Friday, February 13, 2009

Sri Lankan army pretends to capture LTTE artillery

Pictures of the LTTE scrap yard which was reported as the army capturing all of the LTTE's heavy weapons.

Today an article appeared in the Island newspaper titled "Fleeing LTTE abandons more heavy artillery in final showdown". In this article they made tall claims that the Sri Lankan government had captured most of the LTTE artillery weapons. Just to bring some facts to this fairy tale, I would like to inform everyone that not a single LTTE artillery piece was captured.

The Sri Lankan army came across an LTTE factory site that made and repaired artillery pieces. At the factory site there were piles of old and broken artillery pieces. It is completely natural for a factory manufacturing artillery weapons to have a scrap pile of waste material and broken artillery tubes.

Note the exact claims the government makes, that they captured 120 mm artillery "tubes". What is an artillery tube? Its an iron pipe, that's all. The government has found a scrap pile with some iron tubes that were going to be used in the manufacture of artillery weapons, or that were left over scraps from broken weapons.

This is another case of the Sri Lankan government making huge claims when they actually recover nothing at all. Some other notable examples were the recovery of "125 sea tiger boats" at Chundilukam. Even though they had a camera, the army was only able to take a photo of one old broken fishing boat. Why wouldn't they take photos of all of the 125 sea tiger boats they captured? The fact is, as of now they still have not found any of the Sea Tiger's Dvora crafts, nor the LTTE airplanes, nor their artillery pieces, nor their battle tanks or armored personnel carriers. In other words they still haven't recovered anything of substance despite reducing the LTTE to 100 square kilometers of space.

Another example of a tall claim by the government was that they had recovered 300 barrels of diesel fuel, totaling around 70,000 liters of diesel. Again, despite having a camera, they only took photos of 5 barrels which could have been empty as far as anyone knows. If they really found 300 barrels of deisel, wouldn't they take a picture of all the 300 barrels?

Last week they claimed to have found a 40 foot x 20 foot container filled with amunition, but they never took a single photo of it. Such a container full of weaponry would contain millions of rounds of ammunition, making it the largest military find ever, but they never took a single photo as proof. Oddly, their claim comes just a few days after the LTTE announced capturing over 1 million rounds of ammunition from the Sri Lankan government at PTK. Coincidence?

Why do they keep making claims of finding huge stocks of items, but then take photos of just one or two things? The reason is obvious, they are exaggerating their successes to fool the Sinhalese public in Colombo. With over 20,000 Sri Lankan soldiers killed in combat in the last 1 year, they need to cover their loses with all the smoke and celebrations they can. One day the real numbers of Sri Lankan soldiers killed in this battle will be revealed to the Sinhalese public, and at that time Rajapaksa will go down in history as the worst president Sri Lanka has ever seen.

One of the "prize" catches of the Sri Lankan army, a broken car with no tires and no engine. Claimed to be Prabhakaran's "personal" car, yet they didn't explain how he could drive it without an engine.

Supposedly 300 barrels full of diesel were recovered, but the other 299 barrels didn't fit in the photo. Each of these barrels is supposed to have 220 liters of diesel, but the Sri Lankan soldiers are so strong they can lift them single handedly.

An LTTE plane was recovered in full working order... but later it turned out to be a Sri Lankan plane shot down by the LTTE years ago.

At Chundikulam the Sri Lankan army claimed to have found 125 sea tiger boats, but this is the only photo they took. Where is the proof for the 125 boats they claimed to have found? That boat doesn't even have a motor.

On January 29th the Sri Lankan military announced they had seized one of the LTTE's 152mm artillery cannons., the official website of the Sri Lankan military, published the above photo along with the article, claiming this is what they had seized. Wow, that must have been an impressive find! But the REAL photo of what they found is below:

So why did the government publish a completely different photo showing a fully functioning LTTE artillery piece, when all they found was an old rusted iron tube?


ReJLoRd said...

Machaan, you nailed every damn thing I was telling my friends about gosl propaganda. I mean its becoming pathetic in the means of fooling the singalese public. I remember seeing the photos of them handling a PAINTBALL GUN and calling a thermo-baric weapon as in your article. I broke into fits of laughter. Seriously speaking, the gosl is such a scum that if they DID find anything they would plaster the pictures all over colombo and release it to every damn news agency they can think of.

Once again, it is pretty clear and evident that the gosl propaganda machine is working full time on covering the truth from the mass singalese population. Why not show pictures of the Tamils the burnt in vavuniya? All these atrocities will be answered to soon.

Upul said...

EFT appeal to release civilians

Wanni civilians are confined to an area of roughly 120sq kms in former Tamil Eelam. The civilians are unable to flee to safer GoSL administered areas due to the intensifying battles between the SLA and remnants of the LTTE. The SLA demarcated a safe zone for civilians but as reported by the ICRC, this area has come under heavy indirect fire from unknown sources. The ultimate sufferers in the present phase are the civilians. EFT would like highlight the plight of the civilians below.

1. Suicide bombings and intimidating tactics.

Two noteworthy incidents to restrict civilian movements have taken place in the past five days. The first was an alleged suicide bombing of an IDP centre, and the second was intimidating fire on fleeing civilians by Tamil Eelam Police. Both these incidents resulted in casualties and were aimed at detaining civilians in the fast shrinking Tamil Nation. Civilians numbers fleeing to GoSL areas have reduced to a trickle after these two incidents, earlier in the week civilians were said to be arriving in GoSL areas in their thousands.

2. Civilians caught in cross fire

Wanni civilians are unsure of what direction to take as they are afraid of getting caught in the cross fire. The firefights between SLA and remaining LTTE cadres have increasingly turned into hand to hand combat. For example, civilians are nervous about fleeing in the direction of the 591 Brigade in Mullivaikkal as the 591 brigade is unable to secure a path for them due to fierce resistance put up by the depleted Tiger ranks in this front. The same can be said about civilians trying to flee towards the 55th Division in Ampalavananpokkanai, this division has also stalled its advance due to concerted attacks by the remaining Tiger elements. The SLA has slowed down and in some fronts stalled their advance to avoid civilian casualties.

3. Civilians being used as slave labour

There are strong indications that civilians are being made to build bunkers for the LTTE under duress. The recently captured VIP bunker which was said to be frequented by the former leader of Tamil Eelam shows evidence of forced labour being used to build the VIP abode. As well as forced manual labour, there are strong indications that professionals such as medical doctors were forcibly employed in this bunker, as a matter of fact laboratory tests on the medical equipment has shown traces of the former leader's DNA confirming that he used to reside in the said bunker. EFT cries out for the civilians that were forcibly made to build these high profile bunkers. Additionally, forced labour was used to burn down 2 Zlins that were considered to be surplus to TAF requirements. EFT hopes that civilians were not harmed during the destruction process.

In light of the above, EFT pleads with the remaining Tiger leadership to guarantee a safe passage for the civilians into GoSL administered areas. For the LTTE's own sake, we believe it is best to lay down arms and enter rehabilitation as indicated by the EFT poll results.

Upul said...

Quoting a Catholic nun who was trying to evacuate sick people in a non-liberated village in the Mullaittivu District in Northern Sri Lanka, Al Jazeera television channel reported that LTTE terrorists shot at the sick people in a bid to stop them from leaving.

"When we tried to escape with civilians, LTTE fired at me. I got shot in my leg," sister Louise, a Catholic nun who tried to steer civilians away from the fighting, from Puttumatalan village was quoted having said on January 12.

Al Jazeera further said that the LTTE terrorists have shot at injured civilians fleeing fighting in Sri Lanka's northern war zone, quoting other witnesses who have escaped the island.

The alleged attack by LTTE came as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) tried to evacuate sick and wounded people by boat from Puttumatalan, a village with intensified terrorist activity recently.

"When we tried to escape with civilians, LTTE fired at me. I got shot in my leg," sister Louise, a Catholic nun who tried to steer civilians away from the fighting, said on February 12. The ICRC said it managed to ferry out 240 sick and injured people from Puttumatalan with the assistance of the Sri Lankan Navy.

Exclusive footage broadcast by Al Jazeera on Thursday showed people attempting to flee the war torn area with the help of the aid organisation. The ICRC said the deaths of 16 patients by LTTE artillery fire three days ago highlighted the dangers faced by civilians in the war zone.

Sister Mary Colostica, a 74-year-old Catholic nun, said she was shot at as she tried to shepherd more than 2,000 civilians from village to village, Al Jazeera reported.

"When we tried to leave, the LTTE didn't allow civilians to leave and said only we [the nuns] can leave ... so we stayed back with the civilians," she said from a hospital in Trincomalee, the eastern port where she and the others were taken by the ICRC, the television channel further said.

The civilians were treated at a makeshift field hospital before moving towards Puttumatalan to escape from LTTE, who are now resorting to brutal reprisal attacks against civilians for defying the outfit's orders to stay in the conflict zone.

Anonymous said...

Ok. What you saying could be true. I wonder where are the pictues from other side ?
* 300 civiliens killed by SLA (reported by tamilnet)
* fully destroyed Ponnampalam Memorial hospital in Puthukkudiyiruppu (reported by tamilnet)
*1000 of SLA persons killed by LTTE counter attack (Reported by Badrinath)
* 100s os SLA personals captured by LTTE (Reported by Badrinath)

velluprabhakaran said...

ha ha ha! this is much more comedy than mahen's fake blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid.. how long are you gonna claim that and this...? huh? not for long mate. better fuck ur self before that..

Elara® said...


I see that you've got some great talent for writing accurate and totally non-retarded BS. Therefore I would like to offer you a job at TamilNet. Email us at the following address if you're interested:

We could use someone with your talent for feeding punakku to the totally non-retarded, non-brainwashed DONKEY dieASSpora!

Bhairav said...

Good stuff, Badrinath.

Keep up the good!

According to reliable news( phone cal from Wanni ), it says that LTTErs are massing in "Mankulam" area? That means LTTE is not confined to 100 km*km area.

Bhairav said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good work, keep it up badrinath. If sinhalayas are winning the war, why do they fire 6000 shells per day and kill 100s of civilians every day. Answer is here...

Anonymous said...

Good Job!

Down with the GoSL propaganda. I know that all of the withdrawals are just a tactic to lure SLA in the bad position. The turning point is near. We will win the war eventually.

Anonymous said...

Yes Puligal (Badrinath)

SLA is pretending starting from Mavil Aru. All East & North ate still under LTTP control. Do not believe SLGO propaganda.

Badrinath, I undestand your pain and frustration. Remember you published that Iranamadu tank is blastered and 57 & 58 divisions were flooded and over 5000 werre killed.

I trust you believe you. Keep your good work.

This would reduce your pain little bit because you can tell yout DIASAPORRA that there is one guy called Lalith doesn't believe SLGO propaganda and he believes me and Puligal.

Are you happpy now?

Anonymous said...

hey terrorist moron get your self a real job now that the terra gig is finally over . LMAO . Dont quit your day job if you have one to become an analyst

Anonymous said...

"According to reliable news( phone cal from Wanni ), it says that LTTErs are massing in "Mankulam" area? That means LTTE is not confined to 100 km*km area."

Indeed they are. They blasted a tank bund and launched navy attacks on land. The greatest military strike in the history of mankind. One small leap for a tiger, one giant leap for retarded fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

@the editor Badiriya,
Why didnt you post any of the photos of actual weapons published on

That's just a few photos there are many more. Just search picture gallery.

Anonymous said...

Bloody keyboard Rambos !

Anonymous said...

hey asshole

Don't you know, when something is submerged in water, they are lighter? No one has to be super strong to pick one side up of a half submerged barrel. YOU DUMB FUCK.!!!

Why don't you add the other photos which shows soldiers pouring diesel out, or lines of barrels unearthed.

Sidath Attapattu said...
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Tamil pfofessior said...

Tamil donkeys,
Those who don't know about your PEElam Dictionary.

Those words are freequently use by die-ass-pora shittamils like you.

Inteligent = Ritards
Citizens = Refugees
Professionals = Coolies
Air crafts = Tin cans
Tactical withdrow = Stick the tails your ass and run between the Sl Army and the Mullativu sea.
Sea = Between devil and the deep sea.

Shitamils PEElam Organizations:

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Editor: "Badrinath" said...

In reply to the guest who said:


You need to improve your counting, the maximum number of barrels shown in those photos is 3 barrels. I'm not sure how you counted 299 barrels. But it proves everything I said, that the Sinhalese are completely brainwashed by government propaganda. The government can show a picture of a pile of dog crap, and tell you it was a nuclear bomb, and you would tell people the government seized a nuclear bomb.

I do apologize for saying in my article that they showed 5 barrels in their photos when they actually only showed 3 barrels. I was being too generous to them.

Anonymous said...

interesting ....
government of Srilanka simply winging the war only through propaganda medias.

i cant believe that only 1000 lttes are remaining and they were able hold the army for such a long time , there is something not right, LTTE a hard to understand and unpredictable.

what i understand all the news items and the sources are taking part in GoSL propaganda war , the actual war reality sound too far from this propaganda.

sinhala friend said...

dear Badri,
Sorry if we make stpid racist commet against you,continue your work, we visit your web.
Try to show more evidens of your ltte achivements.

Anonymous said...

Bandri -

Thats great but if there are 3 Barrels...then its 297. You should try counting again... comment on the Submarines? Hi-Ace Van?

Heavy Weapons Captured last week.

Montero Jeep in working condition. There were two jeeps captured...not one. One was wrecked..the other was working...

dump should go back to toilet cleaning...or making vadai...

4C said...

This is enough to make Tamil Die ass pora happy. Coz they r so..... stupid idiots. Moooda chooon monkeys.

Yes ReJLoad,
"pretty clear and evident that the gosl propaganda machine is working full time"

U r absolutely correct machan . Still SLA soldiers at Mavil aruu...

4C said...

"The government can show a picture of a pile of dog crap, and tell you it was a nuclear bomb, and you would tell people the government seized a nuclear bomb"

I'm agree with u. Last few weeks GOSL show some rat holes and told those places are frequently visited by VP. I'm sure those places r not his houses.

I'm possitive about this thing. Tamils doesn't know how to use commodes. they don't like commodes. U can see foot prints on the commode after they use it.
Each rat hole GOSL show having fully equipped bathrooms which tamils doesn't like.