Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video of PTK front line fighting

The following video was taken on February 1st during the first day of the PTK counter attack. Over 1,000 Sri Lankan soldiers were killed by February 6th. Please note the end of the video, how casually the fighters walk around the area, which was formerly the Sri Lankan frontline. This shows the situation on the ground is not at all as the Sri Lankan government is projecting it. Also note how the LTTE is able to use tanks and tractors without any fear of the Sri Lankan airforce. The claims made by the government regarding daily air raids are extreme exagerations. The LTTE possess anti aircraft missiles, restricting air raids to non-combat areas.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where are those 1000 SLA bodies!

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

If you use common sense you can understand that this is a small group of 10 LTTE fighters. Even Sri Lankan newspapers have addmitted around 1,000 LTTE fighters were involved in the PTK fighting, and they pushed Sri Lankan army forces back 4 kilometers from the front lines. If by following around 10 fighters you come across 20 Sri Lankan bodies in various bunkers, then how many dead bodies will there be stretched over the 4 kilometer deep area? Read the news, 750 families are protesting in Colombo right now asking where their 750 missing sons are since February 1st. The government records them as "Missing In Action" so they don't have to pay their families a life time pension. This is how your "war heros" are treated by your government.

Anonymous said...

why tell lies , i seen only 6 SL army body

Anonymous said...

No no he is right. According to his marvelous formula
1000 killed
2000 deserted
1000 left
=4000 gone for 59th Dev
Now it is dissolved
There is no more 59th Dev in SL
What a achievement Pundey Puligal Tamil Barbarians

srilankan freedom fighter said...

The same video we have seen so many times.
This is poor show by tamil barberians.
We are in standby 70,000 SLA in Colombo.
Next few days you can meet us battle field
in wanni.Why the 'paper tigers do not come
face to face fight.Why you send suicide babies?
Why you hide behind the civilions?Where is you 'false hero'????????????If you are
capable to fight, Why cry,beging ceasefire,why
you ask world community to stop the war???????

Pundey tamils, why tell lies?
What a achievement Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeelam

KARUNA said...

Tamil Ltte donkeys,

I fuck you with SL army.


Anonymous said...

These terror suppoting tamil donkeys can bray as much as they want to Barak Obama.He will not be be led by the nose like these terror donkeys are hoping, they think they can fool the world in this day and age of instant communication and imformation technology how DUMB and STUPID are they?????This why we refer as them as donkeys
because they have allowed themselves to be led by the Nose they think all good People of the World can be led by the same nose ring.

It is either extreme stupidity or, extreme arrogance to even think about trying to fool people in this manner anymore.

The world is truly aware how these ltte terrorist have conducted their campaigns for the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Badrinath ur a good joker...! jsut fuck ur self basterd... its an old video. ha ha

Thoughtful Guy said...

Badrinath, you are correct, Ealam is just around the corner, the day is not far... Hold on...

bala annai said...

Badrinath you are good joker, I think you all were brain wash.Last 30 years you fucked your own nation using such a propaganda for ltte
buchers.sakkili shit tamil.

ReJLoRd said...

Bro, fuck all these shocked singala faggots who just cant accept that something adverse to their military 'victory' dream is going on.
As long we understand, and our brethren understand, thats all that matters. They talk about monkey, donkeys and other animals.. but they are the ones that are clogging up this comments section with swear words because they cant really think of other legitimate arguments. but then again.. the are singalese. so i wont blame them for their stupiduty. 30 years, an 'army'(faggot army) of close to 90 000 and they are still 'in the process of wiping out the ltte'. keep dreaming bitches. Remembers, there is always a calm before a storm.

Anonymous said...

Mind you all this will be an permenent silence!

shivalinga said...

ltte fuckers,

We fuck you hard and you a.h..a..h..a..h 'Genocide,genocide......yes we genocide your ass.Poor animals,
Welldone SL army.

shivalinga said...

30 years fighting,all leaders are dead,still
refugees,still Stateless.Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Poor thalaiver,poor freedom fighters,poor peeeeeeeeeeeeeelam,

peelam fighter said...

Singalaya, Look our freedom fighters,


Anonymous said...

Oh guys...the victories of the SL army was achieved by lots of dedication and dicsipline. Specially weapon research teams, soldiers, and many contributors had to work hard for this. If you SL army supporters keep insulting's not good. Accept victories humbly, so we can do more millege.

SL ARMY Missile research project member