of Tamil traitors from its arsenal. If you visit, you would know that it is functioning well now. All it suggests that they’re in the fast-paced rebuilding mode now. The immutable fact of life for anyone is that there are two states in SL now regardless of VP’s existence.


Ashok Kumar said...

A 'Right To Information' (RTI) pettion was filed to find out whether Srilanka had handed over 'death certificate(!)' of Prabhakaran to the Indian Government. The reply was in negative.

Except for Srilanka's 'video show', what evidence is available?

Why the Srilankan government disposed the 'body' in such a hurry, even without exibiting it the international or local press?

Were Tiger's so careless to let their leader's body orphaned and made available to the enemies?

Tigers are known to keep long silence on number of occassions regarding rumours of Prabhakaran's death and make his appearance dramatically only when it suits them.

Why should Nedumaran, vaiko etc.. declare again and again that he is alive? Afterall, they are not getting any political mileage by doing so. Neither they can do any fund raising in Tamilnadu.

Only discordant note was the absence of Maveerar day's speech.

Indian said...

Ashok \ Bhairav,

Do you think a legitimate Government will put down its reputation on the line by showing the body of VP to the entire world.

Agreed,the footages were shot by them and released by them.But I can understand the amount of pressure they might have had to dispose the body off as early as possible before the ramifications can be felt elsewhere.

Yes,we did have VP dying so many times before.But the difference then and now is that he was presumed dead and we had no physical evidence shown.Now that the GoSL went full steam ahead,imagine what would happen should VP surface somewhere else alive?

Ashok, Poiko and the likes are not bothered about votes.See you need votes,power to get access to the resources.When you have a Goose laying golden egg and giving that resource to you in abundance,even when you are not in power,they would be only a fool to kill that goose.

Did you read the first hand account of a person about the conduct of these people during Muthukumar's death.

Bhairav said...


Both have valid points but I incline little towards Indian's arguement.

You need a cutting edge product to sell with the people just as what Google,MSFT and Apple have it. To survive the Eelam struggles, you need to have VP personality. Without him, it will be uphill task for any of his eventual successors to take over this struggle into new level. It can be obvious choice from the remaining LTTE sympathizers and leaders to maintain the fact that VP is alive, even if he is not.

Indian, the spontaneous reactions of 100s of SLA personnels in the video footage of VP's body made me to think VP is no more. As you said, GoSL had more to lose if they showed VP imposter. On the flip side, many who closely monitor LTTE ask what happened to those of Dvora type gun-boats LTTE had.

Indian said...

Where do you think a Dvora super boat could have taken VP?At the most to a waiting bigger vessel in the high sea's or TN.But with GOI hell bent on not allowing him to get out of the Srilankan soil alive,he just ran out of options.

I believe in the theory doing rounds strongly here.The end for VP wasnt on the battlefield.One thing for sure is,he never followed the method that he so succesfully advocated to hundreds before him - Cyanide kuppi.VP's supporters knew it all too well.

But they cant go tell the world that their SunGod surrendered and was butchered.That takes away the image they\VP had cultivated with their propoganda machinery running full swing.

The GoSL knows this all too well.They can say they laid trap here \ had a brilliant gameplan and got VP.

VP's supporters are split into two.One group thinks they have no other go but to play along telling that he attained martyrdom fighting for the cause till his last breath - thereby they maintain VP's image and take the people along.

The other group thinks,by keeping VP alive,they can rally around people.

But both the groups have one underlying common point.To maintain VP's image @ any cost since if this image is broken and fact coming out,people who supported him and fell head over heels for his image will for sure be shattered.

Atleast for me,when I saw the pics of Balachandran \ Charles Anthony,its pretty clear.VP is not amongst the living anymore and he was butchered.

Bhairav said...

There were at least 25 suicide attacks in the last day alone of final Wanni war. Do you think that they entertained the idea of surrendering that time? Yes, the political wing of LTTE did surrender to see them executed in 100s.

Many things were said about Pottu, Mathivathani, Duvaraka and Balachandran, but none was produced to back up their claims.

Suresh said...

[Do you think a legitimate Government will put down its reputation on the line by showing the body of VP to the entire world.]

2 years ago SL said VP was badly injured and so on.

LTTE released photos of VP paying tribute to Black tigers and he was perfectly fine.

They haven't recovered Pottu's or Soosai's body. Pottu will never leave VP. If VP's body was there so will Pottu's body.

GR says Pottu is 100% dead but they can't find him...

Suresh said...

CID/Raw/CBI (one of them) from India came and checked the finger prints but they were baffled because it didn't match VPs. They first took his finger prints when he was in India in the 80s.(I think when he was arrested). That's why they haven't given VPs death certificate.

Bhairav said...

Suresh, above link can answer your query. Either way it is hard to verify this news.

Indian said...

When was the final day of the Wanni war?If I remember correct,KP annoucing VP's death,mentioned he attained martyrdom on 17th(or was it 18th)

GoSL said they found the body on 19th morning.Something is definitely amiss.

I am not sure about the 25 suicide blasts you talk about.May I know what your source is?I believe more and more on the "buthcered" theory after seeing the pics of VP \ CA and Balachandran.Too clean to be a battle death(Incase of VP\CA) and collateral(Incase of Balachandran).

Didnt MOD release pics of Soosai's body as well.I think I have that link.Will post here.

Thats exactly the point.Earlier it was "Presumed" "Sources say/indicate" etc.Its akin to the US claims on Taliban leaders.But when you go full ahead and show the body to the entire world,you cant take chances.

Bhairav said...

[If I remember correct,KP annoucing VP's death,mentioned he attained martyrdom on 17th(or was it 18th)]


I guess he did it on May 19th ( North American time )

As for 25 suicide attacks, some even said there were 50 such attacks on May 16th.

Bhairav said...

Bhairav said...

Indian said...

I am not talking about the release of that press report from KP announcing VP's death.KP had clearly mentioned VP attained martyrdom on 17th or 18th.

Tamil Kovil said...

Sri Lanka to demolish 27 Hindu Temples

About twenty seven Saiva temples and several cultural monuments and identities located along both sides of the highway would be demolished and desecrated if the widening is taken place without consulting the intellectuals and Jaffna university community.

The statement states that Jaffna Hindu and Tamil community are shocked over the widening of Jaffna-KKS highway and they have requested the ACHC to take this matter with the high authorities and to save their cultural heritage in the peninsula.

All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC) expressed deep concern over Sri Lanka's planned widening of the Jaffna-Kankesanthurai high way from Jaffna town to KKS as the plan would lead to the destruction and desecration of twenty seven Saiva temples and several historical cultural monuments

Tamil Kovil said...

An extremist Buddhist monk with armed support has arrived at Thalai Mannaar Pier area, the nearest point opposite to the Indian coast, to buy 1000 acres of land and to start a Sinhala-Buddhist colony there, news sources from Mannaar said. While nearby Mullaiththeevu and Trincomalee of the Tamil north and east are never linked for ages, A3 highway in the western coast is going to be extended according to Colombo reports, linking Puththa’lam and Mannaar through Vilpattu forest to facilitate inroads of Sinhala colonies. In the meantime, India is learnt to have gifted to Sri Lanka a replica of Asoka’s rock edict speaking of his Buddhist emissary to the island.

Suresh said...

Sarath Fonseka got arrested today...

Tamil Kovil said...

Former Army Commander and Common Presidential Candidate General Sarath Fonseka was assaulted and dragged by his feet before being arrested by the Military Police

Bhairav said...

Interesting developments

By K T Rajasingham
Colombo, 09 February (
Sarath Fonseka, the unsuccessful Presidential candidate arrested for his military crimesThe scene: office of an important person located opposite the Royal College, Colombo. The time: 10 p m on Monday.

The Provo Martial of the Military Police Brigadier Wijesri enters the Office with authority. He is accompanied by Maj Gen S R Manawaduge, Commandant of Western Province and Puttalam, and the Colonel of the Commando Regiment. The police top echelons are also present.

The Provo Martial of the Military Police Brigadier has an important assignment on hand, that was already talk of the town. Only the timing was not known and how was not known.

The million dollar assignment is carrying out the state’s order—the arrest of the former Army Commander and the Chief of Defence Staff. Sarath Fonseka, the unsuccessful presidential candidate.

As the military top brass enter the office, Mano Ganeshan leader of the Democratic Peoples Front , Somawansa Amarasinghe, Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna, Rauff Hakeem, Leader of the Muslim Congress, and Retired Police Captain Senaka Arnold Haripriya de Silva alias Captain Shah Silva are seated there.

The Army asks the political associates who are there to leave the place for them to perform their military duties without any let or hindrance. Nay, it was an order.

While the politicians refused to leave the premises, Captain Shah Silva starts abusing the Army officers in filthy language and begins to curse the Sri Lankan President, Asian Tribune learnt.

He was arrested and handed over to the police who was wanted by them, as he was evading arrest.

At that time Sarath Fonseka was wearing a half sleeves white shirt, Brown color pant and also wearing shoes.

Subsequently, the Provo Martial of the Military Police Brigadier Wijesri informs politely to Sarath Fonseka about his impending arrest.

Asian Tribune learnt that Sarath Fonseka demands that he should be arrested only by the Police.

Even though there are leading police personnel present along with the Army personnel, Brigadier Wijesri, the head of the Military Police says that they have come to make a military arrest and reads out charges against him.
The main charges are:

• Politicking whilst in uniform

• Conspiring against the Commander-in-Chief whilst in Service,

• Harboring more than 1,500 deserters whilst on service,

• And corrupt practices in relating to military procurements

After reading out the charges the Military Police chief requests Sarath Fonseka to follow them to the vehicle to be taken out.

As Sarath Fonseka refuses to cooperate with Military Officers who came for his arrest on the orders of the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, and started to abuse the officers in utter filth as usual, the Army Officers told Asian Tribune that they had to force carry him to the vehicle.

As he is force carried, by the armymen, Asian Tribune learnt that later Sarath Fonseka agrees to walk the distance to the vehicle and so he was allowed to walk.

The former Army Commander was taken in a bullet-proof land rover and Asian Tribune learnt ultimately he has been lodged in one of the quarters located at the Sri Lanka Navy Head Quarters.

Bhairav said...

Having SF alive for some time is hugely important for the success of International war crimes tribunals against the current Srilankan war-criminals.

He clearly knows something that Tamils should not know.

Bhairav said...

You should read it.

Bhairav said...

See the t-shirt of the male model from the link I posted above. If they do not know how to write "peace" in Tamil, they should not write it.

It should be "சமாதானம்" instead of "சமாதாணம்".

See this article as well :

Tamil Kovil said...

The Arrest of the General:

Maj-Gen Manawaduge barked out orders to the military personnel to take hold of Fonseka.

At one point he had rasped to hesitating personnel “Ai balaganing inne. Bellen allaganda”(Why are you just watching and waiting, grasp his throat.)

He then ordered soldiers to drag the general (adagena yande).

The soldiers then grasped the hands and legs of Sarath Fonseka and forcibly dragged him along.

The politicians witnessing this disgusting spectacle of an ex-Army chief being humiliated in this way remonstrated with the army officers but to no avail as Maj-Gen Manawaduge ignored them.

Sarath Fonseka kept on shouting and struggling as he was forcibly dragged down the steps from the first floor.

Some of the soldiers dragging the General were seen hitting their former commander in a bid to restrain him.

One soldier was seen delivering a powerful punch to the back of Sarath Fonseka’s head.

Bhairav said...

[Some of the soldiers dragging the General were seen hitting their former commander in a bid to restrain him.

One soldier was seen delivering a powerful punch to the back of Sarath Fonseka’s head.]

It is nothing compared to those of 1000s of Tamil youth who went through the torture and trauma under the state terrorism. How many Tamil girls were raped in the SLA custody? Look at the Ch4 clip that can become the symbolic of what Tamils endured in Mulliyavaikal. Even one week ago, there was a news of a Tamil girl who was raped by CID officer while she was in his custody for further interrogation. What about the two young female bodies of Tamils who were dumped in the well recently in Kilinochi? What it tells now?

I won't shed one single drop of tear for these guys. Before they meet their fates, they should feel the pain of innocent victims how they went through in their hands. This fiasco has become a place for breeding hatred among these former allies, and in that process, you may see how they take out each other - it can spreads into their family members as well. In the end, justice will prevail. It is better if one of these criminals can reveal the mystery surrounding of death of many lives in the Mulliyavaikal battle. If not for these infighting, we may not see the truth.

Lets sit back and watch this drama to unfold.

Suresh said...

Two Britons jailed for selling armour piercing ammunition to SLA

Two Britons were jailed for 9 years and 7 years by Southwark Crown Court Judge James Wadsworth for "knowingly trading in large amounts of ammunition for totally war-like, destructive and death-dealing use, without a UK licence," BBC reported Monday. Gideon Sarig, 58, of west London and 64-year-old Howard Freckleton, of north London, were found guilty of supplying "bombs, armour-piercing ammunition and other weapons to Sri Lanka's military and Israel have been jailed," BBC said in the report.

The self-employed arms dealers sold 1,000 bombs from the Ukraine to the Sri Lankan Army in 2005 and 3,900 rounds of 30mm armour-piercing incendiary ammunition from Serbia and Montenegro to Sri Lanka between February 2005 and May 2006.

The weapons were used in Sri Lanka's "long, protracted and bloody civil war" with the Tamil Tigers, the jury was told, according to the BBC report.

An official at the Custom's specialist on military exports said that the two accused "flagrantly breached UK trade controls on the supply of military equipment between third countries, some of which were areas of armed conflict and others of which were close to such areas."

Source: Tamilnet

Bhairav said...

This is what I told in my last thread of " Never too Late " by using the straight words.

Now you hear it from Tamilnet from its today's feature. I say it again, without the rise of Tamil youth in Tamilnadu, Tamils will continue to suffer in SL.

Please see this article of Tamilnet's editorial board.

Bhairav said...

This article on NY Times by Cohen is somewhat correlated with the current Eelam-Lankan issues. In this case, India plays the role of US.

Bhairav said...

Nisal - නිසල් said...

VP is smiling with solders. A scene just before the end???

Eelam said...

SF is behind bars with tight security, and has no contacts with the outside world. He cannot talk to media, or anything. The Sri lankan government plans to hang him, due to fear that he may leak the truth to the world. Have no doubts regardless of SF's arrest the truth will come out.

ALL of these points just lead to one thing..... SF knows that the body of VP shown was fake. SF knows exactly how many people were killed, and that all of the LTTE leaders are in safe locations currently reqrouping to carry out a massive blow to the Sri Lankan government and to Sri Lanka.


ஒரு தலைவன் வருகைக்காய் காத்திருந்தோம் எங்கள் தலைவன் பிறந்தான் ..
எங்கள் தலைவன் பிரபாகரன் அந்த முருகனுக்கே அவன் நிகரானவன்