Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to the Vanni: Video from

By Priya Chandramukhi

Everyone was asking for this video. Now has posted it, so it shouldn't disappear:


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Editor: "Badrinath" said...

This song will become a classic.

Bhairav said...

Sinhalese who support the war should watch this, otherwise i wouldn't promote this video, obviously everyone knows how bad these wars are.

aKa said...

Ask the people their choice - LTTE

Have those who advocate evacuation ever cared to ask the concerned civilians whether they want to leave? What will they do if people refuse evacuation? Will they allow them to be killed, asked Yogaratnam Yogi, LTTE military advisor in Vanni in a speech given by him to the LTTE broadcast, Voice of Tigers, Thursday. Why are the governments reluctant to ask our people whether they want to live under the Sri Lanka government or under their own government? They don’t ask because they know the answer. Our request to the world is to pose this question to the people and make decisions rather than attempting through murder and denial of food, in the belief of forcing the people to accept the Sri Lankan regime, Yogi said.

On an average, Colombo is firing around 1000 shells a day at Puthukkudiyiruppu. 30,000 to 50,000 shells are fired every month at our people.

The world media, which showed great concern on the effects of the long-term and short-term trauma that would be experienced by Sri Lanka’s cricketers shot at Pakistan, was silent on the killing of more than 100 people including around 20 children on the same day in Vanni by Colombo’s shelling.

Some international politicians who moved closely with us during peace-time to know the ins and outs of our problems are now showering praises to the murderous activities of the Sri Lankan government and are waiting for the day Tigers will be completely wiped out, hoping to reap benefits. The Sinhala government will not succeed.

Indian Ministers like Chidambaram lied and mislead global Tamil opinion by saying that the LTTE stepped on the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord.

We gave our weapons believing in India’s protection. But India didn’t take any measures when Colombo breaching the Accord, arrested LTTE leaders that eventually led to their death. The same India, in the name of protecting the Accord, fought against us, killing 6000 Tamils.

United North and East was the basis of the Accord. India did nothing when Colombo abrogated the accord, severing the union. Tigers have no hand in the failure of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord.

Mr. Yogaratnam Yogi was the political chief of the LTTE, who presided over the handing over of LTTE arms in 1987 after the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord. The senior leader is presently an advisor to the fighting forces of the LTTE.

Full translation of the speech broadcast by the Voice of Tigers follows:

Human toll in Vanni, in the last two months has exceeded 3000, and Gaza deaths pale in comparison to the devastation in the Tamil homeland. International community has largely remained silent.

Liberation Tigers have been spearheading the Tamil struggle for the last two decades against the Sri Lankan regime. Tamils cannot stop this struggle. On average, Sri Lankan government is shelling Puthukudiyiruppu with more than 1000 artillery shells, daily. In the past, Sri Lanka has attacked our area with 30,000 to 50,000 artillery shells every month.

Artillery shelling is aimed at killing our people and to destroy us. Our neighboring country India and the world continue to issue vague statements of distress, which confuse and mislead. No constructive steps have been taken to improve the situation we face.

US South Asian bureau chief Richard Boucher is talking about evacuating the people prior to any talks on ceasefire. We have some questions regarding his stand. He is talking about people’s freedom; allowing free movement of people.

What is freedom, we ask. Is leaving your home and taking refuge in another place called freedom? What freedom is waiting for us in this land they are directing us to take refuge? They don’t answer this question. In the promised land of refuge, what await us are detention camps and army camps. Are people free in this area of refuge? Are the people allowed free movement?

There is another dimension to this plan. Those who want to remove the people – little more than 300,000 people away from Puthukkudiyiruppu.

Have they ever asked these people whether they want to leave this place? What are they going to do with the people who refuse to leave their homes? Will they allow these people to be destroyed by Sri Lankan shelling?

Sri Lanka and the governments supporting them believe that by denying food and murdering, they can make our people turn against the liberation struggle. They believe they can cultivate support for the Sri Lankan regime through force.

If you ask our people, they will say that despite the hardships, they are willing to live and die in their homeland. Why are the governments reluctant to ask our people their choice – do you want to live under Sri Lankan government or under self government? These governments know the answer to the question they don’t ask.

Let us compare our state to the story of another nation, fondly remembered by the world. 2000 years after loosing their state, Jews returned to a sovereign nation in 1948. Same world have to answer why Tamils, with similar antiquity as the Jews are asked to leave their land of habitation.

We ask the same question – what is freedom? If you ask this question to our people, they will say freedom means to go back to their homes, pray at their places of worship. For 20 years, their homes are designated as high security zones.

If you ask someone from Champoor, he or she will say freedom means go back to Champoor and live in his home. They are planning to build a coal electricity complex in Champoor, denying his right to return home.

Ask our people whether they like to live in Sinhala state? Ask them where they want to live. Our request to the world is to pose this question to our people and make the decisions.

Even media organizations, such as BBC, pose questions with bias. Questions are asked referring our people as ‘Detained people, people trapped’. Media do not recollect how the people got trapped in Puthukkudiyiruppu? Who has detained these people?

Let us consider a question BBC posed to Richard Boucher – in relation to discussing Tamil issue in Sri Lanka. BBC asked whether US has changed its policy towards terrorists, to which Boucher answered in the negative.

The question that relates to our issue is whether America has changed its previous doctrine of considering every conflict in the world as terrorism. New US administration is planning to talk with Taliban, making plans to review and release Guatanamo detainees. There is a change in US world view is evident. BBC does not ask the right questions.

US methods and doctrine of fighting terror was followed by many world states to suppress dissent. We know Tamils have been adversely affected by this trend. Media does not highlight any of these issues.

This reminds us of an Easop’s fable about a lion and a rabbit. In order to curtail the killing of a lion, the animals came to an agreement with the lion. They agreed to send one animal as prey provided the lion agreed to let other animals live without fear. Later, the lion was tricked to jump into a well and die by a simple rabbit. Animals of the forest used diplomacy to initially limit and finally eradicate their destruction.

Our situation differs significantly from this fable. Governments of the world want our people to be herded to the detention camps, so that the lion can select and kill as many of us at will. The fable talks of diplomacy practiced by the animals of the forest. What the world governments preach to us is not diplomacy – a path that leads to the destruction of a race.

We hear members of UN acknowledge civilians are murdered in Puthukudiyiruppu; but as long as the murders are within an acceptable number, they consider it as ‘diplomacy’ that will lead to a solution. UN has reduced itself to tolerate murder and genocide to promote the welfare of its member states.

We know one thing – Tamils are the testing grounds of a new concept world has concocted to control the will of a people. The tested concept is on how to decide the outcome of a conflict between two warring factions.

World believes that it can demoralize the will of a unified people , where murders are tolerated, and force feed a solution and safeguard their interests. All these statements are issued under the premise that Tigers are fully wiped out. Here, people denied of food and medicine are bombarded from all directions.

They are talking of our children. How many days have gone since our children attended schools? They have not eaten sufficient food for months, how many children have perished in this war.

A point to compare is how the reporting was about the psychological trauma suffered by the Sri Lanka cricket team. World media decries the long term and short term impacts of trauma. Same day, in Puthukkudiyiruppu, over 100 civilians, 20 children included, died due shelling – in the country these six test cricketers represented. These deaths go unnoticed.

Even though, current world ignores our plight there will be change. World Tamil diaspora, eighty million Tamils, are behind us. They are raising their voices in support of us. Their protests make different forms.

There have been immolations – these extreme forms of protest, while portraying the collective frustration of the people, are questioned whether appropriate.

Our unified voice will be heard by the world states. Vietnam liberation struggle underwent similar dark moments. With time, we will make changes in world opinion. We must go forward.

We observe, Erik Solheim, Ysuhi Akashi, who moved closely with us, received our hospitality, ate at our table are now waiting for the day Tigers will be completely wiped out hoping to reap the benefits. Showering praise to the murderous activities of Sri Lankan government, they hope to gain.

As expected by Solheim and Akashi, Sinhala government will not succeed in its objectives. We will prevail in our liberation struggle. Surely, we will reach our goal.

We have to realize one fact – even though eighty million Tamils are citizens of the world, they have no voice, because we have no state. If we had a state now, we would have prevented the current destruction of our race. Tamils, even citizens of many states, are stateless people when their welfare is concerned.

All eighty million Tamils of the world must not be deviated by listening to the misleading statements issued by various countries; these are to promote their self interests. Such a statement was issued by Mr. Chidambaram of India.

He said that Tigers have broken the Indo-Lanka accord. India came to protect Tamils; we gave our weapons believing their protection. History reveals how India was unable to protect Tamils. They did not take any measures when the GoSL, breaching the accord, arrested LTTE leaders which eventually led to their death. The same India, in the name of protecting the accord, fought against us, killing 6,000 Tamils.

United North-East is the basis of Indo-Lanka accord. India did nothing when Sri Lanka separated them. Tigers have no hand in the failure of Indo-Lanka accord. We, Tamils, should be clear of our objective and proceed towards our liberation.

We have risen from adverse situations. We will show to the world that we will reach our objectives. We ask world Tamil diaspora to give its support. We will form our Tamil state in the island of Sri Lanka.

Vannian said...

Many more attacks like this will lead to heavy morale deplete, if not already to invading racist sinhella coolies in Tamil home land.

What does the song say?, seem to me a racist war song in Sinhalam.

out_sider said...

If I were a Sri Lankan commander I too would be showing this to soldiers under me.

My only comment at the end of the film would be --- When you are in a combat you should expect no quarter from the enemy nor should you offer any to him. He takes no prisoners and I expect the same from you.

nesan said...

This is horrific. This shows the dehumanizing nature of the War. The war that is thrust upon us by the Sinhalese masses and their leadership. The war that is killing the Tamils day by day, night by night, minute by minute, thanks to the Sinhalese.


Vincent said...

I feel sad for the dead slas, hope the war will come to an end soon and bring peace to the island.

the politicians in srilanka simply sacrificing young village boys and killling innocent tamils for their own survival in politics,sad , very sad we all taken for a ride.

these are power hungry politicians who would do anything to just to be in power,but we tamils and Sinhalese losing all at the end of the day. the smart way to end this conflict is only a CFA and political solution , nothings else.

Nalani said...

There were many wars in this world but I do not think world has ever seen such a cruel sick animals like Tamil bastered. There is a place in hell for sick animals like this. I hope who ever post these sick shit sleep well at night! The curse will hit you & hope the day you die you will remember this video.

Upul said...

nalani, who asked you invaders to occupy our tamil homeland ? live in ruhuna peaceafully and we'll leave in tamil eelam peacefully.

isurujosh said...

i am sure your gods will grant you eelam in the name of this bravery. some of my european friends never beleived in some stuff about our enemy that i said. now i got this to show. keep on adding comments like theepan's in the previous article. we're seeing the real tamil diaspora and the enemy we're fighting in this.

isurujosh said...

sissy tamil diaspora feel very sorry for the dieing sinhalam poor village boys. why not feel the same for your dieing tamilian village boys, who die for a lost cause?
we're about couple of months away from defeating ltte as a conventional force and about an year away from defeating guerilla war and this video is going to change nothing.

Nalani said...

This shows the sick cruel mentality of LTTE terrorists. One has to have a ten times sick mind to post a video like this. In a way it’s good to show the world cruel mentality of Tamil LTTE’s. Shooting already wounded army solders is a war crime and I don’t think you would have heard this even from Nazis during the second world war II. This is the second worst video I have ever seen in my life after Nick Burgs decapitation by Al-Quadea terrorists. This is a good one to send around the world and hopefully SL government and Diaspora will shoot this across the world including Human rights groups and UN groups that are sympathetic to a true tamil cause. But this is the realy Tamil terrorists they can run but they can’t hide. But I still sorry for the decent Tamil human beings who are not represented by the action of a few like in this video. Who ever posted this is video is an idiot but now it is too late full it down.

isurujosh said...

upul, you babarian motherfuckers never had a homeleand.

nesan said...

To "Nalani",

It seems u just came to know about the cruelty of wars. Well, welcome to the cruelty world. Just keep hanging around the Tamil sites and blogs and u will see the OTHER SIDE, THE TRUTH SIDE,OF WAR and WHAT YOUR SOLDIERS ARE DOING AND GETTING THEMSELVES INTO. I hope u stick around long enough.

Upul said...

this is reality of war, sla bombs hospital and civillian idp camps, there is nothing wrong in ambushing enemy sla combatant who are out to conduct genocide on the native tamil population.

once wrong in blowing to smithren nazy germany soldiers who were attempting to round up jews.

the same can be said of the sla.

isurujosh said...

Nalini, I live in Colombo and I live and work in harmony among so many decent Tamils. I can't ever imagine them appreciating this kind of stuff. It's a few sick bunch like this who hail these. These videos will change nothing in the ground. Sinhalese will still be as friendly as they were with their fellow Tamils and our brave soldiers will still scarifise their lives to save the Tamil hostages taken by LTTE babarians while regaining the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.
We can easily shell the whole 30sqkm area and call it off but we instead scarfise the lives of our brave soldiers and fight them face to face to protect our Tamil brothers and sisters taken hostage in Wanni.

isurujosh said...

there need not be any other proof of our goverments intentions for protecting wanni people than resorting to face to face battle as oppose to indescriminate shelling which is easiest considering the babrians are essentially now stuck in an area the size of my shoe.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
isurujosh said...

this video has been around for a long while and so many has laready seen this. it's not like we have been retreating since seeing this videos first. besides it's widely cliamed that this videos was taken during Jayasikuru or some older operation. there is no prrod to indicate this was a 4th eelam war footage.

Nalani said...

Upul-In this world there are realistic things and unrealistic things. I am sure you have a head above your body to think and understand ground realities. There will not be a Tamil eelam in your lifetime or in your next generation’s life time. India will never ever, never ever,allow that to happen due to ground realties in that part of the world. Even your supreme leader knows that but goes on killing people lie cats and dogs. Upul-night after night you can dream as much as you want and have that little satisfaction for a few minutes but till the day you die you will not see that dream become a reality. How sad and pathetic is that….

isurujosh said...

in 1983 I was only 1 year old :lol. 1983 was such a shame but Sri Lankans have moved forward a lot since then especially during the time of CBK (only good thing she did). If you look at the history of any race you find such unfortunate incidents lead by corrupt politicians. Sri Lankans have paid for their deeds in 1983 and moved a log way since then.

but don't you acknowledge that 1983 incidents were preceeded by attacks on sinhalese in tamil dominated areas? don't you acknowledge that ltte have killed thousand of civilians in cold blooded manner since then?

none of you who comment live in Sri Lanka so you don't know the gorund situation now.

லோயர் said...

Fuc all you fuckers. You are talking about War crimes?? moder fuckers kill all my tamils day by day and you are talking about Humanity now?? wow..wuh a nice Stinkhala ppl we have here. This is notting compare the shit you do my people every single day. Go and watch the videos you fuckers. You fukers sit in colombo and read Lake house publications and watch Rubavagini and talking shit here. Accept the truth and let my people live free. Give them the land where they belong to.

isurujosh said...

Nalini, this bunch are masters of dreaming. Just recently they were saying SLA have been beaten back from Puthu and Chalai. But we have so many video footage SLDF dominating Puthu east and Chalai south uninterrupted. click
here for the latest.
there has been a single infiltration and these clowns think it has compromised our mission.

isurujosh said...

லோயர், LTTE can let go the civilians held hostage and there will be no deaths of civilians. If the civilians are staying there volutarily why do ltte have to kill them in herds and burn them to retian them. I have seen the videos and I have see the pictures of what LTTE does to thier people.

isurujosh said...

லோயர், why doesn't SLDF shell the whole 30sqkm? if they want ethnic clensing that is the easiest way.
why doesn't LTTE release the people? if they want no collateral damage then that is the best they can do.

Nalani said...

Tamil name Fucker-Since your head is full of shit you can't think striaght like a normal human being. Part of the reason you mother fuckers are ugly and stinky is because you fuckers have shit instead of blood in your fucking heads. If you fuckers take your shit out of your head ,you fuckers will see that it is your big mother fucker Praba is the curse for you race. Once his shit comes out of his head you bunch of assholes with shit in your heads can around pissing each other's faces. What a bunch of fucking loosers.

isurujosh said...

லோயர், Colombo is the best example that decent Tamils and Sinhalese can live in harmony.

Bhairav said...

Nalini, you will find out what is war crime when you're hang raped by a dozen SLA personnels then be dumped in a well in a remote area. Well, who cares, these are all Tamils. Even few weeks ago a middle age woman from East was beaten to death by your so called SF, shame, one bullet would have saved the misery of that woman. Your race is simply known for having sex with animals and mutilating the vaginas of women corpses. You gotta be happy that there were injured men - according to your claim - were killed by Tigers, if that was the case, it was mercy killings to avoid further sufferings of those men who possibly had zero chance of survival.

Nalani said...

Isuru-There are decent Tamils all over the world but unfortunately a few thugs have highjacked their race. Whether you are in Paris, London or Toronto, it is this few Tamil lunatics that tarnish Tamil image all over the world. Now it has almost come to a point westerner can not differentiate between a decent Tamil person and a ruthless LTTE terrorist. Which sad in a way.

isurujosh said...

biased ppl believe what they want to believe than the truth. these diaspora are easy victims of ltte propoganda.
bhairav, can you plz come up with the "concrete" evidence for you above claim?

isurujosh said...

on second thoughts I concede bhairav is correct.

sri lanka is only for sinhalese and tamils need to go back to tamil nadu or whatever shit hole they came from

isurujosh said...

nalani, no there are no descent tamils. the only good tamil is a dead one.

nesan said...

To isurujosh,

[nalani, no there are no descent tamils. the only good tamil is a dead one]

Yes, boss. Its attitude like this that's getting your soldiers to die as you see on the video. Ur dumbness is not letting you differentiate between actual combat death between soldiers Tamil civilians' deaths at the hands of Sinhalese.

m.q.k said...




Thoughtful Guy said...

I hope the 4, 5 tigers in the video, their parents, their brothers and sisters , and even their grandparents achieve Ealam (via Kafir, or Canon shell or via Multi barrel rocket.......

Its the cycle of Karma.. what goes around comes around...

Roy Muller said...

Thoughtful Gay

Your Karma theory is wrong.

These dead Soldiers in the previous birth were LTTE who killed SLA. So in this life they get killed by Tigers .. "what goes around comes around" make sense doesnt it ..

Rajan said...

Why don't any of the diaspora realise that Badri is a SLA spy just like Mahen? When he posts these videos for the world to see will it do any good for Tamil struggle? Will it help the civilians stuck in PTK? It will only strengthen the claims of GOSL. No one in the world will help Tamils.

Gayan said...

Hope all you Peelamic losers who lick Thalaivar achieve Peelam with the help of a Kafir!!

Reality said...

Fantastic, now world can see the sick minds of LTTE heroes, hope you all find great holy ealam soon,

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["This is the second worst video I have ever seen in my life"]

A couple months ago I could agree, but now I have seen about 50 videos of children with their heads blown off by Sri Lankan army artillery shells, so this video is way down the list of worst video ever.

Innocent children killed in a no fire zone by a government claiming to "liberate" them. Compared to that a video of these foolish soldiers, invading the Tamil homeland to kill innocent Tamil civilians is nothing.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["there is no proof to indicate this was a 4th eelam war footage."]

It is really irrelevant the date it was taken. Do you think the war today or yesterday is any different then what is shown in this video. This is what is happening every single day, and that is why there are 20,000 dead Sri Lankan soldiers that your government won't tell you about.

Every day in the "liberated" east these ambushes go on. Just because there isn't a video camera there to record it you think things are fine and war is a cheerful event. Welcome to reality, war is the most terrible and inhumane thing in the world.

Revenge said...

LOL I am happy to see so many half breed lion rape victims crying here about the dead crap being pulled out of the truck.

Glad it hurts you animals, imagine how much more it hurts us when you animals kill our women and kids. Good glad you can see what happens to your beggars as they try to steal our homes.

And for the dumb fcuks talking about 'shooting injured animals' get a clue you stupid fcuk. You shoot them because they may still be alive, set of a grenade, shoot you back etc. So you make sure the dumb animal is dead before it has a chance to bite.

And finally for the Tamil guys here feeling sorry for these animals, get over it man, just take a look every day what the animals are doing to our people, so throw that sympathy crap out the window. It was those feelings that brought us here. We should have killed these fcuks ages ago instead of waiting till Praba showed us the way. Instead we tried reasoning with animals as if they were human beings, asking for rights and this and that...fcuk that, kill them till they get it through their thick heads that they cannot steal our homes.

I don't know why VP is being so patient, we should enforce a 10 to 1 ratio, every Tamil killed in our homeland, should automatically result in 10 animals killed down south, given our population difference its only fair. They can't guard everywhere, kill them in every village and crap hole the crawl from.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["I have seen the videos and I have see the pictures of what LTTE does to thier people."]

This is a sorry lie. There are no videos backing the claim that LTTE has opened fire on civilians. You just believe it because your government says so. Thats the same government that photoshopped a photo to "prove" LTTE had chemical weapons. It's also the same government that claimed LTTE fired on an ICRC ship delivering food to the LTTE! Of course the ICRC denied that claim. Its also the same government that showed dead Sinhalese soldiers and said they were LTTE fighters.

It is unfortunate how foolish the Sinhalese public are. They are willing to believe anything the Sri Lankan government feeds them, without any thought as to its validity.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["லோயர், why doesn't SLDF shell the whole 30sqkm?"]

That's exactly what they have been doing for the last two months. Even the UN says 3,000 civilians have been killed since January 20th. Blind people like you deny all the evidence and say there are zero civilian casualties. Why are there 3,000 amputees in Trincomalee hospital that have been evacuated by ICRC boats? Do you think those children and women were staying in the front lines?

The Sri Lankan government has been bombing the no fire zone non-stop for the last two months, firing around 2,000 shells per day. You are sitting in Colombo trying to tell Tamils that your government has never fired into the no fire zone. Tamils know the ground reality because their realtives are dying each day.

Revenge said...

Badrinath sir these animals know exactly what their thugs do in our homeland, they just pretend not to know.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Let us highlight some of the racism from Sinhalese here:

["Tamil name Fucker-Since your head is full of shit you can't think striaght like a normal human being. Part of the reason you mother fuckers are ugly and stinky is because you fuckers have shit instead of blood in your fucking heads"]

Just see what our friendly Sinhalese say about TAMILS. This isn't spoken against the LTTE or against terrorists, its clearly spoken against TAMILS. And these same Sinhalese ask us why Tamils don't want to live peacefully with them?

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

That was Nalini the racist who I quoted by the way.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Here is another Sinhala racist, isurujosh:

["sri lanka is only for sinhalese and tamils need to go back to tamil nadu or whatever shit hole they came from

nalani, no there are no descent tamils. the only good tamil is a dead one."]

I'm glad you finally came out and spoke your heart. You have tried to hide these feelings for years, but now what is deep inside you comes out. You expect Tamils to live peacefully with people like you who want all Tamils dead.

The differences between Tamils and Sinhalese are irreconcilable. Sinhalese hate Tamils and want to see them dead. In public forums they usually pretend not to, just to hide the truth, but once in a while they open up and honestly say they want all the Tamils killed.

Thank you for being honest and for openly saying you want all Tamils to be killed.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

A third Sinhala racist opens up, Mr. Thoughtful guy:

["I hope the 4, 5 tigers in the video, their parents, their brothers and sisters , and even their grandparents"]

Here Mr. Thoughtful Sinhala wants innocent civilians such as combatants' sisters, brothers and parents to be killed by the Sri Lankan army. Sinhalese make no distinction between Tamil civilians and LTTE fighters. They want them all to be killed together.

Dear Sinhalese, please keep opening up here and revealing your true feelings, so that the borderline Tamils can realize the real need.

Innocent said...

M.G.K said,



March 14, 2009 9:37 PM"

What is this video. I heard something like this before. But I though it was for propaganda. Is there something real?

Dear all friends, every one has only one life. No one can bring back a lost life. No one is going to live for long. One day every one will have to die. This is nature and applicable to all. No one can bring with them even one mm2 square of land when they die. Keep this in mind and try to respect other humans.

Innocent Lankan

Reality said...

You are very very correct Mr. Badrinath,
SL kills tamils and innocent LTTE cats try to defend them. come on man get a life,...

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

I think that video needs to be posted so Sinhalese can see what barbarians their army are. If anyone has a copy of the video or a link, please post it here or upload it to rapidshare.

Roy said...

I don't understand this...why are people complaining? If a man joins a military, he has every right to kill an enemy and to get killed by an enemy. That's what being in the army is all either kill the enemy or get killed by the enemy. You're right soldiers are humans...but still...its only a humanitarian issue when innocent people get killed by trained Military soldiers.

Soldiers deserve soldiers! Soldiers should never kill/fight innocent people...

Tigers in this video are obviously in a hurry, so i guess that's why they are pulling the sri lankan solders out really fast....

If you ask me there is nothing wrong with this video..its bit graphic for myself..but hey..this is war baby! soldiers are suppose to get killed...and i seen a lot of videos of innocent tamils being killing by sri lankan army...which i don't approve..its disgusting to see trained men in arms killing unarmed innocent people!

Theepan said...

To Nalini,

Listen bitch, you should just stay away from the computer and stop trying to act it all out. In a way, you are entertaining. But I'm betting with all that I have that you are one ugly cunt; probably with hair all over your body like all Stinkalese girls. One more thing you racist shitloader, about the video, this is probably one chance that the tigers got to record and probably proud to show it. But SLA's do it even worse to the Tigers, and no one puts that up, cause sympathy will be created for the Tamils.

Half of what you said in your comments Nalini are full of bullshit. Please, I've been registered with this blog way before you even knew what blogs were, so please leave this blogspot and don't return again.

And to all those are pussies who are supporting her, you can all pack up your skirt and might as well leave with her.


P.S. Nalini get the fuck out bitch.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Post this in other Sri Lankan forums like LNP:

LTTE attack at Oddusuddan repulsed:

There is a possibility that "Swarnam's" body may have been recovered, but not yet identified. This video was recovered from a dead LTTE cameraman.

Roy said...

My white friends didn't believe me when i told them that Sinhalese people are truly racist...and i actually showed this blog to my white friends and they were shocked lol...There's another site i showed them too..its too is full of racist Sinhalese..

and i want to thank the Admin of this blog for your hard work!

Earthbund said...

Now who the hell here said tamils and srilankans(sinhalese) are living peacefully in colombo ???? That idiot must not be from colombo itself. tamil lived in colombo must know how much he came through if he is still alive !!! how many checkpoint, white van abducts, missing, etc

Regarding the video, yes its a massacre but keep in mind we took the Eye for an Eye approach now .. why ?? well look wht u dumb animals are doing to us in the safe zone !!!

The above incident happend and it was published in Defencewire back a month ago. Poor Defencewire said the SLA was unarmed and on leave and trying to go back to colombo .. what a lie ... news is here

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

SLA reports fighting in Iranamadu.

Roy said...

Its true..some sinhalese people i talked to say that Tamils in colombo live and that they love it there...

well colombo is the only place where there is freakin buildings to live in...if tamils had to live in the north then they will have to live under trees and make a living out of rocks!

These people here are stupid...your Army bombed tamils out of their homes, you destroyed their homes and block off aid/food/medicine from their area..and you have the audacity to ask why Tamils moved out of the North?

You Racist Sinhalese Disgust me!

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

After Swarnan being net-killed last week, today Prabhakaran's daughter is net-arrested:

["Meanwhile, a group of young women, including one suspected to be LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s daughter, Dvaraka, were taken into custody by the SLN, near Point Pedro on February 24, while attempting to flee to India by sea."]

This net-arrest lasted till the next paragraph, where they say:

["Though the young woman resembled Prabhakaran’s wife Madiwadini further inquiries revealed that she was someone else."]

Alpha said...


the above video exposes the brutality of the GOSL military forces. In the video naked body of a female is gruesomely and disrespectfully treated by men in uniform. The naked body is believed to be the remains of a female LTTE combatant and the men in uniform are presumably soldiers of GOSL.

Sri Lanka armed forces Tuesday paraded the naked bodies of Tamil Tiger commandos killed during their devastating attack on a key northern airbase in the early hours Monday, agency reports said.

SLA soldiers massacre family of four in Vankalai, Mannar

Baby of four months, 4-year-old child, among 9 killed by SL Navy in Jaffna islet

more at .....

Nalani said...

Badrinath-You are just wasting your time commenting on individual comments and I am too wasting my time commenting on your blog. Nevertheless, at the end of the day by calling everyone racist and spreading hate is not going to achieve anything. I hope in real life you are not an animal as what you are pretending to be here (by posting gory videos with great deal of pride) but I am thinking you are a normal dude who live in the west with all that comfort but one those Diaspora dudes who still dream at night that Velu will deliver your "Eelam dream", in which you will never go and live, but still feel good to dream about and write about.

My friend, all I can say to you is…GET REAL...WAKEUP…LOOK AROUND …it does not matter how much you scream, shout, yell, swear, spread hate, call names, your time and effort has a "zero" impact on what’s going on Sri Lanka right now. If you don’t see that “you are nothing but an idiot”.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["it does not matter how much you scream, shout, yell, swear, spread hate, call names, your time and effort has a "zero" impact on what’s going on Sri Lanka right now."]

Ask those 20 Sri Lankan army soldiers from the video being piled up in the road whether there was any impact they felt from the Tamil people.

Nalani said...

Badrinath-I am right-You are an idiot-Good night!

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Nalani seems to have missed the Sinhalese posters above who say all Tamils should be killed. I'm sure she would correct them and lecture them about their wrongs if she had read what they wrote. Maybe she has an addon that only shows Tamil comments, and ignores all racist comments by Sinhalese. In fact I think all Sinhalese have this addon installed directly in their brain.

Pottu Amman said...

Dear Eelamistians,

Seems Ilanthirayan is still live and kicking. How many times did these Sinhalams net-killed our spokesman.

Love Pottu.
ps. Remember to post this link on LNP

Pottu Amman said...

Dump Sinhalams exposed;

Revenge said...

Hey Pottu Amman, the word is DUMB, not dumP your inbred lion dropping...

m.q.k said...

The Asian Human Rights Commission in a statement on its website about the video said “as described in the videos, the naked body of this person is so gruesomely and disrespectfully treated in a manner that is too difficult to describe”.

m.q.k said...

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s government doctors have threatened to take legal action and go on a strike to express their opposition to the presence of an Indian medical team in north-east Sri Lanka to treat the sick and the wounded from the war-zone.

President of the All Ceylon Medical Officers’ Association (ACMOA) Dr Nishantha Dassanayake, said in a statement published in the media on Saturday, that the members of the association were opposing the presence of Indian doctors for several valid reasons.

Firstly, the government had not gone through the proper procedure for allowing foreign doctors to work in Sri Lanka.

Secondly, it was not clear what procedures the Indian doctors would follow in treating the patients, and what remedies there would be, in case treatments went wrong.

Thirdly, when there were so many Sri Lankan doctors who could work in the area concerned, what was the need to bring in Indian doctors? Fourthly, why, inspite of Pulmoddai already having a hospital, has the Indian hospital been based in the same area, when instead the nearby Padaviya could have been expanded and improved? Lastly, the association claims that the presence of Indian army doctors have posed a challenge to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

“If the Minister of Health turns a deaf ear to our demand, we will get all other unions also to go on strike,” Dassanayake said.

Health Minister Nimal Sripala de Silva however told newspersons that “all clearances” had been obtained before the Indian team arrived. It was done in a record two weeks’ time, in view of the emergency situation in the north-east.

A 52-member Indian medical team comprising military and civil doctors and other auxiliary medical personnel, arrived here earlier in the week.




m.q.k said...

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka: All surgeries have stopped at a makeshift hospital in Sri Lanka's war zone because of a lack of basic supplies such as anesthetic and blood bags, the top government health official there said Sunday.

Dr. Thurairaja Varatharajah said the situation was so bad that bed sheets were being used for bandages, while sticks from palm trees were being used to brace fractured limbs.

"We don't have bandages or gauze, we tear up bed sheets to bind the wounds and use palm sticks to support fractures. We are in need of a quick supply," Varatharajah said.

Four civilians died in the hospital Saturday from injuries, while 48 others were awaiting treatment, he said.

Varatharajah said he sent a report to the government pleading for supplies.

The fate of tens of thousands of civilians caught in the war zone has become a matter of international concern. The U.N. high commissioner for human rights said Friday that she believed 2,800 have died since Jan. 20, a number the government says is unsubstantiated and based on figures given by the Tamil rebels.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Badri...u from ur cold dark room in Toranto, dreams about the day when ealm is born....and countless dozens in thousands die... Feel happy??

Look, there will never be a independant tamil there never will be a sinhala state.. what there will be a united Sri Lanka... just as England is not a Englsih state...there will be no divisions among ethnic lines... so u can kiss ur dream Ealam goodbye..and try to learn to integrate in with other Sri Lankans... OR ELSE...try and get a ealm in Tamil Nadu..see, there at least the name (TAMIL Nadu) is showing some progress...

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["as there never will be a sinhala state.."]

Sri Lanka already is a Sinhala state, it is also a Buddhist state. Racism is built into the founding of the country.

isurujosh said...

extreme comments were made by fake isurujosh. i don't share the fake's opinions.

isurujosh said...

this is what the ltte does best. twist facts (in this case fake isurujosh) and entice violence between sinhalese and tamils. disgusting!

isurujosh said...

Badrinath and other Tamils you're quoting fake isurujosh and say sinhalese are extreme. it does not win you any credibility but further prove that you wish to have no dialogue but trick people into hatred.

isurujosh said...

the following comments were fake one's...
[on second thoughts I concede bhairav is correct.

sri lanka is only for sinhalese and tamils need to go back to tamil nadu or whatever shit hole they came from]
[nalani, no there are no descent tamils. the only good tamil is a dead one.]

m.q.k said...





isurujosh said...

if afterwards too someone make extreme comments on my name then it's freaking not me! i don't come to the blogs often and i am sure i will miss many of the fake's comments to hit back.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

I have no idea who either isurujosh are, but I do see three people in a row posted racist comments, calling for Tamil civilians to be killed. Maybe you will say all of them are fakes, but I don't think so. It is a common theme on defencewire and other places.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Besides, even Fonseka says Sri Lanka is for Sinhalese only, and others have to be slaves.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

But I do accept your word that you love Tamils so much you would be willing to let them have a referendum to decide their own future.

isurujosh said...

i don't deny that not a single shell falls on no fire zone. but what's up with LTTE locating their arti right next civilian settlements?
LTTE deliberately make the civilians fall pray to shells. i feel sorry for my brothers and sisters dieing in wanni as good as i feel sorry for the soldiers who are being ambushed. as you put it, it's a fact of war. but we're now in the driver seat in an attempt to end the war.

isurujosh said...

Badrinath, i have quoted above fake one's comments. so excluding those comments can u tell me which one of my comments approve killing tamil civilians?
the fake dude had faked two of my comments have one of Nalini too.
i don't know whether it was you, your self who faked the comments to entice hatred.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

And now that you are in the driver's seat, all I hear from Sinhalese is "let's colonize the north and to hell with devolution". If the Sri Lankan government wanted to marginalize the LTTE and end the war, all they had to do was devolve powers on their own without taking the LTTE into consideration. It would have left little for the new generation to fight for, and automatically the LTTE would dwindle. But for 20 years no one was brave enough to do that, and now the fighting is going to go on for another 30 years unfortunately.

The sinhalese think (due to government propaganda) that the Tamils in Vanni love the government and hate the LTTE. Ask anyone with relatives in the area, and you will hear it is exactly the opposite. The entire Tamil population of Sri Lanka blames everything on the Sinhalese and the government. I don't see anyway this will turn into peace even if the LTTE was wiped off from the planet. The Sri Lankan government has basically "burned all the bridges", giving the Tamils no chance to be moderate or to settle for something less like devolution. Black July was nothing in comparison to these. The Vanni offensive was a systematic process of wiping entire cities off the map. All I can predict is years and years of conflict, which is unfortunate.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["so excluding those comments can u tell me which one of my comments approve killing tamil civilians?"]

Nothing I have seen here from the real imsurujosh is racist as far as I can tell. But others like Nalini, who goes on about "shit tamils", and Thoughtful Guy, who calls for innocent civilian relatives of LTTE fighters to be murdered, are obviously racists. There are much worse people posting in defensewire, so I'm sure you are familiar with the "general mood" amongst the Sinhalese. Today you are in the driver's seat, so your people's true colors come out. Tomorrow it will be the LTTE again in the driver's seat, and then we will see who talks what.

Wether you accept it or not, the LTTE wanted peace this time, but Rajapaksa felt his army was stronger so he pushed for war. It is true the army has improved with better weapons and training, but it will just result in a change in tactics. It won't solve the problem and bring an end to this war.

isurujosh said...

Badrinath you say that we have been blanket shelling you 30-40 sqkm for the past two months and that we have killed 3000 so far. i am no defence expert but i can easily figure out that if our intention was ethnic clensing it would not take us 2 months to kill 3000 with shells. firstly i deny 3000 real civilians have died secondly i say if targetted the whole population could have been wiped out in two months. i am no defence expert but i used my commen sense to build up the argument. when i get the information i will get back to you on exact figures as to how long exactly it will take us to wipe out the whole population if needed.

isurujosh said...

Badrinath if you want peace why did you not let Ranil win? I voted Ranil becuase I loved peace and I wanted to live with my Tamil borthers and sisters in peace. You did not do it the peaceful way and so you left us with no choice than to go on all out war. I support war only as a way to solve this problem with minimum deaths in the long run. You did not let peace a chance so i am supporting war now. To me the best approach is the one that works.

srilankan said...

Badri, this clearly shows the brutality of tamil terrorism. We must never give in in the name of these soldiers. Tamil terrorists must be wiped off in the face of this earth..

isurujosh said...

Bhairav, you talk about referandom. Why not start with letting the people held in LTTE areas to decide whether they want to flee to goverment controlled areas or stay with LTTE.
Why kill them when they try to flee?
Are you telling me that all the pepole who spoke to camera were not teling the truth when they said LTTE shot at them when they tried to flee?
Are you telling me that all those people were not telling the truth when they were crying saying LTTE abducted their children for war?
May I post those videos of Wanni people fleeing talking to media about LTTE atrocities.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

And despite all the "improvements" in your army, the soldiers still get moved around packed in the back of tractors with no protection at all. It is unfortunate that your government doesn't even care about their soldiers' safety.

Just see how they are transported near the front lines, just waiting for a claymore attack:

isurujosh said...

Badri I concede that there are sinhalese jack shit that talk extreme views in forums but is it only sinhalese? look at the comments here. Look how many extreme Tamils are here. So let us cut the hypocracy and talk what's what.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Why kill them when they try to flee?"]

That is completely unsubstantiated. A few people being held in a military detention camp, at risk of disappearance, can't be expected to speak openly and honestly. When this is over the people of Vanni will eventually speak about the factual circumstances.

It is much more logical to think the security forces opened fire at the civilians thinking they were LTTE fighters attacking, and then when they realized they were civilians they blamed the LTTE. In fact most reports I have heard form Vanni indicate this to be the case.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Since it is the government that is banning reporters from the war zone, and since the government is stopping even elected Tamil parliamentarians from meeting these "shooting victims", I can't believe a word of what is said. Why are these shooting victims being held in complete isolation under guard, even separated from their own family members?

isurujosh said...

Badri, you say SL gov does not care for soldiers when are being trasported in Tractors. Are you trying to tell me that LTTE care for the lives of cadres when they are sent on suicide missions? Plz tell me how you care for the parents of a conscripted child who dies in the battlefield? Do you at least buy a pair of shoes for your cadres? For all I know you send the top brass leaders children to safety to western countries and brainwash the poor village boys to commit suicide.

isurujosh said...

You say the people who speak to camera are speaking out of fear of arm held SLA. The same can be said about people in LTTE held areas too.
Your claim that people in IDPs are isolated. That is not true. Recently there was a foreign delegation that were taken to camps to monitor the situation and they reported everything was fine.
It is such a shame that we cannot let these people roam freely until the conventional war ends. It is becuase there are cadres among the real civilians and if let go they would get hold of hidden weapons cashes and attach our front lines from behind. The fact that we can't let the pepople freely roam is a necessary for the overall accomplishment of peace in the island. it's a necessary compromise in the name of overall benefit.

Peter said...

I think we should use this forum to discuss amongst ourselves.

There is always the DW gutter for us to take pot-shots at the moda Bandas.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Badrinath if you want peace why did you not let Ranil win?"]

The LTTE have made several key mistakes, so I can't question why they aren't perfect. This was obviously a big gamble, and time will tell whether it was their biggest mistake or whether it was an ingenious plan. The sinhalese are convinced this is over and it was a huge blunder. I am not convinced it is concluded yet, and there is the possibility this may end up turning around and proving it was a very risky but intelligent decision on the part of the LTTE.

I personally think it was a mistake, but from an objective point of view it could also turn in their favor (even at this late stage) if there is a terrible humanitarian crisis. Now I am not saying I want a crisis, but just that the possibility is there for this entire situation to switch balance if a humanitarian crisis occurs. For example if the Sri Lankan army became frustrated and started killing 10 or 20 thousand civilians, it would definitely pave the way for a U.N. peace keeping force in Sri Lanka, and Colombo would lose their moral right (in the world's eye) to rule over the Tamils in the North.

isurujosh said...

There goes Tamil freedom and democracy! Yeah baby make this forum too Tamil only and show to the world you prefer no dialogue.

isurujosh said...

Badri, majority of moderate Sinhalese and Tamils with their democratic vote will make sure the 13th amendment is fully implemented. Elections will be held truly and fairly and Tamils will have the Chief Minister they prefer in their provinces and they will have about 30 MPs in parliament and my god with that you should have enough leverage in this new propotional system where major parties want to create borad coalitions with you.

Peter said...


Do you feel good attaching yourself to Tamils? I pity your pathetic life if that is the only sense of achievement you could possibly attain.

isurujosh said...

If Sri Lanka does not implement free fair elections in North and East then I for once will Sri Lanka and settle down in Europe and give up the struggle. I am sure Sri Lankans will not do such a foolish thing.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Recently there was a foreign delegation that were taken to camps to monitor the situation and they reported everything was fine."]

1) The foreign delegation doesn't speak Tamil and has no idea what these people say except through the Sinhala translators.

2) The foreigner's have never come to these Tamils help in the last 30 years, why would Tamil IDPs risk their lives to tell something to them. As far as the Tamils are concerned, these foreigners are behind the war. They supply the weapons and training to the Sri Lankan army. There is no reason for an IDP Tamil behind barbed wire and armed guard to openly speak to some foreigner they are "told" is from some humanitarian mission. For all they know, it could be a trap to root out LTTE sympathizers and make people disappear.

3) Even if these foreigners were genuinely concerned, they will be there for 3 or 4 hours and then go, never to be seen again. Do you think any Tamil will dare say anything against the army in such a situation. As soon as that foreigner leaves, the Tamil who spoke is dead. It is better for their own well being to just speak the lines the government told them to say. They have already been through such a hell, they just want to survive at this point. They aren't fighters, they are women and children.

isurujosh said...

oh Peter you're trying to agitate me off from here eh? Don't worry baby I won't hang out here long becuase I have other fish to fry. When I am free with no work to do at times then only I come here hang out for a couple of hours and then go. BYE!

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Elections will be held truly and fairly and Tamils will have the Chief Minister they prefer in their provinces and they will have about 30 MPs in parliament and my god with that you should have enough leverage in this new propotional system where major parties want to create borad coalitions with you."]

I hope you are right, but I seriously doubt this happy ending. Lets wait and see. All I hear is calls to colonize the North and restrict Tamil rights further, and punish Tamils for this war. Colonization in the North is going to be a huge mistake, because unfortunately it will probably result in ethnic massacres, which will result in further massacres in the South. And this will go back and forth, turning the civil war into something much uglier than it has been.

Of course I do not support civilian massacres, but I think its just the obvious outcome if the government seizes Tamil land in the north, and then creates artifical pockets of defenceless Sinhala civilians. Its like baiting the fanatics to attack them. There are hardline fanatics on both sides, some not even affiliated with any group.

Soma himi said...

After seeing somany videos of dead children killed by SLA, today soma himi is feeling very peaceful. So far vedio has done 8 shows in row.

that song is a classi !!

Peter said...

Saturday, 07 March 2009 to Friday, 13 March 2009

During a week of intense fighting, 112 cadres laid down their lives in the noble duty to remove foreign occupation troops from our land.

I'll post the list of heroes' after removing sensitive details about their district of origin and next of kin.

khanthas said...

To support what Peter says, the Singhalese are now in a deep schizophrenia of destroying Tamils whether Tigers or Civilians. They have lost their thinking, listening and other human capabilities. A rational discussion on Tamils’ struggle with them at this moment is an absolute impossibility and is an utter waste of time…

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

There needs to be a maaveerar website made that provides history and details of as many soldiers as possible, so future people can know the history.

Peter said...

Elections before the '80s were free and fair.

Because the Sinhala Buddhists are a permanent majority, both the main parties plaid to the ethnic card to harvest their votes.

Why do you think SWRD campaigned on platform and Sinhala Only? And he did win that election.

Estate workers were disfranchised to reduce Tamil vote base.

Even colonization was designed to ensure that a Sinhala won the election in the particular. Districts were chopped and sowed many times to make this possible.

I am from Trinco and have experienced this first hand.

They even tried a simialar tactic by colinising much of Mulaitheevu and also southeren parts of Mannar and Vavuniya.

The idea was that the Sinhalese settlers, who get free land and houses would forever be supporters of the party in power that did the colonization.

Jaffna is the only district that has been free of such tactics.

When Sinhalese speak of no Tamil majority region, what they actually mean is not a single distirct from which a Tamil would be voted into parliment.

Remember JRJ speeches of really the more the Tamils suffer the happier the Sinhalese would be.

Peter said...

Saturday, 07 March 2009

1.Maj. Ezhilvaani
2.Capt. Malarmagal
3.Veeravenkai. Tharmagan
4.Veeravenkai. Samarveeran
5.Veeravenkai. Arasezhiyan
6.Veeravenkai. Vaseekaran
7.Veeravenkai. Thooyavan
8.Veeravenkai. Pulithevan
9.Veeravenkai. Anbumaaran

Sunday, 08 March 2009

1.Lt. Col. Thevan
2.Maj. Kayalvizhi
3.Capt. Kaavalan
4.Capt. Pozhilarasi
5.Lt. Naalnila
6.Veeravenkai. Amutharasan
7.Veeravenkai. Visalini
8.Veeravenkai. Mukila
9.Veeravenkai. Ilankathir
10.Veeravenkai. Puradchikathir
11.Veeravenkai. Azhakunila
12.Veeravenkai. Mathurapani
13.Veeravenkai. Niraiooviyam
14.Veeravenkai. Sudararivu

Monday, 09 March 2009

1.Lt. Col. Punithanaathan
2.Lt. Col. Kiritharan
3.Lt. Col. Ahalnila
4.Lt. Col. Umasuthan
5.Veeravenkai. Ariventhan
6.Veeravenkai. Kalaneiyan
7.Veeravenkai. Aathiarasan
8.Veeravenkai. Kalaithamil

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

1.Lt. Col. Suhirthan
2.Maj. Seran
3.Capt. Arumaiarasan
4.Capt. Karaivelan
5.Capt. Isaivaani
6.Veeravenkai. Arulmalar
7.Veeravenkai. Aarathi
8.Veeravenkai. Tharaki
9.Veeravenkai. Ahalnila
10.Veeravenkai. Thamilmaravan
11.Veeravenkai. Arulini
12.Veeravenkai. Thamilpuyal
13.Veeravenkai. Ajeetha
14.Veeravenkai. Kani
15.Veeravenkai. Nilavini
16.Veeravenkai. Mathiazhagi
17.Veeravenkai. Koovarasi
18.Veeravenkai. Kuyilisai
19.Veeravenkai. Puliventhini
20.Veeravenkai. Kalaiarivu
21.Veeravenkai. Muhilamuthan
22.Veeravenkai. Kathiresan
23.Veeravenkai. Yaalveeran
24.Veeravenkai. Kaanavan
25.Sub Inspector of Police. Yanatheepan
26.Auxiliary Force. Vimalaathevy

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

1.Lt. Col. Anbalagan
2.Lt. Col. Ealilchelvan
3.Lt. Col. Iniyavan
4.Maj. Akbar
5.Maj. Ilanthy
6.Capt. Thumilan
7.Lt. Eelavaanan
8.Veeravenkai. Paadini
9.Veeravenkai. Muthamilnila
10.Veeravenkai. Kompayani
11.Veeravenkai. Vithushini
12.Veeravenkai. Illakiya
13.Veeravenkai. Arthika
14.Veeravenkai. Muthamil
15.Veeravenkai. Anbunila
16.Veeravenkai. Kaniyaval
17.Veeravenkai. Puyalvizhi
18.Veeravenkai. Priyanthini
19.Veeravenkai. Thirumangai
20.Veeravenkai. Inarasi
21.Veeravenkai. Iniyavan
22.Veeravenkai. Sutharsan
23.Veeravenkai. Kathirseran
24.Veeravenkai. Thulasiventhan
25.Veeravenkai. Soloviyan
26.Veeravenkai. Vengaimaran
27.Veeravenkai. Thamilpurai

Thursday, 12 March 2009

1.Maj. Mathy
2.Lt. Menila
3.2Lt. Thangaranchan
4.Veeravenkai. Kalaichudar
5.Veeravenkai. Parkathir
6.Veeravenkai. Ilamthendral
7.Veeravenkai. Anbalagan
8.Veeravenkai. Oviya
9.Veeravenkai. Kanappan
10.Veeravenkai. Piraimagal
11.Veeravenkai. Arivarasi
12.Veeravenkai. Nilavumalar
13.Veeravenkai. Sudarozhi
14.Veeravenkai. Thamilkathir
15.Veeravenkai. Azhiamuthan
16.Veeravenkai. Ilankodi
17.Veeravenkai. Kuyilozhi
18.Auxiliary Force. Ushanthan

Friday, 13 March 2009

1.Veeravenkai. Kadalarasan
2.Veeravenkai. Vidiyal
3.Veeravenkai. Naaventhan
5.Veeravenkai. Aathavan
6.Veeravenkai. Uramaran
7.Veeravenkai. Arivumaran
8.Veeravenkai. Pokaimathy
9.Veeravenkai. Arularasan
10.Veeravenkai. Eelachudar

Soma himi said...

வீரவேங்கைகளுக்கு வீரவணக்கம்.

Peter said...

விழிமூடி இங்கே துயில்கின்ற வேங்கை வீரர்கள் மீதிலும் உறுதி!

இழிவாக வாழோம்! தமிழீழப்போரில் இனிமேலும் ஓயோம் உறுதி!

4C said...

Yes Badri, You'll have only history. No future. Sorry Peelam.

m.q.k said...





isurujosh said...


isurujosh said...

how many days to reclaim puthu?

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Excellent report on Australian television:

khanthas said...

Yogi: We observe, Erik Solheim, Ysuhi Akashi, who moved closely with us, received our hospitality, ate at our table are now waiting for the day Tigers will be completely wiped out hoping to reap the benefits...

Good and evil do not count here for them except “self-interest”…

m.q.k said...



Raja said...

It's important to understand the difference between "devolution" and "federalism". With devlotion, although powers are delegated to a region, they can be recalled at anytime through a simple majority in parliament. With federalism, powers once given are "entrenched", cannot be taken back. Devolution is only going to make it easier for Colombo to manage the provinces. The only fair solution is a federal secular constitution with an autonomous NE region.

Soma himi said...


Meanwhile, 681 and 682 Brigades serving under 53 Division have also heavily confronted with LTTE terrorists in Puthukkudiyiruppu and Iranamadu areas yesterday (14 march), military report further said.


Alpha said...

"Meanwhile, 681 and 682 Brigades serving under 53 Division have also heavily confronted with LTTE terrorists in Puthukkudiyiruppu and Iranamadu areas yesterday (14 march), military report further said."


army wont be able secure each and every inch while they fight the LTTE in front line, so LTTE now utilizing all its skills by putting good weight behind the enemy line - now the DPU only valid for LTTE not for the army.

Thoughtful Guy said...

isurujosh...u are just wasting ur time trying to talk sense with these guys...they will go along as far as u are ready to grant them ealam..the moment they understand that u are for a united SL..then the "pora talks" and the insults will come out...

So I suggest u save ur effort..if u want to work with real tamils, people of this country, people who didnt run shit scared to Canada and now try to win "ealam" by being keyboard heroes, people who can make a difference, then I suggest u work with the tamil brothers and sisters that u meet everyday, if they feel marginalized due to any reason, then fight for their rights, make sure u stand up for them in their times of need, share ur life with them, and then u will create real change..

These buggers from Canada and London, these Badris, Bahiravs, Navindrans, peters etc etc..they are neither Sri Lankan nor Tamil, they are just opportunistic racists, who try to promote a crisis, getting their brothers and sisters killed, so they can get visas for some of their cousins or lodge their applications for PR..... :D

isurujosh said...

tnx puligal for the link.
i always say and is repeated in this report that "truth is the first casualty of war"
i fully agree with all facts reported irrespective of whether they are saying good or bad of us and let us analyse the facts.

Goverment's good deeds
1) ppl is IDPs have all thier basic needs met. House for everyone, education, sanitation, health care etc.
2) No fear of death.
3) IDPs are not completely isolated as evident in this Red Cross have access albeit limited to IDPs.
4) ppl can really speak freely if they wish as evident by the person who coplained about shelling.
5) reportedly everyone there feel safe and are glad.

Government wrong doings
1) Goverment does shell no fire zones too.
2) IDPs are not allowed to go out of their camps.
3) Journalists are not allowed to independently access IDPs.
4) Tamils coming from North to other parts have to carry specific identity cards and therefore are descriminated in that sense.
5) journalists are under severe attack.

LTTE wrong doings
1) LTTE prevent people from fleeing into goverment contoled areas and hold them as human shield.
2) LTTE shoot at civilians who try to flee.
3) LTTE cut off legs of those who try to flee.
4) The wanni tamils are anyway restricted in their freedom of movement even under ltte.

Let me now address goverments faults one by one.
1) having to shell no fire zones also at times have been a necessity becuase ltte locate thier arti in those areas and shell at us. I don't approve of it but LTTE is at fault for this too.
2) IDPs are not allowed to go out of camps coz hidden cadres can go out get hold of hidden wepons cashes and attack from behind. I approve of this as a necessity until we clear all wepons cashes that should be at least an year.
3) journalist from reputed media outlest should ideally have access to IDP I concede that one as a genuine fault of us.
4) the descrimination against tamils to carry additional IDs and some inconveniences faced are necessary becuase of the very fine line that has to be walked to identify a terrorist and civilain. it is such a shame that technology is not good enough to find a solution for that. even so called developed countries have not found a solution for this. even in america human rights were violated during civil war. it's necessary during war.
5) finally the suppressing of journalists is such a shame. but the point i want to bring here is that it is not a problem specific to tmails. the sinhala jounalist too are being harassed if they go too much against goverment. my dear tamil friends it is a struggle we have to make against the goverment together not apart.

What so you have to say about LTTE wrong doings? The way I see it. Tamil civilian deaths in wanni can be prevented if LTTE let go of the civilians held hostage. to me that is the immediate concern that needs addressing.

Raja said...

It's always amazing to hear Sinhalese who claim that tamils are not being discriminated against in any way. They have obviously never read the constitution that guarantees budhism the "foremost place". Most modern countries in the word today have secular consitutions that don't give preference to any religion. See the image that shows the secular countries in green. I did some research on the ones that are non-secular and a vast majority of them simply have a constitutional clause that specifies a state religion. Only the Sinhalese geniuses came up with something so blatant: budhism is foremost everything else is second best.

As if that was not enough they added "it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana". Well what is the budha sasana? It's the budhist monks. They are not angels, they are men. And as Aristotle said, "Man by nature is a political animal". The sinhalese just don't understand that these guys have an agenda. What do these guys have in common? They are all sinhalese. In hundreds of years there haven't been any tamils in the budha sasana. So it's no wonder it's the monks who are the most argent proponents of the war. They don't care that the countries finances are going to hell, that development is held up. They have already denounced materialism and would like nothing more than for everyone else do the same.

isurujosh said...

Thoughtful Guy, you're absolutlely right I am wasting my time here with a bunch of racist but many tamils come here and they ought to know that there is a moderate side of Sri Lanka. Anyway I have asked the racist here how they can counter claims of LTTE killing thier own fleeing LTTE areas. if they deny that part of the report and only accept the part that is advantageous to them then they get exposed for their bias.
Damn I should get back to my business now. But ot before exposing the racists here.

m.q.k said...

All surgeries have stopped at a makeshift hospital in Sri Lanka's war zone because of a lack of basic supplies such as anesthetic and blood bags, the top government health official there said Sunday.

Dr. Thurairaja Varatharajah said the situation was so bad that bed sheets were being used for bandages, while sticks were being used to brace fractured limbs.

"We don't have bandages or gauze, we tear up bed sheets to bind the wounds and use palm sticks to support fractures. We are in need of a quick supply," Varatharajah said.

Four civilians died in the hospital Saturday from injuries, while 48 others were awaiting treatment, he said.

isurujosh said...

Thoughtful Guy, most of these racist in the blog are LTTE fund collectors and thus their bias is based on financial motives too.
ok i am leaving here. if anyone talks racist stuff after i leave then that's not me. it's the fake.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Thanks Raja for posting that map. It's very interesting:

Basically its Sri Lanka, the middle east and Africa. Those are the only countries that are non secular. Looks like fitting company.

Also note that all of those countries are hardline muslim countries, and the only other religion in the list is Buddhism from Sri Lanka.

m.q.k said...

Karuna said he is not worried about his safety. He, however, does remember the last words Prabhakaran told him during their final meeting. "You are a traitor. You have sold the freedom struggle," Karuna said, quoting the LTTE chief.


It helped that he was in constant touch with President Mahinda Rajapaksa. "The Rajapaksa brothers (defence secretary Gotabhaya and political advisor Basil) are nice to me," he said. Nice enough to bestow a ministry on him. "I can manage everything. Like during my LTTE time, I will use less man power for high profit in the ministry," he said.


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

The defence minister always looks like a fool in his interviews. I wonder if he realizes it. Any western audience viewing him will think he is a pompous idiot, especially the way he gets angry with the reporters and starts shouting at them when they won't agree with him.

I think he is the best PR representative for the LTTE, because he makes people realize how bad the government is.

m.q.k said...



Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["1) LTTE prevent people from fleeing into goverment contoled areas and hold them as human shield."]

This is not fully substantiated, but the LTTE has a duty to stop people from entering the front lines, where heavy firing is occurring daily.

Further the LTTE has a duty to protect the people of Tamil Eelam. If the 300,000 civilians enter the IDP camps, at least 10,000 will disappear and be murdered in the screening process. You may ask those who make it through the screening process if they are safe, but you can't ask those who were murdered. The LTTE has a duty to protect the people from this terrible fate. Less people will die if the civilians stay under LTTE protection than if they go to the government.

["2) LTTE shoot at civilians who try to flee."]

This is unsubstantiated. It is much more likely that the Sri Lankan army shoots at them when they approach the FDL thinking they are LTTE fighters.

The LTTE does turn people back at the front lines, but that is for their own safety. You can't let civilians enter the front lines.

["3) LTTE cut off legs of those who try to flee."]

This is not true at all. No human being is cruel like this. Such stories are ridiculous.

["4) The wanni tamils are anyway restricted in their freedom of movement even under ltte."]

If the same number of people will die either way, better they die supporting their people and their freedom struggle. No Tamil would choose to enter a military prison unless they were first tortured by the government. The government tortures the people of Vanni by starving them, bombing them and not allowing medicine to enter their areas. The result is the Vanni civilians are terrorized and forced to take shelter of IDP prisons. Despite all of this terrorism, still the majority people in the Vanni choose to stay with their freedom fighters and resist the Sri Lankan terrorist army.

wijayapala said...

Editor "Badrinath,"

"Let us highlight some of the racism from Sinhalese here:"

And what do you have to say about the racism from certain Tamils here??? I am totally against any anti-Tamil racist statements such as those made by Nalani- have you condemned the use of the term "stinkalese" to describe Sinhalese?

Or are you just another hypocrite who can't take what you dish out?

m.q.k said...





m.q.k said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m.q.k said...


"If the same number of people will die either way, better they die supporting their people and their freedom struggle. No Tamil would choose to enter a military prison unless they were first tortured by the government. The government tortures the people of Vanni by starving them, bombing them and not allowing medicine to enter their areas. The result is the Vanni civilians are terrorized and forced to take shelter of IDP prisons. Despite all of this terrorism, still the majority people in the Vanni choose to stay with their freedom fighters and resist the Sri Lankan terrorist army.

m.q.k said...

It is extremely appropriate to highlight the BBC's coverage of the Middle East considering the importance that the BBC attaches to the region. During the conflict, the BBC published on average 4.5 articles every day dealing with the fighting. By contrast, BBC coverage of the Sri Lankan government's campaign against the Tamil Tigers group -- a conflict that resulted in an estimated 2,000 civilian deaths in January of 2009 -- produced barely one article a day.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Recent videos confirm 55th division crossed the lagoon to the mainland and followed the path along PTK North. They were unable to move along the coast at all.

I'm not Bhairav said...

Good news.

Over 1000 escape LTTE on 14-Mar-2009.

I'm not Bhairav said...

More good news.

600 civilians rescued today (15-Mar-2009) after beating off the terrorists from an area near PTK.

I'm not Bhairav said...

1600 civilians out of harms way in just 2 days. Not bad at all.

May god bless those who are taking part in the worlds largest hostage rescue mission!!!

I'm not Bhairav said...

I'm sure both pro-LTTE and anti LTTE should be equally happy that 1600 people evaded the hell hole and entered safety

khanthas said...

I remember still when Karuna’s spilt occurred, BBC ran all the way to Batticola jungles to interview him. They have their own agenda and unique thinking in which right and wrong not fit in well …

Pottu Amman said...

Dear donkey Earthbund

The above incident happend and it was published in Defencewire back a month ago. Poor Defencewire said the SLA was unarmed and on leave and trying to go back to colombo .. what a lie ... news is here

Read the full article donkey. DW says "were boarding the buses unarmed". Can't you Eelomoid donkeys identify a bus from a lorry? Furthermore, according to DW, there were 3 buses. Where were the rest?

Love Pottu.

I'm not Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm not Bhairav said...

LTTE have taken SLA to police custody

Pic 1
Pic 2

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

The following photo is not being shown on, but has been uploaded. The editor has chosen to keep it out because it shows a wounded soldier:

Photo to disappear in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

m.q.k said...



Editor: "Badrinath" said...

What are the probabilities that this guy is a Tamil from Karuna faction and that orange band on his wrist is to tell Sri Lankan soldiers he is on their side (to differentiate him from other Tamils who may be infiltrating):

wijayapala said...

Here's something for those who believe that the LTTE is protecting the Tamil civilians- how Thalaivar learned to value Tamils' lives from his guru Venugopal Master:

Venugopal Master: 60th Birthday Tribute

Then, as an aside, Venugopal Master chuckled and reminisced an anecdote... Master also mentions about the inevitable loss of lives; his guestimate of a serious, violent campaign by Eelam Tamils to regain their lost political rights; i.e., ***‘nearly 100,000 deaths’*** and told it straight to the LTTE leader, for which Pirabhakaran listened aptly – but with hardly any visible emotion in his face.

blashpemous said...

hi Badrinath, like your blog and comments. but don't expect the UN to step in if there's a major humanitarian disaster. the UN was already there in Rwanda, didn't do anything except leave. although it's unfair that so many Tamil civilians are dying, it seems the LTTE is conscientiously avoiding bombings in the South so as to keep the Sinhalese from becoming even more vicious.

Sinhalese will have enough to deal with when the reality of the failure of their war operations sets in, b/c they're already dealing with 27% inflation, low exports due to the war and world economy, and tens of thousands of poor, dead youth. At the point where the Sinhalese realize they cannot afford to maintain occupation (and/or military assets insufficient like you said), that's when the occupation will end. Esp. b/c of the economy. (That was the reason for 2002 ceasefire, of course.) SL is running on borrowed money, borrowed weapons, etc. But ethnic riots and massacres are hopefully not in our future. To bring about change, a further humanitarian disaster is unnecessary -- it has happened already under everyone's noses.

I'm not Bhairav said...

Badrinath, rupavahini footage yesterday showed wounded soldiers. One soldier came with his hand covered in blood, a medic put a bandage and in no time he grabbed his gun and disappeared in the direction of the battle field hoping to harvest a few more terrorists

I'm not Bhairav said...

Badrinath, I'm sure the guy with a orange band is TMVP. Actully there are more TMVP guys than actual SLA guys.

Sad no?

I'm not Bhairav said...

This picture itself is proof that SLA is killing children. Look how the SLA woman soldier is trying to suffocate the poor child

I'm not Bhairav said...

Ugly floor tiles in LTTE office

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

It's interesting to note the article titled "Over 600 civilians saved: Troops capture LTTE 'court centre' at Puthukkudiyirippu"
( was changed around 20 times since it was first published at 8:09:47 PM. The original version did not include this paragraph at all:

["According to the civilians rescued, terrorists have constructed a large jail with torture cells at Iranapali. The site is used to imprison POWs and the civilians who get caught to LTTE guards while attempting to flee from LTTE captivity, the civilians were quoted saying. "Recently, when an LTTE hideout was attacked by Air Force jets, they (LTTE) dragged two prisoned soldiers and shot them in public", a civilian revealed speaking with troops."]

That paragraph was added 20 minutes afterwards. So it shows these articles are written as they go. Their editor just makes up whatever he likes and starts adding it to the stories. If the stories were real, how can such an important paragraph be "missing" from the article when it was first published, but then mysteriously was added 20 minutes later?

I was watching this article as they changed it, so I have all the 20 different published versions, but its a waste of time to bring it up. If Sinhalese believe what they said about the photoshopped picture then there is nothing you can convince them on.

slpower said...

Hey Peelamists,

You are saying that your Black Fat Oily Pig's slipper wearing carders are killing SLA ppl very badly.

OK, think that it is true and SLA is defeating. We can bear it.

Then why are you crying for a ceasefire from INTL community.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

By the way, in this video, I swear these LTTE fighters are dancing to the music as they go. In fact that guy must be holding a radio, even though it looks like a walkie talkie. That's the only way to explain how these fighters are dancing to the music as they attack.

Prasanna samarasinghe said...

Hey all LTTE terrorists ,

SLA is now sweeping out the bloody LTTE from SRILANKA.

In another 3 weeks

no more puligals.
no more LTTE.

Only you and your puligal site will remain. Then You can fly kites with your puligal fiends.

These videos will remain in your dreams.

By bye
LTTE terrorists.(and moda choon puligals)

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

The following photo was taken a long time ago, but posted claiming it was from today:

The exif data on the photo, which is a hidden data embedded in all digital photos was manually changed to 0000-00-00 00:00:00 so we cant see the date it was taken. But all the other photos in this article still have that data intact and unchanged. Also this photo was taken with a different model camera then the other photos in the article. The first photo was taken with a Panasonic DMC-FS3, but all the other photos were taken with a Canon Powershot A450. This again shows the photos are from two different times and places. The only reason to remove the date the photo was taken would be if it was an old photo.

Just another case of cheating and manipulating photos.

Bhairav said...

Peter, Badri, Any updates from Wanni?

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Regarding IDPs claiming the LTTE shot them, we should note the following:

One of the main ways the Sri Lankan army determines if you are an LTTE fighter is if you have scars or bullet wounds. The only way someone could explain them is if you said the LTTE shot you as you left, otherwise you will "disappeared" by the security forces.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Sorry, I have not been able to get through to anyone.

Peter said...

There are some 'Karuna loyalists' embedded with the SLA in Vanni; chiefly to help navigate around jungle tracks.

Bad thing is that they help SLA; good thing is that almost half of them are from Intel Wing.

A lot of the attacks behind enemy lines and even the attack on the arti launchpad were carried out with direct input from the intel guys in the guise of 'Karuna loyalists'.

There have also been increasing incidents of guys who went with Karuna returning to LTTE ranks once they are deployed in Vanni.

In most cases, these cadres get flashbacks from battles of yesteryears when they fought side by side many great heroes for the establishment of an independent Tamileelam and not for one chief or another.

The cadres responsible for most of the atrocities in Batti-Amparai are not ones that went from LTTE with Karuna. Rather, they are remaining members of the Razeek Group which has worked with SLA for many decades now.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

These arseholes come up with pictures that 1000 today crossed into govern controlled area etcetera, even a person who has some common sense can understand the brutality of power GoSL unleashed on innocent Tamils in Wanni is unprecedented. What can you expect from innocent Tamils who are shelled 24/7 by barbaric SLA, and hospitals blown into ground zero, hardly any food supply or medical facilities available, most emergency surgeries done without anesthesia , many even struggling for one meal a day ? GoSL thought with its indiscriminate shelling/bombardment and restricted medical/food supply, they can bring Wanni Tamils into their knees, in fact, it backfired big time. They couldn't finish off LTTE by the first week of Feb as their time line said earlier, and the mounting civilian casualties, global Tamils' solidarity with LTTE, and resilient of LTTE are putting them in total dilemma.

Peter said...

Quick note for those wanting to comment on Puligal Blog:

If you have anti-virus on high privacy setting, you can't comment on the site; possibly because the editor can see your IP.

I got around it by using proxy.

Peter said...


I think the question each Tamil has to ask themselves is if you are in Vanni would you want to cross into SLA areas?

Most of these people have lived in LTTE administered areas for more than two decades. Most likely they would have worked in LTTE operated banks, businesses etc.

They will get locked in a camp and given food until SLA's military intel becomes suspicious of them. Thereafter, white van and the procedure we are all familiar with.

Bhairav said...

[Bad thing is that they help SLA; good thing is that almost half of them are from Intel Wing.]

Peter, I think it is other way around. These Karuna cadres who were teenagers when they involved in the abduction, sexual assaults and many other crimes in East. It will be hard for them to return back into any ethical ways when they have taste of easy money, free sex and the comfort zone.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

I think Karuna basically was without any followers, so he resorted to forced child recruitments (people who had no former allegiance to anyone). In order to keep them under his hand, he addicted them to many bad habits, which would not be available elsewhere (in LTTE or in ordinary life). As a result he was able to get some lowlifes around him to do his bidding.

Contrast this with the LTTE principles and beliefs and its like night and day. People who sacrificed themselves for their people and country in LTTE are selfless heroes, but Karuna's thugs are selfish lowlifes.

I'm sure the old timers, if there are any left in Karuna's group, still hold fond memories of their times when they had meaning in life. Karuna should have taken the humble path and just accepted his demotion from Prabhakaran. Instead he wanted to fight a war pitting Tamil against Tamil, all for his stupid ego. Mahatthaya tried the same thing. Both of them couldn't accept not being in the limelight.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Bad thing is that they help SLA; good thing is that almost half of them are from Intel Wing."]

Half of the Karuna people have always been LTTE moles, and the evidence has been obvious by the long line of bodies. Even the most trusted members have gone against them because the freedom struggle is more important than anyone's ego trip.

The Sri Lankan army has had trouble working with Karuna's people from the beginning. They always get more casualties when they work together for obvious reasons. No one can tell which direction bullets are flying in the middle of a fire fight. No one can tell why artillery shells are falling so accurately. No one can tell how the LTTE are able to find the holes in the defence lines. It all remains a big mystery for the foolish.

In fact it is known there are even "sinhala" LTTE cadres who are infiltrated into the defence forces in high ranking posts. They are LTTE cadres who look and speak sinhalese and even have sinhala identification papers. Some have one parent who is sinhalese, but false documents showing them as completely Sinhala.

Peter said...

The thing with Karuna started because of his conversion from fighter to politician in the early '00s.

Remember, his request to VP was that he be made commander of Batti-Amapari, i.e. overall in charge of all the district level heads of departments like Col. Keerti (Intel) and Lt. Col. Kowsalyan (Political).

Even before that, there were reported incidents of him using LTTE properties for family needs. In one case he used LTTE pick-up truck to send his kids to a private school.

Most ordinary people thought LTTE had gone wary and didn't bother to complain about Karuna. It was Puddu Amman's wife's family, who are also Batticaloa natives, that initially complained; this is why he hates Poddu.

Anyway, he just wanted to act like a politician.

Nonetheless, he was offered to be shifted to a SEA country, given a house and some living money. But he refused and took the highest bid from Ranil.

VP always says that even person had a 'palaveenam' and it is a just a case of tapping into it. Karuna was no different; RAW managed to tap the right place.

Peter said...

From the SBS report

Says it is not possible to interview wounded people who have been evacuated from the war areas and brought to Trincomalee. Asked why, Maj. Gen. Fernando replies: "that's the way we want it. Simple answer."

Don;t want injured people to talk to independent reporters. That's the way Sinhalese want it.

All other Sinhalese can give highly imaginative reports from DefenceLK, or UN officials on trips guided and translated by SLA officials.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Maj. Gen. Fernando replies: "that's the way we want it. Simple answer.""]

That part was hilarious. These people are so stupid they don't even think someone might be recording and filming the phone conversation. In fact the way they all act, they don't even care. Just see how defence minister screams at reporters like a fool. The more they speak, the more the world sees how they are.

Peter said...

I think the Sinhala speaking cadres who used to operate directly under Kapil Amman are all in the South.

Most people giving info to LTTE from front-lines are from Karuna Group.

There were several incidents in '05/'06 when SLA's LRRP was guided straight into Vanni and surrounded by LTTE. I think most were captured but neither side made things public. Thereafter LRRP refused to work with Karuna Group.

Most in SLA know what's going on, but they see Karuna cadres as a worthy risk.

How costly that ends up will only be told in time.

Peter said...

Military people are usually bad in public relations.

Sinhala state's governance structure is so corrupt that someone like Gotha is shown to international media as the big brain behind all military operations.

Peter said...

Heavy fighting around Dr. Ponnambalam Hospital in PTK.

This cooperative hospital, part funded by the Diaspora, was flattened by the SALF. DefenceLK called it Col. Soosai's hideout.

Upul said...

actually corruption in sinhalese ranks is what kept the eelam struggle alive...

Bhairav said...

Re: Gotha

If you go to any fast food chain or banks in US, the customer service is the worst, so the guy, GR, worked in 7/11 and you probably will see the same attitude in the public relations. Chena boys would have thought GR spent few years in US, so he knows how to handle the white media. If you have worked in 7/11, you only have learned how to deal with junkies to sell cigarettes and chips.LOL!

Upul said...

is there a news blackout from ltte side for obvious reasons ?

Peter said...

Lol! Bhairav, so true. He probably thinks all whites get angry, sweaty and swear in every sentence.

I don't get why people like Palitha Kohana, who actually had white-collar jobs in developed world, are not allowed to handle public relations.

It does have something to do with giving media coverage, and popularity amongst chena boys, to non-Rajapaksa.

Peter said...


I don't think that there are any new blackouts.

Most of the time Tamil media does not report on small team infiltration attacks.

For the time being, LTTE is better off playing the underdog card to the max.

Upul said...

all decision in sri lanka are made by the rajapakse brothers during their 5 o' clock meeting.

isurujosh said...


isurujosh said...

frontline moved to Visuamadu
further proof that latest ltte infiltrations have slowed down army.
Viva!La! LTTE media black-out!

isurujosh said...

how many KM to Visuamadu?

isurujosh said...

Just as i expected modalingams only agree with the part of the oz report that is benefitial to them. Talk of LTTE killing civilains is "Unsubstantiated" TM(R).

isurujosh said...

buggest problems with Tamils is their lack of humility. I had the balls to criticise my goverment over media freedom but you never utter a word against the thalaivar.

shrikharan said...

isurujosh, We can pretend all we like.That may be a consolation in the short term.But at some point we will have to face the reality in order to stop the further unnecessary carnage.

isurujosh said...

shrikharan, this carnage is being created to fuel the next phase of the war. LTTE wants to go back to square one and fight a guerilla war and to do that there must be lot of hatred between you and I.

isurujosh said...

if my goverment does not give free and fair elections to tamils i will be the first one to leave Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has learnt from it's past mistakes.

isurujosh said...

Tamils testifying on LTTE massacres

isurujosh said...

Re: Welcome to the Vanni: Video from

thamilan said...

To isurujosh:

You are saying that SLA killed 250 LTTE but is it true? Remember last article how the SLA were showing their own soldiers as LTTE and laughing at them. In the video, they never zoom in to show it's actually LTTE and they don't show any details of anything. It's just an quick capture of a lot of bodies that doesn't even look like 250. Looks like there are 100 and no one can tell if they are really LTTE or SLA. The bodies can civilians the SLA killed too, it can be anyone. Until you can confirm it's LTTE, don't say shit. Show a proper video or photos the bodies with detail. Didn't you notice that the SLA only shows close up of the bodies when it's actually an LTTE which happens rarely. Everyone has to accept there will be casualties on both sides, it's WAR.

wijayapala said...


"buggest problems with Tamils is their lack of humility. I had the balls to criticise my goverment over media freedom but you never utter a word against the thalaivar."

That's not true- there have been very courageous Tamils who have stood up to LTTE fascism, and we have not done much to support them. Take a look at Mr. Benedict:

Are the Tamil Tigers being declawed in Toronto?

wijayapala said...

Badrinath says,

"I think Karuna basically was without any followers, so he resorted to forced child recruitments (people who had no former allegiance to anyone)."

You must be thinking about the LTTE after 1990- why else would Thalaivar recruit poor Tamils' children if there were adults willing to enlist and not desert???

wijayapala said...

Peter thinks,

"Bad thing is that they help SLA; good thing is that almost half of them are from Intel Wing."

That is very interesting, considering the facts that:

1) Karuna and Pillayan are still alive, as well as Ms. Sivageetha Prabakaran and lower-level commanders like Iniyabarathi

2) TMVP was able to win the eastern PC elections with a decent turnout (considering that the east had just been liberated) and with no major interference from the LTTE.

That leaves us with 3 possibilities based on Peter's story (and Badri's premature concurrence):

1) The LTTE intel wing is so utterly incompetent that it could not stop the SL govt from pacifying the east

2) Intel operatives switched to Karuna's (or Pillayan's) side because they rather pragmatically did not want to be stuck on the losing side or

3) Peter was making this up, and Badri like a blind fool followed him into the sewer.

I would like to think 3) is the truth, but I'll leave it to Peter or Badrinath to clarify exactly how incompetent or disloyal they think the LTTE intel wing is.

Vannian said...

The Way Gotabaya reacts to the questions in the SBS interview is a clear
indication the is deep hell hole.

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