Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Elderly Tamil civilians dying of starvation in Sri Lanka concentration camps

The number of deaths among elderly persons in Vavuniyaa IDP camp is on the increase. From May 1 till May 11, sixty-one elderly persons have died due to what is termed "natural causes", a term used to hide the real causes, namely starvation, lack of water and lack of medical facilities. Their bodies have been lying in the mortuary of the Vavuniyaa general hospital awaiting relatives to identify them, sources in Vavuniyaa said.

Hospital sources said their bodies would be buried at the state expense if their relatives fail to identify them and do the last rites. Elderly IDPs are given shelter in Chettikulam Menik Farm camp. While inquiring into the sudden deaths in Cheddikulam, health workers said that a high rate of elderly persons in this camp have been dying due to the above mentioned causes.


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Look at this innocent man's suffering while Mahinda refused to allow food into the no fire zone for months.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Badir...so strange isnt it..its almost as if only little kids , elderly and orphans live in Eezam. Every report is about "so many chilldren" getting likked, or "so many elderly starving" etc etc....
dnt u smell a rat somewhere :)

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Anandasangaree the traitor is finally realizing the monster he has been supporting all these years, but its too late for him.


Bhairav said...

It is very sad to see these people in these conditions. The thought of temperature reaching in late 30s C',and not enough water and food, on top of the indiscriminate bombardment of SLA can cause greatest nightmare to any humans regardless of the race they come from.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Time magazine:

"Sri Lanka Puts Obama to the Test — And He's Failing"


asterix said...

It seems to me that everybody here acknowledges that the LTTE has effectively been defeated. So tell me, why the hell are the remaining few pussies not surrendering or comitting suicide?
Won't that prevent the so called "blood bath" from happening? Surely, the civilians, specially the little kids that tamilnut and pulibal so often shed rivers of tears over, will prefer to live in a "concentration" camp over dying with the rigers!!!

Your ability to fool yourselves baffles everybody.

Laptop Kumara Ramawickrama said...

Asterix Modaya,
So, LTTE is defeated. Vanni civilians are now in the Nazi concentration camp. So, now shit lanka became a first world country over the bodies of tens of thousands of Vanni civilians.

This war started 30 years back. Only now some noise is comming from UN,EU,US and western countries. All these because of down south Modapakse modayas short term vision. Wait and see Modaya.

Navindran said...

asterix , you and your people have been defeated. It takes alot of balls to fight a defensive battle. The Germans did it in world war 1 under hinderburg and ironically the russians did that in kursk against the germans in the second world war.

Your people are desperate to end the war. Your economy is collapsed and you know the end of your occupation of eelam is comming.

Some stupid people who think like me that BJP will come to power

"Stocks surged on speculation that BJP led coalition is likely to lead in the parliament election. Investors are looking for a clear majority for one coalition to lead the nation and bring political stability."


Navindran said...

My dear friends as the curtain draws a close for pollings notice, eelam is becoming a reality. From being non commital and staying away, suddenly bothe the BJP and communist are okay with eelam. I dont want to say i told you so.

Genocide oxygen for Eelam’

The dead bodies of Sri Lankan ethnic Tamil civilians killed by shelling are seen, in Tamil Tiger controlled war zone in Mullivaaykaal, Sri Lanka.Express News ServiceFirst Published : 09 May 2009 02:53:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 09 May 2009 07:13:36 AM ISTCHENNAI: CPI national general secretary A B Bardhan has said that if the Sri Lankan government continued with the genocidal war against the Tamils “more and more opinion will consolidate towards the formation of a separate Tamil Eelam”.

He said that his party never advocated for a separate Eelam in Lanka for the Tamils.

“But we have always favoured the recognition of full rights and full autonomy for the Tamil people. But the way the Sri Lankan government is going ahead with the war, the feeling of the Tamil people might consolidate towards the formation of an Eelam.’’

He recalled that when the problems in Bangaldesh started, there was no demand for a separate State, but because of the atrocities of the Pakistan army, there was consolidated of the Bangali-speaking population, which led to the formation of the State.

He said that the UPA government had failed to take adequate steps to stop the war against the Tamils.

“It is not only against the LTTE, but against Tamil civilians. As its closest neighbour, the government did nothing to stop the atrocities against the civilians,” he said.

“Even in refugee camps, the Tamil people are facing starvation deaths. The Indian government could have sent food and medicines to the people. This humanitarian gesture has nothing to do with interfering with a country’s sovereignty,” he said, adding that this failure shows the government’s attitude towards the Lankan Tamils.

Asked about the demand of alliance parties like the AIADMK, PMK and the MDMK for a separate Eelam, he said: “We have taken note of their statements.’’

Gayan said...

[My dear friends as the curtain draws a close for pollings notice, eelam is becoming a reality.]

After the elections you'll get to see that both DMK and AIADMK have taken you Toiletnadu donkeys on a ride as usual!!

This is rich! They actually believe Jeyalalitha!!!

tn thamilz said...

US, UK want UN to facilitate 'safe evacuation' of civilians


It looks good on paper. I wish UN takes this message seriously and start working on evacuation plan for the civilians with the full accountability and international monitors in all camps. Tigers should cease this opportunity and [b]negotiate[/b] with US and UK for the civilian evacuation. The people living in NFZ have had enough.

tharu22 said...

As stupid as he may sound, don't be too harsh on Navindran. He's our man and doing his job just as we've told him to do.

Gayan said...

[don't be too harsh on Navindran. He's our man and doing his job just as we've told him to do.]

Exactly! Retards working against retards without knowing it!!

Gayan said...

[Tigers should cease this opportunity and [b]negotiate[/b] with US and UK for the civilian evacuation.]

They(LTTP) could have negotiated, if they were smart enough to make meaningful sentences using real words!!!

wijayapala said...

War Nerd: The Tamil Tigers Shoulda Listened to Yo’ Mao-Mao.

One thing you have to give the doomed Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka credit for: their supporters sitting in comfortable first-world cities have no shame when it comes to begging for help. Militarily the Sri Lankan Tamils are o-vuh, but when it comes to demanding favors from people who have every reason to hate their guts, these guys are world-class. For some hilarious examples of propaganda from a doomed army, check out the LTTE’s glossy but totally insane website, Tamilnet.

Today’s headline on their site is this little classic: “99% of Norway Tamils Aspire for Tamil Eelam.” “Eelam,” y’unnerstan’, is their fancy name for the independent Tamil state they want to create in Sri Lanka, the “E” in “LTTE.” Anyway, what this headline means is that they rounded up the Tamils living in Norway and herded their frozen asses into a Sons of Knute meeting hall in Oslo and lo’n’behold, 99% of those poor flotsam (should that be “flotsam” or “flotsams”? Not sure) turned out to be in favor of dear old Eelam. The fact that they were ten thousand miles away from Sri Lanka, where the government artillery was shredding the last backyard-sized scrap of land in “Eelam,” didn’t faze those Norwegian diehards one bit.

These guys have no shame at all. They’d probably be willing to go on Flava Flav’s “Workfare for Overage Street Ho’s” show, they’re so shameless. They even, believe it or not, called for the US to save them with “gunboat diplomacy.” I kid you not.

After decades of playing the bold revolutionaries, they’re actually screeching for American destroyers to rescue them. Ah, it’s a fun world as long as you remember we’re all garbage at heart.

Now that the Tamils’ great Sri Lankan kingdom has been whittled down to about ten acres of blasted scrub, they’re so desperate they’re even tying up traffic in Toronto by way of attracting attention to their sad little plight that they totally brought on themselves. The Canadians are giving it their typical mealymouthed cowardly PC response, “We understand your frustration,” while these losers tie up the biggest freeway in Toronto.

But my favorite little desperate gesture from the Tamils is the way they’ve reached out to Sonia Gandhi, the big Indian politician, to ask for help.

Which is funny because Sonia happens to be the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, who was killed by a suicide bomber in 1991. And who sent the bomber? Nobody but the LTTE, the Sri Lankan Tamils’ great liberation army. Yup, they didn’t like Rajiv’s policy on Sri Lanka so they sent him the LTTE version of a strip-o-gram: a zombie girl who shimmied right up to Rajiv at a rally and pulled her own string. It stripped her all right; it stripped the flesh off her and Rajiv and anybody else within the blast radius. Scorched-earth erotic dancing. The ultimate Bollywood closing number.

And now that the LTTE is cornered like a weasel with its foot in a trap, they actually have the gall to ask for her help. This is why I could never be in politics: you have to have the ability to forgive people. I’ve never forgiven anyone in my life. I don’t even get the concept. If something was bad, something offended you, then it stays that way. It doesn’t turn nice because a little time has passed. I never did get that idea. But Sonia just sat up on a dais in Chennai and listened to a bunch of old LTTE supporters read poems about the glorious Tamil martyrs—you know, like the girl who erased Sonia’s hubby—and politely remind them that India can’t interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, bla bla bla. I guess that would’ve been sweet, in a quiet way, but me, I’d want to offer the Sri Lankan army the full support of every fighter plane the Indian AF can send down there. “Oh, I’ll help your friends in the LTTE, all right: I’ll help them all be reincarnated as tapeworms after we send the Indian Air Force down there to wipe out your last-ditch bunkers! Oh yeah, my little Tamil buddies, we’re gonna put on a little air show for ya, we’ll call it the Rajiv Gandhi memorial air munitions display because after all my hubby was a pilot back when he was alive before you turned him into blackened meat, remember little buddies? Yeah, and anyway the Indian arms industry needs a showcase, let the world media see what our new air-to-ground munitions can do to a bunch of losers who tried to set up a 19th-century rebel empire and found out it’s not so easy any more.”

That’s what I’d do. But Sonia’s a patient sneaky lady, a good politician, and she remembers that her party owes a lot of its power to the fact that it carried all the Tamil districts in the south. So she just smiles while the Sri Lankan army grinds the LTTE to death.

There’ll be many a dry eye when those bastards are gone. All over the world, governments are quietly chortling, even while they tsk-tsk in public. The Tamils got way above themselves, and nearly everybody is happy to see them fall.
The real question is, what happened to turn a really impressive, powerful guerrilla army like the LTTE into this pathetic dead-ender comedy skit, hanging on to its little “sovereign state” in somebody’s backyard banana grove while the army arty shreds the leaves?

I’ve written about the LTTE before, used to admire the bastards for their sheer ruthlessness and the way they bridged the gap between conventional and guerrilla war-making methods (read this and this), but it’s beginning to look to me like that strategy of the LTTE’s where they try to cross over from guerrilla force to a “sovereign state,” with its own uniformed armed forces and government and liberated territory, backfired real bad on them. They’d have been better off skulking in the scrub hoping to cause enough trouble to be bought off. Now they’re going to be just plain wiped out. That’s the trouble with doin’ it old-school: the old-school end game for a defeated conventional army is total annihilation.

The LTTE was doing so well as a guerrilla army that it did what winners usually do: find some way to push its luck and turn victory into defeat. It’s weird how you see that pattern everywhere you look, from corporations that are good at doing one thing they make tons of money and then put it in some totally unrelated business they know zero about, to armies that figure winning a battle is a sign you should go pick on some bigger, badder enemy (See Wehrmacht 1941).

The LTTE started way back in the 1970s, when guerrilla armies were a growth industry. They won over the Tamils in Sri Lanka by being more hard-ass than any of the older Tamil militias, and they proved it by just plain wiping out their wimpy rivals, like the TELO.

You have to remember how different the world looked when people like the LTTE’s Dear Leader Prabhakaran made the career choice to become a guerrilla generalissimo. And you have to remember that in the kind of hellhole he grew up in, it really was a career choice. There weren’t many others, and guerrilla had a rockstar appeal compared to the other options, like starving schoolteacher or smalltime farmer. This was before the IT industry turned the Tamil part of India (basically the SE quadrant of the Subcontinent) into Silicon Valley East. Back in them days, the quickest way to have dinner with the big folks was to control a bunch of malaria-ridden skeletons waving AKs.

So Prabhakaran did what any good entrepreneur would do, grew his business the old-fashioned way: ambushing convoys and assassinating government officials. The LTTE fought a slow stalemate against the army for 25 years after that, with fake “ceasefires” from time to time followed by assassinations to announce that it was back to business as usual, but the one steady factor was Prabhakaran, who got crazier and more conceited as the years went by. He wanted it all, and step one was killing anybody who was a career rival. Which he did, starting in 1986 when he used the old-as-the-hills technique of calling all the braintrust together for a big conference and then mowing them all down. I can’t believe anybody falls for that one, when it’s been Plan #1 for about three thousand years. But who knows, there are still suckers buying Chrysler, so you can’t underestimate stupidity.

The greedy goons running the LTTE were getting more and more pissed off and jealous because in the meantime, their Tamil friends over in Chennai were lording it over them with their Microsoft options and i-phones and kids majoring in comp sci at MIT. Worse yet, the richer those mainland Tamils got, the less they were interested in sending money to the LTTE boys hunkered down in the coastal scrub. Back in the 1970s it was that or pluck chickens, but when Microsoft is offering to send you to their corporate campus in Seattle, all expenses paid, the Pol Pot version of The Apprentice doesn’t seem like such a great option any more. The whole shape of the world (outside Africa anyway) was turning against guerrilla armies, and the LTTE had to figure out which way to turn.

At one level they were in a pretty good position; they held most of NE Sri Lanka, off and on, and their opposition, the Sri Lankan armed forces, was nothing to be afraid of. By 2000, the LTTE took Elephant Pass, a key route to their heartland in Northern Sri Lanka. They had other assets: a lot of money and sympathy from the 80 million Tamils around the world, and they had the BBC on their side too, because the Tamils’ were always the Brits’ pet tribe on the island, specially imported back in Victoria’s day to give the native Sinhalese fits.

But Prabhakaran was no Pol Pot. He was more like a businessman, and he kept his eyes on what he considered the prize, namely making every Tamil on the island his personal slave. There’s always a slave side to a guerrilla movement, because the people are their main asset, and you want to have good control over your asset. But Prabhakaran took it way too far, even for a Dear Leader type. Of course it didn’t help that he was hands down the ugliest revolutionary leader in history, a fat little toad tamped into a camo uniform.

Here I figured I was too ugly to be the Che of Fresno but maybe not. If this lumpy raccoon-eyed amphibian Prabhakaran can do it, then Generalissimo Brecher here we come.

Prabhakaran decided to settle for a ceasefire and set up his precious “state” in the north of Sri Lanka, and he went whole hog. Nobody loves bureaucracy more than an Indian, and the LTTE was suddenly turned into rubber-stamping, desk-grabbing, bribe-taking office pigs. Just imagine what the DMV office would be like in Hell and you’ve got the idea. Every cadre wanted payback for the years hunkered down in the bush from every poor sucker who needed a document stamped. They actually started a “living tax”—as in a tax on the fact that you were breathing. And being a guerrilla army, they made it real clear that if you didn’t pay your breathing tax, they had no problem about interrupting your oxygen supply.

When you think about the LTTE’s famous air force and navy from this angle, they don’t look so cool any more. I admit, I wrote how cool they were, but since I’ve been looking deeper I see they were part of the whole “legitimate state” bullshit business plan that sank the whole movement. They were just more showing off, more trying to be like the big boys. In hindsight it’d have been better for the LTTE to stick to what makes guerrilla armies strong: the AK, RPG and staying tight with the villagers.

This is what Mao would have called “mismanaging your prime asset.” Not that Mao would’ve used that capitalist-roader talk but what he taught his PLA cadres amounted to the same lesson: you better treat the people decent (Mao said, “Don’t take anything from the peasants, not even a sweet potato”), because it’s the people, not the land you claim, that keeps you strong. Here’s the key Mao quote that Prabhakaran and his little careerists should’ve memorized: “Lose land to keep people, land can be retaken; lose people to keep land, land and people both lost.”

That one sentence explains everything that happened to the LTTE. They terrorized the people, their only real asset. When the war resumed in 2002, the Tamils voted with their feet. They ran from the LTTE slavedrivers, even risked surrendering to Sinhalese soldiers instead of sticking with their “liberators.” The LTTE was so shocked at the way their peasant slaves were deserting them they made it policy to fire on Tamil civilians who were trying to flee LTTE-controlled zones.

A classic lesson in how to lose by not listening to Mao, by valuing land and fancy uniforms over sharing rice with the peasants. And now Prabhakaran has about a week or so left in his miserable life to go over Mao’s lessons in his head while he skulks in a bunker somewhere in his precious “Tamil Eelam.” Then the soldiers will kick the door in and the bastard will have a couple of seconds to decide whether to be a hypocrite right to the end, surrender and hope the UN gets him clemency, or die like he made thousands of trusting Tamil kids die, by swallowing the cyanide pills every LTTE soldier carried around his neck. If they even make cyanide necklaces in his collar size.

Gary Brecher is the author of the War Nerd. Send your comments to brecher@exiledonline.com.

Revenge said...

Hey hey stupid sinhala mongrels, did you really think the rest of the world were as stupid as you animal refuse from an incestous relationship?


Caught red handed eh, stupid fcuking animals, now what.

hey wijapuka got an answer my dear Sinhala slut? You sure like to hang out here, are you not hanging out at the DW 'prabah will be dead soon' party? Oh that's right even your own animals don't like you much...

Revenge said...

Oh and Wijapuka, 'war nerd' Gary is an ill-informed moron as I have witnessed in his past writings and as continued here for all to see, lets point out a few of his facts...

"they had the BBC on their side too, because the Tamils’ were always the Brits’ pet tribe on the island, specially imported back in Victoria’s day to give the native Sinhalese fits."

Oh I see so all Tamils and the ones who are even trying to free themselves were the Indian tea estate workers - right... good one Mr. 'war nerd' or is that more like mr. clueless...

"When the war resumed in 2002, the Tamils voted with their feet. They ran from the LTTE slavedrivers, even risked surrendering to Sinhalese soldiers instead of sticking with their “liberators.” "

Huh? The war started in 2002...wow another new bit of information from Mr. Clueless...

yeah we should really be paying attention to the opinions of someone who doesn't even have these basic facts down...

of course for moronic sinhala animals this guy is probably Steven Hawkins, after all even the common garden slug is probably smarter than you inbred hicks.

Gayan said...

[hey wijapuka got an answer my dear Sinhala slut?]

Revenge s use of word is a testimony for the 'Sophistication' of Tamils all over the world!!
What a dumb race Peelamists are!!!

Gayan said...

Revenge Aka. Inbreed,

here are some parts from HRW article you gave the link of, It accuses the army of shelling civilian concentrations but it also admits the army is targeting the LTTP fagots hiding behind civilians;
And they clearly say it is the fault of the LTTP retards, Read and weep.

["R. Raman," 29, said that he and his family had been hiding in their bunker in Mullaivaikal - a dug-out trench without any cover - for several days. "We were being attacked from all sides," he said. "My wife and I only left the bunker to get food and water for our three children."
Early in the morning on May 9, a shell struck one of the tents closeby, killing Raman's 15-year-old nephew and wounding his nephew's older brother and sister. Raman believes that the shell came from Sri Lankan army positions and may have been targeting LTTE forces that were deployed in the jungle about 100 meters away. Several shells struck the tented area inhabited by displaced civilians.
Raman said he and his family were afraid to try to escape to government-controlled areas. When they and several hundred others had tried to leave the area in early April, LTTE fighters opened fire on them. "I saw them shoot at least 15 people," he said. "They just opened fire on the first row of people. I don't know whether they lived or died, however. We fell to the ground as soon as the firing started. When it stopped, we ran back as quickly as we could. There were children among the people who got shot as well." According to Raman, about half of the people managed to escape that day. The other half were forced to return.]

[Human Rights Watch has repeatedly raised grave concerns about violations of international law by both parties to the conflict. The LTTE has violated the laws of war by using civilians as "human shields," by preventing civilians from fleeing the combat zone - including by use of lethal force - and by deliberately deploying their forces close to densely populated areas. The Sri Lankan armed forces have indiscriminately shelled densely populated areas, including hospitals, in violation of the laws of war.]

Veeran said...

Worldwide the term Modayan refers to Sinhalans & it is rich for modayan like u to refer tamils as dumb.

m.q.k said...

Indeed, a top government official, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted to the BBC that contrary to what was being played out in the media, the present DMK-led government had actually strengthened coastal security further.

Around 100 coastal police stations have been set up to ensure no Tamil refugee tries to enter Tamil Nadu. And they have been successful as very few people have managed to enter India.

m.q.k said...

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) today issued a preliminary analysis of commercial high-resolution satellite imagery of the conflict zone that shows craters from the use of heavy weapons and the removal of thousands of likely structures used by internally displaced persons (IDPs) between May 6 and May 10. The AAAS found that it was "certainly unlikely that the IDPs would have moved en masse, and so completely without a compelling reason." Tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the conflict area.

Bhairav said...

Revenge, have mercy on this Sinhala coolie, Wijayapala, who often recycles the garbage of scumbag, DBSJ, then preach here. Who let these dogs here? Obviously no on pays attention to these morons.

Bhairav said...

m.g.k, any idea how the CNN poll results jumped from 50% to 80% in favor of Tamils within few hours today?

Gayan said...

[Worldwide the term Modayan refers to Sinhalans]

Worldwide the terms Inbreeds, retards and toilet cleaners are used to describe Tamule Peelamists!!
We Sinhalese are not the ones who self immolate, jump off bridges and clog traffic in stupid ways to become the butt of all jokes for the rest of the world!! LMAO

Bhairav said...

Every Sinhala coolie thinks that peace is finally arrived and they can have kiribath by watching their national past time sport of cricket after killing of 10s of 1000s of innocent Tamils in Wanni.

Veeran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veeran said...

Tamils are basically intelligent hardworking peaceful race which u cant find anywhere ....

U Sinhalese has nowhere made a mark anywhere else in the world except in Arab where ur women are in demand.

Remove the CLOG in ur brain / eyes to see that GOSL is going to be bankrupt with no source of Fundiing within next month or so .

FreedomFighter said...

[CNN poll results jumped from 50% to 80% in favor of Tamils ] its kind of dropping back now.

But must be something to do with time zone we live in. As Singel cells wake up in sri lanka they start changing it, then when the canadians tamils wake up they start changeing it again.

poll dady exploits might have been fixed. there are obvious other ways to manupulate it as well.

it might as well the US might want get pro eelam response as 1st step to put presure on sri lanka.

Malin said...

"Tamils are basically intelligent hardworking peaceful race which u cant find anywhere"

How true, white people go crazy over your toilet cleaning techniques..

Veeran said...

How true, white people go crazy over your toilet cleaning techniques..

How true, Arab people go crazy over your Women toilet cleaning techniques..

Nilambare said...

m.q.k said...
Indeed, a top government official, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted to the BBC that contrary to what was being played out in the media, the present DMK-led government had actually strengthened coastal security further.
So what's wrong with it? You want all these LTTE terrorists to have an easy package to India? You guys are so stupid and dump and trying to tell India what to do, - after killing one its sons Rajiv.

No wonder you guys are getting bashed everywhere in the world now – for blocking roads, bridges and becoming a pubic nuisance beyond anything.

YET, these coolies do not express a single word against the LTTE terrorists. People in these countries have had enough with you guys, and now it is reflected in their feelings.

Certainly where I am, I have not met anyone sympathising with you people. If anything, they ask why these LTTE supporters don't condemn LTTE first.

The public here often say that they know why these LTTE supporters are jumping around now as because the big terrorist is now cornered.

tharu22 said...

Dear Die-ass-pora,
Why don't you guys go out and do more acts of sabotage like blocking highways...I hear that all Canadians have turned extremely sympthatic to LTTP after the highway blocking drama...Way to go diaspora!!

Veeran said...


It is the intensity of protests that has caught ur GOSL napping with the govts doing nothing to stop them.

ur Sla cant Slaughter tamils just like that & get away so easily. Srilanka has to give a VERY big price indeed for that

Revenge said...

"Revenge s use of word is a testimony for the 'Sophistication' of Tamils all over the world!!
What a dumb race Peelamists are!!!"

Hey Gayan are you feeling left out that the sinhala queen wijapuka is getting all the attention? Well to put your restless soul at ease... to put it in the vernacular...go fcuk yourself bitch.

Revenge said...

Gajan BTW I never claimed to be sophistacted or anything, I told all you bitches from the beginning I am just a Tamil animal all I want to see is dead Sinhala animals bleeding into the gutters. So really I don't give a shit what you think about my writing our so called sophisticated Tamils got us into this mess in the first place, they should have been killing you bitches from 1948, instead they wanted to sit and talk democracy, what a load of shit, talking democracy to farm animals, never been done except by our brilliant sophisticated Tamils..time to kill the animals not talk with them, you don't talk to cattle you make burgers...

FreedomFighter said...

Adai tharu niyia , we sabotage your ass 1st. we will fill it supper glue that that you will shit through you mouth. Wait you son's bitch lanka. Answers to all you prayers will be comming.

[Certainly where I am, I have not met anyone sympathising with you people. ]

Nila bitch are you in Planet of the Apes ? Can''t see whole world is talking about how sri lanka is
slugtering tamils civilions. You are cleary and an idiot.

Malin must be facinated by toliets he never had one when he was a child. Poor thing.

Bhairav said...

Toronto police commissioner regularly appears on the Canadian Tamil TVs these days and Canadian people paying more attention to hear more about the Tamil struggles back home. Except Tori government, rest of the Canadian politicians started to support Tamils nowadays. NDP MP said few days back that LTTE are freedom fighters.

Guys, do not worry about Canada, at best, Canada can send back the SLankan coolie HC, Daya Perera, to SL and recall their HC from Sri Lanka. Bottom line is that we should let the IC to know that Tamils can't coexist with Sinhalese in SL anymore after these massacres.

FreedomFighter said...

Stupid Singala Govenment thing they can fool world with the stupid lies, they think every else in the world have IQ of 49 or less like the singala population.

ashokkumar2103 said...


In 2008,It was Communist Party of India which first started agitations in support of the Eelam Tamils in Tamilnadu, led by D.Pandiyan (He is called in short as 'Tha Pa'). In fact all the other parties including MDMK joined ranks and it was intensified.

CPI's senior polit bureau member D.Raja is from Tamilnadu and a strong supporter of Tamil cause. CPI has declared that solution to the Tamil's issue as its prime objective in its election manifesto.

But CPI- M (CPM) has not supported Eelam so far. In 1964 CPM split from CPI over ideological differences including that of China. Then onwards CPM was considered as pro China. Though now they cannot be considered so in the changed international scenario where Soviet Union does not exist.

CPM's stand over Eelam can be termed as non committal as of now.

Bhairav said...

Eelam national flag is more popular than Srilankan flag. Just google, news on sri lanka, you will find Eelam flag besides its news links.

tharu22 said...

Dear Die-ass-pora coolies,
Yep, the game rules are clear...you super smart peelamists keep continuing with your protests/sabotages etc. with terror flags on full display and keep on convincing the IC...It has worked tremendously well for you so far...We stupid singhalams will keep on wiping out the LTTP terrorists from our motherland...Since we're shit Lankans we don't understand much about international realtions n stuff...we just know how to spot a terrorist when we see one and to get rid of him...
Since we're loosing and you're winning I am at a loss as to why are you guys so bothered...
Fine with me...keeps both of us busy...

BTW, I am waiting for feedback from Navindran to see when the dollar to ruppee will hit 150, so that I can send some money to help the internally displaced. He promised me it'll happen few weeks ago..

Pierre said...

"Anandasangaree the traitor is finally realizing the monster he has been supporting all these years, but its too late for him".
Its a shame you haven't yet realized the monster you have created.

Bhairav said...

May 12, 2009
Today At The Idesk: Tuesday Edition
Posted: 1834 GMT

Hello everyone,

First of all, the response to our question on whether the international community should intervene to stop the bloodshed in Sri Lanka was so overwhelming that we set a cnn.com record for blog hits.

So far, over 300,000 people have clicked on the blog since yesterday and we have received over 3,000 comments on our poll. Because of the sheer volume of comments, we have had to close the comment section of yesterday’s Idesk poll. We thank you whole-heartedly for your participation.

Today, we will be once again circling the globe to bring you the day’s top news. We will start in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have launched an offensive on one of their strongholds near teh Pakistan border.

We will be going to the Pentagon, where Barbara Starr will tell us about the crucial change in command in Afghanistan.

Also today, we will bring you the latest on that US soldier suspected of killing five people in a stress clinic at a US military base in Iraq. Turns out, like so many of his colleagues, Army Sgt John Russell was on his third tour of duty in Iraq. The tragic shooting is reigniting the debate about post-traumatic stress and mental illness in the military.

We’ll also speak with Vatican analyst John Allen about Pope Benedict’s past during World War II and whether the Pontiff was a (reluctant) member of the Hitler Youth.

Don’t forget to vote in today’s Idesk poll on the Demjanjuk deportation.

Plus the rest of the day’s news as always.

See you on TV!


Navindran said...

tharu22, Hi from reading your comments and the other sri lankans in the web, i realise that you are desperate now. You have a fear that it would be your father in the photo or your mother screaming without her leg. Your sister being watched and enjoyed by Indian army soldiers. It makes me so happy to read your frustrations.

Accept that you have been defeated. As far as the currency movements, i will stick to my one is to 150 prediction. By the way the the singapore dollar was for example 1 is to 75 now is 1 is to 80 against the rupee.

Eelam People leaving colombo now are being questioned by the government throughly on why they are leaving the country. No guesses why they are worried.

If you are winning the war and the sri lankan economy is booming why waste your time here. If you are students overseas, there are no jobs for you. Hence go back and join the army and defend your beloved Sri Lanka from the indian army.

Pierre said...

The food on the plates on don't look bad in your picture. Their bodies bear testimony to an year of starvation under the sun dog despite the govt sending to uncleared areas. That's why all the tiger bodies recovered don't suggest any starvation.

Navindran said...

Singapore dollar rising against the Sri Lankan rupee. Unlike great sri lanka with mahindha and family, stupid singapore has a eelam finance minister.

3/2/2009 Monday 73.70798 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/2/2009
3/3/2009 Tuesday 73.43573 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/3/2009
3/4/2009 Wednesday 73.37290 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/4/2009
3/5/2009 Thursday 73.66203 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/5/2009
3/6/2009 Friday 73.58587 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/6/2009
3/9/2009 Monday 74.09307 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/9/2009
3/10/2009 Tuesday 73.75481 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/10/2009
3/11/2009 Wednesday 73.81245 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/11/2009
3/12/2009 Thursday 74.77660 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/12/2009
3/13/2009 Friday 74.78019 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/13/2009
3/16/2009 Monday 74.08118 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/16/2009
3/17/2009 Tuesday 74.11278 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/17/2009
3/18/2009 Wednesday 74.42185 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/18/2009
3/19/2009 Thursday 74.62112 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/19/2009
3/20/2009 Friday 75.21911 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/20/2009
3/23/2009 Monday 75.35216 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/23/2009
3/24/2009 Tuesday 75.46785 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/24/2009
3/25/2009 Wednesday 75.79938 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/25/2009
3/26/2009 Thursday 75.41434 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/26/2009
3/27/2009 Friday 76.34621 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/27/2009
3/30/2009 Monday 75.94264 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/30/2009
3/31/2009 Tuesday 76.24551 LKR SGD LKR rate for 3/31/2009
4/1/2009 Wednesday 76.35322 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/1/2009
4/2/2009 Thursday 76.07578 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/2/2009
4/3/2009 Friday 76.49655 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/3/2009
4/6/2009 Monday 77.12006 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/6/2009
4/7/2009 Tuesday 77.07687 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/7/2009
4/8/2009 Wednesday 76.68716 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/8/2009
4/9/2009 Thursday 76.36138 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/9/2009
4/13/2009 Monday 76.27341 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/13/2009
4/14/2009 Tuesday 76.31967 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/14/2009
4/15/2009 Wednesday 76.99828 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/15/2009
4/16/2009 Thursday 77.00092 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/16/2009
4/17/2009 Friday 77.48779 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/17/2009
4/20/2009 Monday 77.71129 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/20/2009
4/21/2009 Tuesday 79.08123 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/21/2009
4/22/2009 Wednesday 79.29676 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/22/2009
4/23/2009 Thursday 79.50958 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/23/2009
4/24/2009 Friday 79.83195 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/24/2009
4/27/2009 Monday 80.63612 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/27/2009
4/28/2009 Tuesday 80.38987 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/28/2009
4/29/2009 Wednesday 79.99077 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/29/2009
4/30/2009 Thursday 80.29712 LKR SGD LKR rate for 4/30/2009
5/1/2009 Friday 80.86239 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/1/2009
5/4/2009 Monday 81.34231 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/4/2009
5/5/2009 Tuesday 81.32997 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/5/2009
5/6/2009 Wednesday 80.29499 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/6/2009
5/7/2009 Thursday 79.38531 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/7/2009
5/8/2009 Friday 79.70652 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/8/2009
5/11/2009 Monday 80.20174 LKR SGD LKR rate for 5/11/2009

min = 71.8 (November, 20)
avg = 75.8
max = 81.3 (May, 4)

Navindran said...

Unlike the strong sri lankan rupee which is now 1:180.27 from 1:2, the weak Singapore dollar went from 1:8.57 to 1:2.23 . So humiliating and shameful.

Initially, the Singapore dollar was pegged to the British pound sterling at a rate of S$60 = £7. This peg lasted until the demise of the Sterling Area in the early 1970s

tharu22 said...

Navindran bro,
Good to see you. Come on tell me when exactly will the ruppee go down to 150/USD. You promised this weeks ago and still no sign. I am holding on to the money and not sending them to SL internally displaced as it's better to wait for the ruppee to go down.

BTW, bro Sri Lanka too have a Eelam minister of Nation building (his name is Karuna or something like that) so I guess we too will become like S'pore soon!!!

Navindran said...

Shameful Singapore has used 2 eelam tamils as their MDs for their monetary board unlike your central bank

J.Y. Pillay Apr 1985 - Oct 1989
Tharman Shanmugaratnam Apr 2001 - Oct 2001


tharu22 said...

Navindran bro,
Come on you know better than that ...give me a date (at least an approximation) as to when the 150 will be hit...The old man in the picture looks too frail to hold on for months and months...
BTW keep up the good work bro (wink wink)

Navindran said...

Tharu, are you going to call the BBC jokers now

Tamil Nadu: India's kingmaker state

By Chris Morris
BBC News, Madras

The presence of Tamil Nadu's leaders is felt country-wide
As the evening light begins to fade, a Bharatanatyam dance begins at the Kapaleeswarar temple in the heart of Madras (Chennai). A drummer beats out the rhythm and the dancer's eyes dart from left to right.

Now India's most popular classical dance, this ancient art originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu, and is a powerful expression of Tamil and Dravidian culture.

Tamils in India are proud of their identity and their desire to express it has extended into politics for a long time.

Both the main parties in this state - the DMK and the AIADMK - are Dravidian-based, and don't take part in elections anywhere else.

'Dravidian movement'

"For years now it has been a Dravidian party which has come into power," says Hyma Ramakrishna, who is watching the dancer perform, "and I don't think that will change.

Tamil Nadu has its own distinct culture
"Years ago it was the Congress party from the central government which was ruling even over Tamil Nadu. But the Dravidian movement is too strong now… (and) that is the way people vote."

Alongside the dance, a Tamil Hindu religious festival is under way in the temple grounds. There's a riot of noise and bucket-loads of flowers are being carried along as offerings to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati.

This is recognisably India, but it is a different place from the big cities further north and that has its own political effect as well.

"People in Tamil Nadu will say I'm a Tamilian first, but I'm also an Indian," says VV Sunderam, a Tamil businessman who divides his time between Madras and the United States.

"They vote on local issues, and they express their local identity. But they also know they have tremendous influence on who becomes the prime minister in Delhi. Tamil Nadu is really one of the kingmakers in national politics."

Local strength

On Madras's sea front the statue of Mahatma Gandhi - the national icon - stands in pride of place.

Tamil Nadu's influence over India is growing stronger
But neither of this state's most powerful politicians - the former film script writer Karunanidhi of the DMK, and the former actress Jayalalithaa of the AIADMK - is actually standing in this election.

Their national power stems from their local strength.

So why is it that politics in Tamil Nadu has become so distinct?

"Initially it was separatist or secessionist at least in words," says N Ram, editor-in-chief of the Hindu newspaper. "And when they gave that up they had a clear framework for demanding rights for the states and greater autonomy.

"But then it's a paradox," he adds, "that on the national scene these regional parties play a crucial role. They capitalise on it and convert it into material gain."

The markets in the city centre are full of people bargaining for jewellery and saris. But the hard political bargains have yet to be struck.

In one of the closest and most unpredictable elections for years, Tamil Nadu will send 39 MPs to the next parliament in Delhi.

It's a potentially decisive bloc because historically voters here tend to hand big victories to one side or the other.

So people in this state know that if either of their main regional parties sweeps this election - last time it was a DMK-led alliance, this time could be different - then it will be in pole position to help form the next Indian government in Delhi.

The lesson from Madras is that this is a national election in which the role of states and regions grows ever stronger.

Alpha said...

cant you push the CNN vote's link to some of Tamil Nadu's websites ? in fact the volume of Internet access is very much greater compared to total sinhala population in the world.I tried to put on the site 'That's tamils' comment section, did not see my post, if you guys have any connection then we can have a good chance.

Navindran said...

Tharu no need to thank me. You sister services me and I pay for the service. If your sister likes it i will not pay the next time.

No need to wink at me too. I am not into chena boys

Navindran said...

tharu, you have sangree, douglas etc. Those eelam minister have help sri lanka propel to this stage. Karuna and pilliyan will have bring the end. You know the sad part is they will be made the bitch when your army are expelled from eelam.

s.giri said...


dear friends,
this is some shocking news i found on the net about people, who come to army control area.

m.q.k said...

The only hospital in Sri Lanka's war zone was shelled Wednesday for the second time in two days in an attack that killed at least 15 people, including a volunteer health worker, and wounded 40 others, a doctor at the facility said.

The military has denied firing heavy weapons in recent weeks as it pushes to finish off the Tamil Tiger rebels, though human rights groups and international officials say the government has continued artillery attacks.

The area around the hospital came under heavy shelling at about 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dr. V. Shanmugarajah told The Associated Press by telephone. One shell landed in an administrative office of the hospital while another hit a ward filled with patients already wounded by previous attacks, he said.

The attack killed 15 to 20 people and wounded 40 others, he said.

A second hospital official confirmed the attack, but spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized by the government to speak to the media. He said he was not aware of the death toll from the attack.

The hospital's admissions ward was hit by a mortar round Tuesday in an attack that killed 49 patients and bystanders, health officials said.

Rebel spokesman Seevaratnam Puleedevan said the shelling also hit a home for mentally handicapped women, killing 38 and wounding more than 40. The health officials said they were not able to confirm that attack.

The government has come under heavy international criticism for the large civilian toll in its offensive against the Tamil Tigers. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband called the conflict zone "as close to hell as you can get," and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed alarm at the civilian casualties.The U.S.-based group Human Rights Watch said satellite images of the war zone along with witness accounts indicated the government had continued shelling the area, despite its repeated denials.

mahindan10 said...

In addition to the post by S.Giri that shows Tamil youths' organs are taken, there was another one recently showing the torture of Tamil youths in Kili. This is also from athirvu published on the 29th. The original article has photos too.

கிளிநொச்சி நகரில் இயங்கும் மர்மச் சிறைச்சாலைகள்
அதிர்வின் Report
பிரசுரித்த திகதி : 29 Apr 2009
கிளிநொச்சியிலும் அதனை அண்டிய பகுதிகளிலும், அமைந்துள்ள சில வீடுகளில், 15 வயது தொடக்கம் 35 வயதிற்கு உட்பட்ட இளைஞர் மற்றும் யுவதிகள் அடைக்கபபட்டுள்ளனர். இராணுவக் கட்டுப்பாட்டுப் பகுதிக்குள் வரும் மக்களில் இளவயது பெண்களையும் , ஆண்களையும் தனியாக பிரித்தெடுத்து, சந்தேகத்தின் அடிப்படையில் இவர்கள் சிறு சிறு வீடுகளில் தடுத்துவைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதாக அறியப்படுகிறது.

இவ்வாறு கைதுசெய்யப்பட்டவர்களை முழு நிர்வாணமாக்கி இருவர் இருவராக கைவிலங்கிட்டு வீடுகளில் அடைத்து வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதாகவும், இவர்கள் முழு நிர்வாணமாக இருப்பதால் தப்பிச்செல்லவழியின்றி வீடுகளில் இருப்பார்கள் என்ற காரணத்தால் இரணுவம் இந்த நிலையில் இவர்களை வைத்திருப்பதாகவும் கூறப்படுகிறது.

ஒரு வேளை மட்டும் உணவு வழங்கப்படும் இந்த மர்ம சிறைச்சாலைகளில் கழிப்பிட அறைகளுக்கு அருகாமையில் இவர்கள் தங்கவைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதாகவும். மலம் கழிப்பதற்க்கு கூட இருவராக செல்லும் நிலை காணப்படுவதாகவும் கூறப்படுகிறது. அடைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள வீடுகளில் முழு நிர்வாணமாக நுளம்புக்கடியுடன் மற்றும் பல அவஸ்தைகளில் தமிழர்கள் கைதிகளாக உள்ளதாக எமது புலனாய்வுத் தகவல்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.

குறிப்பாக பெண்கள் சொல்லொணாத் துயரங்களை அனுபவித்து வருவதாகவும் கூறப்படுகிறது. பல சிங்கள சமையல்காரர்கள் தற்போது கிளிநொச்சியில் இராணுவத்திற்காக வேலைசெய்து வருகின்றனர். அவர்களில் ஒருவர் மனம் தாங்கமுடியாமல் முடியாமல் கசிந்த செய்திகளே இவை. பல வாரங்களாக அடைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள இவர்கள் அனைவரும் அப்பாவி பொதுமக்கள் என தெரிவித்த அவர், அந்த மர்ம சிறைச்சாலைகளை புகைப்படம் எடுத்துத்தரவும் சம்மதித்துள்ளார்.

எம் இன மக்கள் இலங்கை இராணுவத்தின் கைகளில் சிக்கி சின்னாபின்னமாகின்ற ஆதாரங்களை சர்வதேச சமூகத்தின் முன் கொண்டுவரவேண்டிய பொறுப்பை மக்களாகிய உங்களிடன் நாம் ஒப்படைக்கிறோம். உண்ர்ச்சி மிகு அதிர்வு வாசகர்கள் நிச்சயம் நடவடிக்கை எடுப்பார்கள்.


யார் இந்த மேஜர் ஜென்ரல் ஜீ.ஏ.சந்திரசிறி ??
அதிர்வின் ரிப்போர்ட்

வன்னியில் இருந்து இடம்பெயர்ந்துள்ள மக்களின் நலன்களை கவனிப்பதற்காக மகிந்த ராஜபக்சவினால் நியமிக்கப்பட்டுள்ள குழுவின் தலைமைப் பொறுப்புக்கு முன்னாள் யாழ்குடா இராணுவத்தளபதியாக இருந்த மேஜர் ஜெனரல் ஜீ.ஏ.சந்திரசிறி நியமிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதுடன் அவருக்கு உதவியாக வவுனியா அரச அதிபர் திருமதி.சார்ள்ஸும் நியமிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளார். சிங்கள இனவாத அரசின் இந்த நியமனம் தமிழ் மக்கள் மத்தியில் பெரும் அச்சத்தை ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ளது. யாழ்குடாவில் மேஜர் ஜெனரல் ஜீ.ஏ.சந்திரசிறி பதவி வகித்த காலத்தில்தான் ஆயிரக்கணக்கான இளைஞர், யுவதிகள் கொல்லப்பட்டதுடன், பெருமளவான இளம்பெண்கள் படையினரால் பாலியல் வன்புணர்வுக் குட்படுத்தப்பட்டார்கள்.

ஆயிரக்கணக்கானவர்கள் காணாமல் போகவும் செய்யப்பட்டனர். 56 வயதுள்ள அவர் ஜனவரி மாதம் 7 ஆம் திகதி பிறந்தார். 1974ஆம் ஆண்டு டிசம்பர் 2ஆம் திகதி சேவையில் இணைந்துகொண்ட மேஜர் ஜென்ரல் ஜீ.ஏ.சந்திரசிறி 2009ஆம் ஆண்டு ஜனவரி மாதம் 6ஆம் திகதியுடன் ஓய்வுபெற்றார். தற்பொழு பலாலி கட்டளை தலமையகத்தின் யாழ்மாவட்ட கட்டளைத் தளபதியாக அவரது இடத்திற்கு ஏ மெண்டக்க சமரசிங்க நியமிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறார். கடந்த 2 வருடங்களுக்கு மேலாக குடாநாட்டில் கடமையாற்றிய மேஜர் ஜெனரல் ஜீ.ஏ சந்திரசிறியின் பதவிக் காலத்தில் 2000 க்கும் அதிகளவான தமிழர்கள் காணமல்போன நிலையிலே கடந்த ஜனவரி ஓய்வு பெற்றார். ஆனால் அவர் தனது கொலைவெறித்தாகத்திலிருந்து இன்னும் ஓய்வுபெறவில்லையென்பது தற்பொழுது இடம்பெயர்ந்து வந்த மக்களுக்கான கண்காணிப்புக்கு பொறுப்பாக அவர் நியமிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளதிலிருந்து தெளிவாகப் புலனாகின்றது. எனவே மிச்சமிருக்கின்ற தமிழர்களில் எத்தனையோபேர் காணாமல்போகவும் படுகொலை செய்யப்படவும் வாய்ப்புக்கள் இருப்பதாக தகவல்கள் தெரிவிக்கின்றன.

யாழ்குடாநாட்டில் இராணுவப்புலனாய்வுப் பிரிவினரையும், துணைஆயுதக் குழுக்களையும் வளர்த்து அவர்களுடைய இச்சைக்கு பெருமளவான தமிழ் பெண்களை பலியாக்கிய பெருமை இவரையே சாரும். மிகவும் இரகசியமான முறையில் படுகொலைகளை நடத்தி முடிப்பதில் மேஜர் ஜெனரல் ஜீ.ஏ.சந்திரசிறி யாழ்குடாவில் பணியாற்றிய காலத்தில் செயற்பட்டவர். கடத்தப்பட்ட தமிழ் இளைஞர்களை வைத்தே யாழ்குடாநாட்டில் இராணுவப்புலனாய்வுக் கட்டமைப்பை விஸ்தரித்து அதன்மூலம் பெருமளவான வர்த்தகர்களையும், மாணவர்களையும், இளைஞர் யுவதிகளையும் மற்றும் ஊடகவியலாளர்கள் கல்வியலாளர்கள் என பலரையும் கடத்திக் கொன்று குவித்ததில் இவருக்கு முக்கிய பங்கு உண்டு. இதற்கும் மேலாக இந்திய புலனாய்வுப்பிரிவான றோவுடன் தொடர்புகளை ஏற்படுத்தி குடாநாட்டுக்குள் அவர்களை ஊடுருவ அனுமதித்ததுடன் ஆரியகுளம்;, சுழிபுரம், ஊரெழு, வரணி, மற்றும் 'கிறீன் காம்ப்' என்றழைக்கப்படும் மனோகராதியேட்டர் சந்தியில் அமைந்துள்ள இராணுவமுகாம்களில் 2007 ஆம் ஆண்டு நவம்பர் மாதம் றோ மற்றும் அவர்களுடன் தொடர்புடைய முன்னாள் தமிழ் துணைஆயுதக் குழு உறுப்பினர்கள் 75 பேரை தங்கவைத்து தமிழ் இளைஞர்கள் மீதான பாரிய களையெடுப்பை நடத்தியதுடன் பெருமளவான தமிழ் பெண்களும், பல்கலைக்கழக மாணவிகளும் சீரழிவதற்கும் காரணமாக இருந்தார்.

மகிந்த ராஜபக்ச பதவி ஏற்றதன் பின்னர் யாழ்குடாவில் இடம்பெற்ற படுகொலைகள் எதற்கும் இதுவரை எந்தவொரு சாட்சியும் இல்லை என்பது இங்கு குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது. யாழ் மனித உரிமைகள் ஆணையகத்தில் மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்ட காணாமல் போதல்கள் கடத்தல்கள் தொடர்பான முறைப்பாடுகள் தற்போதும் தேக்க நிலையிலேயே உள்ளன. ஆனாலும் இம்முறைப்பாடுகளில் பெருமளவானவை படையினராலே மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டதாக பதியப்பட்டுள்ளமை மிக முக்கியமான விடையமாகும் இந்நிலையில், ஏற்கனவே இடம்பெயர்ந்து வந்தவர்கள் பலர் விடுதலைப் புலிகளின் உறுப்பினர்கள் என அரசாங்கம் குற்றம்சாட்டி வருகின்றது. அத்துடன், ஒரு இலட்சத்து 75 ஆயிரம் மக்கள் இடம்பெயர்ந்து வந்துள்ளதாக அரசாங்கம் அறிவித்துள்ளது. ஆனால், அவ்வாறு இடம்பெயர்ந்து வந்தவர்கள் யார், யார் என்பது இதுவரை வெளியுலகிற்கு இதுவரை தெரியாது. அவர்கள் தொடர்பான முழுவிபரங்களையோ, நலன்புரி முகாம்களின் எண்ணிக்கைகளையோ அரசாங்கம் இதுவரை பூரணமாக வெளியிடவில்லை. இந்தநிலையில் சந்திரசிறீயின் நியமனமானது தமிழ்மக்கள் மத்தியில் பல்வேறு கேள்விகளை எழுப்பியுள்ளது. குடாநாட்டில் இன்றும் மறைமுகமாக இயங்கிவரும் பல்வேறு சித்திரதை முகாம்கள் சந்திரசிறீயினால் நேரடியாக வழிநடத்தப்பட்டவையென்பது குடாநாட்டு மக்கள் அனைவருக்கும் தெரிந்த உண்மையாகும்.

கடத்தப்பட்டு பின்னர் திரும்பிவந்தவர்கள் கூட இம்முகாம்களைப்பற்றி தெரிவித்திருந்தார்கள். ஏற்கனவே திறந்தவெளிச் சிறைச்சாலையாக இருந்த யாழ் குடாநாட்டில் எத்தனையோ அட்டூழியங்களைப் புரிந்த சந்திரசிறீக்கு முட்கம்பிகளால் மூடப்பட்டுள்ள சிறைச்சாலைகளாக விளங்கும் நலன்புரி முகாம்கள் ஒன்றும் பெரிய விடையமல்ல. எனவே இனிவருங்காலங்களில் இந்த நலன்புரிமுகாம்களில் இருப்பவர்களின் நிலை என்ன என்பது கேள்விக்குறியானதொன்றாகவெ இருக்கின்றது.


m.q.k said...



Peter said...

From CNN:

Today At The Idesk: Tuesday Edition
Posted: 1834 GMT
Hello everyone,

First of all, the response to our question on whether the international community should intervene to stop the bloodshed in Sri Lanka was so overwhelming that we set a cnn.com record for blog hits.

So far, over 300,000 people have clicked on the blog since yesterday and we have received over 3,000 comments on our poll. Because of the sheer volume of comments, we have had to close the comment section of yesterday’s Idesk poll. We thank you whole-heartedly for your participation.


ashokkumar2103 said...

- US envoy at New Delhi meets L.K.Advani.

- NDTV predicts 27- 29 seats for AIADMK front.

- Exit poll results are expected in another couple of hours.

ashokkumar2103 said...


Police encircled Makkal TV office in the midnight and threatened them to stop telecasting the Eelam genocide clippings inspite of High court orders that they can be circulated or exhibited.

Threats have been given to Makkal TV that it would be blown if does not stop the Eelam clippings.

m.q.k said...



m.q.k said...


what exactly was shown on makkal tv. What u mean by exit poll, i thought the result is on saturday..

Nilambare said...

ashokkumar2103 said...
Police encircled Makkal TV office in the midnight and threatened them to stop telecasting the Eelam genocide clippings inspite of High court orders that they can be circulated or exhibited.

This is long overdue. Well done TN Police. Why did you wait so long to do this? Finally, some sense has come to TN guys.

ashokkumar2103 said...


Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam had prepared a few CD's showing the Eelam Tamils' killings even after ceasefire and appealing to voters to vote against the Congress combine which is actually behind (or responsible for) the srilankan attacks.

Police seized those CD's and did not allow exibiting them anywhere. Raids were conducted everywhere.

The matter was taken to the courts and only on 12th, the judgement was delivered that they could be circulated and exibited.

Exit polls are just like opinion polls but conducted among voters after they had cast their votes. It is being conducted by many media groups.

(The Times of India survey reports after 4th phase of elections predicted BJP front 187, Congress front 195, Left and thired front 111 and others 60.)

Today's exit polls will be after the 5th and last phase of polls.

Exit polls are expected to be more accurate as it is being done exactly on the polling day.

But the past experience is that there are occassions where these surveys have failed miserably. In multi cornered contests, they usually is not on spot.

ashokkumar2103 said...

Junior Vikatan:

Few months back, LTTE wanted political parties in Tamilnadu to take up the Tamils' issue but hardly any party had responded.

Now things have changed dramatically.

Prabhakaran is the most sought after person. Many requests were made to make him endorse his support by directly appealling to the electorate.

If it was not possible for Prabhakaran, they wanted atleast Nadesan to make an appeal to vote for them.

Now Prabhakaran's words carry so much weight in Tamilnadu. He is the biggest vote catcher.

Where is the 'ban' and 'proclaimed offender'?

Gayan said...

[ The only hospital in Sri Lanka's war zone was shelled Wednesday for the second time in two days in an attack that killed at least 15 people, including a volunteer health worker, and wounded 40 others, a doctor at the facility said.]

First, there are no government hospitals in the remaining war zone! There is only a makeshift hospital, which changes places according to LTTP whims, and at the time in question, it was the Vellamullaivaikkal central college/school.
Second, the army captured the makeshift hospital/school morning today and there was no harm done to the buildings whatsoever by shelling, the buildings are completely unharmed and intact.
Third, The makeshift hospital/school was not used to treat civilians but to treat wounded tiger terrorists.
Fourth, they even had bunkers built inside it
Fifth, the dumb Peelamist diaspora have been caught lying again!!
Watch these news videos;



Gayan said...

[Now Prabhakaran's words carry so much weight in Tamilnadu. He is the biggest vote catcher.]

Peelamists are so dumb they'd vote a monkey with a gun!!

Indian said...

Atleast as far as I can remember,one should take this Exit \ Opinion polls done in India with TRUCK loads of salt.
They never ever got it right.In 2004,the Congres was no were in the picture.In 2008 for UP,they predicted a COMPLETELY FRACTURED,hung assembly verdict.For Karnataka assembly polls,they predicted the BJP to do well but not enough to form government.In 2006 TN elections,they predicted DMK to sweep the polls.

All of the above eventually turned out to load of BS as the results were completely the other way around.More so in 2004,when BJP leader's who were so bouyant by the prediction given by media,were in utter shock and could not accept the results at all.So we have 3 more days to go to know the eventual outcome

ashokkumar2103 said...

Updated @ 11:23 BST
Heavy fighting at Karaimullivaikkal, 58 division is trying to move swifty, we are suffering heavy casualties. Intel fears mass suicide by LTTE and they may take some civilians to the grave with them.

(from a sinhalese blog)

ashokkumar2103 said...


Yes, they were far off the mark many times.

Now we can start seeing the true colour of our politicians as the elections are over.

ashokkumar2103 said...

From a sinhalese blog:

The LTTE on its last legs are launching wave after wave of counter attacks to regain lost territory

Upul said...

Some one needs to urgently translate the athirivu article into english and send it to Human Rights organization such as Amnesty international or Human Rights Watch now.

We need immediate world attention to this, this is the bottom of bottom of barbaric practises.

ashokkumar2103 said...

Headlines Today (India Today) survey:

AIADMK 22 (23),
PMK 07 (07),
Others 03,
DMK 06 (21),
Cong. 02 (16).

Bhairav said...

I have intentionally avoided reading the "Athirvu" article after reading the first paragraph since it will add more pains. Obviously we all know what heinous acts Sinhala barbarian army is capable of.

With the time, we can certainly punish culprits of these evil acts.

khanthas said...


What about the voting number today in TN relative to previous election ? Was it brisk ?

khanthas said...

Thanks Ashok for the estmation. Reliable ?

khanthas said...

Ashok, Any estimation on Rajiv/Sithamparam one?

ashokkumar2103 said...

Headlines today survey:

Congress front (UPA) 191,

BJP front (NDA) 180,

Left front 38,

Others 134.

Congress' own survey itself predicts 205 seats for their front.

BJP's own survey says that its front will get 220.

tharu22 said...

Wonder why Diaspora coolies are always pissed up...
Quite strange for a group of people who are winning and just about to establish their glorious peelam...

ashokkumar2103 said...


There are atleast half a dozen surveys. But all of them point out one result:

30 plus seats for AIADMK front.

Both BJP and Congress would require between 50 to 100 seats of outside support to form the government.

Final voting percentage figures still not available.

ashokkumar2103 said...

Athirvu article's revealations and visuals are horrifying.

khanthas said...

Go away Tharu, Go and have the pleasure to pick some internal body parts from Tamils in your camps...

khanthas said...

Thanks Ashok, konjam aimatram. What is your insight into 30 plus seats for AIADMK ?

tn thamilz said...

It is becoming very clear that ADMK front will gain 30+ seats in tamilnadu and will be the king maker in the center. Cho and Hindu Ram said to be pushing her to BJP but, based of some sources, she is keeping her option open to get maximum out of those seats. She is expecting to get Defense ministry and few other higher level ministries if she supports BJP and if she supports Third front, she might go for Deputy PM (as I said earlier). Her chance of going to cong. is very low.. but anything is possible after May 16th. If she gets 30+ seats and if BJP couldn't come close to forming government (highly unlikely), it would be wise for her to support Cong and get Defense or Foreign ministry post or Deputy PM post. Sonia and JJ hate each other to the core.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["(from a sinhalese blog)"]

All three of the "sinhala defence blogs" on the net are just made up based on newspaper articles. Don't believe a thing any of them say on their own merit.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Someone translate the Athirvu article and I will post it here.

Indian said...

Yes Ashok.As you rightly said we will now see the true colours of our leaders.
Saw JJ speaking to media after the polling.I thought she would say "My support to any party supporting eelam" if she was really serious abuot the issue.
But all she said was "I am getting feelers from lot of parties;I am not responding to their overtures;Will decide on May16th"

So outgoes the ideology and Its going to be a pure numbers game from now on.I suspect UP will decide who forms the government and the news here is that we will be in for HUGE surprise in UP.Seems both the national parties will do extremely well this time around

But still I dont understand why we discuss all this here.I dont think BJP or Congress the situation doesnt change for Tiger's.This is illustrated by Ranil's disclosure that India supplied GoSL with heavy weapons.BJP led NDA was in power at that time.

Ashok,what say?

asterix said...

"Laptop pundey"..

You never answered my question.. why are your saviors so hell-bent on taking those poor little kids with them to their grave? Is sun-god their sinna-appa that he can decide when and how they die???

Oh yes..I forgot.. "Wait and See what happens" is the new trademark of LTTP worshiping die-ass-pora.

No worries keep waiting.. meanwhile we the short-term-vissioned Sinhalese will be celebrating the liberation of our motherland from "para demalu"
Hick hick heee .....

Bhairav said...

Indian is real sellout and proven "Eddapan". I can't wait to see India breaking into pieces as former USSR had gone through.

Roy Muller said...

Bhairav .. dont waste your time with Hindian slumdogs , they are to be culled ...

tn thamilz said...

// This is illustrated by Ranil's disclosure that India supplied GoSL with heavy weapons.BJP led NDA was in power at that time.

The sell out is at it again. MaavilAru (the starting point of the current phase) started in Mid 2006, full 2 years after BJP was out of power. This moron never ceases to amaze me. How much did you earn today?

tn thamilz said...


நீங்கள் டெல்லிக்கு போவீர்களா?

தேர்தல் முடிவு வரட்டும். நான் எதிர்பார்த்த முடிவு கிடைத்தால் நான் டெல்லிக்கு செல்வேன். மே 16-ந் தேதி தேர்தல் முடிவுக்காக நான் காத்திருக்கிறேன். அதன் பின்னர் டெல்லியில் எங்கள் கூட்டணி கட்சித் தலைவர்களுடன் கலந்து பேசி எத்தகைய நிலையை எடுப்பது என்பது குறித்து ஆலோசித்து முடிவு செய்வோம்.

tn thamilz said...

Bhairav, Don't curse India just because there are sell outs and a**holes in India. Those breeds are not unique to India only. They are there everywhere, including India. Yes, Last 5 years you got a bad deal from Indian Central government due to one Sonia. Let us hope that the next 5 years belongs to eelam Tamils. India is a big elephant. It is wise to use it to your advantage.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

I'm sure "Indian" is one of those Rajasthani slum jewelers staying in Chennai to loot the poor people who need loans. That's how he knows Tamil but has no affection for the Tamil people.

Ranil said...

these people are fed in gosl areas... they are on "arpico" mattresses...
a helluva lot better than with those puligals who were holding on to them as human shields

Ranil said...

"All three of the "sinhala defence blogs" on the net are just made up based on newspaper articles. Don't believe a thing any of them say on their own merit."

true true...

only believe Badrinath...
he's so knowledgeable and so reliable :)
only hitch is that he doesn't know about ground radars... and also many other things :)

Indian said...

Bhairav,ok so one more added to your wetdreams eh?Keep dreaming.Even our very own APJ said " Kanavu kaanungal"

Mandapam camp retard,RW talked about events whilst he was in power.He even stated they organized training in India for their armed forces - I believe he was mentioning about the training imparted to neighbouring country armies in NDA and IOA.

Ofcourse,I dont think the schools in camp was good enough to improve your IQ's.

Oh by the way,have we given you voting rights?I dont think camp retards were given that,but just wanted to hear it from horse's mouth

Bhadri,you got it seriously wrong.You know what,brushing aside people having opposite views is exactly what that has finally led you to 2.5 sq-kms

m.q.k said...

ashok...the dmk and cogress are trying hard to manipulate vote...checkout makkal tv... dmk thugs are even in polling both forcing people to vote for them. voting machine are rigged to produce more result for dmk, when u press for AIADMK, the light for dmk is turned on instead? Yesterday they cut power so that in the darkness they could distribute money to voters... so many stuff goin on... police is with government...

Thileepan said...

Peter, Badrinath or someone add more info to this:


m.q.k said...

Peter pls help with tamileelamonline, ur writing style of FAQ about safe zone, was so clear and to the point...

m.q.k said...

thileepan there is no moderation on comments section... it will end up hijacked by bandas..

tn thamilz said...

he he.. Oh Sell out.. Training neighbouring countries armed forces are nothing new in India. Even if they trained, so what.. it happened in Peace time (remember sell out, the fight started 2 full years after NDA out of power)... Do you sell the screwed logic and thinking power along with your soul for money?

* The war actually started 2 full years after NDA was out of power. So, are you saying sorri lanka was planning to war LTTE while talking peace? Oooo.. you are going to loss your today's wage from your master with that revelation.
* Why do you think RW opened his mouth about the "NDA support" at this time (when TN goes to poll)?

Yea, go and lick more singala ass to get paid more..

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m.q.k said...

'I'm talking to you now, but maybe tomorrow I'll be dead.'


Bhairav said...

Either Indian is brahmin or he does not add salt on his food.

I tell you an example. Usually I talk to a brahmin Tamil girl who is doing Phd at IIT of Madras. I told her few months back during my conversation what Tamils go through at the hands of SLA, and even today 100s of Tamils are massacred etc. She said "please, I'm worried for last few days, can you pray for one thing without even paying attention to what I said about the civilian sufferings of Wanni. I said "Yes", then I found what was her real concern - her nephew, grade 10 student, was sitting for some grade 10 crucial exam, so her parents went to her elder sister's house 10 days back to help out the youngster and his parents during the exam days, so she wanted me to pray for her nephew. I was shell shocked at her self-centered attitude. Well, this is the story of most Indian Tamil brahmins. This sellout Indian is no exception, if he can get few bucks through Tamil blood, he would do it.

I feel really sorry for Tamilnadu folks who are still in the slavery mindset. Until unless Tamilnadu Tamils come out from the clutches of their slavery mindset, they will continue to be doormat of Indian politicians.

tharu22 said...

Man, things are unbeleivable...The fact that you EElamoids are routing for JJ is like music to my ears...I am sorry guys you're in for a big dissapointment after the polls...JJ is the best thing that happened to SL after MR & SF...
Start collecting some stones, you'll need them to throw at Indian embassies in the coming months!

m.q.k said...

GOOD NEWS GENEVA (AP) - The United Nations is preparing for an emergency meeting of its Human Rights Council next week to discuss the worsening conflict in Sri Lanka.
Martin Uhomoibhi, president of the 47-member council, says the meeting could take place Wednesday if at least 16 countries back the motion.
European diplomats say 15 countries have already signed up and efforts are under way to convince Ukraine to join.
The diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.
Sri Lankan officials at the U.N. in Geneva could not be reached immediately for comment Wednesday.

Sri Lanka's army, which has vowed to end a 25-year Tamil rebellion, is pressing an assault on the last rebel holdout where some 50,000 civilians are caught in the crossfire.

Bhairav said...

How ancient Tamils who ruled most parts of the India like Chozhla empire will be distant memory to many Indian Tamils.

m.q.k said...






tharu22 said...

This indeed is good news. They can discuss post conflict issues when they meet next week!

Indian said...

Mandapam retard,
For your kind information,you dont go to a war just like.Ask your great leader VP.How many ceasefires he utilised to rearm and regroup.
Its a time buyout and remember Srilanka entered the 2002 CFA on backfoot militarily.They lost heavily and the fact that they have won now shows they were not sucking thumbs.

Dear Bhairav,doormats or not we are living our lives on our own terms.Seems you dont want us do that and want us too to live the life of mandapam retard - see what a sorry state he is in,always talking about wages.

m.q.k said...

tharu22 said...
This indeed is good news. They can discuss post conflict issues when they meet next week!

With post conflict there will be more singalehese bitch for arabs...

m.q.k said...

Indian sucks singhalese cock daily..it has corrupted his mind...

Thileepan said...

m.q.k, we will put a moderation up soon.

tn thamilz said...

Bhairav, I respectfully disagree with your "slave" comment.

1. Kamarajar had the chance to become a PM but he let it go.
2. Moopanar was so close to becoming PM but KK, another tamil, pulled his leg
3. For the last 10 years, tamil MPs are king makers in the center. They got plump posts but did they do anything for tamils outside the country? If they don't now, how can one expect they would care for tamils if TN is a separate country?
4. Indian states have lots of power to the lands it rule. Save the defense and foreign policy, most of the other powers are with the state governments (on how to utilize the large chunk of money given to them, rule over the local people etc).

The fault is with the tamils. If they don't take the matters to the center, no one is going to care (and worse, doing the opposite like what Sonia did). TamilNadu Politicians should be taught to think and look thro' pan-tamil nationalism when tamil race is threatened. See how RW opened his mouth to save Sonia (who helped to massacre innocent tamils).

tharu22 said...

Oh, keep on dreaming boys,
Next week your beloved JJ will present glorious Peelam in platter!!

tn thamilz said...

he he.. sell out is throwing some garbage when he is cornered to his "what say??" question on RW. Sorrilanka said all along that it was LTTE that was not sincere with cease fire. Now it's coolie, the sell out, says it is the sorri lanka who was weak militarily to buy time and used the peace time to rearm. Man, you are in trouble for this truth. One month of pay cut is in the order. :)

tn thamilz said...

mgk, use "ettappan" or "sell out" when you address "Indian". Those 2 fits him very well.

tharu22 said...

Come on Peelamists,
Stop whining now...Now that elections are over JJ will secure Peelam ASAP...So start celebrating!

tn thamilz said...

// m.q.k, we will put a moderation up soon.

can't you block people based on IP address? IP address is not visible to the admins in this board?

tn thamilz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tharu22 said...

tm Thamilz,
OMG IP Address Genocide!!!!!

m.q.k said...

tharu22 said...
tm Thamilz,
OMG IP Address Genocide!!!!!


tn thamilz said...

lol m.g.k, that is precious.. :)

tharu22 said...

tm thamilz said,

Thanks for the heads up...maybe we'll start throwing stones and embassies and blocking highways in protest...that seems to be a very effective way of changing the course of things

Bhairav said...

Thamilz, My concern is that Tamils in TN still do not understand their potential. Following the movie stars and politicians is not the way of Tamilian life. I want them to be more sophisticated and refined Tamil race on earth. When one can understand the charter of rights and personal development in leadership qualities in TN, you will see the real TN. Lately what I see in TN tells they're moving forward in right direction but at snail pace.

m.q.k said...

tharu22 said...
tm thamilz said,

Thanks for the heads up...maybe we'll start throwing stones and embassies and blocking highways in protest...that seems to be a very effective way of changing the course of things




tharu22 said...

Agree with you 100%. Those TN Tamils need to be more sophisticated like the ones in Toronto...for example high sophistication techniques like stoning embassies and blocking highways need to be employed more by TN tamils...Just dancing to the songs of Rajini Kanth movies won't do..

Bhairav said...

I will be getting ready for protest in a while.


Indian said...

Yeah right.So you want us to follow a megalomaniac,loose 2 of our generations,leave our motherland to earn a livelihood elsewhere and cry Genocide when told to ,block roads when told to etc
Sorry,we are happy with what we have now.Since the Regional parties started gaining centre stage,TN has been represented well.

Mandapam retard,
nobody will sit sucking thumbs just becoz a ceasefire is on.So you mean to say,SLA sat idle until VP chose to close the tap and then suddenly got all weapons overnight to fight?I think we should seriously consider revamping the Camp school,its creating such retards or is it that the scorching Mandapam heat does this to you

tharu22 said...

Don't be too harsh on Diaspora..They're super sophisticated...

tn thamilz said...

ooo.. Sell out is worried about his monthly wage now.. :) seriously, your "mandapam camp" attack is not going to cause to anything to me even if I am from the camp :) If I have a choice to make between "Mandapam retard" to "will-sell-my-women-for-food", I will take the "Mandapam retard".. Sell out.. :)

So, how much you earn by selling your "house hold" today?

If it makes you happy.. here it is..

-- from a "Mandapam retard" :)

tharu22 said...

The blog is awfully quiet...no fun at all...I guess all peelamists have gone to road blocking protests...

tharu22 said...

Darn it Peelamists, come on come up with some more lame stories and fantasies...I am bored here

Vivek said...

As I said in my previous post, please do not give false info on the past thinking that no one knows anything. In 2004, NDA was given a clear cut majority in the opinion polls but after the grand alliance was formed -Karunanidhi did the ground work for that and he was the first to form the alliance with sonia and sharad pawar, Left, Lollu, paswan followed suit - the opinion polls predicted hung assembly. All the opinion polls are predicted based on the percentage of votes. Due to the error in sampling opinion polls go wrong. And as far as India is concerned, there used to be a 10-15% variance.
coming back, after 2004 polls, the exit poll given by most of the analysts was in favour of Congress.
Same way, in 2006, the opinion poll initially was in favour of DMK. But after VAIKO came out of the DMK alliance the scene changed and the polls have predicted a very tough fight in the southern and western districts. DMK lost close to 35 seats with a margin less than 5000 votes and there were number of constituencies where DMK lost by less than 1000 votes.
At least 2 magazines predicted that DMK will not get absolute majority and they will get around 100 seats.

This time, please take my words... ADMK alliance is winning at 30-32 and 1 go to BJP.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

See the truth below.

Heavy artilary used by LTTE to kill civillians were found.

LTTE's Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher found - Karyalaimullivaikkal
A Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) used by the LTTE terrorists were found by the troops of 9 Gemunu Watch (9 GW) serving under 58 Division conducting a search and clearing operation in general area Karyalaimullivaikkal this morning, 13 May, defence sources said.

"This is the second time the security forces in Wanni liberation offensive uncovered a MBRL, the first one recovered from Thoppigala operation", a senior military official said speaking to defence.lk.

The improvised MBRL having 6 barrels has an effective range of 8 Km, military source said.

70 x T-56 Weapons, 2 x 60mm Mortars and 06 x Light Machine Guns (LMG) were also found during the same search operation, military sources added.

Reality said...

Look at this innocent man's eating happily on the ARPICO arpiform cushion mattress provided by SL government and SL people, after rescuing from barberic LTTE.

Reality said...

AH, and by the way, its LTTE responsibility to feed them while they were in LTTE controlled areas. Oh, I forgot LTTE took all the food provided by SLG and UN,..

Divakeran said...

Peelam is history now! blown to bitz!! Prabha found shot dead on the head while trying to run away from our elite SLA forces!! KP and the BBC Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation can go screw em selves up now!! They need to find a new master to feed them. BBC has lost their biggest client LTTE.

And all you lil shits who think Prabha is not dead you will see the ugly fat mother fucker laying on the ground like a pig eaten a bullet!