Tuesday, February 17, 2009

40,000 people prepared to die in battle if no ceasefire called

Our reports from the Vanni indicate that tens of thousands of civilian defense force members have been mobilized to defend the Tamil people from the genocidal Sinhalese invasion currently underway. India is quickly looking for a way to diffuse the stand off, not having expected the Tamil civilians to take up arms against the Sri Lankan army. If there is a battle in which 40,000 Tamil civilians die defending their people, the indian government will be held responsible by the citizens of Tamil Nadu.

Though no one can know how this will play out, it looks as though it may come down to a terribly bloody battle in which tens of thousands may die on both sides. Though no teenagers have been conscripted for battle yet, reports indicate they have been given notice that they may be needed in the final battle to protect their people from genocide.

B. Nadesan released a statement to the U.N. today in which he said, "If this brutal war and the war psychosis are allowed to prevail upon the people, there could be a situation tragically forcing everyone in the society to respond in order to save themselves." This was directed towards the U.N. claim that the LTTE had been recruiting children to fight in the battles. It further indicates that children are likely to enter the final battles if no peaceful solution is found.

At present the Sri Lankan army's advance remains stalled on 6 fronts. There is slow progress by the 58th division on the western side, but the LTTE has not yet reached their planned defensive positions. We can expect them to continue pulling back on the western front till they reach their defensive points at the edge of PTK, at which time there will be a stiff resistance. At that point the Sri Lankan offensive will stall on all 8 fronts, and it will be a question of time to know what happens next.

The Sri Lankan government had planned to starve the LTTE out by cutting off food and medical supplies from entering their area. They called this off after realizing the LTTE had engaged fishermen to collect huge quantities of fish from the marshy lagoons near the coast, resulting in a renewable source of food. Seeing that the LTTE was not short on food, the government realized blocking humanitarian supplies from entering the area would only discredit them and not actually hurt the LTTE. As a result they have again allowed the ICRC to deliver food and medicine by boat to the coast of the LTTE controlled area.

Over the past two weeks political leaders in the LTTE have been trying to bring about a mutual ceasefire so that tens of thousands of innocent civilians do not have to die in battle. At the same time they are not prepared to accept a one sided ceasefire, where they must surrender unconditionally - even in exchange for amnesty. The LTTE is interested in peace, but not at the cost of losing the rights of their Tamil citizens. As such it is now a show down between the world powers. Are they willing to give the Tamil people a just peace, or will they force a final bloody battle in which tens of thousands will die on each side?


Bhairav said...

How soon we can effectively train and mobilize these 40,000+ people force? It is very tough call but do we have any choice? Once you way passed the realization of what is life and death, it is obvious option for all proud Tamils in Wanni to take arms against these SLA rapists and killers. Wanni Tamils, you are not alone, all tamils around the world will join hands with you sooner or later.

Anonymous said...


Besides the possible necessity of the civlians being forces to take up arms, is there not around 10,000-15,000 hardcore and/or seasoned LTTE cadres left?

Anonymous said...


Do you know who Jim Jones is? He was an American cult leader in the 70's who led the mass suicide of over 900 people. He thought he was doing the right thing, but history judged him and his followers to be a total wackos.

If what you are saying is true and this happens, then history will judge the Sun Goat Prabakaran and his followers in a similar way. It will only make the Sri Lankan Tamils look like crazy unbalanced extremists in the world's eyes.

Taraki Jr. said...

Oh really? And how do you think history will judge what has happened to Tamils the last 61 years and is still going on? I refer to all the atrocities committed against Tamils: raping of women, mass graves, abductions and disappearances, forced abortions, denial of food and medicines, deliberate bombings of civilian areas, the use of cluster bombs and chemical weapons, deliberate shelling of civilian areas and so-called safe zones, massive forced displacement, detention camps reminiscent of concentration camps, extra-judicial killings, cultural genocide (ie the 1981 burning of the Jaffna library), torture, destruction of property, suppression of our civil rights etc. All this will eventually see the light of day, and I among many others will make sure of it. And when it does, the grisly history of this ethnic conflict and the oppression of the Tamils will become a permanent stain on the history of the Singhala people, making them look like neo-Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tamil Diaspora are very proud the sacrifice this 40,000 will make for Eelam, which is no surely around the corner.
We will keep sending money. We know that most of the money was spent on weapons is NOT lying at the bottom of the sea, and is NOT in the hands of the SL army. Look - there are more fake photos - http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20090217_03.
We donkeys will keep sending money and watch silently as our brothers and sisters are sacrificed by Thalaivar to protect himself and his family.

Anonymous said...

"Wow! Tamil Diaspora are very proud the sacrifice this 40,000 will make for Eelam"

this is crock tears , the sinhala racists want the tamils to be sitting ducks and make easy kills , what is happening in wanni is pure genocide , as tamils are limited with defence the GoSL having upper hand using 'sovereign state' , IC accepting the sovereign of sinhalese but failing to understand the necessary of Tamils this gave the sinhala rules the upper hand to for the killing and blessing on genocide by the IC.Indian central government ( congress power controller Ms.Sonia ) played a big role in this crime this will get register in the history for Indians crime involvement against Tamils.

the people in the wanni better join hand with the defenders to defend kith and kin than being a sitting duck for sinhala air power and artillery fires.

Anonymous said...

Please understand this war is NOT against Thamil people. it is against the mother fucking terrorists, like you mr. Badrinath.

HOWEVER, the moment a civilian takes up arms, they're NO LONGER considered innocent bystanders (please refer to Geneva convention) - Technically, the Geneva convention doesn't even apply here becuase it is NOT a war between two counties. "Thamil PEELAM" is not an accepted country or recognized by ANYONE in the world or the UN as a country. Therefore, SL has the right to NOT follow the Geneva convention, though we should for decency's sake. It is a VERY WELL known fact that LTTE doesn't follow any of these convention since they're a rogue outfit and have NO HONOR oe DECENCY. They're a bunch of animals with weapons, again I'm talking about the LTTP not regular good ole' thamil folk.

LTTP 3 words. BRING IT ON!

But please tell regular civilians to NOT take arms. Should they do they do that, they will do so at their peril and SL govt can not be held responsible for this.

Anonymous said...

Okay here are some questions for all of the PUNDE LTTPers.

Why doesn't SL govt implement "pure genocide" in the south? The Govt should be able to eliminate thamils in the 100,000s in the rest of the country. Why is this not happening? There's not LTTP to protect them in Colombo?

Why the fuck would the SL govt March in to a pussy cat den to kiil those people when they have "easy kills" or "sitting ducks" in the other 65,510 (65,610-100) square KMs?

You're accusing us of genocide, I don't even think you know what the word means. Dumb fuck bags. GO to ENGLAND you cunts, we DON'T want you in our country!!!! We'll happily live in harmony with innocent thamil folks. TERRORISTS are NOT WELCOME!

You guys are RETARDED.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

This battle will prove that the entire Tamil population supports the LTTE, and that they do not have faith in the Sri Lankan military. When civilians and even children take up arms and lay down their lives to protect themselves from the Sinhalese military, the world will finally admit they are freedom fighters, not terrorists.

The sinhalese, just like the poster above, will make all sorts of justifications why it is alright to invade someone else's land and kill them, but the world will always remember Sri Lanka as a terrorist sinhalese government. It will go down in history with Rwanda and Darfur.

When Jaffna was taken over by the Sri Lankan army they immediately killed hundreds of youth, including many children, and burried their bodies in hidden places. Now the U.N. wants the Tamils to surrender their children to these same murderers. Better the children die fighting the genocidal sinhalese, rather than surrender and be murdered by them. Should they be tortured and have their necks cut with a knife, like many in Jaffna? Or should they stand like men with guns in their hand giving their lives to protect their people?

The U.N. criticizes the Tamils for calling on children to fight, but their solution, to let them be murdered by the Sinhalese, is a thousand times worse.

Anonymous said...


Everything you say about what the Tamils have suffered over the last 60 years is true.

However, the fact remains that the world powers - USA, Britain, Canada, India, China, Russia etc - have designated the LTTE to be a terrorist organization. Not freedom fighters, but TERRORISTS. That is why they are so silent about what the civilians in the Vanni are suffering. And because the world sees the LTTE as a bunch of terrorists, whatever stunt the LTTE pulls will be seen as terrorism. Terrorism performed by a bunch of terrorists who are fighting for their very survival.

Like it or not, that is the way the world sees it and the world wants the LTTE to be finished off.

Anonymous said...

For those who think Tamils are stupid for calling atrocities committed against them genocide, please read this editorial:


Genocide doesn't need to be complete to be called "Genocide." Just the attempt itself makes it genocide. Just look at the history of the conflict before you call our people stupid.

Great comment by the way, Badrinath.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To the anonymous poster who wrote:

"Please understand this war is NOT against Thamil people. it is against the mother fucking terrorists, like you mr. Badrinath."

It is unfortunate that you, along with most Sinhalese, view anyone who disagrees with your government as a terrorist. Most Sinhalese feel any reporter who writes anything that criticizes the government is a terrorist who should be killed. As I have stated before, I have no connection with any organization such as the LTTE. I simply report information I receive from highly placed sources inside both the Sri Lankan military and various Tamil groups. You have all been taught by your president to hate anyone who disagrees with you, and to label them as a terrorist, etc. Fortunately the rest of the world allows freedom of speech and expression, so that reporters can write their feelings and beliefs without fear of retribution.

I do believe that the Sri Lankan government is a terrorist government that has murdered tens of thousands of innocent Tamil civilians over the last 50 years. I am also in favor of a peaceful settlement to this problem. But having seen the long history behind this conflict my honest opinion is armed struggle is necessary and justified by the Tamil people, as years of peaceful protest brought them nothing. It is the Sinhalese who bear the blame for bringing this war to Sri Lanka. If they had treated the Tamils as equal human beings, there would never have been an armed resistance movement.

Anonymous said...

"IC accepting the sovereign of sinhalese but failing to understand the necessary of Tamils"

EXACTLY. The IC does not understand the 'necessary of Tamils' to sacrifice any number of people for the sake of a mythical homeland cooked up by terrorists and fiction writers.
They do NOT understand that Tamils living in peace with others is NOT the 'necessary of Tamils'.
They do NOT understand that Tamils need their own mono-ethnic state from which Muslims and Sinhalas and anyone else who disagrees with LTTE leadership has been cleansed.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

The United States created Saddam Hussein to fight Iran, and then one day destroyed him. The United States created the Taliban to fight the soviets in Afghanistan, and then one day destroyed them. The United States created Noriega, and then one day destroyed him. Today the United States has created Rajapaksa, but you shouldn't be so happy because one day they may decide to destroy him as well.

The international community operates only for their own profit. The moment they see a bigger profit on the other side they will flip.

Taraki Jr. said...

To the annonymous person who responded to my comment. Many countries may have labeled the LTTE a terrorist group, but this label is just a political tool. Just because a group is labeled a terrorist group does not make it so. One must look at the groups origins, grievances, and ultimate political goals first to judge whether a group is a terrorist group or actually an outfit that seeks to liberate a people that uses terrorism as tactic in response to state terrorism. Do you think Mandela and the ANC were terrorists? They were labeled so by the United States until last year when they were removed. They themselves have called the conflict a "liberation war", have said the conflict has reached genocidal proportions, and that the only solution is a political solution.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Badri....is this story of 40,000 going to take arms your story, or someone elses (like that 5381 SLA killed story)... You need to assure us, cos if and when the mass exodus of people begins, or the SLA takes up the whole of the remaining 200(approx) Sq. Kms, and don't come across any of this 40,000 (apart from some drugged child suicide bombers) you may claim "Hey that 40,000 story was NOT mine, I don't know who wrote it...blah blah blah...)

So please give an assurance that you will not run away from this story (like the LTTP ran away from Mavil Aaru)

Bhairav said...

The LTTE Insider aka SLA mole( oddu kulu), go fuk yourself, moron! You and your fuken blog!

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Sorry "insider", you can't claim to represent the LTTE. Go back to your Sinhala bosses and tell them it won't work.

Anonymous said...

@ Badrinath:

There are TONS & TONS people who disagrees with the SL govt. Also, there are TONS & TONS of people do NOT take arms and aim those weapons at the SL govt, now that's the difference between terrorists and people we disagree with. You think the SL govt agrees with Devananda on every single issue? Do you think the Govt agrees with Anandasagaree on EVERY single isseue? Do you think the govt agrees with Pillyan on every single issue?

We can get in a discussion with them and come to solutions becuase they're not animals like the LTTE terrorists.

LTTE takes up weapons, eliminates ANYONE who even slightly disagrees with them irrespective of whether take weapons against LTTE or not. If that is NOT a dictatorship, I don't know what is!!! I'd be happy to list the names of Thmail leaders LTTE assassinated needlessly. How can LTTE claim to be the SOLE representatives?!? LTTE doesn't even treat EASTEN thamils with respect. Northern LTTE thinks they're better than other thamils. That's blatant RACISM!!!

How can LTTE be the sole representatives when there is so much diversity among thamil people. There are so many different view points. All of these different groups of thamil people should be part of the discussion for peace, NOT JUST the LTTE.

Anonymous said...

"as my "Sinhalese bosses" will finish your LTTE saviors as whole."
the army has created many oddu-kulukkal , you one of them but no one interested in your site , please stick with your site and enjoy , when ever time permit visit this ( 24/7 ).

for last 30 years LTTE survived through TAMIL PEOPLE AND IT WILL , AS LONG AS THE PROBLEM GOES UNSOLVED, the sinhala terrorism gave birth to LTTE.LTTE has more than enough resources to plan and execute the grand projects , if the war exit for another one more month - means destructions to sinhalese not far.

there are some global changes taht are taking place not a good news for sinhala terrorist state.
we should thank you and your boss for the contribution for the UNITY OF TAMIL DIASPORA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just becuase someone (53 countries in the world) LABELS LTTE as terrorists, THEY ARE in fact, positively terrorists. They're not freedom fighters. LTTE is a bunch of thugs, murderers & rapists. They're animals with out any manners or a culture to speak of, unlike regular thamil people who have a long history and a rich culture.

53 countries in the world are not crazy. Obviously they see something in LTTE that makes them react to the LTTE in the way they do. Obviously, they DON'T think suicide bombs, recruiting children, killing innocent civilians in the 10s of thousand, killing defenseless monks & other religious leaders, killing their own thamil leaders amounts FREEDOM fighting!!!

Notice, they haven't listed EPDP or other mainstream thamil organizations as TERRORISTS. Just the LTTE & organizations associated with that. They must see something, that they don't like. You need to lay down arms & become part of the peace process & those bans will disappear before you could say BOO.

Also there's nothing called half assed genocide. It's either Genocide or NO genocide. Like I said, most of you terrorists bastards do not understand the meaning of the "genocide".

Anonymous said...

WOW! 10,000's of thousands of civilian in the Tanil defence force join the estimated 55,000 fighters (to quote an earlier post in this blog) ltte fighters already in the field.

When does the invasion of Columbo begin?

Perhaps the SLA should fall back, 20 km, contact the Pakistani's for one of their special weapons, and try a Truman solution in the Wanni?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..
"You think the SL govt agrees with Devananda on every single issue? Do you think the Govt agrees with Anandasagaree on EVERY single isseue? Do you think the govt agrees with Pillyan on every single issue?"
these are the ottu kulukkal rejected by tamil people , TNA contains 21 MPs but you ignore them and talk about government pet dogs , these dogs survive from the existence of LTTE.

"We can get in a discussion with them and come to solutions becuase they're not animals like the LTTE terrorists."
they are ottu-kulukkal , you can talk to them with some numbers ( i mean dollars or rupees ) can make them to an agreement - they are for making money and say yes to their masters , they are salves.

the TNA was elected by tamil people but how come the one man Dogless or Pillaiyaan become more important to GoSL ? all because they work against the interest of tamils.

Anonymous said...


These 3 articles are about your claim that the 59 division was wiped out in the huge LTTE counterattack in Puthukudirippu. They seem to disprove what you reported. Any comments?


Anonymous said...

"Today the United States has created Rajapaksa, but you shouldn't be so happy because one day they may decide to destroy him as well."

Well said. I can see the person who wrote this is smart enough to see the long-term reality, unlike the modayas.

Hey buddy, do you think "India created the LTTE as a tool, and it will one day destroy it as well" sounds good too? Isn't that a bit ironic?
I mean after all everybody knows this. Whereas not many people know your secrets of how the United Stats 'created' Rajapakse. Everybody else (modayas) think he is rubbing the US the wrong way by getting closer to Iran. Another prime example of a Diaspora donkey.

Anonymous said...

Badrinath you said..
"If they had treated the Tamils as equal human beings, there would never have been an armed resistance movement"
If that's the case then why did LTTE massacre the poor Muslims in Jaffna, Kathankudi etc ? LTTE clearly had and always practiced a mono-ethnic racist policy from its inception similar to Hitler, Milosovich and the likes. Sinhala govt's past and present have and had elements who were no better and were definitely guilty of pretty nasty crimes but as a whole the majority of Sinhalese have always been kind to the minorities and still do so. Hence we have many Tamils and Muslims living in areas you deem Sinhala land without any issues even at testing times. Some of these tamils have even achieved greatness with their talent (e.g. Cricketer Muththaiah Muralitharan, Deputy Mayor of Colombo Mr. S. Rajendra). LTTE was the major cause for some of the great tamils to be cut short of their lives such as former Foreign Minister Lashman Kadirgamar , Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle (both were sure to become PM if they had not been killed by the LTTE), Brilliant lawyer Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam just to name a very few .. here is a list, see for yourself;
So in my opinion I am pretty sure Sinhalese are proven to be a companionate race and have always shared the country with other communities and not just by word but by constitution. Compare Sri Lanka to Malaysia or Singapore who always have preference to one race over the other by constitution. Of course things could be better and for that you had the chance to stop and get into a democracy when you were at the height of your power. LTTE never had peace or common good in mind. Now LTTE is at its lowest, LTTE should not survive for they are proven to be much ruthless and definitely a racist group who have never seen any other as equal to them and no concept of sharing being mono-ethnic and dictatorial. LTTE not only ruined the country for the rest of the communities (specially all the minorities) but also for all poor Tamils who at least had chance.
The most who have gained from this 30 odd year war is the Tamils who have gone out of Sri Lanka. (I have lived in SL, UK, USA, Australia and say this with no apprehension as I have seen this. They have got citizenships and the children have achieved great heights riding on the back of the war. You maybe one of them. If not for the war you would’ve been just another guy loitering the streets like the youth we come across in Sri Lanka (Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslims alike). So at this stage the least you can do is to stop this sad nonsense and try and get the LTTE to give up their arms. Spend your money, energy and resources (which you and your parents achieved solely by the lives that were sacrificed by the misguided poor Tamil carders) on building a future for the rest of the Sri Lankans (regardless of race) and SHOW HOW YOU WILL TREAT EVEY HUMAN AS AN EQUAL. Best of luck and may GOD be with us all to guide us in the correct path.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how so many 'intelligent tamils' still don't realize the India doesn't give a hoot about mythical Tamil homelands. They trained some Tamil youths because they had a gripe with the JR government. India is responsible for initiating it. But the diaspora donkeys are responsible for taking it to the next level and sacrificing thousands of their brothers and sisters for this lost cause.
And what have you achieved? Tamils are worse off than ever, and now a smaller minority than muslims. Still the donkeys don't face the reality.

Anonymous said...

@ Badrinath:

TNA got elected becuase the LTTE didn't people vote the way they wanted. They didn't let other parties campaign or have offices open. WHY becuase the LTTE disagrees with them & think they're traitors. Obviously, when the only ran is TNA obviously, the only party(ites) that won is TNA!!!! It is as simple as that. What happened to the TNA in a free & fair election???? They got trounced!!!

Anonymous said...

Great reporting as usual..but i think u should avoid giving out the battle plans which helps the army...

Anonymous said...

so another 40000 is nothing LMAO

Anonymous said...

I like the Tamilnet headline today - 'We are deeply sad, puzzled'.
HELLOO DONKEYS! Nobody is falling for your sob story anymore. You have been exposed for holding innocent civilians as human shields. Everybody knows that if you release the civilians your 'cadres' will be annihilated in a day. So pleeeeze, stop embarrassing yourselves. I liked you donkeys better when you cooked up stories of military victory to encourage other donkeys to give more money.

Anonymous said...

WOW I mean wow... what a great job exposing LTTE atrocities against, Sinhalese, Thamil, Muslim and their own Thamil leaders, world leaders etc.

GREAT JOB! Now do you see what the world sees? Now do you see why you're listed as terrorists in 53 countries????

Look the list of destruction you've caused peoples' lives you've destroyed. Look at the pain LTTE has caused. Look how much of a CANCER LTTE has been not just to Sri Lanka but the entire world.

LTTE and its' supporters belong in the gallows. Let innocent thamil, sinhalese, muslim, burgher & other people live in Harmony. Let SL become a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

TERRORISTS, get the FUCK out of our country. Go to India, go to England, WE DO NOT care what happens to LTTE terrorists. No one's forcing you to live in SL. If you don't like living in SL go to HELL assholes.

Anonymous said...

hey badrinath, good story about 40k civillians taking arms. They are just forced as human sheilds you donkeys !!!!.

All the diASSpora donkeys are braying and making merry, while poor tamil civilillians are dying. While the Sun goats son and daughter are studying abroad, poor vanni children are sent to battle field.

The diASSpora donkey are living a safe and comfortable life in Canada, UK, Aus and sending their kids to good schools. But they keep sending money so that they can send the poor kids in vanni to their graves.

You retarted donkeys will go straight to hell for sending this innocent children to their death. No wonder they have not achieved anything after 30 years.

All you diASSpora donkeys have blood on their hands!!!
No mercy for you when judgement day comes. Straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ...
The LTTE has carried out around 1/3 of all suicide attacks in the world (The list below contains some of the TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST Suicide Attacks)

Since its first suicide attack in 1987, the LTTE has successfully used the art of suicide bombing to achieve the elimination of political leaders,including moderate Tamil leaders who were part of the democratic political mainstream.

why are you flooding the blog ? are distracting the viewers ? you are going back to the beginning with LTTE faults but not mention any government terrorism , you have not explained why the pre post 1983 killing including 1983 , almost above 100,000 tamil civilians got killed but you are just pointing few selected ,individual and above all a government assassinating minority parliament members including Kumar Ponambalam - you have conveniently ignored - you speak for the masters and their paid propaganda .

MP Joseph,
MP Raviraaj
MP Mahesvaran

plus 100,000 innocent tamils were killed by GoSL, today they have accelerated to 100s per day - a full scale genocide hidden from IC.

without LTTE there will be zero tamils in the island( except Sangaree, Karuna and Dogclass ).

Bhairav said...

The time has arrived for MR,GR and SF to become 100 pieces. You Sinhala coolies earmark my word today that these three war criminals would be killed within this year.

Anonymous said...

"The time has arrived for MR,GR and SF to become 100 pieces. You Sinhala coolies earmark my word today that these three war criminals would be killed within this year."

A wailing tantrum posted by a defeated and desperate fool ... I feel sorry for you Bhairav!

Anonymous said...

//why are you flooding the blog ? are distracting the viewers ? you are going back to the beginning with LTTE faults but not mention any government terrorism , you have not explained why the pre post 1983 killing including 1983 , almost above 100,000 tamil civilians got killed but you are just pointing few selected//

...and may I know why you are still harping about Black July alone.The LTTE wants us Indian's to forget 21-05-1991 which they claim was an unfortunate incident that happened long back.Why dont you people leave out 1983 which is now almost 26 years back.

Anonymous said...

Pulli Girl .... remember one thing bugger....

All us Sri Lankans are winning the war against separatists tamil terrorists....

One more thing.....According to reliable sources from LTTE.... over 800 LTTE terroists were killed and 150 of them had been children apparently who the LTTE had used as suicide bombers and to make the SLA soldier avoid shooting.... apparently Thalavir has taken hostage of the girls and boys and are RAPING the ones whose families have fled to the Gvt controlled areas and have tied remote control bombs around them.... when the Army had seen the children they had stopped firing and had taken cover....

Than one brave soldier had ordered his collegues who were wounded to save the children and that he will go fwd to give them cover.... then the rest of the soldiers had tried stopping him but the solder who was the only unwounded solder with a tamil wife had gone with Claymores....

His last words;

Kollane..... umbala hitpang othana..... mang cover eke dunnama ape kollanawa arang line eke pitippassata yanna......Keri wessige kotingta puke erala ennang mang.... api singhala kollo....

Boys.... Stay there.... I am going to give you cover..... take our boys then and go behind our line..... I am gonna F*** them Tiger P***ies from behind and come.... We are proud Singhala Boys....

This is stright from the wounded soldiers who had been with him....

Also guys apparently the tiger bodied had been found with Shit on their faces... they have apparently shat on themselves when they saw the brave solder approaching from no where....

Its not suicide boys.... its bravery..... and it was on the FDL and not at some terroists gay function....

Anonymous said...

Bloody animals, sending in children to fight to save the hide of a barbarian.
I bet the barbarian VP is scared to die. He knows he if there is a next life, he is going to pay for all the misery and death he has brought upon innocent people.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I'm only a moda-sinhlaya so please explain...I thought all of the SLA battle formations have been either destroyed or effectively put out of action? That's a total of 50K men + material.

So why would 40 000 tamils have to die fighting? who are they fighting if the enemy has been vanquished? why is Nadesham pappa crying for ceasefires if they SLA has been wiped out?

ahhh I just don't understand...I wish I was a highly intellectual tamil who is currently stuck in the vanni with only the deep blue see to jump into :) hahahahhaah

Anonymous said...

good u finally admitted that u are "moda-sinhlaya"...no wonder u cant understand the situation..so..dont strain ur silly brain..forget abt it..

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

We remind all members to never accidentally state you are connected with the LTTE, and never accidentally use words like "we" when referring to acts of the LTTE, as the FBI, CIA and other government agencies are monitoring this blog and do not like such statements. Also never call for someone to be blown to bits. You may say "you think" such and such will happen, but never say it should happen.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To the person who wrote:

"So in my opinion I am pretty sure Sinhalese are proven to be a compasionate race and have always shared the country with other communities and not just by word but by constitution."

I am not sure which constitution you have read. The real Sri Lankan constitution is completely racist and discriminatory. Even the leaders of the country and armed forces have said repeatedly that "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese". They never say it belongs to all people, or that it belongs to the Sinhalese and Tamils. They are very clear that Sri Lanka belongs only to the Sinhalese and the Tamils may stay around as guests.

So the facts are quite opposite to what you present. All of the legislation in Sri Lanka in the past was for limiting the rights of Tamils. For example banning the import of ALL Tamil literature... is that compassionate and equal treatment? Banning Tamil movies, news and television. Removing voting rights to half of the Tamils. Making Buddhism the only state religion. Making Sinhalese the only state language. Everything points to discrimination.

NAYAK said...

Your coment, 'Rajapaksha will destroy by Americans'
do'nt worry,We have 10s of Rajapakshas and we could replace one his post.
How many Velupudai Pukakaran s you have?


MIA s Fan said...

M.I.A(mathangi arulpragasm) "GENOCIDED"
out of grammy award,

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH. Basil Rajafuxya exposed. White Vans at IDP centres. Finally the truth is out;

Joel W said...

Interesting blog.. just came across it by accident.
Kind of disgusting how you people living overseas are standing by and watching people getting killed for some failed ideology.
What do you get out of it?

Anonymous said...

Srilanka belongs to Srilankans
Not for Tamils racist separatist Ltte

Anonymous said...


Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Hi anonymous,

Please tell General Fonseka that Sri Lankan also belongs to the Tamils, because he has openly said in TV interviews that it only belongs to Sinhalese.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Hi Joel,

You refer to the Tamil's struggle for equality and freedom to be a failed ideology. The struggle for freedom is never a failure, even if you die for that struggle.

I don't think you will even understand what its like to be a Tamil in Sri Lanka. It's not your fault that you can't understand it, but without having lived it you could never understand it.

Thousands of young Tamils disappear each year and are murdered, never to be found. If a Tamil visits any city in the South of the country they will be arrested at one of the thousands of military checkpoints just because they used to live in the North (rebel held area). Once arrested they will be tortured, and if the police suspect he looks like a terrorist, they kill him and no one knows what happened to him.

I will prefer chasing a failed ideology over that any day.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankans are one of the most literate in the world. I don’t think it will be easy to make comments like 'which constitution' and get away with it. Read the damn thing and show me where it states "Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese" or “Tamils may stay around as Guests“? Quote exactly where ? Who cares what one puny leader or a member of the armed forces say? If you are a citizen then you have every right like any other citizen. I’m sure you know the concept by now if you’re living in a developed country. You do come across racist skin heads in those countries too who utter things like such as if they are the kings. There is no place for such things in the modern world and definitely not in main stream Sri Lanka. Honestly, have you even been to Sri Lanka? Go to any government institution and you will see every form/document/board has Tamil and English translation as far as I know its law that it is displayed in all three languages. No one has complained about that. Ask your dad's passport from pre 1983 (unless he flushed it down the toilet in the plane for seeking asylum). Tamil is and has been a state language as far as I remember. All major govt schools have tamil medium of education. All classes are taught simultaneously and exams in schools are conducted simultaneously in Tamil. Imagine how much money it will be costing to run a parallel system in a different language? And all this is free! This has been so in Sri Lanka as far as I remember. Dude I have gone to watch many tamil movies with mates (of Rajani, Kamal, Kushbu, Sri Devi) at Concord Dehiwala, Sigiri Katugastota and Oden Kandy to name a few cinemas as and when they are released in Tamil nadu. There are dedicated Radio and TV stations in Tamil and even the state run SLBC had it’s own Tamil service catering to the Tamil speaking people. Not to mention the large number of private media organizations that broadcast in Tamil. State run TV, Rupawahini has always had Tamil tele dramas and movies and daily news bulletins in Tamil. Most Sinhalese are ardent followers of many of these Tamil tele dramas. There is no such ban on Tamil literature. Thinakaran, Veerakeshari and many other daily Tamil news papers are abundant. State libraries have Tamil sections. I see no such restrictions what so ever. Please don’t make false statements when you don’t know the facts.

I agree and so do a lot of Sinhala people including the current leaders that Tamils in 1983 went through hell during the riots and I think that was a huge mistake. The fools who ran the country at that time were c*&ts. They were the scum who helped make this mess. However this does not mean all Tamils and the rest of the population have to suffer for the rest of their lives. Think about it! Those bastards are dead and gone. At least the generation now should learn from their mistakes and make the place liveable. What ever the faults with the current leaders in Colombo, they are willing to bring about a political solution (They have said this publicly) and majority of the population are welcoming this. The whole problem is with how the powers can be shared amongst the different communities not one that you describe which if it is so would be a very hard task.

The best you and I can do is make sure they stick to their word regarding the political solution so the majority Tamil/Muslim areas can govern them selves to a certain extent. But if you want to be a law-maker to change the country’s laws then I am sure intelligent Tamils like Lashman Kadirgamar, Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam etc could have done this peacefully but thoroughly through the parliamentary system. You the LTTE didn’t want that to happen for reasons we all know why.

You, Badrinath is either waiting for your asylum application in your new country to finalize (for which you need this war to continue) or a fool who just got brain washed and has lost the ability to think if you continue to write this drivel or are you one of those goons who terrorize innocent Tamils who have fled the country and make a profit out if it? Yes, I mean the Tamil mafia who operate freely in London and other major developed cities. Obviously your high life will be lost if the war ends huh ?

Sri Lankan government has been spending billions in this war every year. To counter that I am sure you are too. Ever wonder what you can achieve if you use all that to build futures for the masses as one country as equals (as you are wishing)? Instead both parties are killing our youth and giving the money to scum bag arms developers in the west. Have you seen some of the pictures of the weaponry the kids are carrying? They look extraordinarily sophisticated. Why don’t they deserve to sit in front of a computer like you or I and learn the amazing fun of blogging?

I am happy that the international community has finally woken up and realized what is going on. Thank god for that. Those fools have a lot to answer for letting you run a mock in their cities.

Your days seem to be numbed. I am sure the prayers of all the innocent Sri Lankans specially the Tamils have been answered .. finally.

Thoughtful Guy said...


1)"You refer to the Tamil's struggle for equality and freedom to be a failed ideology. The struggle for freedom is never a failure, even if you die for that struggle."
...OK OK.... it was some geenral who said "u win a war not by dying for your country, but letting the other bastard die for his"..so I m sure u guys have not heard of it?

2)"I don't think you will even understand what its like to be a Tamil in Sri Lanka. It's not your fault that you can't understand it, but without having lived it you could never understand it."
..... well the fact of the matter is...most LTTE supporters are either people who lived in Sri Lanka in the 1980s or who lived in the LTTE areas... so either their knowledge is too old and irrelevant or they have no experience of the real thing(aka- brainwashed by the LTTE)

3)"Thousands of young Tamils disappear each year and are murdered, never to be found. If a Tamil visits any city in the South of the country they will be arrested at one of the thousands of military checkpoints just because they used to live in the North (rebel held area). Once arrested they will be tortured, and if the police suspect he looks like a terrorist, they kill him and no one knows what happened to him."
..... seriously dude..u are contradicting ur self... its the "rebels" with their tactics of suicide bombings(sending pregnant women and children as human bombs) and assassinations that has made the check points necessary...so its the LTTE who are actually the cause of the check points, and white vans....

Anonymous said...

@ Badrinath

You claim you're not associated with the LTTE or anyone for that matter. How stupid do you think we are dumb ass?? You have a LTTE flag slapped across your website up top. The very same that used to flutter in the wanni. If that wasn't bad it enough, the name of the blog is "Puligal today" !!! And your heors are called Liberation TIGERS of thamil Eelam" - Maybe you should re-name it "Pundi Kutti today"?

Do you want more? Every position you've taken, every article you've posted is in support of TERRORISM in Sri Lanka. You're advocating acts of violence against people of Sri Lanka. Not only that you're reminding your sympathizers and LTTE members, not to admit to anything or threaten people becuase the FBI, CIA is watching!!

I REALLY hope they're watching & reading this blog to know what is going on. You SHOULD be arrested and prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. Maybe you can spend some time with your friends (probably close friends) who were sentenced to jail in NY last year) - Then you can fuck each other instead of some huge random guy named "tiny" making love to you all night long...lol

At least have a backbone, be a REAL man and admit who you are motherfucker.

You're a LTTEr and there's no from that. You know know it. I know it and the FBI / CIA know it too! - who knows, maybe they'll in front of your one of these with a arrest warrant!!

Anonymous said...

the sinhalese killing innocent tamils in srilanka and hiding the crimes by blocking all the news to IC - the crime against humanity should come to an end.

all the war criminals like Rajapase , Fonseka should be brought to internationals criminal court.they are killing innocent people , babies , what type animals are the sinhalese?

still here some sinhalese and the army agents are supporting the crime waht a shame.

killing people is crime - do not kill people because you a sovereign state - this is a crime.

Fun said...


What you said is correct. 59 is out. See the defencewire report.

The 59, which has only 3 committed Brigades, was immediately reinforced by the 57, which had 2 Brigades in the reserve. Additionally, the 57 Division Commander Maj. Gen. Jagath Chula Dias, perhaps the most respected Commander alongside Prasanna Silva, took over the reigns. The 53 Division was also brought in, which was placed in reserve since the recapture of Elephant Pass.

Anonymous said...

Sinhalayas bomed the POW building. Poor POW village idiots attained Nibbana in sorry lankan airforce bombing. That is good. Because, now no time for LTTE to maintain this POW animals.

Anonymous said...

From the amount of "smoke" being emitted by the various ltte and Tamil web sites, it must appear to the casual observer that there must be some apparent truth to the reported genocide occuring in the Wanni.

So the question one must ask is why would the IC not react to these "facts".

The facts are that the IC knows what is occuring in the Wanni. All of the western countries, Russia, China, Japan, India, and others, have satellites flying overhead in low orbits. These satellites are too valuable to simply turn them off when they happen to be passing over Sri Lanka. India and others want to know what is happening there without the rhetoric on blogs.

So ask yourself again, why has the IC not seen fit to stop the events in Sri Lanka?

It is simple, the truth and "information" on Tamil web sites have little to do with one another.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To the anonymous poster above who asks why the international community does not react to acts of genocide, the answer is the same reason they didn't react in Rwanda, Yugoslavia and Darfur. The international community doesn't care about people suffering. After everyone dies, they hold a big remembrance for the dead and say it will never happen again, that's about it.

Groups like the LTTE never depended on the international community in the past because they knew the IC was not honest. The IC's only motivation is money and oil. The Tamil people have neither, so no one will come to their help.

Thoughtful Guy said...

Badrinath........ few days back you said that 5381 Army are dead,and that the LTTE is going to Oddusudan and then mankulam.... about 2 days back you reported with great detail how the 59th is wiped out and how soon the task forces will too be wiped out...but all of a sudden you are talking about 40,000 civilians who are going to commit suicide with Praba...so if the LTTE is doing so well (a casual estimate of your figures will put the total SLA KIA at close to 15381 -ie 5381+10,000(approx) ), why is Praba trying to commit suicide?

Anonymous said...

wow, fantastic,
then it'll be easy to win the war,...

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful Guy...there is no such report of 5381 Army here.. where is it? maybe u saw it somewhere else?

thekillromeoproject said...


The hate of some elements of the diaspora is quite sad to see...

Anonymous said...

Hik...Hik ..Fairytales..You can write all these fairytales living in western countries. But innocent tamils are fed up with this bullshit.

thekillromeoproject said...

@ Badrinath

"Groups like the LTTE never depended on the international community in the past because they knew the IC was not honest. The IC's only motivation is money and oil. The Tamil people have neither, so no one will come to their help"

So why are you guys even bothering to get their attention with these pathetic sites?

Anonymous said...

Tamils came to SL as slaves to the north east and the central districs during the colonial eara. the british gave them school and privilages, because the singhalees were proud people of the country would not bow down to anyone. when they left 60% of th gov jobs were given to these people. that time it was 10% of the population, mia claims it is 20, big lie, it's actually 5% cause other 5% has left the country, moved to south. so what political setlment, get rid of all who suport LTTP, don't let these loosers come back, deport everyone who suported these scum, lowest human kind asking for a seprate state from SL why not ask for one from Canada and England as well, loosers.