Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shocking thermo-baric PAINTBALL GUNS found!

"Monkeys trying to figure out what a paintball gun is."

In what has to be one of the most hilarious mistakes the Sri Lankan defence department ever made, Udaya Nanayakkara referred to finding LTTE thermo-baric weapons:

"Military spokes-person Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told The Island that although they had been aware of the possibility of the LTTE acquiring thermo-baric weapons, the recovery of Tippman A-5 guns capable of firing deadly chemicals was startling."

The Tippman A-5 gun is a paintball gun, a toy gun used for combat training, or more commonly used by kids to play combat. It shoots a small paint pellet that bursts on contact leaving a large paint mark on the person indicating he was "shot". A thermo-baric weapon on the other hand is a weapon sometimes as powerful as a small nuclear bomb.

There is no such thing as a thermo-baric pistol or machine gun. The smallest thermo-baric weapon in use is a special RPG used by the US military. A paintball gun has absolutely no resemblance or connection to a thermo-baric weapon. The Sri Lankan military general described the recovery of these toy paintball guns as "startling". They can be bought for around $210 at any toy store.

Through out the recent battles the Sri Lankan military has routinely exagerated the items they have recovered, but this has to be the most ridiculous exageration yet. In the past they showed photos of a single broken fishing boat and claimed to have recovered 100 deadly sea tiger boats. On another day they showed a photo of 3 empty plastic barrels, and claimed to have recovered 300 barrels filled with 70,000 liters of deisel. Today they recovered a bunch of toy paintball guns, and claimed it was a black tiger base with deadly weapons of mass destruction - banned by international laws.

After describing the above paintball gun as being a deadly thermo-baric weapon, the general went on to describe the havoc such a weapon can cause:

"The use of thermo-baric weapons is prohibited under international law. The thermo baric bomb — features a two-stage explosion. The first blast occurs upon the bomb’s penetration of a cave, tunnel or a bunker and scatters explosive dust throughout the area where the bomb lands. This is followed a fraction of a second later by a second, larger explosion that literally sucks oxygen out of a confined space."

Please look at the photo at the top and tell me if this toy paintball gun looks like it can shoot a bunker-busting missile. Are these army generals really trained in warfare or are they illiterate monkeys? Looking at the top photo of the military generals examining the toy paintball gun in awe, I suspect they are the later.


Tharaka said...

Wow A Donkey has open his stinking mouth.

Monkey said...

He already fucked up your asses you donkeys.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vadai boy
You wrong.
Ain't no paintball gun but Fat pig Prabha's personal ass lube!

Anonymous said...

This is not the thermobaric gun they were refereing. You are the asshole who is mistaken

Zagraferano said...

Dude if u really think properly PAINTBALL guns can be used to launch high velocity chemical pellets. its actually a brilliant idea

Anonymous said...

"Are these army generals really trained in warfare or are they illiterate monkeys?"

Even if they are illiterate monkeys... they seem to be better than your 'sun goat' and his so called elite troops, who're getting their asses kicked in style.... LOL...!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont twist the facts you cunt...

Read carefully it clearly says two different things;

1)"...although they had been aware of the possibility of the LTTE acquiring thermo-baric weapons,.."
- This only says GOSL speculated about T-B weapons. (and thats it, full stop !!)

2)"...the recovery of Tippman A-5 guns capable of firing deadly chemicals was startling"
- Says about ...any possible attempt of using these guns to fire chemicals was startling.. (and thats it!!)

See who is exagerating ???
if not, who is the illiterate monkey ?

Diyarakus said...

LTTE made a submarine like the one used by captain Diyarakus in dostara hondahitha. Its fact that they used poisonous gas against SLA so nothing wrong in looking for what purpose its used.

Anonymous said...

This donkey calling Sinhalas as Monkeys. This idiot cant even insult.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tigers about to launch an offensive:))

Await further details.

Anonymous said...

If your fucking leader fucking idiots so great why they lost so many amount of land and surrounded to a 200km2 land fucking puligal.

ජය ශි ලoකා!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I love this post! Sri lankan soilders are fucking stupid! If it weren't for the international governments helping sinha fuckers would've got fucked in the rear!

Anonymous said...

instead you are! hurts ?

philip said...

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