Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Vanni civilians to be jailed for 3 years

Today the government announced that all 300,000 civilians from the Vanni would be held for at least 3 years in military detention camps, i.e. "prisons", for security reasons. Apparently this is what the Sri Lankan government considers to be "liberation" for the Tamil civilians. The government further outlined the "luxuries" that will be provided to the prisoners, which include just one toilet for every five families. One can estimate that on average each family consists of 5 to 7 members. So this means there will be one toilet for every 25 to 35 people. Thank you government of Sri Lanka for liberating your Tamil civilians from a peaceful life in Kilinochi and depositing them into hell.

Further, the total land that will be provided for these 300,000 imprisoned civilians will be 1,100 acres, or 0.2 cents (88 square feet) of land per person (after deducting land for roads and government use). An average housing plot in India is generally considered to be 2400 square feet (5.5 cents).

The cost to maintain these huge prison complexes will not be born by the Sri Lankan government. They expect international aid agencies to pay the bills. What the world fails to see is that this humanitarian disaster is completely man made. There is no need to force 300,000 people to remain imprisoned for 3 years. If you simply stopped fighting and let them return to their homes, there would be no need for international aid organizations to take care of these civilians. You are creating an artificial humanitarian disaster, and then calling on the world to help the suffering civilians. We all know the Sri Lankan people would never offer to feed the Tamil civilians on their own. They would rather let them starve than have to spend their own money to help them. That's why they always turn to international aid organizations and exploit their generosity.

The government states that these detention camps will also have "community centers" that contain a television for the public's enjoyment. Unfortunately there will only be one such community center for every 760 people. So you may have to wait a few years before you get a chance to watch the television program of your choice, and who knows which language they will make you watch it in. We can only hope that it will still be legal to communicate in the Tamil language.

The government's official position is that these civilians will have to remain imprisoned in detention camps until the LTTE is completely finished. Judging by the 26 year long war that we have already seen, these civilians may have to wait another 50 years before being released from confinement, as I seriously doubt the government will be able to eliminate the LTTE in 3 years.

I think the real concern is what will the government do to these people's lands while they are imprisoned for years on end. It is not too much to suspect that the government may try to colonize the Tamil's lands with Sinhalese civilians, as they have done in the past. Such an attempt would ultimately lead to an ethnic blood bath, and years of continued war. I think it is also quite obvious that any Tamil civilian who would dare return to the Vanni to check on their house, land or possessions would be killed on the claim that they were LTTE infiltrators. In a land with no witnesses, there is little hope for justice, peace or safety.


Anonymous said...

Are u the fucking president..

nadaraja velayudan said...

wanakkam thambi,Good news,
last 30 years we were hanger and torcherd by
pundai Talaivar.Next 3 years at least we can
eat in ditention centre.I hope singalaya army
give us water and food.

Anonymous said...

Idot ... go fuck your self. there is not such thing. only in your head.

sumathi said...

oh very danger for our people in wanni,
Ayya, please tell me what we can do? I
write this massage from switzerland.
oh my god,

Anonymous said...

I hope Rajepakshe will kill all our ltte cadres in next 3 years then the problem will finish.

ruwani sellaiya said...

we tamils give our all earnings to thalaivar
and he put all money on his account.
Where is our eelam ? we lost our money, also we
lost our land to singala army.What a sad situation.

pilley said...

Tamils, What a news,why you cheat your own people.thats why I tell you,You are one an only nation in the world that sell their own blood and death bodies for refugee status and dollers from the western countries.You are not human beins.You are shits.You genocide and rape your own people.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh ayya.
my two daughter live in wanni.Also they put in jail sirilangan army?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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Mohan raj said...

I am tamil from Mullativu and currently live in Colombo.we sufered so much under the bucher Pirpaharan.we know million of dollers given us by western countries to divolope north.We all
are poor and ltte and Tro eat all money.I hope
after pipaharan our future will be better.

raja-toilet cleaner said...

This is really false artical.Ltte fuckers we put in the jail for life, but not harm civilions.
this web belongs to tamil suckkili parayas.

tamil podian said...

Tamilian,|Please do not beleve this artical.
There is no such a thing.
SL government fight against Ltte mad dogs, not
against you.

Punde Puligal,go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ayyo ayya, what's hapenning to our brothers in Eelam.
I was here at my home in Canada (and it's very cold here ayya, not like our Eelam) and was so mad at those Sighalam army, I almost shouted at my dog. (Then again I didn't cost my pundey wife loves the dog more than she loves me)
Ayyo ayya, tell us what to do. I already send money to our boys and they promise eelam will be won very soon.
Shall I give them more money? Ayyo tell me..I am very sad. And I know you never lie so this must be true...Ayyo adey appa!!!

deva said...

Badrinath tiger ayya,
What s happening to our ltte brothers and eelam.
This singala army basted kill all our ltte brothers, Already we lost Soosai and we are losing all our eelam too.Please help me,I am very sad.I am from Norway and even Norway basted do not help us.We are poor tamil,no help..

Yogaraja said...

Ltte brothers,What a sad situation.

We lost tamil selvam,Bala annai,Bala raj,Kumaren
Karuna and many,

Poor thalaivar,

Kittu said...

LTTE brother, whats happening to our ltte and Eelam, I did prostitute my wife to maintain our hero Praba and ellam, now we loose our dream.
I am sad......