Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sri Lankan Army still South of A35, not in PTK

It is the fifth day with no real news from the Sri Lankan military about the fighting in PTK. Today they released a statement that they are 200 meters from PTK junction in the far South of the city. Last week they said they had entered the city and captured it (refer the official Sri Lankan news service, Today's statement reverses their progress a bit:

"Troops are now reportedly positioned some 200m from the seizing control over the Puthukkudiyirppu junction, ground sources further reported."

Compare that to last weeks statement:

"Armed forces secured Puthukuiyiruppu Town, consolidated their power yesterday. Puthukudiyiruppu, believed to the last LTTE stronghold, surrendered after fierce fighting between armed forces and the LTTE trying to maintain it in desperation, military sources reveal. Soldiers of the 58 Division led by Brig. Shavendra Silva entered the LTTE stronghold causing heavy damages to remaining tiger forces."

Last week they "secured PTK Town", and the LTTE had "surrendered" the city after fierce fighting. After the release of that news, several make believe news sites like Defencewire and others announced PTK was captured, the army was in the center of the city, etc. Today the army is reported to be 200 meters SOUTH of the A-35! That isn't even the beginning of PTK city.

On both the website and website they have articles showing boats they found today, but the photos were taken on the 26th, so apparently nothing new happened in the last 2 days. The only real news today is that the 55th division has entered a death trap.


Mariyakade said...

Sure man, SLA is loosing. LTTE has reached Peliyagoda junction and currently conducting mop up operations.

Anonymous said...

there is reported fighting in oddusudan from ruphavahini, this proves that this report is true modhayas!

Anonymous said...

Last few weeks no news about 59 divison. Only news about swimming pool and heavy damages. One thing is sure that moda bandas only now have orbat map only. Moda bnadas do not know how many tigers are now in the south of A35 jungles.

Anonymous said...

Sure guys, LTTE is south of A35 and all over Oddusudan, there are some reports that they have captured Bambalapitiya and are currently conducting clearing operations.

Anonymous said...


Keep day dreaming for eelam, You will win it soon in your dreams.

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

Al Jazeera news made a good joke today:

'The town was the "last objective" and the end of the war could be measured in days, NOT WEEKS, brigadier Shavendra Silva, a senior military officer, told the Reuters news agency earlier LAST WEEK.'

Claim was made last week that the war would be measured in days not weeks.

4C said...

Yes Die ass pora,

SLA is loosing their fwd lines and they going back to Oddusudan. But why that intelligent Nadesan asking something about ceasefire & peace talks.

OOOh………my dear, aaah,.... I realize that.

It’s becoz of the civilians getting killed by SLA artillery fire. LTTE love the innocent civilians who trapped due to genocide attact by SLA. Sorry for the mis understanding.

But……. I couldn’t see any damages caused by the artillery fire, no dead bodies like other than 10 o 12 but they writing 200, 300, 500, … civilians dead, heavily damaged buildings due to carpet bombs. But no pictures, Only damged carpet.


Don’t you have old pictures in your libraries something similar to those damages? At least some photo editors.

OOOh… again I made a mistake. Forgive me for the second time. You know me, moda banda, doesn’t have a brain like you intelligent die ass pora. Everything might have destroyed due to SLA arti & aerial boms, even digital cameras.

Thanks for the update, intelligent Badri…

Me, moda banda 4C.

isurujosh said...

the macrh to killinochchi was also slower than claimed. but we made it in the end. that is what matters. when Puthu falls LTTE deep penetration units also become ineffective and will not achieve anything other than a few sabotage strikes. where do you think the supplies for these units will come from after you loose puthu? all the action behind enemy lines is now too little too late. what these infeective operations can achieve though are more money flowing in from diaspora.

Tharu22 said...

LTTE is winning for sure and Eelam is within sight.
US Security Council just demanded that GOSL surrender and hand over the whole country to LTTE as there is no point continuing to fight when the loss is so eminent for GOSL.
Wow these Eelamists are so intelligent and briliant. What were moda bandas thinking when they thought they could prevent Eelam.

Anonymous said...

4C..what shit are you talking...u seem like a retard.. seriously...look what u wrote...sounds like a kid..

Anonymous said...

this is unfair..
Seeman sentenced to 1 year imprisonment

February 28, 2009

Director Seeman has been sentenced to one year imprisonment by the Puducherry court. Seeman, who was arrested by the Tamil Nadu police, was out on bail for delivering speeches on the Sri Lankan issue, which was considered to be detrimental to India’s sovereignty.

The director’s recent speech at an event in Puducherry again fueled controversies and the Puducherry police were on the look out for him.

Seeman ultimately surrendered in Nellai after participating in yet another Sri Lankan rally. The case against Seeman for sedition was taken up by the Puducherry court and he was sentenced to one year imprisonment under the National Security Act. This is probably the first time a director from the Tamil film industry is being sentenced under this Act.

4C said...

"4C..what shit are you talking...u seem like a retard.. seriously...look what u wrote...sounds like a kid.."

No….I’m not retard, I’ll never…

I’m waiting something from die ass pora. Something logical, technical, something can believe. You know this is the blog you can write like idiot. Coz this is one of the places that stupid MF’n die ass pora enjoying.

I don’t want to make them happy at their last moment.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh!! Looks like you idiot shiTamils were proved wrong again! Puthukudiruppu fell last week! So will all of LTTE!
Go ahead! Post more bull crap blogs to be proven wrong yet again in a few days time!