Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sri Lankan army resorts to suicide bombing

Recent reports from the Sri Lankan military indicate they have resorted to using a suicide bombing against incoming LTTE fighters, who eventually over ran the 59th division south of PTK.

A Sri Lankan soldier, Cpl Pushpakumara, told his senior officers to fall back with the remaining men, while he went forward after attaching claymore mines to his body. There is no information as to whether his suicide strike was effective or not.

Differing from the government's version of the event, our reports indicate he had been wounded in combat as the LTTE was over running the Sri Lankan front lines. His fellow soldiers more or less abandoned him, since he was unable to walk, and made him resort to suicide. In order to cover up the fact that they acted like cowards, leaving him to die helplessly, they have created the story that he volunteered to become a suicide bomber.

What ever the case, the Sri Lankan government is very proud of his actions, and are glorifying him for his sacrifice as a suicide bomber. It is interesting to note the government's sudden change in how they view suicide bombings. In the past they have always criticized them as the actions of terrorists, but now that they have employed them they consider suicide bombings as legitimate military weapons.

Cpl Pushpakumara's fellow soldiers quote his last words as follows:

“Sir, you all move back with the others, and let me die with them [the LTTE].”

The Sri Lankan government did not say whether they were able to recover the pieces of his body so that they could display his severed head as they often do with LTTE suicide bombers.


Fun said...

All other poor village idiots who joined only for monthly coolie 20,000 Rs must follow Cpl Pushpakumara and attain Nibanna as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

If Cpl Puspakumara's body is not found, the lum sum money will go to Kotaibaya's account. Puspakumara's wife will go to the three-wheelers.

Anonymous said...

fucking animals - u low life tamils.
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Why don't u fuckers go to vanni and fight rather than being keyboard warriors.

most of u pathetic refugee fuckers wants this war to continue so u can get through your refugee claims.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the address of Puspakumara? Puspakumara's wife wants Vada..Hikz

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

To the anonymous person above who hates Tamils:

Thank you for continuing to post on the internet, because it lets Tamils know that nothing has changed amongst Sinhalese. Sinhalese have always hated Tamils and will continue to hate them. When they see an LTTE supporter, they immediately start insulting TAMILS, which shows they dont differentiate between the two. Their hatred has always been against Tamils, not the LTTE.

Nesan said...

Anonymous...stop ranting about what Tamils do in overseas or not. Don't give urself foolish excuses by ur perverted logic that Tamils want to claim refugee status and that's why they want the war to continue, moron. Tamil race is being decimated there. People are self-immolating randomly and spontaneously all over the world. Pause ur hatred for a second and let ur brain think objectively. Focus on the issue and ponder about what u and ur Sinhalese morons are doing to the island minorities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"most of u pathetic refugee fuckers wants this war to continue so u can get through your refugee claims."

because of 1983 the sinhala barbarism thamils were forced to move out of srilanka , now there are proud citizen of the country residing in, they are eligible sponsors refugee status does not mater but for sure sinhala politicians are in need , the war makes job opportunity as well making easy to fill the vacancies in the middle east , more dead occurs in teh army means wifes go to middle east.

Anonymous said...

There is a significant difference between a uniformed soldier who makes the ultimate sacrifice and a person dressed as a civilian, walking forward with their arms raised, and a bomb strapped to their body.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

How is it any different? You employ snipers to hide and kill people, so someone else employs disguised suicide bombs to hide and kill soldiers. They target soldiers and sometimes civilians get killed in the blasts, but you shoot artillery bombs on civilians and sometimes an LTTE fighter may get killed. No one is better just because they control a country. Your killing is as bad as anyone else's killing.

Anonymous said...

Any one with an iota of intelligence will know the difference between what this soldier did and the LTTE suicide bombers do. I don't think you are qualified to make these utterances.

Anonymous said...

Pulli Girl .... remember one thing bugger....

All us Sri Lankans are winning the war against separatists tamil terrorists....

One more thing.....According to reliable sources from LTTE.... over 800 LTTE terroists were killed and 150 of them had been children apparently who the LTTE had used as suicide bombers and to make the SLA soldier avoid shooting.... apparently Thalavir has taken hostage of the girls and boys and are RAPING the ones whose families have fled to the Gvt controlled areas and have tied remote control bombs around them.... when the Army had seen the children they had stopped firing and had taken cover....

Than one brave soldier had ordered his collegues who were wounded to save the children and that he will go fwd to give them cover.... then the rest of the soldiers had tried stopping him but the solder who was the only unwounded solder with a tamil wife had gone with Claymores....

His last words;

Kollane..... umbala hitpang othana..... mang cover eke dunnama ape kollanawa arang line eke pitippassata yanna......Keri wessige kotingta puke erala ennang mang.... api singhala kollo....

Boys.... Stay there.... I am going to give you cover..... take our boys then and go behind our line..... I am gonna F*** them Tiger P***ies from behind and come.... We are proud Singhala Boys....

This is stright from the wounded soldiers who had been with him....

Also guys apparently the tiger bodied had been found with Shit on their faces... they have apparently shat on themselves when they saw the brave solder approaching from no where....

Its not suicide boys.... its bravery..... and it was on the FDL and not at some terroists gay function....

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Two weeks ago when LTTE black tigers drove a truck filled with explosives up to the front lines and detonated it killing 100 Sri Lankan soldiers, your government thought they were "cowards", but when your soldier straps bombs to himself and blows himself up, its "couragous". This is the typical double standard the Sinhalese always resort to.

4C said...

Please... please.... Die ass pora please ....

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Thanks badri.. U r my hero...

Lalith said...

See how EELAM operated.


Lalith said...

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Lalith said...

The following program explains the current war.

WHILE ( area held by LTTP > 0 AND number_of_LTTP_carders > 0)

1 LTTP stay with Civillian
2 Fire at SLA
3 SLA responses
4 Civillian & some LTTP get killed & injured
5 Dispora supporters & TamilNut publish no of casualties in the web & news papers
6 TN jockers & other LTTP supportes in other countries start agitating by protesting, fasting & other crap and asking for Ceasefire
7 International Community & India ignore
8 SLGO ignores, MR/GR/SF ignore & continue to attack LTTP and defeat
9 LTTP withdraws with Civillians (By force)
10 SLA takes over the town/areas
11 Mahen & Peter write stories about tactical withdrawals
12 Dispora supporters believe in tactical withdrawal and keep the dream alive
13 We read Puligal & Peter blogs and laugh from the ASS

Jump_to_sea() OR self_immolation() OR swallow_cn()

Lalith said...

Sri Lanka is a place for all of us to live in harmony. If anyone,
especially the Tamil diaspora thinks that Sri Lanka should be ethnically
divided, then, the following is food for thought for you. This is also good
for those LTTE sympathisers in our country as well as around the world:

Your claim: Sri Lanka is the only place for Tamil Ealam

Fact: Sri Lanka is the ONLY place in the world for the Sinhala race and
the Veddahs. Whether you like it or not, they have the right to this land
before anyone else. Tamils, on the other hand, have the historical right
to Tamil Nadu – and that is where the only Ealam Dreamland should be. Or
you may consider Singapore , Malaysia , Canada , Germany , England or
Australia – they have been pampering you well, haven't they?

Claim: North and East are the historical Tamil Homeland

Fact: If you think the North and East belonged to the Tamils historically,
think twice. Read the history of Sri Lanka – the truth, not the rubbish
you teach in Tamil schools in Germany . Visit Anuradhapura and look at the
moonstones: Lankan civilisation began in the North (not in the South) and
the Buddhists were there before the Tamils. Many places of worship of
significant importance for Buddhists still lie in the North and East,
including places such as Nagadveepa and
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ThiriyaiThiriyaya – which is said to have
been built containing relics of the lord Buddha.

Only during the Polonnaruwa regime that the cow was removed from the
moonstone as a result of the Hindu influence. That's the first time ever
the Cholas set foot in our island – so how dare you claim that the North
and East are the "traditional" land of the Tamils?

Claim: Sinhala Buddhists are committing a Genocide in Sri Lanka
(Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in
part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.)

Fact: There were Sinhala and Muslim communities living in the North and
East – not so long ago. Where are they now? Who has systematically
eliminated them, chased them out of their own homes? Who has chopped the
heads off the infants, split opened pregnant mothers, stamped their wombs,
killed every Sinhala person in sight and torched their villages?

Starting from the Kent Farm and Model Farm, the Tamil extremists have
eliminated the Sinhala and Muslim communities from the North (and tried in
the East too); they attacked temples and mosques, brutally executing
monks, priests and innocent people while they were praying. From
Aranthalawa, Dimbulagala and Sri Maha Bodhiya to Kandy , the barbaric LTTE
terrorists didn't even spare a temple or a mosque. It's the Tamil
terrorists committing genocide in Sri Lanka , not anyone else!

Claim: Tamils are discriminated in Sri Lanka

Fact: A person from the majority Sinhalese cannot buy a piece of land in
the North (prevented by a pact), but the Tamils can buy land anywhere in
the country. Statistically speaking, Tamils are occupying more than their
share in universities, in the civil service, the government and even in
the private sector. From Sea Street to 4th Cross Street , there are
trades and industries that "belong" to the Tamils, and no Sinhala or
Muslim merchant can penetrate that. A closer look at the transformation of
Colombo and its suburbs will make any pea-brain understand who is having
better life and who is being pushed aside from the capital city. From
Paskaralingam to Kadirgamar to Muralitharan, there are millions of Tamils
who have flourished in this country. It is the Sinhala students who cannot
attend the Jaffna University or the Eastern University , while the Tamil
students enjoy their rights all over the country, including the Peradeniya
University in the heartland of the Sinhala Buddhists. Even in Colombo , a
Sinhala student is not admitted to any Tamil school, while all the Sinhala
schools accept Tamil students.

From education, to civil service, to businesses and private sector, to
land-ownership in Colombo – Tamils are enjoying more than their fair
share. How would it be possible if there is so-called discrimination
against Tamils in Sri Lanka ?

Claim: Sri Lankan regime has failed to take care of the North and the East

Fact: Jaffna had been almost on par with Colombo at one time, a thriving
cosmopolitan – the second capital of Sri Lanka – before the troubles
began. There are many provinces and districts that have been forgotten by
the ruling parties – North and East aren't at the top of that list. Uva,
for example did not even have a university until 2 or 3 years ago;
Moneragala district is the most deprived in the entire country. The
governments have always favoured the Tamils – in order to keep their
votes, and as a result, they have been enjoying better benefits than the
others in Sri Lanka .

Claim: Tamils get hassled and harassed by the security checks

Fact: The Sinhalese, the Muslims, the Burghers – we all get woken up in
the wee hours of the morning, during search operations; we all get our
bags, baggage and vehicles checked, we all get harassed – that's the price
the innocent people pay for the environment the stupid LTTE has created.
Anyone who fails to produce valid identification or reasonable evidence
for whereabouts would get into trouble – unless you are a foreigner (they
are the privileged ones in paradise). There are Sinhala and Muslim
informants on the LTTE payroll too, so everyone is a 'suspect' at a
checkpoint. We all go through the same hassle, same agony. But then again,
you hardly visit Sri Lanka , so what would you know?

Claim: Sinhalese Buddhists are at War with the Tamils

Fact: Nope, we aren't. If we did, there wouldn't have been any Tamils
living outside LTTE-controlled areas. Majority of the Tamil population is
living outside the LTTE grip; living amongst the other ethnicities in
harmony. Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is at war with the terrorists,
just like some other democracies around the world. Some LTTE propaganda
agents substitute GoSL with Sinhalese Buddhists and LTTE with the Tamils,
to leverage certain situations in their favour.

Claim: Some Sinhala Extremist Parties are spreading Sinhala-only

Fact: Yes, there are extremist elements such as Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU
trans. National Sinhala Heritage) – which came to being to counter the
extremists such as the LTTE under a political mandate. Tamil extremism is
over 50 years old in Sri Lanka while JHU isn't even 10 years old. JHU,
being an extremist, has almost zero influence on the average civil
society. Tamils, on the other hand, have "erased" Sinhala from their areas
(only Tamil and English exist on the sign boards from the North – out of
sight, out of mind?) while the rest of the country treats Tamil as one of
the official languages.

Now, who is being extreme and who is breeding extremism in this country?

Claim: Sri Lankan Government has no option but to negotiate with the LTTE

Fact: Sri Lankan Government did not negotiate with the Sinhala Buddhist
uprisings in the early 70's and the late 80's. The Sinhala terrorists were
captured, tortured and killed – and their heads decorated the roadside
fences. Their burning bodies were seen in almost every street corner every
morning, and over 50,000 youth are still missing to date. That was the
Sinhala Buddhist government taking care of the Sinhala Buddhist youth who
terrorised the country. The government does NOT have to negotiate with
terrorists. The Sri Lankan governments have been too nice, and tolerant,
to the Tamil terrorists all these years.

Claim: The international community has a right to involve in the Sri
Lankan situation

Fact: The international community has already banned the LTTE – a terror
outfit and its sister-concerns. Not even India can ecourage terrorism or
division anymore; they too have Mumbai and Kashmir on their agenda. Sadly,
it is only a few misguided Tamil businessmen and individuals who support
the LTTE around the world trying to lobby a voice for lost cause – they
hardly quantify or qualify as the "international community." BBC and the
gullible British elements don't qualify either. You too will soon see the
truth and realise that the Ealam dream was nothing but a painful

Claim: LTTE is the only and true voice of the Tamil people

Fact: LTTE does not represent the true Tamils of this country. If they
did, why would they eliminate EPRLF, EPDP, EROS and TULF? Weren't they
representing Tamils too? Why would they kill any Tamil voice that was
against the LTTE agenda – no matter how big or small the person was? From
innocent villagers who were labelled as "traitors" to great statesmen like
Lakshaman Kadirgamar, LTTE has killed thousands of its own kith and kin
that they were "supposedly" protecting. In fact, the LTTE has killed more
innocent Tamils than the number of LTTE militants killed by the Sri Lankan
Security Forces. LTTE is not the true voice or the protector of the Tamils
in Sri Lanka . It's just the opposite.

Claim: LTTE is protecting the civilians in their area, if they get out,
they would be killed by the Sri Lankan Security Forces. (Also according to
LTTE and the BBC)

Fact: Almost all the Tamils in Sri Lanka – except for the ones who are
trapped in the current War Zone – live outside the LTTE influence. How
come they are not killed? If over 90% of the Tamils are living outside the
LTTE held areas, in harmony with the rest of the Sri Lankans, protected
and freely, what are they talking about? They would be killed by the
military advance if they DON'T leave the LTTE-held areas soon enough.

Claim: Sri Lanka failed to recognise the demands of the Tamils and never
offered a political solution

Fact: Sri Lanka did, but sadly the Tamils didn't recognise the power they
had in their hands. The country switched from a 225-seater parliament that
represented an MP per electorate to the Provincial Council System to
satisfy the demands of the Tamils. This may not have been perfect, but it
was a very good beginning. North and East were combined and offered in a
silver platter to the terrorist leader twice, but he refused to enter the
political stream. LTTE rejected democracy and took up arms, not once, not
twice, but many a times. Every "Cease-Fire" ended in LTTE regrouping,
re-arming and murdering hundreds of Sinhalese – the Tamil Diaspora that
has never set foot in the island should use their brains to understand why
the LTTE were NOT acting for the benefit of the ordinary Tamils.

Sri Lanka would have been better off without the high-maintenance
Provincial Council System – with a leaner, meaner, accountable and more
responsible Parliament. Today we have a white elephant – created for the
Tamils, but fed by the rest of the Sri Lankans.

We were a resourceful nation in South Asia, ahead of Singapore on the
development curve, once upon a time. Thanks to the idiotic ideologies and
stupidities of LTTE, the whole country has gone back in time – in to the
stone ages. The roads are still the same width as it were 30 years ago,
the currency has depreciated from Rs 16.00 to a US Dollar in 1978 to
almost Rs 114.00 to a US Dollar today – a whopping 712% in just 30 years!
The country is filled with the maimed and the war-victims – a huge burden
on the welfare system for the next few generations to come. Emotional
scars would take another zillion years to heal; and I could write another
million ways the war has crippled our Paradise .

Most of all, the LTTE cleverly bumped-off all the brains in the political
system – leaving the country in the hands of a bunch of imbeciles. We will
win the war and restore peace and stability, but we cannot gain the time
we lost. We cannot turn back the clock. The world has moved on, leaving us
far behind.

In simple, the LTTE morons have shat on the pile of gold that is Sri
Lanka. It is going to take a few heavy monsoons to wash away the crap and
the stench, and its going to be a hell of a long time before we begin to
shine again.