Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sri Lankan army begins shooting displaced civilians

"A Sri Lankan soldier poses for a propaganda video while an injured Tamil man is dying inside the Truck. After finishing the video he piles the dead childs body on top of the injured Tamil man without concern for the living."

We are receiving reports from the Vanni of numerous cases where the Sri Lankan army has opened fire on Tamil civilians who were trying to come to the area of government control. In all of these cases, the Sri Lankan government claims it was the LTTE who fired on the civilians.

If this were true, the civilians would not be able to recover the bodies of the dead. If the shooting took place in the LTTE controlled area, how did the families recover the dead bodies with the LTTE standing there next to them firing. How did the families manage to carry those bodies for many kilometers while supposedly being shot at by the LTTE.

The fact that the bodies are with the civilians at the military checkpoints shows the shootings occured near the checkpoints, and the culprits are the Sri Lankan military. In each case a nervous or angry soldier opens fire on the civilians, untill another soldier stops him, resulting in the deaths of many civilians. After the firing, the remaining relatives are allowed to collect the body and continue on to the military controlled area where they are held under military guard. No one is allowed to meet and speak to the witnesses, as they do not want it to be known that the government was responsible for the shootings.

As usual, newspapers like The Hindu, who's reporters are known to receive a regularly monthly payment from the Sri Lankan government, printed the story exactly as the Sri Lankan government claimed. They didn't feel it necessary it investigate or hear from witnesses.

In the case of the recent suicide bomb attack on Sri Lankan soldiers at Dharmapuram, the government claims 8 civilians were killed in the blast. This is a complete lie. All of the civilians killed died when Sri Lankan soldiers opened fire on the waiting civilians with machine guns after the blast. In the video shown by the Sri Lankan government, not a single soldier's body is in the area of the dead Tamil civilians. There are no blast signs around the dead bodies. With the exception of one chair, all the plastic chairs have no damage at all. If a bomb blast had occurred in that area, these plastic chairs would have been blown to bits. There is a dead body still sitting in a plastic chair, and his body is covered in blood, but the plastic chairs next to him are completely unharmed. This is again proof that he was killed by machine gun fire, not by a bomb explosion. Furthermore, the ground surrounding the dead bodies shows no signs of an explosion. The fact is the explosion took place far away from where these civilians were killed. The killing of these Tamil civilians was a retaliatory strike by angered Sri Lankan soldiers.

Another important point to note in the video is how the injured were treated. They claim the injured civilians were immediately flown by helicopter to specialty hospitals for emergency treatement. But even by the time the news camera man arrived, there was still a severely injured Tamil civilian in the back of a truck. You can see him in the last frames of the video shown by the Sri Lankan government. They made this severely injured civilian lie bleeding to death while they staged their propaganda film. In the end they pick up the dead body of a child and dump it on top of the injured civilian, showing no concern for him at all. We should note that all of the injured soldiers had already been cleared from the area. Even the dead bodies of the soldiers had been cleared out, yet the injured Tamil civilian was still lying there dying as they piled dead bodies on top of him. This is the real treatment the Sri Lankan army gave to the injured Tamil civilians.

"An injured Tamil man lying naked in the road. If this is how a Tamil civilian is treated in the propaganda photo shoot, imagine how he will be treated once the camera leaves."

The U.N., who remained silent for a month despite daily killings of innocent Tamil civilians by artillery bombings, was suddenly quick to condemn the human bomb. Why hasn't the U.N. been condemning the attacks by the Sri Lankan government on Tamil civilians every day for the last one month? When bombs were falling on the PTK hospital, the only thing the U.N. could say was "we aren't able to tell which side fired the shots." Everyone knows which side has been bombing the PTK hospital. But the U.N., despite seeing that the artillery shells were coming from the government side, still insisted they didn't know who to blame. In the case of the civilian deaths after the suicide bombing, the U.N. was able to quickly blame the LTTE without the need for an investigation into the facts. This is the supposed impartiality of the U.N. in Sri Lanka.


Anonymous said...

""An injured Tamil man lying naked in the road. If this is how a Tamil civilian is treated in the propaganda photo shoot, imagine how he will be treated once the camera leaves.""

Cant you see the soldier is actually trying to help, YOU FUCKING DICKWAD?

isurujosh said...

puligal is right there were no signs of blast in the video. the child whose skull was shattered into pieces the head, leg, etc. of the supposed suicide cadre were all caused by motar sized bullets used by SLFDs.
These motar sized bullets are said to banned by international conventions and Sri Lanka are now in deep shit coz they used these illigal bullets that can shred a body into pieces.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To anonymous:

The soldier is just there for the photo. As soon as the cameraman goes, that injured civilian will be on his own, lying in the dirt.

You can see the same thing in the video the government released. The soldier is going through a rehearsed procedure of lifting up the dead child's body. He tries to do it in the beginning of the clip and then is signaled not to. Later in the clip he is again signaled to pick up the child's body, and he does it, completely ignoring the fact that there is a dying civilian waiting in a truck to be taken to a hospital. Of course all of the soldiers were taken for treatment much before the Tamil civilians.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To isurujosh:

The body of the suicide bomber is not seen anywhere near any other civilian victim. The bombing did not take place where the Tamil civilians were sitting.

nayake said...

my dear editer.We know very well about the
ltte, last 30 years they killed their own
tamil civilians.That is the nature of Ltte.
so nothing to argu with you.I hope world know the truth.Still you sell inocient blood to
ltte's favour.

God bless inocint tamil brothers and sisters.
We love you.

Anonymous said...

The whole world now knows who did what and how. We don’t need a buffoons explanations about where a plastic chair should be or not when we all can see clearly this child's brain is certainly not where it should be, thanks to the suicide bomber. You however is sitting in a foreign land living the high life and not only writing this pathetic drivel but have been funding blowing up this innocent little child's head. You will pay for this one way or the other! God works in mysterious ways so you and your loved ones better watch out as what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Donkey, look at the 'rehearsed' action of the soldier carrying the dead child. Surely its genocide. In the meantime try explaining why the TATA pickup truck had only 3 people loaded to it. One of the injured in the truck was a BREAST FEEDING MOTHER (you fuck). Look at her closely. She was already treated by the Genocidal Sinhalam Doctors. So was the other guy next to her.

Anonymous said...

"The bombing did not take place where the Tamil civilians were sitting."

Donkey, yeah..how unfortunate. Our bomber was not able to reach the place where civilians were sitting. The bitch blew herself up just before screening. Had the bitch been able to go near the people sitting the figures would be much higher. Eelam would have come quickly.

Tharaka Hewamana said...

One can only laugh at these idiots ignorance.

purumal ganesh said...

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Dollers for your bank acc.Still selling inociant
blood and death bodies as you did past 25 years.What a bisness,.

fuckoof tamil mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

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