Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sri Lanka thanks India for helping to kill 7,000 Tamil civilians

Today the government of Sri Lanka released an official thank you statement to the various countries that have trained and supplied weapons to the Sri Lankan army for their invasion of the Tamil homeland. The first country mentioned, as expected, was India. No other country has provided more military support and weaponry in this current war than India:

"Sri Lanka is about to conclude her war against terror. In this context, the people of Sri Lanka are grateful for the wholehearted support given to them by India, Pakistan and the rest of the South Asian countries, China, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, Libya, Vietnam, Mid-East, African and Southeast Asian countries. But for their understanding on our plight and the trust they placed on us, we would never be able to come this far in our battle against terrorism."

Over the last four months, over 7,000 innocent Tamil civilians have been murdered by the Sri Lankan army with weapons supplied by India. Another 14,000 civilians have been severely wounded, many having limbs amputated. The Sri Lankan government salutes India for their role and help in this great achievement. The killing of the Tamil race would never have been possible for Sri Lanka if it had not been for the help of India.

Unfortunately, Tamils in Tamil Nadu did not take this congratulatory message from Sri Lanka favorably. For the first time ever, Tamils have turned on their country's own armed forces and attacked a convoy of 80 military vehicles as it passed by Coimbatore, setting fire to 5 vehicles and throwing boxes of mortars and RPGs into the road. For those who have watched the video it brings back memories of LTTE cadres ambushing Sri Lankan army transports. Today it was only vehicles damaged, but the anger is growing in Tamil Nadu, and it is only a matter of time before things change. In 1983 it only took 13 dead Sri Lankan soldiers to start a 30 year civil war. No one can know which small event may trigger a huge change.


Tharaka Hewamana said...

So back again u stupid donkey. All these were done by ur cannibals. Don't blame ur own misery. When u have cancer u can cut ur own limb. Dont worry Mahinda will do it for u.

Pierre said...

oh the Army has killed innocent rabbits of LTTE. How sad.

Pierre said...

The fact that LTTE has killed 1000s of civilians with claymores, bus bombs and various other weapons, you don't want to talk about them do you? How about the countries which supplied arms to an illegal organization. In the name of liberation you can do anything can't you.

Nilavan said...

Nothing done in the name and cost of innocent civilians can be justified. And it includes both governments which are just white collared terrorists and those who call themselves heroes fighting for the marginalised. Both are wrong. Lets unite to punish both the bastards.

wijayapala said...


Congratulations on your first victory against the evil Hindian army (since IPKF). Hindians are terrified of DK porali who displayed tremendous skill in smashing windows and running away behind TN police.

Thanks to the timely Eelamoid intervention, a supply of chairs was prevented from reaching the genocidal SLA. Now the moda bandas will have to sit on the ground like monkeys. They are sitting ducks for the anticipated Counter-Offensive.

Saul said...

So it begins. Now the LTTE supporters are turning against India. That was expected I guess. It will not work.

FreedomFighter said...

You racist singlaes will say anything hide you coutrys war crimes. there will be investigation into all the killinhgs the criminals will be executed one way or another.

Your failed state is being expossed all over the world. You dum donkeys. Keep dreaming. You son's of monther bitch lanka are going to payfor all this with more war and destruction.

Revolutionary said...

racist sinhalese... the whole world is exposing you.... only a matter of time before u crumble...

Upul said...

All tamils, we need your help editing some wikipedia articles on ltte.

hired goons of shit lanka have taken it over.

see all the crap that has been littered.

please create wikipedia account and start correcting these articles.

Upul said...

the problem is people off the street in the west usually search wikipedia to find out about things and right wikipedia has been taken over sinhala hate mongers.

ranuka said...


At least the folks in Toronto and London don't need to check up Wikipedia to know about LTTE thanks to the protests done by Pro LTTE groups. These protests have been nothing but a public nuisence and most people are very angry and blame local politicians for not cleaning up this scum.

Btw why are you hiding behind a singhala name? Ashemed of your identity as a tamil???

Malin said...

hey check out the "List of LTTE commanders"

How many are living now? ;)

SuthaS said...

[At least the folks in Toronto and London don't need to check up Wikipedia to know about LTTE thanks to the protests done by Pro LTTE groups. These protests have been nothing but a public nuisence and most people are very angry and blame local politicians for not cleaning up this scum.

Btw why are you hiding behind a singhala name? Ashemed of your identity as a tamil???]

Same thing you sinhalese did in front of Norwegian Embassy in front of Canadian Parliament. Do you remember it???????

kaddumaram said...

in our soil, these sinhalese bastards coming from north india killing our natives tamils. how long we will let them.

these illegal immigranyts sinhalese should be kept in detention because no contry will take them due to their inhuman and degrading life styles. raping, looting, killing. we have seen these in 1958,77 and 83. no more mersey. kept them without feeding until threse are dead

Malin said...

Native tamils?... TN Tamils.. thats only thing about native... LOL

Malin said...

Lets Talk about Native Tamils..

British Native Tamils
Canadian Native Tamils
German Native Tamils
US Native Tamils
Indian Native Tamils
Australian Native Tamils

But no Sri Lankan Native Tamils....

ranuka said...

@Sutha S
[Same thing you sinhalese did in front of Norwegian Embassy in front of Canadian Parliament. Do you remember it???????]

Now thats what you call a proper protest. You make a point and then you leave in an orderly fashion.

Tamil protests are different. They just occupy roads for days and also leaves a lot of garbage behind (well not fogetting the terrible thala thel ordor).
The noise levels are also very high for prolong periods. What a nuisence.

And also fasting for days but not dying :) - Thats the part I didn't understand.

Upul said...

over 2,000 sla soldiers killed, after sla/sln amphibous assault was targetted by sea tigers 3 km off mulaithivu coast.

sla was planning an amphibious assault on the nfz, using two troop carriers, carrying around 1,000 troops each. both were suddenly hit by explosion and within minutes started sinking. sln dvoras tried to provide cover and two of these were sunk by black tiger attack boats.

the 2,000 troops drowned to death in mid sea, with sln being unable to bring in reinforcements. these sla's were the remains of the elite special forces units.

having been badly mauled, the sla has to induct troops from colombo to do the final assault. all other division including the 53 are out of commision.

in response to this dire military and economical situation, maha sangha terror urged rajapakse hold a 24 hour pirith to ward over curses accumulated on his regime.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

11 days left for Indian elections. Reports indicate Sri Lanka will resort to a chemical attack on the no fire zone before the elections finish, in an attempt to destroy the LTTE before India interferes.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...


When did that happen? I mean 2000 deaths of SLA.

Bhairav said...

Badri, you said that LTTE will withdraw from NFZ within days, but they still hold into that place. It looks as LTTE still has conventional firepower. What you think? If you look at the territory that LTTE controls, you can see the Tamil Eelam police directing the traffic in that small area. Even in this starvation and indiscriminate bombing, they maintain the orderly. How it is possible?

Upul said...

this happened during the major naval battles. initially they said troop carriers had turn back, but the news now is that they were sunk.

I believe ltte is going to hold out till after indian election.

west is probably on the sidelines waiting for the indian elections outcome.

I sense something has been promised to the ltte by one of the major powers, provided they can hold out.

Laptop Kumara Ramawickrama said...


When this happened? I mean the date and time? It looks like that thug rajapakse family is about to use chemical weapons against the tamil civilians after this incident.

Upul said...

yes I agree, they are preparing for chemical warfare again with heavy losses at sea.

FreedomFighter said...

Sri Lanka’s propaganda war hits crescendo

By Joe Leahy in Pudumathalan, Sri Lanka

Published: May 3 2009 17:21 | Last updated: May 3 2009 17:21

The road that bridges the lagoon separating the mainland from a coastal strip housing the last stronghold of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger insurgents looks like a rubbish tip.

Clothes and aid packets lie everywhere, discarded by the more than 100,000 refugees who fled through here from rebel-held territory during fierce fighting two weeks ago.

“It’s two-three kilometres in this direction,” says Major General Jagath Dias, commander of the Sri Lankan army’s 57 Division, pointing to the new front line with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels across the lagoon in northern Sri Lanka.

Asked how long it will take to defeat the Tamil rebels trapped in an area of beach, jungle and swamp about six kilometres long, he says: “A couple of days. It would only be a couple of hours if the civilians were not there, confidently, I can tell you that.”

As Sri Lanka’s 25-year civil war reaches its endgame, so too the fierce propaganda war that has accompanied the conflict is reaching its crescendo.

Faced with defeat, the LTTE has been accused of forcibly herding the population of its former northern territories into the conflict zone.

The military estimates that since January about 185,000 people have escaped the area, leaving up to 20,000 civilians in the rebel held zone, according to the government, or at least 50,000, according to the United Nations.

Mr Prabhakaran has proven an expert tactician on both the military and diplomatic fronts since the war began in 1983.

In recent weeks, Sri Lanka has hosted a flurry of diplomatic visits from the UK, France and India, with most officials calling for a ceasefire to allow the civilians to escape.

While Colombo is quick to brush off the west’s appeals, the Sinhalese nationalist government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa is more responsive to India, the regional superpower.

With a national election under way, India’s ruling Congress party is worried that reports of mass casualties among civilians in Sri Lanka could cost it support in Tamil Nadu. This large southern state has close ethnic links with the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan officials say concern about Indian sensibilities led to an enigmatic statement from Colombo last Monday that government “combat operations have reached their conclusion”.

The government later clarified that it would continue fighting but without using air strikes, shelling or heavy machine guns, though it had been insisting for weeks that this was already the case.

The statement drew a sceptical response from aid workers. UN estimates leaked last month claim that 6,500 civilians have died in the latest phase of the conflict and another 14,000 have been wounded.

People familiar with conditions in the LTTE zone say about 100 civilians are being killed in the area every day and insist the shelling continues. Things have got “much worse” in the past 48 hours, said one person familiar with the matter yesterday.

The government rebuts such estimates, saying they are based on unreliable LTTE-influenced witness in the war zone. It also rejects UN satellite images leaked last week that purport to show shell marks that have appeared in the no-fire zone in recent days.

On a tightly controlled military organised press trip over the weekend, Major General Dias Brigadier and his colleague Shavendra Silva, commander of 58 Division, which is besieging the LTTE zone, said they had ceased shelling.

Brigadier Silva insisted that the LTTE was firing on its own territory in an attempt to generate a humanitarian crisis.

“We have seen the LTTE taking their hardware behind and firing on the same [civilian] areas to put the blame on the army,” the brigadier said.

“Now that you have been here, you could see what sort of action is happening here,” he told journalists.

Later, as the media was waiting to leave the front by helicopter, journalists could hear the occasional distant thump of an explosion. An ambulance raced up to the helipad carrying a wounded soldier on a stretcher who had just lost his foot on a landmine and whose face was invisible under bandages.

A soldier guarding the helipad said he had been fighting the LTTE for 19 years. For him, the war is not a propaganda game. “Most of my friends have been killed,” he said.

Remoba said...

i recently saw a Video of genocide of tamilians in srilanka really heart breaking

srivali said...

For all the unjustice done to sri lankan tamils, the country will never rest in peace.