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Sri Lanka's Sinhalese nationalists stir hate and violence against minority Tamils

By Basil Fernando

Members of a Sinhalese heritage group, the Hela Urumaya, gathered in front of the British High Commission in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Wednesday to protest the visits of British Foreign Secretary David Milliband and his French counterpart, Bernard Kouchner.

Photographs of the protest showed Buddhist monks seated in front of the slogan-chanting crowd, while a large poster exhibited the photographs of Milliband, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Erik Solheim, the Norwegian minister for the environment and development with the slogan, “Wanted for Aiding and Abetting Terrorism.”

“We may have to take choppers and machetes, we will have to attack with choppers those who jump over the boundaries,” the protesters chanted, referring to Tamils trapped in the conflict zone.

The British and French diplomats were visiting to inspect the humanitarian situation of civilians trapped in the no-fire zone where the Liberation Tigers of Tami Eelam and government forces are engaged in fierce battles. Their visit, however, failed to persuade the government to temporarily halt the hostilities. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt was denied a visa to join the delegation.

The foreign diplomats’ concern was for civilians trapped between the warring factions, estimated to be around 80,000 to 140,000 including women, children and the elderly. The call for humanitarian concern has been portrayed in the media and by extremist racist elements as an attempt to extend a lifeline to the LTTE. One of the placards read: “Gordon Brown, would you give a humanitarian lifeline to Osama bin Laden?”

According to reports, over 6,500 civilians have been killed and 14,000 injured due to shelling and the use of heavy arms since January this year. Over 175,000 persons are now internally displaced, including 110,000 people who have fled the no-fire zone.

The portrayal of concern for humanitarian issues and international law, even in the midst of a conflict, as treachery and invasion, is part of a national ideology promoted by the government through its supporters and through the media. The call to take up choppers and machetes reminds one of similar slogans used in places like Rwanda. This kind of ideology and propaganda has the potential to lead to massive violence. Instead of the war bringing an end to violence, what seems to be emerging in Sri Lanka is a further period of even more intense societal violence.

In provincial council elections held in the Western province on April 25, the two candidates who received the most votes both have had criminal charges brought against them – a politician facing several charges of rape in the High Court and a well-known businessman engaged in the gambling industry, who has faced several criminal charges in the past.

Election monitors reported more incidents of violence, including murder, during this election. The atmosphere surrounding the election is demonstrated by the fact that over 60 journalists left the country in fear of their lives. The Immigration Department restricted the issuance of visas for 837 persons, including foreign media personnel. The state media has been widely used for government propaganda and that of its supporters.

This raising of a war psychology and promotion of “nationalism” that sees the rule of law and democracy as a threat to sovereignty has for its ultimate aim the displacement of free and fair elections. The intimidation of the opposition and the silencing of voices that insist on the return to a stable society based on functioning institutions are the parameters in which the new political system functions.

The impact of this on civil society has been demonstrated in several incidents. Akmeemana is a remote village in the country’s south where the population is almost totally Sinhalese Buddhists. Kavin Rashmaka, two years and eight months old, and 10-year-old Thanuja Iragane were both killed while looking for Kavin’s tricycle.

The two children were brutally hacked to death in what was reported as a family dispute, where the assailants took revenge on Kavin’s father by killing the child. As Thanuja was a witness she was also killed. The bodies were hidden and discovered only a few days later when the police and villagers launched a search. The alleged assassin was immediately killed after his arrest and the villagers reportedly killed his father later. Both the crime and the manner in which justice was carried out are barbaric.

Also disturbing is that at the time of the murders Kavin’s mother and father were gambling at two separate locations, and the mother was reportedly not allowed to leave the gambling den as it is customary that no one leaves while the game is underway. So she was prevented from accompanying little Kavin when the child went looking for the tricycle. Buddhists shun gambling, but in this remote village it has become part of daily life, indicating the nature of social transformation taking place even in rural areas.

In another incident, a 13-year-old girl was forced to drink acid, which was also poured over her head as revenge against her parents who allegedly gave information to the police about an illicit liquor business in the area.

Incidents of lawlessness are reported from all over the country every day. There is no national consciousness aimed at consolidating a stable society based on democratic institutions and people’s participation. Instead there is a type of nationalism that attempts to direct people’s attention to real or imagined enemies. Lawlessness has become an integral part of this “nationalism” now promoted in Sri Lanka.

During calamities like the 2004 tsunami, money from donors is dispersed generously on behalf of internally displaced persons. However, such persons do not participate in the utilization of these funds. In fact, refugee centers may last for a long time purely to attract more donations.

What administrative and political measures will be taken to allow currently displaced persons to quickly return to their lands and their way of life? Or will they be kept under harsh conditions to provide satisfaction for those who wish to deal with national problems with choppers and machetes?

Meanwhile, there are serious concerns of a possible bloodbath in the coming week of civilians caught between the LTTE and the government’s armed forces. The nationalist propaganda to ignore the voices of senior diplomats from Europe and the United Nations may contribute to downplay this very real danger.


(Basil Fernando is director of the Asian Human Rights Commission based in Hong Kong. He is a Sri Lankan lawyer who has also been a senior U.N. human rights officer in Cambodia. He has published several books and written extensively on human rights issues in Asia. His blog can be read at


tharu22 said...

This article is a prime example of utter stupidity of stupid ass author of it and crazy puligirl.
The quote indicated in bold is a verse from a song sung by Nanda Malini about foreign intervention in Sri Lanka and has nothing to do with Sri Lankans, be they inside or outside no fire zone. Choppers and machetes treatment is meant to foreigners who poke their fingers in to our internal issues. (Rata wata kara weta bendala kethi manna ganna wenawa - Wetata udin panina unta manna para denna wenewa)
In fact the very next verse indicate that all Sri Lankans are borthers be they Sinhalese, Tamils, or Muslims and they day we all rise together we can overcome the evil foreign powers (Sihalu Ape Demalu Ape Musllim Minisunuth Ape - Un kandawaru Bandina Dien Parayange Botuwa Kepe)
If you need you can listen to the song by going to and searching for aritist Nanda malini and listening to song "Budun Daham (Virindu).
BTW, the pic is from a LTTE held area and shows how they treat 'traitors'.

m.q.k said...


Pro Tamil protesters torch Army trucks in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, May 02: In a fallout of the Sri Lankan civil war in Tamil Nadu, pro Tamil parties protesting the Lankan Army offensive on Saturday torched five Army trucks near Coimbatore.

Initial reports suggest that the Army trucks were laden with arms and were heading towards Thiruvanthapuram.

Meanwhile, media reports said that rumours were spread that the Army trucks which were heading towards Thiruvanthapuram were carrying arms and were meant for the Lankan Army, which led to the burning up of the trucks.

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing huge protests since the Sri Lanka government started its offensive against the LTTE.

A few days back the DMK had called for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka and organised a bandh in Tamil Nadu. Chief Minister Karunanidhi went on a fast, but broke it six hours later when the Sri Lankan government announced a halt to combat operations.

Roy Muller said...

from defence wire

[Today, however, was a bad day for the Navy, particularly for the Navy's elite Special Boat Squadron. 12 men from the SBS including the SBS' 2nd in-charge (2IC) were killed when they were lured into a trap laid by LTTE Sea Tigers.

The valiant officer and his SBS men, having successfully engaged a flotilla of Sea Tiger boats had observed a fast moving boat off the Mullaitivu coast and approached it with the hope of capturing the boat. Surprisingly, this particularly large vessel had been unmanned.

By the time they realized what it was, it was too late for the gallant officer and men. The remote controlled vessel packed with explosives exploded, killing the 2 IC, a Lieutenant Commander (Posthumously Commander) and 11 other men.]

Upul said...

4 indian army trucks full of ammunition to be transported to kerala and eventually shit lanka was torched by angry mobs.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Video of military trucks being attacked in Coimbatore:

srilankan said...

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Video of military trucks being attacked in Coimbatore:

This is great Badri.. LTTE is confirming its terror tactics.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Roy

Yes today is bad day but all othe days are good days for SLN.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Japan has grated aids

{Japan donates US$ 4m for Northern IDPs
The Government of Japan has decided to provide grant aid totalling US $ 4 million (approximately Rs.480 million) to meet the immediate needs of the Internally Displaced Persons in the north.

The aid would be channelled through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF), International Organization for Migration(IOM) and the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC), a press release from the Japanese embassy said.

Meanwhile 6,255 metric tonnes of rice and 132 tonnes of Tuna canned fish purchased through Japan's Food Grant Aid(approximately US $ 7.7 million) will be shipped to Colombo in May.

The food items would be distributed immediately through the UN's World Food Program, the release further said. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom too has promised 7.5 million Sterling Pounds as an initial sum to help relief measures, with several other countries too coming forward to help Sri Lanka in its hour of need.

The French Government recently donated a mobile emergency hospital following in the footsteps of India, which donated such a unit a few months back. In addition, several INGOs and NGOs too have donated shelter materials, bottled water, food, clothes, educational material etc. for the displaced, Minister of Disaster Management and Human Rights, Mahinda Samarasinghe told the media on Thursday.

He also said that the Government and the UN would make a joint bid to raise international aid, to help relief and rehabilitation efforts for the displaced in the North, with the first meeting with donors scheduled to take place on Monday.


Lalith Kuruwita said...

{Children recruited by LTTE surrender, reveal horror stories
Thousands of children recruited by the LTTE have surrendered. Forcefully recruited by the terrorists, the children and survivors recount horrific tales of the LTTE's brutalities.

One of the child soldiers who surrendered, Sasi Kanakariga Pillai says; "We used to go to school, but were always in hiding. If the LTTE found out that we were at home they would catch us. They would give some training and deploy us as LTTE fighters." LTTE forcefully recruited thousands of children like Sasi to bolster its strength.

"They caught me. I trained with them for two months. I managed to escape," he adds.

There are many such shocking revelations which have come to fore in the refugee camps where LTTE's forced recruits and their parents are taking shelter.

They are happy to have escaped the clutches of the Tigers.

Principal Bhartiya Vidyalaya Kilinochchi, Rajendra says: "I am a principal in a school where we lost 100 students in the war. They were recruited by the LTTE and used in the war.

I also ran away on March 18 at midnight to save my 18-year-old daughter.

If I was there, they would have taken her away.

I saw most of the children being taken away by the LTTE."

Visuals of the LTTE stealing and hoarding UN supplies is now telling the world how ruthless this terrorist group was to its own people as the Tamil civilians who escaped the fury of the war tell tales of the atrocities meted out to them by the Tigers.

Assistant Director of Eduction in Mullaitivu, K Selvarasan says: "I think they are in a small area. I think they will be toothless soon. They have to run away to escape. But people are not with that side. For the past few months, sugar was Rs. 1,000 per kg and rice was Rs. 5,00 per kg. People died of poverty and hunger because they could not purchase anything."

It was known for three decades that the LTTE recruited child soldiers.

tharu22 said...

The greatest story unfolding at the moment is how Jayalalitha is taking Peelam supporters on the ride of their lives....
It's gonna be great to see the shock and dismay of those stupid idiots when they see what's she's really up to...
My only hope is she will keep herself safe, so that what happened to Rajiv will not happen to her

Roy Muller said...

Tamils attack on Indian army trucks video

wtach from 3.00 sec the Indian army arrives with rods and rifles to kill the Tamils. If not for the Tamilnadu Police, they would have killed the Tamils. This incidents another proof that Indians will kill Tamils ...

SuthaS said...

According to the military information, around 20000 Srilankan Forces were killed in the last 4 months. These sinhalese don't know what's going on. Rajapakse brothers told long time ago that the lion flags were going to wave all over sri lanka on February 4th but it's may 2nd today and they are not going to achieve it. Even there are 600 srilankan casulaties in the last 4 days. Yo Sinhalese, don't be a paper lion.

Tharaka Hewamana said...

If you want eliminate tamil why the somebody want this late. Ohhh so "intelligent tamil" can even make compelling argument. May be for the "Soooooooooooooo intelligent tamil diaspora aka t.d.d.d( Tamil dangerous dumb diaspora)

Nilambare said...

Hey U-Fool

Why does the SL army need weapons now?. Did you hear what GR said? We have ammunitions and weapons enough for 4 armies now, thanks to the die-ass-poras.

Indian army should have beaten these thugs to death, as is normally the case in India. Wai they won't go unpunished. Hoo hoo.

Bhairav said...

Hatred something does not go well with any civilized person, but the way Srilankan government unleashes the terror on innocent Tamil kids and women in Wanni, even the moderate Tamil will look for revenge.

Bhairav said...

It's time for recruiting the TN youths.

Upul said...

the just attacks on indian army vehicles is hint of whats to come.

I am surprised there is no protest in front of hindu newspaper.

Bhairav said...

From Nadesan's interview on BBC, you can guess that LTTE will not withdraw from the NFZ.

naam ellurum seanthu pulikalin sudukalankalai athikarikka veandum odanadiyaka.

pulikalin periya pirachinai - vimana ethirpu ayuthankal.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi SuthaS

LTTE has lmost become paper Tiger

Lalith Kuruwita said...

{Bhairav said...

From Nadesan's interview on BBC, you can guess that LTTE will not withdraw from the NFZ.}

They will tactically withdraw to the HELL !!!

Lalith Kuruwita said...

"Upul said...

the just attacks on indian army vehicles is hint of whats to come.

I am surprised there is no protest in front of hindu newspaper.
All subbotage people will be arraested and procecuted.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

{Bhairav said...

It's time for recruiting the TN youths.}

Why is it TN youth?

Why can't those peelam supporters in Western countries cannot forward themselves?

Alpha said...

how can we overcome this issue , specially at this critical moment , the world is not the same as before, hope some aautham will kai maarum to pulikal.

Bhairav said...

Montreal Gazette---

The tragedy of Sri Lanka

"Why does no one care?" Denesta Davidlambert speaks in a soft singsong as her delicate fingers busily assemble brochures at a community centre for South Asian women.

By MARIAN SCOTT, The GazetteMay 2, 2009 7:19

Denesta Davidlambert came to Montreal from Sri Lanka four years ago. "Day by day, people are dying, my siblings and relatives," she says.

More Images »

Denesta Davidlambert came to Montreal from Sri Lanka four years ago. "Day by day, people are dying, my siblings and relatives," she says.
Photograph by: John Kenney, The Gazette

The petite Sri Lankan refugee's voice is gentle, but her words unveil a world of suffering and brutality.

Davidlambert, 37, came to Montreal four years ago from Trincomalee, a port on Sri Lanka's east coast.

Travel guides extol the city's white beaches and deep-water harbour, which has attracted seafarers like Marco Polo since ancient times.

But the images seared into Davidlambert's memory are far less picturesque.

She sees the faces of her two brothers, Anton, 21, and George, 16, abducted 19 years ago by government soldiers.

"We are Catholic and Tamil," she says, carefully threading red ribbon through printed sheets of loose leaf paper.

"They rounded up the boys in each and every house. They brought all the boys to a public place, a playground," she says.

The brothers were never seen alive again. George's murdered body turned up later at a hospital. He had been tortured.

"His hands were tied so tight, they couldn't see the rope," she says. "They don't know how long he was like that.

"I don't know why God was giving suffering to him. He was very young." No trace of Anton was ever found.

Davidlambert's painful memories are ever present this week as Sri Lanka reports it could be days away from crushing a 26-year insurgency by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The war has bitterly divided Sri Lanka's Tamil minority, traditionally based in the country's north and east, from the Sinhalese majority in the rest of the country. The Buddhist Sinhalese make up 75 per cent of the nation of 21 million while mainly Hindu Sri Lankan Tamils represent 4 per cent and Tamils of Indian origin 5 per cent. The Tamils also include Christian and Muslim minorities.

The army has cornered rebel forces and more than 50,000 civilians on a strip of beach barely three times the size of Mount Royal park.

On Thursday, President Mahinda Rajapaksa rejected appeals by Britain and France for a temporary truce after the British and French foreign ministers travelled to the warn-torn country. Sri Lanka denied entry to Sweden's foreign minister.

On Sunday, the Colombo government dismissed the rebels' offer of a unilateral ceasefire as "a joke." More than 6,400 civilians have been killed and 14,000 injured in the last three months, the United Nations reports.

Humanitarian conditions are said to be dire, with overcrowding, malnutrition and limited medical care in government-run refugee camps, according to aid agencies and the UN.

sss Worried sick about loved ones back home, members of Canada's 100,000-strong Sri Lankan Tamil community - the largest outside Sri Lanka - charge the world is sitting on its hands as innocents are slaughtered.

"Day by day, people are dying, my siblings and relatives," Davidlambert says.

"This humanitarian suffering, people are watching like a sad movie. No one is even raising their voice." Last week, Canadian Tamils marched 33,000 strong on Parliament Hill. In Montreal this week, they paraded day and night around the U.S. Consulate on René Lévesque Blvd. W., beating drums and waving the scarlet flag of the Tamil Tigers.

In Toronto, police cleared protesters from University Ave. Thursday after up to 4,000 demonstrators blocked the downtown artery for four days.

Tamils have thronged in cities around the world, including London, where a Tamil student ended a 24-day hunger strike outside the British Parliament Thursday.

Yet tainted by its loyalty to the Tamil Tigers, listed as a terrorist organization by Canada and 31 other countries, the Tamil diaspora seems to have lost the public relations battle over the civil war that has wracked Sri Lanka since 1983.

"It's as much a media war as an actual war on the ground," says Jennifer Hyndman, an associate professor of geography at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.

The tragedy, says Hyndman, is that violent excesses on both sides of the conflict have overshadowed the suffering of Sri Lanka's Tamil minority and the legitimate grievances that gave rise to the LTTE in the first place.

"There's blood on both pairs of hands," she says.

Founded in 1972, the LTTE is infamous for having pioneered suicide bombing and the use of women in suicide attacks and for the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

The rebels have a long history of recruiting child soldiers, according to Human Rights Watch, a non-government organization.

The LTTE has corralled civilians into its ever-shrinking territory and fired on those who attempted to leave, according to a February report by the rights watchdog.

But few in Montreal's 10,000-member Tamil community seem prepared to believe reports of abuses by the Tigers.

"They are the only people who are fighting for us," says Sabapathy Sivasubramaniam, 67, a retired math teacher in St. Laurent who came to Canada as a refugee in 1998.

"They are our only saviours." However, according to the International Crisis Group, an independent non-government organization, the LTTE stifled opposition and assassinated Tamil political rivals.

The government has also committed numerous atrocities, Human Rights Watch charges. Sri Lankan troops have repeatedly bombarded hospitals and government-declared "safe zones" crowded with civilians, the organization reports.

Colombo has barred media and independent observers from the war zone. "The government is determined to fight this war in the dark and they have succeeded," says Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch Asia director, in a telephone interview from London.

But Daya Perera, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to Canada, dismisses the rights organization's charges, noting that the armed forces recently stopped using aerial raids and heavy weaponry against the remaining rebels in the tiny war zone.

Tamils have long coexisted peacefully with the majority Sinhalese, says Perera, who was a well-known criminal lawyer in Sri Lanka. "When I was at the bar, the chief justice was a Tamil. The attorney general was a Tamil. The inspector general of police was a Tamil." "There is no discrimination. There is no bitterness in Sri Lanka. The bitterness is here (in Canada)," he says.

But Rev. Seemampillai Joseph Emmanuel, a Sri Lankan Roman-Catholic priest living in exile in Germany, contends the Tamils turned to violence in 1979 only after 31 years of efforts to achieve equal rights and regional self-government by democratic means.

In an interview at McGill University, where he took part in a panel discussion Monday, Emmanuel pointed to a history of assassinations, pogroms and forced deportations of the Tamil minority, which faces quotas at universities and discrimination in the workplace, he says.

The former vicar-general of the Jaffna diocese and rector of a theological seminary, Emmanuel saw three of his best friends - two politicians and a journalist - assassinated. Ten Tamil priests were killed from 1981 to 2008, he says, including five he trained personally.

Journalists have also been targeted. On Jan. 8, assailants gunned down newspaper editor Lasantha Wickramatunga, an outspoken critic of the war. Last month, The United Nations cultural and education agency (UNESCO) posthumously awarded Wickramatunga the World Press Freedom Prize 2009.

"As a Catholic, as a priest, I cannot support terrorism but I can very well understand that when a people is oppressed by state terror, the response is counter-terror," says Emmanuel.

Extreme polarization and abuses by both sides have led to "a clash of barbarisms," says Hyndman.

"There's been no moderate middle ground," agrees Adams of Human Rights Watch.

Sri Lanka is a heart-rending example of missed opportunities, says Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Bob Rae, who called Canada's failure to join Britain and France in pressing for a truce a disgrace.

Rae was active in peace talks in Sri Lanka during a lull in hostilities from 2002-2005 as founding chairman of the Forum of Federations, a non-profit organization to promote and improve federalism.

"Events moved in a tragic direction," he says. "The LTTE was not prepared to stop being a guerrilla army. The government was not prepared to make constitutional change." As government troops squeeze the rebels' last redoubt, Rae warns that a defeat for the Tigers is no guarantee of an end to Sri Lanka's troubles.

"The idea a military victory will solve the problem is a complete illusion," he says.

Hyndman agrees. "A military victory may defeat the LTTE in a military sense but does not engage the Tamil people. They exceed the boundaries of Sri Lanka," she says.

sss In the Côte St. Luc Rd. dépanneur where he works every day from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Ranjan Kandasamy worries about loved ones back home.

The normally jovial shopkeeper hasn't had news of his 72-year-old mother and 52-year-old sister in Sri Lanka's northern region for more than three months.

"My sister is diabetic and she can't get medicine," he frets.

Kandasamy took a rare day off on April 21 to join 33,000 Tamils who stood under the grey Ottawa drizzle in the biggest demonstration on Parliament Hill in recent years.

In deference to federal politicians, they stowed their Tamil Tigers flags emblazoned with a roaring tiger and crisscrossed machine guns, instead flying black flags of mourning.

Despite the gesture, only NDP leader Jack Layton came out to speak to the crowd, calling on the government to demand a ceasefire.

The marchers were disappointed Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a no-show. "It's like a slap in the face," says Kandasamy, who came to Canada in 1995 from Jaffna.

Now he scans the TV behind the counter for news from Sri Lanka and hopes for the best.

"It's so difficult," he says, wiping away a tear.

"Everyone knows there's a war in our country. Nobody cares."

Alpha said...

'LTTE has lmost become paper Tiger'
what the fuk army doing with the paper tiger ?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

{Bhairav said...

Hatred something does not go well with any civilized person, but the way Srilankan government unleashes the terror on innocent Tamil kids and women in Wanni, even the moderate Tamil will look for revenge.

SLGO unleashed terror only on LTTE terrorists while rescuing Tamil Kids & Womaen. Did you here the LTTE kids who surended SLA said they were forcefully recruited by LTTE. Even one school princible said over 100 sudents were recruited forcefully by LTTE from his school in the last 3 to 4 months.

We cannot changed your Peelamist mentality but IC and a lot of countries now realised that SLGO is rescuing Tamils from LTTE's genocide on Tamils.

Australia donated 4.5 Millions dollars yesterday for IDP settlements. Japan, UK & france also decided to give more aids to SLGO.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

"Hi Alpha"

I said almost.

SLA main ambition is to rescue the remaining civilllions from LTTE's genocide. While the remaining LTTE will be either crushed or like other 3000 LTTE cadre already surrended, they can surrender to SLGO.

Alpha said...


:SLGO unleashed terror only on LTTE terrorists while rescuing Tamil Kids & Womaen.:

are you sleep walking ? damn the world is well aware of the sinhala terrorism against TAMILS.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

"Alpha said...

how can we overcome this issue , specially at this critical moment , the world is not the same as before, hope some aautham will kai maarum to pulikal.

Hi Alpha

I am happy and I appreciate you because you have now realised the world or IC is not same as before.

This is because IC & India now well undestand who these LTTE is. They are really terrorists.

Those days LTTE were able to mesled IC & India. Now they cannot do it.

I was listening to Milband. He said LTTE are banned terror outfit. UK does not want at all to rescue LTTE leaders.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

"Alpha said...


:SLGO unleashed terror only on LTTE terrorists while rescuing Tamil Kids & Womaen.:

are you sleep walking ? damn the world is well aware of the sinhala terrorism against TAMILS."

You just told the world is not same as before.
Your Nadesan issued statement after statement that IC & India are supporting SLGO.

he truth is IC & India now know real terrorist is LTTE.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

" This place is deserted!

That is what happen when customers were ill treated.

I am happy that EFT is dying!!!


03 May 2009 03:21
Blogger Konappu Bandara said...

Here is the current situation as far as I can deduce. There are bunch of civilian in the town called Karayamullikaka whatever (For ease of pronunciation let's call it KMart). And there are more civilians in the only other uncleared town called Vellamullikaka whatever (For ease of pronunciation let's call it WalMart). Fatty is there sitting right in middle of these bunch of civilians in WalMart area.

I say we go in like gang busters into WalMart area, get the fatty, fry him and his goons right there. The civilians in the WalMart area will run towards KMart are and overwhelm the goons defending that area. Once the KMart goons hear that Fatty is no more, they will throw away their weapons and blend in with civilians. We process the flood of civilians into welfare villages and filter out the goons mixing among them.

Game! Set! Match!


Alpha said...

Lalith Kuruwita
I think taking one of train colombo to south in the morning around 7.30 or in the evening 5.30 would compensate all the pending transaction, but LTTE or Tamils are not the for revenge on the innocent sinhalese they are trying to defend the innocent tamils for sinhala terrorist governments genocide war - the new developments are positive , but the tamils need to do more to stop the ongoing genocide in srilanka.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Hi Peelamists

Bad news for your guys (Good news for Sri Lanakan Tamils) as even now Norway is supporting SLGO. read the Morway Ambassoders's report below.

"In a major shift in its policy towards Sri Lanka, Norwegian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Tore Hattrem said the bargaining power of one of the world’s most ruthless terror outfits – the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had become irrelevant in the wake of its imminent elimination and expressed his government’s backing for finding a permanent solution for Sri Lanka’s conflict.

Hattrem also said the LTTE’s bargaining power was not relevant in the present context, implying that the status quo would change with the complete elimination of the LTTE.
“I don’t think it is helpful to talk about the LTTE’s bargaining power in this context. A political solution for Sri Lanka that addresses the grievances of the minorities can only be found by the Sri Lankan people. It is the Sri Lankan people that must decide what needs to be done and what will constitute a workable permanent solution to the conflict. One primary role for the state is to safeguard equal rights for all its citizens. If I were asked to give advice, I would recommend the government to develop the state in a way where all groups – the majority and the minorities – feel that the state belongs to them and that they are fairly treated,” Hattrem said.

Commenting on his government’s stance on being removed from the role of facilitator in Sri Lanka’s peace process, Hattrem said the Norwegian Government would respect the decision of its Sri Lankan counterpart.

“Our role as facilitator is not something we took upon ourselves. We were invited by the government and the LTTE to exercise that role back in year 2000. So, when one of the parties that entrusted us that role perceives that Norway no longer can play such a role in the present circumstances, we must, of course, accept that. It also reflects the fact that Norway has not facilitated any peace process since 2006,” Hattrem said.
He also said Norway and many other countries considered the civilians trapped inside the conflict zone in the North as the most important priority and thus the LTTE must allow civilians to leave the No Fire Zone (NFZ).

“These civilians are suffering and humanitarian assistance must be given to them, and the LTTE must let these people leave the conflict area. Both the government and the LTTE must respect international humanitarian law. At the same time we will continue to support efforts to help all those IDPs that have come out from the conflict zone so that they can be given protection according to international norms. This is an enormous task and Norway and many other countries are ready to support Sri Lanka in protecting these people and assist them in the resettlement process,” he said.

“First, we need to focus on the immediate humanitarian needs of the IDPs that now are settled in camps. After the resettlement phase begins, we plan to follow up with livelihood support projects so that families and communities in the North can get their lives back on their feet. We are also prepared to see how Norway can contribute in addressing the needs of reconstructing the North as a part of a legitimate political process and where the people in the North can influence the development of their communities through elected and legitimate political leaders,” he added. "

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Another example of LTTE's genocide of Tamil Civillions

" Civilians who came on board the ICRC chartered Green Ocean ship and in fishing boats, claimed that they had to pay unbelievable amounts of money to buy food, as the LTTE takes charge of food stocks sent to the area after threatening the officials who were assigned to distribute those items.

“Then they ration the distribution, and sell the food at exorbitant prices. For instance a kilo of rice is Rs.500, while a coconut is Rs. 2500. To buy 500 grammes of sugar one has to pay them Rs.1500. Even a packet of biscuit is Rs.1500,” claimed a group of civilians The Nation met at the IDP receiving centre in Pulmoddai.

They said it is not only exorbitant prices that the LTTE demanded, there were various other demands by the LTTE when giving food items to the civilians.

“Sometimes, if you go to them asking for milk powder for the children, they ask you to give blood in exchange. There were times this went to the extreme of them demanding a pint of blood for just two spoons of milk powder,” they said.

In addition, the rationed items could be bought in exchange for valuable items like jewellery, electronic items and even vehicles.

“You can do this once or twice, but not more than that. So most of the time our children and we starve as the LTTE does not let us have the required food items. Apart from giving our valuables to pay for them, we had no other option as we are neither employed nor do we have any other income,” they added. (GW)"

Alpha said...

Selvi JJ ready for creation of TAMIL EELAM IN SRILANKA... DOUBLE CONFIRMATION ....

"பகிரங்கமான உங்கள் 'தனி ஈழம்' வாக்குறுதி உங்கள் துணிவையும் ஞானத்தையும் காட்டுகின்றது" என உலகத் தமிழர்களின் நெஞ்சார்ந்த நன்றிகள் எனக்கு குவிகின்றன: ஜெயலலிதா பெருமிதம்

Alpha said...

Jayalalitha's separate Eelam call welcomed by PMK, Nedumaran Text

Chennai, April 26: AIADMK chief Jayalalitha's sudden support for a separate Tamil homeland as the only solution to the problems of the ethnic minority in Sri Lanka was welcomed by pro-LTTE groups as well as the PMK Sunday.
Tamil nationalist leader P. Nedumaran, a longstanding supporter of the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, welcomed the AIADMK chief's statement.

"Politicians have been supporting the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka and backing the demand for a separate homeland Eelam for our nationality for long. Jayalalitha's announcement is a welcome addition," Nedumaran told IANS, speaking on phone from Salem, 250 km southwest of here.
"Our Tamil brethren's sufferings since 1949 by successive Sinhalese chauvinist governments
are well documented. Politicians' in India have backed the cause from time to time. Regardless of what is said here, the fight for a separate homeland is bound to see victory because of the never-say-die spirit of the Tamil fighters," Nedumaran added.

PMK founder leader Dr S. Ramadoss welcoming the announcement, said: "At last there is a realistic assessment of the needs of the Tamils in Eelam and their sufferings."

Jayalalitha told AIADMK supporters in Erode, 370 km south of here, Saturday night that she was moved by the plight of Lankan Tamils forced to exist in concentration camps like slaves and that a separate Tamil Eelam was the solution to the ethnic tangle.

Other parties espousing the same cause too welcomed the clear shift in Jayalalitha's stand.

"Jayalalitha's statement has galvanised us because it has been made at the most opportune moment, on the eve of the elections. One only hopes that politicians do not flatter to deceive the cause later as in the past," an MDMK leader told IANS on condition of anonymity.

"The late chief minister M.G. Ramachandran publicly funded the LTTE in 1985 by giving away almost Rs.40 crore (Rs.400 million) from a nationalised bank within the secretariat here. The Indian government espoused and then betrayed the Tamils' cause on the basis of political expediencies," the leader recalled.

The Left parties which have been supporting the need for meaningful devolution of powers within the framework of a united Sri Lanka were guarded in their reaction.

"Every party has a right to speak its mind. A common minimum programme can be prepared only after the election results on the basis of deliberations. Our well-known stand of non-interference into sovereign rights of a nation but proactive methods to fight for human rights and dignity remain unaltered," a Communist Party of India-Marxist MP told IANS.

Former Director General of Police A.X. Alexander, who has dealt with the Sri Lankan Tamil issue for a long time as an intelligence officer, felt the shift in Jayalalitha's stand had to be viewed carefully.

Political columnist Cho S. Ramaswamy said it was a road to nowhere.

"A separate Tamil Eelam isn't possible as the Tamils in Sri Lanka are of four different kinds - those belonging to the north and north-eastern parts, plantation workers of Indian origin, the business community in Colombo and the Tamil speaking Muslims. Only sections of the first kind have been clamouring for Eelam while the others have not," Cho told IANS.

"Further, there are no programmes for making the demand viable and no possibilities to make the nation possible as neither India (which suffered badly once) nor the international community will back the call," Cho added.

Lankan diplomatic sources here declined to comment.

Ethnic minority Tamils have been fighting a civil war with Sri Lanka since 1983 for a separate Tamil homeland "Eelam" that has left some 80,000 persons dead so far.

The island is separated from India by a small stretch of sea called Palk Strait.

--- IANS

Saul said...

For those who think that they can mobilize Tamil Nadu or take it down the path of violence.

We'll be waiting for you lads.

Roy Muller said...

Saul said...
[For those who think that they can mobilize Tamil Nadu or take it down the path of violence]

Indian slumdogs need to 1st take on China and Pakistan, before the take of of Tamils. They think Tamils are easy to subjugate unlike the kashmiri Jihadist so they bully Tamils.

BTW, its a bit too late, there is nothing slumgogs can do to stop Tamils unless you resort of underhand tatctic and violence.

They should have torched more Hindian army trucks and killed a few armed soldiers who in retaliation, tried to attack and kill Tamils in Coimbatore , perhaps next time ...

Well Done Tamilnadu

ashokkumar2103 said...


The Hindu office in Coimbatore was attacked and copies of the paper was burnt by protestors some time back. But it is better that the press is kept away, however one sided their news presentation is. Now people know, what Hindu stands for.

But the attack on army's convoy at Coimbatore and Salem is unprecedented and shows the underlying current of Tamil's anger towards Indian colloboration in the Eelam genocide.

Hundreds of people had participated in the attack and the police press brief says that 5 were arrested and cases booked against another 500.

People revolting against its own army is much more than a symbolic act. Weapons were ransacked and littered all around the high way.

Infact PDK leader K.Ramakrishnan was seen holding a misile in his hand in the photographs.

Army must have been terribly embarrassed by the entire incident.

One Tamil jawan confirmed in front of the media that the consignments were meant for Cochin.

There were 80 trucks in the convoy and people were seen questioning the soldiers why they were involved in the killing of Tamils.

Now the government seems to have decided to downplay the incident because

- how can it publicize that its own people attacked its army?

- If the jawans in 80 truck convoy allowed unarmed public to stop it and lay their hands on the dangerous weapons and seize them, imagine if terrorists like Lashkar e toiba had involved?

Indian said...

Agree with you.
If not for the cowardly action by the TN police to divert the remaining trucks headed in that road,U-fool and Bhairav would have known why TN still remains silent and why there is no protest infront of Hindu office.

Still 2 trucks managed to come and today's pictures showed the mayhem caused by the army men in those trucks.I wish all those trucks had proceeded in their original path without any diversion.Probably Coimbatore police wanted to save their arse and pleaded with them to change course

Indian said...

//Infact PDK leader K.Ramakrishnan was seen holding a misile in his hand in the

Cool.Now I know who was that bufoon holding that dummy RPG in his hand.Ashokkumar you have now confirmed you too are a relative of tn thamiz from Mandapam camp - cant distinguish between a dummy RPG and a missile.Jeez do you know what a missile is?

It was not 80 trucks.Had it been 80 trucks,PDK members would have joined your eternal Peelam by now.4 trucks were ahead and were blocked by close to 100 odd people.Rest of the trucks were pleaded by TN polict to go in another route.Still angry armymen hearing about the incident rushed in 2 trucks and I was personally priviliged to watch PDK taking to their heels just like the pussy tigers in Peelam

tharu22 said...

At last Tamils are starting the fight in their true home land, i.e. Tamil Nadu!!
We don't mind at all, sort things out with the Indians and just leave Sri lanka alone!!

khanthas said...

Defence ministry [GOSL]: "ever did history unmask the hypocrisy and the sanctimony of the Western powers than (it has in) their behaviour towards Sri Lanka during recent times,"

The West reaps now what they sew yesterday. Still, the West will not see between evil and good..

பிளாட்டினம் said...

உலகமக்களின் கவனத்தை எங்கள் பக்கம் திருப்பினால் உலக அரசுகளும் அனைவருக்கும் தெரிந்த பகீரங்க உண்மை என்று விரைந்து கவனம் எடுக்கலாம் இல்லையா? IPL போட்டிகள் நடக்கும் மைதானங்களில் எங்களவர் ஒருசிலராவது சில இனப்படுகொலையை சித்தரிக்கும் ஆடைகள், கொடிகள் என்று வெளிக்காட்டலாம் தானே.... கொஞ்சம் ஆபத்தான வேலை தான், ஆனால் நியாயப் படுத்தலாம். அப்பிடியே தேர்தல் பிரச்சாரக் கூடங்கள், கண்காட்சிகள், நாளாந்த மக்கள் கூடும் சந்தைகள், ஞாயிறு சந்தை, கல்லூரிகள் என்று, மற்றவர் கவனத்தை ஈர்த்து, எங்கள் கருத்துக்களை விதைத்தால் என்ன? நான் போடும் t-shirt, நான் என்ன படம் வரைந்திருந்தால் தான் மற்றவருக்கு என்ன? ஆர்ப்பாட்டங்கள், பேரணிகளில் மட்டும் அணியும் அந்த ஆடைகளை பொது இடங்களுக்கும் அணிந்தால், சில நேர் விளைவுகள் கிடைக்கப் பெறலாம் தானே?

jesus said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.